Evil God Average

Evil God Average

written by Kitaseno Yunaki(北瀬野ゆなき)
Translations: Estelion
Proofreading: Readers

When she stands, she’s like a white peony. When she sits, she’s like a tree peony. When she walks, she’s like a lily flower. And when you look her in the eyes, she’s like the Great King of Terror.
Despite having the qualities to be a peerless bishoujo, because of the look of her eyes and that atmosphere of hers, she’s feared by others; such a girl is forcefully sent to another world.
Being told that she would be granted a wish as a special favour, the girl made a wish────

“Make my eyes and atmosphere normal please.”

This is a story recounting the lifestyle in a parallel world of a girl who would be perfect (probably) if just her one weakpoint was overcome.

A fantasy comedy with magic, dungeons, and a hero and demon king(candidate) who she gets tangled up with.
She’s cursed though.

Thai translation here.
Viet translation here.
French translation here.

Novel Adaptation

Evil God Average 1, out now!
English interface & ships internationally!
Support Kitaseno-Sensei!

Think of it as throwing money at the Kitaseno-sensei and Takarajimasha, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to the publisher, Takarajimasha?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers.
Plus, you’ll be supporting Kitaseno-sensei. I say this twice, because it is important.
Kitaseno Yunaki-sensei’s comment on the EGA Cover Illustration.
Character profile pictures.

Evil God Average 2, out now!
English interface & ships internationally!
Support Kitaseno-Sensei!

Evil God Average 3, out now!
English interface & ships internationally!
Support Kitaseno-Sensei!

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Evil God Average

【First Half – Book of Evil】

Chapter 1 – A Simple Wish
Chapter 2 – An Average Conclusion
Chapter 3 – A Common Development
Chapter 4 – Relief
Chapter 5 – Holy Place
Chapter 6 – Promise
Chapter 7 – Job Change?
Chapter 8 – Moving
Chapter 9 – First Purchase
Chapter 10 – Hikikomori Lifestyle, Begin
Chapter 11 – A Dungeon With Few Customers
Chapter 12 – The Robbing Evil God
Chapter 13 – Cornered
Chapter 14 – Natural Enemy
Chapter 15 – Last Boss Battle
Chapter 16 – Filing for Reparations
Chapter 17 – Girls’ Talk
Chapter 18 – Mad Feast
Chapter 19 – Starvation Tactics
Chapter 20 – The Battle of the Evil God Temple
Chapter 21 – Evil God Average

【Book of Evil – Side Stories】

Side story 01 – A Certain Innkeeper’s Reception
Side story 02 – A Certain Sister’s Terror
Side story 03 – A Certain Adventurer’s Disaster
Side story 04 – A Certain Slave’s Salvation
Side story 05 – A Certain Guildmaster’s Melancholy
Side story 06 – A Certain Mage’s Grief
Side story 07 – A Certain Undying King’s Loyalty
Side story 08 – A Certain Demon Princess’ Friendship
Side story 09 – A Certain Founder’s Faith
Side story 10 – A Certain Prince’s Despair
Side story 11 – A Certain Evil God’s Sneer

【Second Half – Book of God】

Chapter 1 – The Beginning of A Dark History
Chapter 2 – The Situation in Various Countries
Chapter 3 – Progression of Heresy
Chapter 4 – Light and Dark
Chapter 5 – The Meeting Unfolds
Chapter 6 – On That Day, A Quake Ran Through The World
Chapter 7 – Dungeon Restart
Chapter 8 – Invaders, or Rather, Customers
Chapter 9 – They Came Back
Chapter 10 – The Black Tyrant
Chapter 11 – The Kings That Sit in the Four Heavens
Chapter 12 – A Moment Before the Storm
Chapter 13 – Immature
Chapter 14 – Puzzle Hell
Chapter 15 – Armour of the Evil God
Chapter 16 – Boss Rush
Chapter 17 – Imperial Death
Chapter 18 – Conclusion
Chapter 19 – The Evil God’s Temptation
Chapter 20 – The Regular Anri
Kitaseno-sensei interviews Anri! (Character Baton)

【Book of God – Side Stories】

Side story 01 – A Certain Religion’s Fall
Side story 02 – A Certain Scripture’s Pandemic
Side story 03 – A Certain Owner and Pet’s Walk
Side story 04 – A Certain Group of Heroes’ Manual Labour
Side story 05 – A Certain Servant’s Return Home
Side story 06 – A Certain Demon King’s Dinner Gathering
Side story 07 – A Certain Pope’s Plan
Side story 08 – A Certain Great Plan


Commemoration SS: Autobiography – “Anri and Her Happy Friends”


489 thoughts on “Evil God Average”

      1. T.T You said you would finish this before I start collage ..
        here I am am month later .. still get disappointed everyday…
        I wish you would say a concrete no.. at least I would know then to not keep checking like a madman.


          1. then.. then go back in time and have this done a month ago ?
            I’ll give you the time machine..
            DR. who tonight at 8PM


  1. Thank you for the translation! I really appreciate it. And the quality is also outstanding. I’m waiting for the last 3 chapters. Keep up the good work (^_^)

    Btw, is there a norm where a translator of this site have to have a superbly long name or something?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wait! I thought your name was 5th Holy Sheeprabbit or something. Did you change it? I didn’t recognise you for a moment there (^_^)


  2. Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable and sometimes funny. But it feels kind of lacking for me. Not enough exploration and action. Pretty much the most of it was in the same dungeon. Hikikomori yup.


  3. I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into translating this story; it’s exceptionally good and I really enjoyed reading it.


  4. Thanks for making my vacation way better. I seriously loled anytime the dragon came up, except the battle, dat shit’s serious yo.


  5. Question: How far does the novel adaptation covers? All of the stories or just until the Book of Evil?

    I want to buy the book, but if there’s a second volume, I’ll hold off buying until all of the books are released.


  6. Read all the chapters you’ve finished on Evil God, as well as a couple other series you translated for this site. Fun stuff, and I appreciate your focus on works with female leads. Thank you for all your hard work.


  7. Not enough attention here. So I’ll comment :
    1. Thankyouverymuchforthetranslationsloveya
    2. Pls find some time to spare for us carving souls to get sstories<> translated. Like, we are still here, from the beggining we were, till the end we will stay. So deliver that end, shall you ever find time and motivation to do so. I hope you will. Kinda trying to send ya some positive energy here.


  8. I have now officially. Finished reading ALLL your works! Oh Grand Arbiter, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) -SAMA. I love all your works >~rz! Eternal seiza to the almighty ness that is you. Please continue you work! You are so awesome! Yayyyy! Daisuki desu! Kimi! Yayyyy!
    (Side question: are you a boy or girl? {I’m curious no answer needed if you don’t want to Grand Arbiter, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)-sama})


  9. Thank you for the translation. I found the link here when Im reading original web novel at dragomircm.com and I gradually like EGA too.
    Seems like only the last side stories is left for the translation. And the second from the last also didnt have the link to it in this page. But we could reach it through the previous chapter before it, there are the link to next chapter there.
    Does the last novel adaptation already came out? Im planning to buy both of it altogether for saving the shipping cost. And does the novel adaptation also included the side stories?


      1. Yay,my order of both Ega vol 1 and 2 already came.
        Unfortunately,no new translation of the EGA after the previous time I visit here. :) (namely the last chapter of 2nd vol extra story)
        But its okay. After all the reason I buy the actual novel is because of the translator suggestion. Lol


          1. Thanks for the Hall of Fame.
            Good luck on your Exam.
            Oh, wait. It’s already over? lol
            How is it going?
            I’m sorry, I meant about no translation of Evil God Average last side story.
            But I know you must be busy translating other project and of course there are also RL matter to attend with.
            So I’m sorry if I offend you.
            Cheers. ;)

            Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks for your effort in translating the whole novel!! :D I really enjoyed reading it and it was a shame to see that people were demanding the translations instead. ><


    1. Hm? Demanding? And I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I really liked the story too, haha.

      Have you tried any of my other projects? I’d really recommend Kenkyo Kenjitsu.

      The Bathroom Goddess is nice, but not really funny or exciting.
      Tilea’s Worries is funny… but infuriating for people who aren’t used to misunderstanding comedies (like Angel Densetsu).

      Liked by 1 person

  11. 6.5/10 is my review its dumb what she does in the end it ruined it for me that like giving away your identity its part of you


      1. Since I din’t find it in the FAQ, I’ll ask here:
        did you have to do something in particular in order to translate it in english? like asking the permission to the author? Or I can just translate it in my own languange giving him all the credits?


  12. For some reason (which might have to do with marathoning games all week) I missed a lot of releases, and then for some reason I just don’t feel like commenting anymore. And it feels awkward (for me at least) to comment in a release that is like a week or two + old, so I’ll say this here.

    You have my gratitude and respect for translating this whole series, and I had a great time with it. I’ll endeavour on buying it on my lifetime, but that depends on wether or not I get a job, my country finally goes to shit, thinking if I have enough leeway for it, figure out the whole internet shopping + international shipping thing + japan doesn’t want your gaijin money, and finally wether or not I remember it, because despite being good and fairly enjoyable, it’s quite honestly, not that memorable.

    So what I want to say is: Thank you, you’re awesome, and I’ll try to a degree to obtain it.


      1. Physical, to display proudly on my bookshelves. They’re going to take weeks to get here though, due to cheapest shipping… well, I’ll be reading kenkyou kenjitsu till then. It’s not what I usually read, but I like it! Gokigen’you~

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Thank you for translating this series! Are you planning to pick up the third volume? (since you just moved this to on-going). If so, will you be skipping the Tena story?


  14. Thanks for all the translations untill now. Bought the first two novels about three weeks ago, and both arived last week. Looking forward to volume three, and will buy it soon.

    Also experimenting with learning japanese, currently working on Genki book 1. It’s tough! But it makes me appreciate you’re hard work even more. Keep it up :)


  15. For the first few chapters I actually thought the princess was the MC given she was always at the front of the illustrations.


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