Schizophrenia – Chapter 30

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—Wait wait! I definitely have an idea. It just came to me!

—How haphazard… What’s your plan?

—Friends are real handy to have, bro! Let’s go see Tina!

I see, thought Lilia as she got the gist of it. In this country, the rank of Baron was unequivocally close to that of a commoner. Tina should have any number of clothes that could blend in with the common people. Just, there was still a problem.

—I’ve got to go myself don’t I.

—Well yeah. You need the disguise, and I don’t think you could ask Alisa to do this for you or something. No, I suppose Alisa would actually help you out here, but I’m certain it would cause her all sorts of worry.

If Lilia straight up ordered her she would probably abide by it, but she didn’t really want to subject Alisa to that. While being her maid, she was also one of Lilia few allies here. She wanted to treat her well. When she realised she was actually thinking such things, it surprised her a little.

—I suppose it can’t be helped… I feel like I’m going to create more rumors around here, but let us go.

—Do your best~.

—Must be nice to be so carefree.

Lilia confirmed the time stated on the invitation, and make a small click of her tongue. The evening party was set for tonight. It would have been great if there was a bit more notice, but it was probably planned by that idiot prince after all. Speaking of him, it wouldn’t be strange if just as an excuse to invite Tina he’d rushed out a last minute plan to hold an evening party here.
However, since there actually weren’t any other evening parties scheduled this one should have to have been planned in advance. It was probably so that Tina wouldn’t have a chance to refuse, that the notification came right before the event.
Either way, Lilia had nothing to do with the situation around that. There really wasn’t much time left, so she had to hurry with her preparations.

“Alisa. I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

Informing Alisa who had hurriedly begun on her work, Lilia left her room behind.

Lilia descended to the second floor, and as she passed through the entrance-way the lively hall quieted down all at once. Looking around, the students who’d been having friendly conversations had all stiffened as they noticed Lilia. Well, this should’ve been expected as high ranking nobles didn’t usually set foot on this floor.

—Even for someone of ducal class this is pretty overboard. For now let’s just go to Tina’s room.

—Right… They probably have an idea of who I am.

—I’m sure anyone would know. You’re pretty famous. All because of a certain idiot prince.

—A real good for nothing idiot prince.

While verbally abusing the former target of her affection together with Sakura, for now she headed to the table beside her. There sat three male students, and when they noticed Lilia coming in towards them all three faces instantly paled. Even though she hadn’t even done anything yet… Lilia felt a bit displeased, as she asked them a question.

“I’m looking for Tina Breyer’s room, might you know where it is?”

The three looked at each other, and hesitantly gave a serious nod. Very well, nodded Lilia as she continued.

“Then please lead me there. Right now.”

“Well, I don’t mind, but… What are you going there for?”

“Does that have anything to do with you?”

When Lilia slightly narrowed her eyes, the shivers were sent through the three’s bodies. Just as she was starting to feel that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with these three,

“If I may interrupt?”

She was called out to from behind. Turning around, the owner of the voice came into sight. With short chestnut coloured hair and a strong-willed set of red pupils giving off quite the impression, there was a girl who was probably in the same year as Lilia. And in a rare occurrence she was glaring straight at Lilia. That was sort of fresh for her, and Lilia unintentionally gave a bit of a smile.


When the girl opened her mouth, Lilia kept the smile on her face as she shook her head.

“No. It is nothing. So is there something you need from me?”

“That’s right. That girl, What do you want with Tina? Depending on your answer I might just hit you.”

“Heeh… Hit? You? At me? Heeh…”

Slowly, her smile deepened. The girl’s face stiffened and she took a step back, but her eyes that firmly kept her glare on Lilia only got stronger. While slightly surprised at the girl, Lilia examined her reaction.

“I, won’t just yield to some noble! We will protect Tina! Get lost!”

I see, Lilia nodded in her mind. It seems that it’s become a complete misunderstanding. Taking into account all that had happened up until now it probably couldn’t be helped, so she didn’t feel angry.

—To stare down Lilia for the sake of her friend, what a gallant girl! Lilia, you let’s get her for some of her nails. Let’s boil them and drink it.(1)

—If I drank that would you become a bit less objectionable?

—Eh? I totally didn’t expect that kind of comeback… Eh, huh? The kind of image you have of me is like…

Ignoring the Sakura that started getting all distressed for some reason, she met the gaze of the girl. Right as she was thinking about how to bluff her way past this,

——Eh? You’re going to bluff it? Why not just say it as it is? It’s not like you’re up to anything bad.

I see, Lilia nodded. Certainly this time she just wanted to ask Tina for some help. There wasn’t anything shady.

“I think you may be misunderstanding something here, but I just have a favour I wanted to ask of Tina so I’m paying her a visit. Is there some sort of problem?”

“Hah? As if I could believe something like that! Hurry up and get out of here already!”

She started to raise her voice as she said that, but it wasn’t like she had resorted to violence. As long as she’d been going to this academy, she would definitely know the significance of raising a hand against a noble, what’s more someone from a Ducal. When Lilia continued to stare at the girl without moving, the girl’s expression got steadily more grim.

“If it’s gonna be like that… Then even I have my ways…”

“Just, just stop it already, Aira.”

“Shut up Kayten!”

Behind the girl came another girl. She had long blue hair and was grasping onto Aira’s sleeve. It was a hair colour that was rare even in this country so it had remained in her memory from sometime before. But of course, it wasn’t to the extent of actually remembering her first or last name or anything.
The girl with the chestnut coloured hair named Aira renewed her glare towards Lilia. Just as she was beginning to think this was just a waste of time,

“Aira, what’s wrong?”

Once more, a third person came to chime in. However this time she was well acquainted with this voice here.



TL Note:
It’s some sort of old Japanese saying that boiling the dirt under a great person’s nails and drinking it might allow you to become just a bit more like them. Yeah no.
Also I suppose this was for a bit of comedic effect since the proper saying is to boil and drink the dirt from their nails, and Sakura gets it wrong by saying to boil and drink their nails.

Author’s Note:
Just when will we actually get to depart for the south side…



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