I’m Back in the Other World?

I’m Back in the Other World?

by Money Bag(のしぶくろ)

“Lyle, a powerful magus, was on his way back from a diplomatic meeting when his party was suddenly assaulted by a bandit attack. Little did he know that this was part of a more deeply orchestrated conspiracy that would leave him betrayed and dead.
Reborn in modern day Japan where his old knowledge is useless, he lives his life peacefully as an ordinary high school student until one day, he is suddenly returned to his old world…”

– friend’s synopsis of ‘I Returned to the Other World?’

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15

Author’s Memo (Spoilers up to latest chapter)

89 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Other World?”

  1. Oniichan, could you give us the original title or the raw link to it? I’ve been searching on syosetu and I can’t find it.


  2. I’ll rewrite the question

    Was the pre-reincarnation MC (the mage) a man and the post-reincarnation MC a girl?


  3. This story takes some standard premises and combines them into something unique. I’ve never seen an order of events like this before: Starts in fantasy land > Dies and reincarnates into real world > Gets transported back into fantasy land.


  4. i’m loving this series, love that the MC got gender bender upon reincarnation, hope to see more of this series from you!.


  5. Uhm, does these titles being placed n the teaser category mean you will eventually translate them or are they just recommendations for other readers/translators?


  6. Oh. Thanks. I saw your status page a while ago after I posted my comment. XD Thanks for your hard work, by the way.


  7. I am extrodinarily curious where the got the Banners/Border w/e you wanna call them the pictures at the top anyway :P PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!


  8. hey oniichanyamete, can I ask you a question? You’ve read ahead on this right? I’ve read this until ch.10 and it seems like Sakura can’t cast magic. Is this temporary and will she be able to later? Was attracted to the fact that she was initially a mage, but if she won’t cast anything at all then it’s not worth the effort reading ahead. Thanks in advance.


  9. oniichanyamete can i ask a favor?
    do you have a list or atleast know of a place that can help me read and understand novel’s? since i am quite interested in them and if i can understand i will defenetily aim to be a translator since there are loads of great ones


      1. Hahaha
        Don’t forget the newly arrived Close Combat Mage, which is translated by Pika Translations ;)
        It would be great, if you can give us at least 1 chapter a week or two(weeks) :D


    1. “is this dead?”

      Not really sure how to answer that. What are the criteria for being dead?

      If it’s having had no updates for a while now, then you can figure that out yourself based on the latest chapter date on my homepage.

      If it’s the translator going missing or quitting, then clearly not, since you obviously know that I’m working on evil god average.


  10. oh thx for answering i like both just didnt know if thier where 1 or 2 translaters working on it but anyway thx its still awsome keep up the awsome work.


      1. I’ve read ahead a bit and thought that it was interesting so I decided to continue with this with rough translations. These are without much editing of any kind other than basic spell check. so please feel free to edit. I’m including the source url for the story in each chapter as well so you can view that too. Feel free to send me complaints if you like, just don’t mention chicken, tapioca, or Alan Greenspan.


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