arousing imouto scanlations









27 thoughts on “Manga”

  1. Sheep-chan, huhuhu, I just noticed your scanlation group name, hehehe. It’s teehahahahahahah!!! *completely serious tone of voice* I think it’s wonderful. On a completely different note: The freeloders are gone!

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  2. yosuga no sora ? I suppose that it’s a naughty something ? I am pure, i do not know what this is. No, i mean, seriously. There is nothing to see here. Seriously go away. If i can i will delete this post after this page has “returned to normal” anyway. Chances are, only one or two people will see this. Don’t look it up anyway, i’m sure it’s just a random naughty thing, and this is in no way related to imouto.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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  3. I know I shouldn’t ask (cause dear god the story sounds just so awful for the poor imouto) but the sadist in me is begging me to so here goes:

    Anybody have this from beginning to end? Because I wanna know how this started and how it ends!

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