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Schizophrenia – Chapter 35




Sakura was enraptured by the tastes of the strawberry daifuku. Just where did all that seriousness from earlier go? Making a helpless smile, Lilia bought one more and headed for the next shop.
After that they just continued with some pointless chatter as they went around to the shops marked out on Aira’s map. Along the way, they ran into many stores and foods that piqued their interest, but with only one exception they ignored them all. The exception being the strawberry daifuku of course.
And so after circling the entire route and while shopping at their last destination,

“Milady. Perhaps it is about time.”

It was a man’s voice. She recognised it even without having to turn around, as it was one of the agents. Thinking about it, that girl agent had referred to this guy as ‘father’, so were they parent and child? She was a bit curious, but it wasn’t something she needed to pry into so she left the question unasked.

“I got it. I’ll head back after I buy this.”

A small paper box was being wrapped up in front of her. Receiving it from the store clerk, she cracked a slight smile as she headed back towards the academy that was now within her sights.
As she reached the gate, the guard took a glance at her before silently making way. Lilia also didn’t say anything, and quietly went through. The agent had disappeared at some point. And as she returned to the classroom she used to change, there waited Alisa in the in the same fashion as when she departed.

“Welcome back, Mistress Lilia.”

Alisa politely lowered her head. Lilia returned a nod, and put the paper box on a desk.

“Could I get you to bring this back to my room? I’m going to go show my face at the evening party for a bit.”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Ahh, by the way one piece in there is for you, so feel free to go ahead and eat it if you’d like.”

Alisa returned a look of astonishment as she widened her eyes. With a bit of trembling in her voice,

“Is that really alright…?”

“I did just say so didn’t I?”

“Thank you very much!”

Alisa gave an energetic bow. Lilia was a bit perplexed, but simply got her to help change outfits before getting her to return to the room.
When she got back to the evening party, the man at the entrance slightly widened his eyes.

“Welcome back, Mistress Lilianne. Well, I am sorry to say but…”

“It shall be over soon yes? I do not mind. I’ll just be going to greet some people.”

“Please excuse me. Well then, right this way.”

Passing by the man, she entered the venue. Different from when she had left, the place was filled with people. Even now the tables were still lined with numerous dishes.

—Lilia. Not gonna eat?

—I don’t think I can eat any more after that…

—Well, I guess that’s true.

Her stomach was already filled with the various treats she ate as she was touring the streets. She wasn’t bursting at the seams per se, but there was no reason to force herself here.
She felt some gazes and looked around her. She met eyes with numerous people who were looking this way, but they all quickly averted their gaze. While feeling a bit displeased, in order to get her business over with she searched for the person she needed. A sort of gathering of people was being created with said person at the center so it wasn’t too hard.
She headed over and began to walk. The surroundings that noticed Lilia fell silent, and opened up a path for her. It was the usual scene. Within that crowd Tina was there as well.


Letting out an exclamation inwardly in tune with Sakura, she turned just her sight to look towards the rightward area. Indeed, it was Tina. Dressed in an extravagant gown, Tina looked very much ill at ease here.

—This must be that idiot prince’s doing eh.

—Really… How worthless…

Give a bit of thought to Tina’s situation! Lilia could now see the trials this thoughtless Prince puts her through. Tina did certainly come from a house of barons, but that wasn’t at the status to be invited to an event put on by the royals. Surrounded by essentially nothing but upper class nobles, just what kind of mental state was she in by being in the middle of all this? The Prince might just think that she would decline if she didn’t want to go, but there was no way the baron class Tina could turn down an invitation from a prince.
So he can’t even comprehend such a simple thing, Lilia felt some slight disappointment, as she came before the one she was looking for, The Prince.

“Lilianne. What did you come for.”

With those being the first words out of his mouth, Lilia couldn’t help but make a bit of a frown. The surroundings also let out voices in confusion. Lilia quickly stuck a smile on her face,

“My, after sending over an invitation, those words are a bit much.”

Even a sneer was still within the definition of being a ‘smile’.

“It’s not like I invited you because I wanted to. They were just persistent in not leaving out anyone from a duke’s house from the invitations.”

“And it’s not like I wanted to come either you see. But it wouldn’t do to not answer to an invitation from the royal family no? Even though I didn’t even want to have to see you in my field of vision.”

The Prince’s eyebrows shot up. Taking in a breath and getting ready shout,

“Might you please try to think about people’s situation a bit more, Your Highness?”

“I don’t want to hear that coming from you!”

The Prince shouted. The surrounding atmosphere tensed up like a spring, but to Lilia it was no concern of hers.

—Well, hey, the place being what it is, you should probably think about your own situation a bit. It’ll cause trouble for your family.

—That’s… You’re right, I’ll be careful.

Somehow calming her heart that had begun to race, Lilia affixed a glare at The Prince. So you’re still not gonna stop doing that though huh, said Sakura with a wry laugh, but she really couldn’t fix that.

“That is so. Without thinking of the place I have said too much myself. My deepest apologies.”

Saying so she lowered her head. Voices of surprise leaked out from the surroundings. That was probably natural seeing the Lilia who rarely lowered her head obediently bowing here.

“Hmph. As long as you understand.”

“Yes. I shall apologise. And with that, I beseech you once more. Please think a bit about the situation.”

Wha-, The Prince was rendered speechless, and then his face was dyed red in anger. Without apologising this time, Lilia took a glance behind her, then quickly returned her gaze to The Prince.

“Your Highness. Why is it that Tina of Baron status is present here?”

“Is that not obvious? Because I invited her.”


“That has nothing to do with you!”

—An idiot. We have an idiot here.

—Let’s stop that, Sakura. Isn’t that rude?

—To who?

—To idiots.

Exchanging some lighthearted banter with Sakura, she felt refreshed and made a smile. Thanks to Sakura, she got by without losing her temper.





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Schizophrenia – Chapter 34

I totally just now realised I could have translated Aira’s name as ‘Isla’ but it seems sort of pointless to change it now. I’ll consider changing it if a bunch of poeple decide ‘Isla’ is a better name though.



“I see.”

Said Lilia as she nodded, but she didn’t really feel so within. It only felt kind of plain to her. She felt a bit down thinking about having to walk around outside in the dress.

“Do I properly look like a commoner?”

When Lilia asked that, Alisa and the agent girl both averted their eyes.


When Lilia stiffened, Alisa said in a fluster,

“It, it’s alright! It’s, not really like a commoner, but you do look like a rich lady going out incognito!”

“That’s right! At the very least you don’t seem like a duke’s daughter anymore!”

Should she really be reassured, or happy with that? Lilia couldn’t think of an answer, and could only give off a vague smile.

“Mistress Lilia. Please take this as well.”

She was handed a straw hat. It was in the box with the dress. When she put it on, the two girls watching on both nodded with satisfaction.

“Does it fit?”

“Yes. No problems.”

“You will be guarded no matter what happens so please rest assured.”

Would she really be protected by this girl? Lilia looked at her a little doubtfully. The girl probably noticed, as she quickly shook her head.

“If something were to happen I would not be able to handle it myself. After leaving the academy, Father shall be covertly following behind.”

“I see. It’s fine even if we walked together though.”

—Eh? Is that really fine? Lilia, just imagine it. Some well bred young lady walking together with some old dude dressed up in all black.

—Calling him ‘some old dude’, really you…

Though she was admonishing her speech, Lilia did try imagining. Quickly, she came to the conclusion that it was no good, and shook her head.

“Sorry. Let me revise that. I want to walk alone.”

“Understood. I shall return then”

While smiling wryly, the girl gave a bow and left the classroom. As she was watching her depart, she suddenly remembered.

“Now that I think about it, with that girl, and the other two as well, I still haven’t asked for their names huh.”

“It seems so. Shall I inform you their names now?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll ask them myself when I get the chance.”

Leaving that aside she needed to get a move on or she’ll be late in returning. As Lilia walked out the door, Alisa silently saw her out with a bow.

There were soldiers constantly stationed at the gates of the academy. Normally one would go through various procedures to pass through the gate. She was anticipating just how she might talk her way past, or perhaps get them to let her through discreetly, but,

“Have a safe trip.”

They just let her though without saying much at all.

—What’s with that?

—Yup. Make sure you thank those agent people after. It seems they’d talked to them about it beforehand.

At those words, Lilia’s eyes widened. She hadn’t heard anything about this…

—There was that thing you did to them the other day, so they were probably desperately trying to not earn your ire.

—I didn’t really intend to get that mad at them though.

—Nah you were plenty scary back there alright?

So it was like that, thought Lilia as she left the school grounds. Right outside the south end of the academy was a wide road running parallel across the exit to either side, as well as an even bigger street that ran straight south from there. With either of the roads, there were all sorts of stores lined up along them. Lilia took out the paper she received from Aira and started walking down the indicated route. However she quickly came to a stop.

—Sakura. Do you, understand this map?

—Yep. I can read it but… Ahh, I see. Only the basic points have been marked out here. I’ll guide you along.

Following Sakura’s instructions, Lilia set out into the south side town.

—You see, a hundred years ago there was a great sage in this country. The great sage taught many things to the country, but the of all things it seems what he’d put the most effort into was food. There wasn’t a single thing he enjoyed eating here, so he tried super hard to fix that. What a wonderful person! By the way Lilia, you’re not listening are you. Ah, make a right there.

—I’m listening. I just don’t have as much of an attachment to food as most nobles.

Following Sakura’s directions, Lilia walked down onto a busy street by herself. The various people coming and going turned to look at her as they went by, but it was the same even in the academy so she paid it no mind. And so, she didn’t even really think about why she was garnering all this attention either.
As soon as Sakura began guiding Lilia along she had started to lecture about this country’s history. That said, it was mostly history related to food. She certainly had the desire to eat delicious things, but she wasn’t as caught up in such a thing as Sakura. She had no interest in something like the great sage who brought about some revolution in food.
Sakura should be aware of that as well, but even so she continued to talk. She even periodically confirmed if she was listening properly.

—Hey, don’t you find it odd, Lilia?

—About what.

—The method to make salt isn’t even known here, but it somehow became a common everyday item.

Lilia’s feet came to a stop.
There were various seasonings gathered in this country. Of course salt and sugar were among them. And they, with a magic formation and the spirits’ help, were created from raw materials while completely omitting the actual process of their creation.
Normally without knowing the actual process of making something you wouldn’t be able to create such a magic. Therefore, it seemed that there was someone who indeed knew the full process for creating them, and yet the only known way of producing them currently was using magic formations. It seemed like something quite obvious, but only after it was pointed out did she notice the strangeness of it.

—Right? It really is strange.

At Sakura who gave a cheerful laugh, Lilia felt a slight chill. The way she spoke made it seem like she actually knew all about the creation processes mentioned. The way to create them without relying on a magic formation.

—Sakura. Could it be that you, were that great sage or something?

She asked with a tiny bit of conviction, but Sakura immediately denied it.

—However, I do think that Mr. Sage guy was someone who resembles me quite a bit. Though I don’t know if he’d also possessed someone like I did, eh? Ah, Lilia that store there! It’s strawberry daifuku buy some buy some hey buy some!

—Just when I thought we were having a serious conversation… Please put a bit more effort into staying on track…

Voicing her complaints all the while, Lilia headed towards the store Sakura pointed out. The treats called ‘daifuku’ were lined up on the counter, and the one called a strawberry daifuku was in the middle of them, lined up so that they stood out prominently. Buy just one, she put it in her mouth on the spot.

—I see… So the strawberry itself was inside the thing…

—A strawberry daifuku! It tastes like a strawberry daifuku too!





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Schizophrenia – Chapter 33

Enjoy the chapter!



“Well then I must prepare for the evening party.”

“Ah, ahh… Well, take care then… Ah, right. Got some paper and a pen?”

Lilia had an inquisitive look on her face, as she took out what she’d been using to study with Sakura from her desk. Such high class stuff, shuddered Aira as she received it, but was it really that amazing? As Lilia was looking over Aira wondering what she needed it for, it seemed the girl was scribbling something on the sheet.
So after she wordlessly handed it over and Lilia took a look, it turned out to actually be a map. A route running from the Academy to a number of stores was marked out. When Lilia looked at Aira with a questioning gaze, Aira’s cheeks reddened and she turned away.

“It’s the stores we usually go to. If you take that route you can visit them all in order. Sneaking out of the evening party won’t leave you with much time yeah? I’d recommend those for your first time.”

“My… Thank you. I’ll gratefully make use of it.”

Lilia carefully scrutinised the map, and carefully folded it up.

“Ahh, also. Don’t go to any other stores. Just let me know if anything else catches your interest. I’ll give ya my recommendations. ‘Cause there’s lot’s of bad ones out there.”

Said Aira as she gave a wry smile. To go this far for her, Lilia actually started to suspect there was something to it.

“You’re treating me awfully well here… What’s your objective?”

When asked that, Aira asked Is that how it is? And seemed somewhat surprised. She began thinking about how to explain as she put her hand to her chin. After a little bit, she finally shook her head.

“Can’t really put it into words that well. Though, if it’s an objective then I do have one.”

“What might that be? If it’s something befitting the value of what you’ve given me, I’ll certainly provide.”

“Haha. Then there wouldn’t really be anything I could ask for.”

For Lilia the information was in it’s own way quite valuable, but it seemed that Aira didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t intend to correct her either way, as she waited for Aira’s demands.

“Well it’s not anything that hard really. Just want you to keep getting along with Tina. That’s all.”

“That’s… Of course I intend to do so. Is there nothing regarding yourself?”

“Not really. Well, let’s see… Best regards from here on out, I guess?”

Aira said that and smiled, saying see ya as she left the room with a wave. Seen out by Alisa who was standing by at the door during this, their presences retreated away from her bedroom. Lilia slowly let out a breath, and sank deep into her chair.

—To be thinking about Tina before even herself… I cannot understand it.

—It’s cause they’re best friends, I guess. How nice, I sure am jealous~. Ah, but I think of you as a best friend too.

—Stop it, that’s gross.

—How cruel!

Sakura started going on at length about just how much she’d been thinking about Lilia all this time, but she completely ignored that. As she spread out and gazed at the map she received from Aira the corners of Lilia’s mouth were already slightly raised, but Lilia herself didn’t notice that all the way to the end.

Evening came, and the time was drawing near so Lilia left her room. Following behind her was Alisa carrying the wooden box. Lilia had intended to leave alone, but she was stopped by Alisa who pointed out that it would be strange for her to be carrying such luggage by herself.

“During Mistress Lilia’s excursion, I shall properly watch over the belongings.”

Alisa said so with a bright smile, so it seemed her plans were completely seen through. She probably didn’t try to stop her, because she already knew that Lilia wouldn’t have changed her mind. Lilia felt a bit regretful; if she didn’t have to deal with convincing her then she should have just explained everything to Alisa from the start.

—But isn’t it fine? Even if you don’t go all out of your way next time, you can just get Alisa to help.

—She’ll definitely be quite worried though.

—Well, the agents will probably be going with you so it should be fine.

Even though there hadn’t been any indications Sakura sounded pretty certain, she felt a bit of discomfort, lightly looking around in disbelief.

—Are they… Somewhere around here?

—Yup. But don’t let your guard down. Seems it’s just one person, so if you’re attacked by a group there’s not much they could do.

—Right… I’ll be careful.

Pretending to not know about her follower, she brought herself to the party location.

They seemed to have made all the preparations at some point, as there were tables arranged around the schoolyard, and an assortment of food was being brought out. A few who had gotten here even earlier than Lilia, were gathered together chatting amongst themselves. At the entrance to the schoolyard was a table and two men. When the two men recognised Lilia, they bowed respectfully.

“Welcome, Mistress Lilianne.”

Lilia handed the invitation to one of them. He politely received it, but without actually confirming the contents they invited her to enter.

“I’d just like to ask, but are we free to come and go as we please here?”

“Indeed. What might be the matter?”

“If I find that I’ve forgotten something, I’ll be going back to retrieve it. I shall return by the end, so please don’t mind me.”


The two men sent her off with a bow, as Lilia left the entrance behind. And entering the nearby school building, she attempted to open the door to one of the classrooms. However naturally there were locked up.

“Mistress Lilia. Please excuse me.”

It was a different voice from Alisa’s. And, surprised at the voice that was higher pitched than Alisa’s or her own she turned around. There was a girl dressed in all black. the girl took a key out from her bosom, and used it to unlock the door.

“Where did you get that?”

“Father entrusted me with it. You’ll probably be using it, he said.”

“I see…”

Lilia’s face twitched slightly, and Alisa who was watching over this expressed a wry smile.

—Seems your actions were completely seen through. In fact the secret plan isn’t really secret or anything else at this point huh.

—Just what was all my worrying for…

—It was useless. There was no point. Sure was dumb!

—Was it not you who had made those suggestions?

—That’s no good Lilia. You can’t be caught in the past! Look to the future! The snacks are calling for us~!

Her voice was quite cheerful, but it was plainly obvious she was now trying to avoid that earlier topic. Good grief, Lilia shook her head, and since it was none other than herself who had taken up Sakura’s suggestions she decided to say no more.
She quickly changed her outfit in the classroom. the two other girls both let out cheers.

“It really suits you, Mistress Lilia!”

“It’s lovely!”



Author’s Note:
Secret plan (lol)



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 32




“Just maybe, are you….”

Did she have a sharp intuition, or was Tina just a bit too dense? It seemed like she was hesitating over whether it would be okay for her to say it, as Aira glanced back and forth between Tina and Lilia. Kayten probably also guessed what was up, as the corners of her mouth were raised slightly.

“I’d like to keep this as confidential as possible. …And Tina hasn’t seem to have realised yet either.”

“Ah, yeah. Got it. I promise. I won’t tell Tina either.”

Aira nodded firmly, and Lilia also gave a satisfied nod. Then,

“How about this!”

Tina had brought out a set of clothes. Spreading them out, it was a pure white one-piece dress. There were no decorations or anything, and it looked quite simple.

“The white here is perfect for Lilia!”

—Buhah! White! Perfect for Lilia! You’re being totally misunderstood here!

—The way you say it pisses me off, but I have to agree. Isn’t she idealising me a bit too much here?

—It seems the Lilia inside Tina’s mind has become an extremely good person. Better work hard so you don’t disappoint.

—I’ll put in an effort but…

Just when did her evaluation become something like this, thought Lilia as she sighed and reached out to take the clothes when,

“Hold up.”

Aira stepped in to grab it from the side.


“What are you doing?”

Tina had a blank look as she tilted her head, and Lilia narrowed her eyes. Your eyes are scary, said Aira with a wry smile as she continued,

“Miss Lilia. Are you just gonna take this with you and leave? I think those nobles will certainly have a reaction if they saw that.”

“Ahh… You’re right. And so? Since you mentioned it do you have some sort of good idea?”

Her tone almost seemed provocative, but she was actually just curious. Aira seemed to get that too, as she nodded with an earnest expression.

“I have a wooden box that’s just the right size for this, so I’ll put it in and take it to your room. I’d just caused a disturbance earlier, so at most people would think I’m bringin’ something over to make amends yeah?”

I see, said Lilia as she nodded. Certainly it wouldn’t seem too out of place that way. In fact normally in such situations a servant would be sent over for the task, but Aira who was either a lower class noble or commoner would probably go to visit personally.

“Sounds good. In that case could I get you to take care of that, Miss Aira?”

“Sure thing. Just leave it to me.”

Aira nodded, and left the room with the clothes. Kayten also gave a firm bow and followed after her. Tina and Lilia saw them off, then,

“What good friends.”

“Eheheh. They’re too good for someone like me.”

She seemed overjoyed at having her friends praised, as she beamed a full-faced smile.

“Well then I’ll be returning to my room. Tina, I’ll definitely repay this favour.”

“It’s fine even if you don’t. Rather, let’s go to dinner again sometime, alright?”

Tina said with a carefree smile. Lilia’s eyes widened for just a moment, as she quietly nodded,


—Tina sure is pure. She too good for someone like you.

—Yes, truly.

—Hey, you’re not supposed to be agreeing there. She’s a good friend for the new and improved Lilia. I mean it alright?

While conversing with Sakura in her bedroom, Lilia was being changed into the dress Alisa had prepared. That said it wasn’t actually that flashy, and was something that gave off more of a muted impression. It was also easy enough to change in and out of that could probably take it off herself too. Something that wouldn’t pose a problem even if it were stolen, was what Lilia had asked Alisa to prepare, so among the things Lilia wore it relatively cheap. Compared to regular things it was still very much a high-class item though.
Something that wouldn’t be a problem even if stolen, when told that Alisa had looked at Lilia with a doubtful expression, but she didn’t really pry too much and just went along with it. Though, it seems she’d consulted with the agents about this, so they would probably attach a guard to watch over her. As long as they didn’t get in the way that was fine too.

—It seems she’s here.

At Sakura’s voice, Lilia looked up. There was a knock on the door to the bedroom, and Alisa’s voice came through. A guest, apparently.

“Could you please show her into this room?”

At Lilia’s reply, Alisa’s voice paused. You could feel her speechlessness, before she responded understood, as she returned to normal. And before waiting long, there was another knock on the door.

“Please enter.”

“Pardon the intrusion…”

And then entered Aira. She was holding largish wooden box, and looking like she was doing something super shady. Lilia quickly realised she was being very careful with the contents of the box.

“Even if you break of drop anything I wouldn’t really mind you know?”

“Nah, well I’d mind… I would mind.”

“It’s fine to speak like you were before too. Even if you get all polite now it just feels weird.”

“Ugu… I got it.”

Aira lowered her shoulders, and went towards Lilia with the box. Lilia pointed at a place on the floor, and she let it down there.

“Say, Miss Lilia.”

“What is it?”

“It seems pretty obvious… But are you planning on goin’ to the south side?”

As if she still couldn’t believe it, she doubtfully asked that question. Lilia firmly nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. Is there some problem?”

“Nah, it ain’t a problem. It’s a side of the academy so the public order’s probably fine. Just, it seems so out of place… What are you trying to accomplish there?”


“Eh… Hah?”

She probably couldn’t believe what she had just heard, as Aira’s eyes went wide. Finding that state somewhat amusing, a bit of a smile floated onto Lilia’s face.

“The other day, I received some dorayaki from Tina. It was really good, I thought I’d go buy some more. Also I’ve heard that there were many other things too, so I plan to have a look around.”

“I see… I knew Tina’d gone and brought some dorayaki with her somewhere the other day, but to think it was for you. You guys’re really friends huh. So you harassing her was just some rumours then.”

“Oh my, it’s true though? It’s just that we’ve since reconciled after that.”

Aira’s mouth dropped open with a thud. Some stifled laughter was leaking out of Lilia, as she went and got up.



Author’s Note:
It’s really not progressing much huh…



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 31

I wanted to continue some daily updates but as expected this weekend (and first two weekdays) were almost busy enough to drag me back to the spirit realm. Relatively more free for the next week so we’ll see if I can actually get around to releasing daily during this. I’m gonna go catch up on some lost sleep. Enjoy this chapter!



“Tina! Don’t come! Please get back to your room!”

Aira shouted, but the footsteps payed no mind as they drew closer.

“I said don’t come here!”

As Aira shouted that, from her side Tina showed her face. And, with an ‘ah’, Tina raised a delighted voice.

“Lilia! What’s brought you to a place like this?”

At her friendly voice, Aira and Kayten’s eyes went wide. Not just that, all the people around them had their mouths stupidly hanging open. At the surrounding reactions Tina tilted her head.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Aira and Kayten too, what with the weird faces?”

“Nah, uh, well…”

Aira’s gaze went towards Lilia. Lilia sent the now bewildered Aira a smile, and spoke to Tina.

“Tina. Might you have a bit of time? I just have a small favour to ask of you if that’s alright.”

“Favour? From Lilia!? Of course it’s alright! Let’s head to my… Ah, I gotta go clean up so wait just a bit! I’ll be right back!”

Say that she hurriedly ran off. Left behind in a daze were Aira and Kayten and the others, as Lilia simply watched them with slight amusement. Aira who was looking at Lilia awkwardly averted her gaze and,

“Well… Sorry.”

“It is fine. I forgive you. Now then, could you please lead me there?”

“Yeah… This way.”

Nodding meekly, Aira started walking. Kayten followed after her, and Lilia went along behind them.

In the second floor hallways, the rooms were lined up with much less space between each door. Just from that you could tell the sizes of the rooms. To say that they were about the same as just the bedroom provided to Lilia was probably a generous estimate. She had heard about it before, but it seems that they really did live in pretty small rooms here.

—Rather it’s more like Lilia’s room is way too big. Way bigger than where I was living.

—Heeh… What kind of room did you live in?

—A one room suite. But it had a proper bath and everything! Cool right!

—Right. Though my room has one too.

—Like you rich people would understand! I’m super not jealous or anything!

Even though she was saying that, Sakura was muttering quietly about how she’d love to try that bath and whatnot, but maybe it would be nicer to just pretend she didn’t hear that? While she was thinking of such things, Aira stopped in front of one of the doors.


Saying so she knocked on the door.

“Tina. For now I’ve brought her here but…”

“Just, just wait one more second!”

The clattering of something being cleaned up could be heard. As Lilia was thinking how unexpected it was for things to be that messy in there, Kayten gave a wry smile,

“Please don’t come to any misunderstandings now. It may be messy but it’s all things related to studying, so I think she’s just cleaning that up.”

“Heeh. She’s quite passionate. I’m impressed.”

It seems Tina really was here studying. It was as she had imagined, but for some reason she felt a bit happy about it. Aira and Kayten were staring at such a Lilia like she was some rare creature, but Lilia noticed not one bit.
After a bit of waiting, the door finally opened. Smiling awkwardly as she showed her face, Tina gave a bit of a forced laugh.

“Sorry about that, thanks for waiting. Come in. Ah, as for Aira and Kayten… Umm…”

“I don’t really mind. And they seem worried anyways.”

At Lilia’s words, Aira and Kayten seemed to feel awkward as they averted their eyes. She was almost starting to feel displeased at just how much they seemed to doubt her, but it probably goes to show just how much they worried about Tina. Tina really was blessed with good friends.
When compared to Lilia’s, Tina’s room really was pretty small. The opposite wall had a window, the left side had a bed, and the right a study desk. Beside the desk was also a bookshelf stocked with learning materials. That was it, and the space between the bed and desk was just wide enough for no more than a single person to pass through.

“It sure is narrow…”

Lilia murmured, and Tina gave a wry smile as she said,

“Lilia’s room is really big after all. I think I’m actually a bit jealous. It would be great to have even one more room’s worth of space, but it’s clear there wouldn’t be enough rooms that way…”

“Though if only a certain bunch of nobles would take up a bit less space this could all be solved.”

Aira’s thorny words startled Kayten as she protested with her eyes, and Tina was unable to say anything as she looked to Lilia’s face with a complicated expression. Lilia,

“So about the favour I wish to ask.”

Pretended to not hear a thing and began the conversation.

—You’ve really grown, Lilia. I’m kinda hap-

—I wonder how I’ll have her dealt with later on…

—Not grown at all! You’ve just stopped saying it out loud! You can’t Lilia, she’s Tina’s friend so you can’t go and crush her alright!

—So basically if she wasn’t a friend then it would be fine right.

—It’s not fine! That’s too extreme!

—To not be satisfied no matter what, you sure are a selfish one…

—Me!? I’m the bad one!?

Ugahh! Screamed Sakura. Lilia drove that voice out of her consciousness, and once again faced Tina.

“Like I said earlier, it sure is something to have you ask for a favour… If it’s within my power I’ll do what I can to help?”

“Thank you. But it’s not anything that difficult. It’d be a quick request for you.”

Wondering what it might be Tina tilted her head. Lilia glanced at the cabinet on the bookshelf as she said,

“Could you perhaps lend me a set of clothes?”

Tina’s eyes widened in surprise, and Aira and Kayten were both speechless. After a bit Tina came to her senses first, and reservedly spoke.

“Uhmm… The clothes I have aren’t really like the ones you usually wear… I mean, they’re like, for commoners, mostly the clothes those kinds of people use you know?”

“I do not mind. Or rather, I should say that I had wanted to borrow just such types of clothing. Also if you could, having a hat to wear would make things even better.”

Just what would she need them for, wondered Tina as she headed for the cabinet. Just a moment, she said as she started rummaging through the cabinet.

“Uh hey, Miss Lilia.”

It was Aira’s voice. When Lilia turned around, a meek looking Aira continued to speak.



Author’s Note:
Friends are (as should be) important, but there is no mercy for that friend, such is to be Lilia-quality.
She was stopped by Sakura so the crime was limited to just her thoughts though.



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 30

Here’s another one. Not sure If I’ll have time this weekend for more but we’ll see.




—Wait wait! I definitely have an idea. It just came to me!

—How haphazard… What’s your plan?

—Friends are real handy to have, bro! Let’s go see Tina!

I see, thought Lilia as she got the gist of it. In this country, the rank of Baron was unequivocally close to that of a commoner. Tina should have any number of clothes that could blend in with the common people. Just, there was still a problem.

—I’ve got to go myself don’t I.

—Well yeah. You need the disguise, and I don’t think you could ask Alisa to do this for you or something. No, I suppose Alisa would actually help you out here, but I’m certain it would cause her all sorts of worry.

If Lilia straight up ordered her she would probably abide by it, but she didn’t really want to subject Alisa to that. While being her maid, she was also one of Lilia few allies here. She wanted to treat her well. When she realised she was actually thinking such things, it surprised her a little.

—I suppose it can’t be helped… I feel like I’m going to create more rumors around here, but let us go.

—Do your best~.

—Must be nice to be so carefree.

Lilia confirmed the time stated on the invitation, and make a small click of her tongue. The evening party was set for tonight. It would have been great if there was a bit more notice, but it was probably planned by that idiot prince after all. Speaking of him, it wouldn’t be strange if just as an excuse to invite Tina he’d rushed out a last minute plan to hold an evening party here.
However, since there actually weren’t any other evening parties scheduled this one should have to have been planned in advance. It was probably so that Tina wouldn’t have a chance to refuse, that the notification came right before the event.
Either way, Lilia had nothing to do with the situation around that. There really wasn’t much time left, so she had to hurry with her preparations.

“Alisa. I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

Informing Alisa who had hurriedly begun on her work, Lilia left her room behind.

Lilia descended to the second floor, and as she passed through the entrance-way the lively hall quieted down all at once. Looking around, the students who’d been having friendly conversations had all stiffened as they noticed Lilia. Well, this should’ve been expected as high ranking nobles didn’t usually set foot on this floor.

—Even for someone of ducal class this is pretty overboard. For now let’s just go to Tina’s room.

—Right… They probably have an idea of who I am.

—I’m sure anyone would know. You’re pretty famous. All because of a certain idiot prince.

—A real good for nothing idiot prince.

While verbally abusing the former target of her affection together with Sakura, for now she headed to the table beside her. There sat three male students, and when they noticed Lilia coming in towards them all three faces instantly paled. Even though she hadn’t even done anything yet… Lilia felt a bit displeased, as she asked them a question.

“I’m looking for Tina Breyer’s room, might you know where it is?”

The three looked at each other, and hesitantly gave a serious nod. Very well, nodded Lilia as she continued.

“Then please lead me there. Right now.”

“Well, I don’t mind, but… What are you going there for?”

“Does that have anything to do with you?”

When Lilia slightly narrowed her eyes, the shivers were sent through the three’s bodies. Just as she was starting to feel that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with these three,

“If I may interrupt?”

She was called out to from behind. Turning around, the owner of the voice came into sight. With short chestnut coloured hair and a strong-willed set of red pupils giving off quite the impression, there was a girl who was probably in the same year as Lilia. And in a rare occurrence she was glaring straight at Lilia. That was sort of fresh for her, and Lilia unintentionally gave a bit of a smile.


When the girl opened her mouth, Lilia kept the smile on her face as she shook her head.

“No. It is nothing. So is there something you need from me?”

“That’s right. That girl, What do you want with Tina? Depending on your answer I might just hit you.”

“Heeh… Hit? You? At me? Heeh…”

Slowly, her smile deepened. The girl’s face stiffened and she took a step back, but her eyes that firmly kept her glare on Lilia only got stronger. While slightly surprised at the girl, Lilia examined her reaction.

“I, won’t just yield to some noble! We will protect Tina! Get lost!”

I see, Lilia nodded in her mind. It seems that it’s become a complete misunderstanding. Taking into account all that had happened up until now it probably couldn’t be helped, so she didn’t feel angry.

—To stare down Lilia for the sake of her friend, what a gallant girl! Lilia, you let’s get her for some of her nails. Let’s boil them and drink it.(1)

—If I drank that would you become a bit less objectionable?

—Eh? I totally didn’t expect that kind of comeback… Eh, huh? The kind of image you have of me is like…

Ignoring the Sakura that started getting all distressed for some reason, she met the gaze of the girl. Right as she was thinking about how to bluff her way past this,

——Eh? You’re going to bluff it? Why not just say it as it is? It’s not like you’re up to anything bad.

I see, Lilia nodded. Certainly this time she just wanted to ask Tina for some help. There wasn’t anything shady.

“I think you may be misunderstanding something here, but I just have a favour I wanted to ask of Tina so I’m paying her a visit. Is there some sort of problem?”

“Hah? As if I could believe something like that! Hurry up and get out of here already!”

She started to raise her voice as she said that, but it wasn’t like she had resorted to violence. As long as she’d been going to this academy, she would definitely know the significance of raising a hand against a noble, what’s more someone from a Ducal. When Lilia continued to stare at the girl without moving, the girl’s expression got steadily more grim.

“If it’s gonna be like that… Then even I have my ways…”

“Just, just stop it already, Aira.”

“Shut up Kayten!”

Behind the girl came another girl. She had long blue hair and was grasping onto Aira’s sleeve. It was a hair colour that was rare even in this country so it had remained in her memory from sometime before. But of course, it wasn’t to the extent of actually remembering her first or last name or anything.
The girl with the chestnut coloured hair named Aira renewed her glare towards Lilia. Just as she was beginning to think this was just a waste of time,

“Aira, what’s wrong?”

Once more, a third person came to chime in. However this time she was well acquainted with this voice here.



TL Note:
It’s some sort of old Japanese saying that boiling the dirt under a great person’s nails and drinking it might allow you to become just a bit more like them. Yeah no.
Also I suppose this was for a bit of comedic effect since the proper saying is to boil and drink the dirt from their nails, and Sakura gets it wrong by saying to boil and drink their nails.

Author’s Note:
Just when will we actually get to depart for the south side…



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 29

With this I suppose I’ve caught up to my actual one chapter a month commitment… Well I’ll try to get more done before I get busy again. Thanks for reading!



The next day and the day after that weren’t very eventful. Waking up early and finishing breakfast in her room, then going to class. In the mornings the three followers would start talking to her so she would halfheartedly go with the flow. After the lessons ended she would go to dining hall to get some sandwiches, before heading to eat with Ray in his room at the library. There she helped him study, and after that went over to the noble-use dining hall to get have a meal before shutting herself in her room. That was what continued for two days.
Of course during those two days, after dinner she would meet the girl agent. It seems that working on a person each day, they had been properly looking into her request. Firstly was two of her followers, and she was able to find out about the names and relations in their families.

—Seems it’s better to not be involved with those two huh.

—Yep. But suddenly ignoring them completely isn’t good. I think it would be fine to just casually go along with their conversations.


It wasn’t like their families had shady dealings or anything. It’s just, they really should’ve had nothing to do with her. She probably hasn’t even ever met them before at the occasional evening party. They were probably just drawn in by the Aldis name and tried to get in on the opportunities. It really was pretty pointless. She wasn’t even engaged to the Prince anymore.

—I think it’d be better for them to be sucking up to Tina at this point.

—Their noble’s pride probably wouldn’t allow for that. How idiotic.

—Lilia. There’s a mirror right there so I think you should try take a look in it.

—What do you mean…

Other than that there wasn’t anything else that really stood out about her days. Tina didn’t come visit either. She probably thought that if she invited her when the Prince was looking it’d probably cause trouble for Lilia. Well it couldn’t be helped that she thought that at this point, so Lilia decided to also lay low for a while.
And so the weekend arrived. This academy had two days off during the weekend. Officially the first day was supposed to be for ‘self-study’, but just how many people would actually take that seriously and study?

—Well I think there should be quite a few. Ray seems like he’d definitely be studying, and Tina probably is as well.


—Ah, of course that includes Lilia too. As expected of Lilia! So hurry up and solve that problem! Too slow!

—Just give me a bit more…

She really got strict when it came to studying. But she never gave truly unreasonable demands, so Lilia could only tacitly work hard at her studies. She was currently working to solve one of the problems Sakura had prepared.
As lunch came by, she ate the sandwiches she had sent Alisa to retrieve, as she continued to study. No breaks. She didn’t feel the need. Simply concentrating on the problems in front of her.
After finally finishing the problems, she was listening to comments on them when there was a knock on the door.

“Mistress Lilia. An invitation has arrived.”

“An invitation? For what?”

Heading to the door, she took the envelope from Alisa. She opened up the tightly sealed envelope and read the contents. It was for an evening party tonight.
The grounds of this academy were vast. Once or twice every month, on the weekend they would use a corner of this place to hold an evening party. The organisers could be the royal family or the academy itself, depending on the event. And so based on the organiser, different people would be invited. Putting it bluntly, if it were the royals holding it then high class nobles would be invited, and if it were the academy organising then everyone including the commoners would get an invitation.
Lilia was of a Duke House, so she was certain to get invitations to all of the evening parties. It may have been a regular happening, but from how hectic the last three weeks have been she’d completely forgotten all about it.

“Mistress Lilia. How shall we respond?”

Lilia skimmed through the invitation, and confirmed the organiser. It was the royal family. Since the prince would obviously be there, the old Lilia would have definitely not missed the event. But the prince probably didn’t even wish for Lilia’s attendance here. Just as she thought about using a feigned illness to excuse herself,

—Lilia, wait!

Hearing Sakura’s voice, she closed her mouth.


—This evening party, if it’s not raining would be held outdoors right?

—That’s right.

—And people are free to come and go right?

—That’s right.

—There will also be less visible places there right?

—That’s right.

—If you leave a bit early, will you be able to change outfits there?

—That is doable.

Just what did she want to say? Hurry up and get to your conclusion already. Just as Lilia was starting to get irritated,

—Then, wanna go sneak into the south side?

Lilia gulped at that proposal. She lowered her eyes, and thoroughly gave it some thought. The reason she couldn’t head to the south side, was that her face was well known around these parts, and her status would cause issues. If she could hide her identity, then wouldn’t it work out?


—What is it what is it!

—Your idea, I’m in.

As expected of Lilia, Sakura laughed happily. Lilia made a small nod, and then turned to Alisa.

I’ll go. Can I leave the preparations to you?

With the current situation and all Alisa probably didn’t expect such an answer, as her eyes widened and she was speechless for a moment. However she quickly recovered, and gave a respectful bow.


And so Alisa left the room, and Lilia returned to her desk. Just as she was about to start thinking about the things to come,

—Sakura. What are we going to do for the disguise?


Yes. Even is they wanted to use a disguise, they didn’t actually have one on hand. The only clothes in Lilia’s room were uniforms, or flashy dresses. Even if they were to go buy something now, Lilia currently could only go to the north side stores. An there was no way they would be selling clothes she could use as a disguise.





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Schizophrenia – Alisa1

Just another quick one since it’s a special chapter type



Alisa’s point of view.



I am Alisa Felis. I work as a maid in the Aldis dukedom. My career here started from when I was twelve years old. At that time my father felt it was still too early for me and was against it, but since I managed to get permission from my maid instructor, my mother, I apologised to my father in my heart as I knocked on the Duke of Aldis’ doors.

For me, there were still things I needed to learn, so I certainly could have studied a bit more before coming here. However, as the place I wished to work at, the Aldis house wasn’t always looking to hire more people. Especially since even regarding the current recruitment, there were conditions pertaining to age, and even magical expertise. Since I was fairly confident regarding magic, I felt couldn’t let this opportunity slide.

I wanted to work in the Aldis dukedom no matter what. Rather, it was for that very purpose that I had made the decision to become a maid. And the reason is a simple one; I wanted help and repay in any way I could Mistress Lilianne who had once saved my life.

There were a number of examinations, but fortunately I managed to pass them without issue, and began work as a live-in maid of the Aldis house.

Naturally, I began with learning about all the work around the estate from my seniors here. Their guidance was certainly very strict, but at the same time I could feel the care they put in to teaching me.

One day, I asked one of my seniors what sort of people the members of the Aldis dukedom were. What I knew, was only of the kindness of Mistress Lilianne who had saved me, and the master of the house’s gentle smile. My senior readily filled me in.

The master, Duke Kelvin, is the very picture of both a model knight and scholar, it seems. All while possessing first rate skill with the sword, his learnedness was also worthy of admiration. His wife Madam Asha was a leading figure in magic, and had invented many magical formations.

The eldest son Master Klaus was, similar to his father, someone who was proficient in both the pen and the sword. It seems he can give strict words to the workers like us, but all the more he is really most strict with himself. Facing failure with sincerity, in cases where he ends up reprimanding someone due to a misunderstanding, even if it was towards maids like us he would lower his head in apology.

The second son Master Theo is unlike the rest of his family, possessing a somewhat weaker constitution. Because of that he spends a lot of time indoors, and would always cling to his elder sister when he sees her. He seems to be quite attached to his sister.

And that sister, the eldest daughter, Mistress Lilianne. I had thought that she was a very kind person but…

“I’ll tell you this for your own good. It’s better to not get involved, with that person.”

“Eh…? Why is that?”

“Willful, haughty, and selfish. A real tyrant of a person, whenever she opens her mouth it’s never without a reprimand. Really…”

“What might you be talking about?”

A middle aged woman, the head maid who directs us sent the senior a scowl. The senior quickly lowered her head, and before I knew it she had gone and ended up escaping. I think that’s just going to make her angrier with you later on though…

“You’re Alisa, right?”

Called out by the head maid, I straightened right up.


“Regarding Mistress Lilianne, I will not say anything. Look with your own eyes, and make your own judgement. Let’s see… Starting from tomorrow for one week, you will act alongside the person working as Mistress Lilianne’s personal maid. In doing so, you will likely come to understand what kind of person she is.”

The head maid said so, then turned around and left. Looking at her depart I,
—I can meet Mistress Lilianne!
My mood naturally elevated, I happily went about completing my remaining work. Even I felt I was quite the simple girl at that moment.

And so the next day came about. I came to understand the meaning behind the words of my senior.
Mistress Lilianne, was a very tyrannical person. No matter what the matter was she would scold and reprimand without fail. Seeing that figure throughout the day, the image I had inside of me crumbled away in its entirety.

I was filled with disappointment. Certainly, I’d never actually exchanged any words with Mistress Lilianne before. However, as someone who had saved me, she was certain to be a kind person, I had always thought.

No, rather, I had convinced myself so. Even though my house was only of Baron status, we were still, no matter what, nobles. It was a matter of fact that stories about Mistress Lilianne would also be circulated our way. However, I never thought to believe in any of them.

However. Even so. The fact that my life was saved by Mistress Lilianne will not change. No matter what kind of person, I will do my utmost to serve them. As I decided so in my heart and continued my work, at some point instead of the Master’s I had been appointed as Mistress Lilianne’s personal maid. It seems that my senior had finally ended up quitting.

I accepted my appointment, and began working exclusively for Mistress Lilianne, but other than having the number of rebukes increasing not much else changed for me, and time flowed by in the blink of an eye.

That Mistress Lilianne, for just one day, had became quite strange. Constantly muttering something to herself, and occasionally as if recalling some matter she would shout out about something. Unable to do anything about it, I simply watched over her during all this.
The others decided it prudent to keep away from the strange Mistress on this day, so there was no one around Mistress Lilianne except myself. From when she would occasionally give an order, I immediately noticed. This whole day, she had yet to get angry even once.

Even now she is muttering something by herself. I have no idea what I should make of this, but if at all possible I prayed that she could change in a good direction from here on.
But of course, by the very next day she had completely returned to her usual self.

From there time continued to flow by, and I had just about forgotten about Mistress Lilianne’s eccentricities that day. Then Mistress Lilianne who had been living in the dorms suddenly returned home to the estate. It was all quite sudden so I hadn’t had a chance to make any of the preparations, but Mistress Lilianne simply shut herself inside her own room and didn’t come out again.



Author’s Note
I had intended to write (the next chapter) to the end, but it started to get long and I gave up. I had thought I’d make it on time…
So there you have it, this time it’s from Alisa’s point of view. A story from when Lilia wasn’t posessed by an evil spirit… sorry, I mean by Sakura yet.
It would be great if I can do this continuation of Alisa’s point of view next week, but next week’s gonna be pretty busy so I wonder…

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Schizophrenia – Chapter 28

Uhh, don’t mind me, just a dead man’s ghost doing ghostly things.



“I’m so glad you like it! I bought this from the shopping district to the south of the school.”

“The south side…”

In a certain sense, the school grounds could be split up by region. The north was connected to the area nobles resided in, and so much of the stores in the north side were geared towards catering to nobles. In contrast the south side was connected to where commoners and lower class nobles lived. Naturally, the shops there were more oriented for the masses.

While going to buy it only posed a problem of face and pride for the Aldis family, it was still a problem that couldn’t just be ignored.

“I can bring some more next time if you’d like.”

Though it was unclear if she had seen through Lilia’s internal conflict, Tina said such. Lilia slightly lowered the corners of her eyes, and gratefully accepted her offer.

Leaving the snacks she received to Alisa, Lilia left the room with Tina. She left telling Alisa she and the three agents could try the remaining dorayaki. There were five left, so there might still be one remaining when she got back. Actually she hoped they would leave the last one, and was regretting that she didn’t tell Alisa so.

—If you wanted to eat more you could have just said so.

—And just who was it that told me to tell Alisa to share it with everyone?

—It was me. Sorry.

It was to capture people’s hearts, was what Sakura said, but what kind of cheap heart would it be if it was swayed by some dorayaki? When she was thinking that,

“Lilia’s actually really kind huh. To tell you the truth I’d thought you were a much more scarier person…”

That sentence seemed to come with freakishly on point timing. There was no way she could admit that it was by the instructions of the evil spirit possessing her, so Lilia just gave a vague smile.

—Tina’s a really good girl after all. By the way Lilia, wasn’t there something pretty rude that slid out of your thoughts just now? Something about an evil spirit.

—Oh my. Aren’t you one?

—I’ve said it clearly haven’t I! I’m an Angel! A dear Angel! I’m the dear angel that’s here to help you!

—Isn’t it depressing to say that on your own?

—You’re really not holding back where it hurts huh! I-it’s not like that actually hurts or a-…

Sakura’s words stopped midway. As Lilia made a confused expression, Sakura went ‘uwah’, and said with a disgusted voice.

—Lilia. It’s the Prince.


Lilia’s face stiffened.

“What are you doing?”

And that voice was heard at the same time.

“Ah… Your Highness…”

Tina let out a dumbfounded voice. Towards the direction the voice came from, Lilia turned her around.

“My, your Highness. What might be the matter?”

“Don’t play dumb. Just where are you thinking of dragging Tina to?”

The Prince drew closer to Lilia. Lilia made an annoyed seeming sigh, and fixed a smile to her face. That was,


The usual, smile.

“Your Highness. To say nothing of dragging around, did you know that Miss Tina is the one leading the way here? I am currently going with Miss Tina to head for some dinner together.”

“Hmph. As if I’d believe that. Aren’t you just instructing her to walk out in front? So that if someone… If for example myself were to see you would have an excuse.”

—Uwah, what’s with this guy. How annoying.

—I must currently wholeheartedly agree with you there.

Normally she would have openly cautioned her about such thoughts, but Lilia herself, seemed to have cooled down towards this man so she had no intention of finding fault with it. Together with Sakura, the two of them shared their feelings about what a troublesome guy this Prince was when,

“What’s wrong, why aren’t you saying anything? Cause I hit the bulls eye right?”

The Prince said with a triumphant smile on his face.

—So this is the so called doyagao! Doyaa!

—Doya… What?

—It’s nothing. If I had to describe it, then it’s basically the Prince’s face right now.

—Ahh. So a face that makes you want to crush in your hands huh.

—Scary! That’s way too much! But I agree!

While making some banter with Sakura as a form of escapism, Lilia breathed a small sigh. She looked away from the Prince and turned to Tina. The Prince, he probably hasn’t even noticed Tina’s expression that’s been driven to the brink of tears.

As she tried to reassure her with a soft smile, Tina, though still with the corners of her eyes drooping, returned a smile in kind.

“Despite your kind invitation, since there’s been a boorish interruption let us call it off here.”

“Yes… Sorry about that, Miss Lilia.”

“No need for apologies. A certain boorish, intruding, someone from somewhere is to blame after all.”

Firmly punctuating her words, she eyes didn’t spare a single glance away from the Prince as she said so. The Prince’s face was turning seething red, but whatever.

“Well then, I will take my leave.”

She turned around on the spot. Before heading back towards her room, she moved just her lips to mouth a farewell.

See you later.

She wasn’t sure if it was properly conveyed, but Tina gave a firm nod in return.

The Prince shouted something or other in an attempt to stop Lilia, but she completely ignored such a thing. It didn’t even register in her mind. No matter what the idiot is shouting, it was all ignored, and she headed back towards her room.

When she got back, she was greeted by a wide-eyed Alisa.

“This is quite an early return… I’m surprised.”

As Alisa said so, Lilia just shrugged.

“We bumped into his Highness. It was troublesome so I returned.”

“Those words may be too much, Mistress Lilia.”

Even though she cautioned her, Alisa also had wry smile all the while. It seemed she wasn’t actually serious about it. Alisa probably had some of her own thoughts after seeing Lilia’s exchange with the Prince yesterday. Lilia simply accepted Alisa’s words, and shrugged her shoulders.

“It seems, we’ve missed out on dinner tonight…”


Together with Sakura, she gave a heavy sigh. Since they were indeed quite looking forward to it, the shock was all the greater.

“Mistress Lilia. There is one dorayaki still remaining, how about it?”

“I’ll take it. After I eat that, I’m going to sleep.”

She was totally just going to sulk in the bed, but this time neither Alisa nor Sakura said anything about it. Receiving the dorayaki from Alisa, she went into her bedroom just like that, halfheartedly got changed and laid down on the bed.



Author’s Note:
The Prince doesn’t have any good points at all huh… He wasn’t really supposed to be a bad guy though…

TL Note:
Doyagao is basically like a really smug looking face, maybe similar to the lenny face in the west. Apparently the term came about because ‘Douda'(‘How about that!’) is ‘Douya’ in Kansai dialect. Cue a bunch of funny people doing their thing(lots of comedians there) and thus the term ‘Doya(How’s that!)gao(face)’ was coined.
e.g. something like this:



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 27

Guess I hold my monthly quota for now. Enjoy!



“Alisa. Sorry, but could I get you to make another cup?”

“Yes, certainly.”

Bowing respectfully, Alisa went to prepare some more tea. After seeing her off, Lilia once again returned her gaze to the trio.

In truth, Lilia herself knew of the fact that she was overdoing it. By all means, Sakura would probably be cautioning her as well at this point. However, this case was simply unforgivable. If they came here under her brother’s orders, then there was also a chance that they’d never gotten in touch with her father. In that case it wouldn’t be surprising for them to not know that Lilia had received Alisa as her own maid. Nonetheless, that didn’t matter a single bit to Lilia. If the ones who’s very job was to seek out information neglected to find out about such a thing, then it was no excuse to her.

—I-is it over? It’s over right?

—Yes. Come to think of it you were pretty silent.

—Yeah… Cause it was scary… I could tell that you were angry for real, so I kept quiet

—Ahh, I see. Sorry, that must have startled you.

She gave a gentle apology. Seeing that, Sakura seemed to convey a sense of surprise.

—Well, okay. I think it’s fine. It really shows just how much you value Alisa after all. It’s a good development, so I won’t say anything more.

—I see. Thanks.

—Though this was going a bit overboard.

—Right, yes… I’ll reflect on it.

Calming herself down, she slowly drew in a breath and let it out. In that interval, no one spoke a word. The space was dominated by a heavy silence. Lilia once again gazed at the three. The two men were able to receive her gaze, but the girl was clearly frightened as she averted her eyes.

The younger man noticed that, and sent her a sidelong glare. The girl was startled and her body once again began to tremble, as she apologised and hung her head on the spot.

—This is, from her being frightened by me? Did I do something?

—Anyone would be scared by that gaze of yours, have some self awareness.

—I haven’t really gotten angry at her yet though.

—Seeing your anger at all is more than enough!

I suppose that’s how it is, thought Lilia. Lilia made her best effort at putting on a smile, and looked to the girl. The girl’s trembling worsened.

—I didn’t think she was this scared of me.

—Yup. How about we give up on reconciling and just talk about their work or something?

—I suppose so.

Lilia let out a clear small sigh, and turned to the old man. The girl’s face had become completely pale, but whatever. The younger man let out a disappointed sigh at the girl.

“I wonder if it is alright for me to give you guys work to do as well?”

Not expecting such a thing to come from Lilia’s mouth, the old man’s eyes widened. Though perhaps as expected of an agent he wiped the expression from his face in an instant.

“Master Claus had ordered us to provide aid to Mistress Lilia. Please order us as you wish.”

“I see. Then I’ll have you do some background checks on a few people.”

“Background checks, is it. Of whom shall it be?”

“For now, do everyone in my class. Ahh, of course His Highness is an exception. Also, do one for a boy named Ray who often studies in the library.”

Probably astonished at the number of people, this time it was the younger man who’s face was tinged with a slight frown. Though as expected this one also quickly erased his reaction.

“That is a fair amount of people and thus would certainly require some time, if that is acceptable?”

“Yes. Let’s have regularly… Let’s see, come give a report once a day. This girl can do it.”

The one Lilia pointed to with her finger was the girl who’d been frightened this entire time. The girl’s expression became as if she had seen the end of the world, but Lilia wasn’t going to try to change her opinion at this point.

“Are there any problems?”

“Nay, no problems at all. Your orders have been received.”

She had intended to ask the girl, but it was the old man who replied. Lilia looked down with slight disappointment, then quickly shook her head. Coming back to herself, she continued.

“I’ll be leaving it to you.”

The three gave a firm nod, and returned into the hole in the ceiling. Seeing them off, Lilia gave a small sigh.

—By the way Sakura. Is there still anyone around? Or has everyone gone?

—Of course there’s at least one person still remaining. They’ve got to have a guard for you around after all.

—It’s fine even if they didn’t. I’ve never heard of anyone getting attacked inside the academy.

—Lilia. There’s more to it than just what’s seen on the surface.

Lilia made a slight frown. The way Sakura spoke, it was as if something really had happened in the past.

—There are reckless ones out there as well you know.

Sakura gave a cheerful laugh.



“Mistress Lilia. A guest.”

After the three spies left, Lilia was studying in her bedroom when Alisa called out to her. Having an idea as to who the visitor was, Lilia smiled wryly as she rose from her chair. When she got to the door, as expected, there stood Tina.

“Good evening, Lilia. Wanna, go for some dinner? Ah, here.”

Lilia ended up reflexively receiving the small paper box Tina presented. Taking a look, there were a few baked sweets inside.

“Thanks for inviting me. What is this?”

“It’s dorayaki. You don’t know of it?”

“I’ve heard of it, but it’s the first time I’m seeing the actual thing…”

She grabbed one to give it a try. It still had a faint warmth. It seems it was freshly bought. Lilia timidly took a bite.



—It’s dorayaki! I can’t believe they have them here as well! Maybe there are others too?

—Others? There are more things like this?

—There are! There are lots! Like taiyaki or daifuku!

Taking a not insignificant interest in it, Lilia looked at Tina. Tina was sporting a joyous, full faced smile.



Author’s Note:
Even now the three agents’ names still haven’t been revealed. What should we do…

TL Note:
Though I’m sure many of you are probably already acquainted with these Japanese snacks, I might as well put some food pictures here now that I have the chance.

Dorayaki is a Japanese treat that’s basically some red bean paste (or other filling) jammed between two castella cakes. Also famous as Doraemon’s favourite food or something, and you can probably guess why.

Taiyaki is a well known Japanese treat that’s basically batter fried in the shape of a fish with red bean paste (or other fillings) inside. Commonly seen in anime and whatnot.

Daifuku is mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste (or other filling, duh) and can come in a variety of colours.



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