《Silk’s Corner》


I’ve sold my soul and there’s no going back.

Greetings; I hope to leave a good impression on you all.

Ah, well, that happened. I write original fiction and once in a while you’ll find me taking a nap. Feel free to talk with me about anything. If you feel like it. Idunno.

12 thoughts on “《Silk’s Corner》”

  1. in commemoration of your actually soulless existence, (in addition to your heartless existence, but thats a given considering your status either as inanimate object pudding or inanimate object silk) i present to you a welcome gift~! ♥

    insulting este:

    masochist tendencies:

    cutting up este and jaon as offerings to me:


    saying you have a revived boner as people prepare to eat you:

    accepting your fate as mikus property:

    chained to bed imouto:

    youre a zombie:

    you also sold your fingers in addition to your soul:

    trying to deny mustaches:

    admitting youre going to die soon:

    evidence of your r18 label:

    youre a dogoo:

    proclaiming yourself as a futa:

    being a cannibal:

    jaon calls you evil:

    jaons contribution:

    and as a reminder:

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  2. All dat blackmail spam. And huh, it reminds me that I went through a brief period of stupid nicknames on Discord, even though I was so resolved to sticking to one. My silly nickname history definitely cannot compare to Pudding though~

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