Chapter 2

It all started one week ago.

“Tch, what the hell was that? Suddenly trying to assassinate the king in broad daylight?”

“Calm down, Lieutenant Aragius. It’s not like there was any trouble taking care of them,” Riskalia states rather simply as she continued to carefully wipe the oil off her blade. The first thing she decided to do once returning from the escort mission was to clean her sword. Her uniform was spotless, a great contrast next to Korz Aragius, her lieutenant.

He grimaces at the stench of blood which coats his upper body. “Was it really necessary to behead them? It would’ve been best to take one hostage and interrogate—”

“The last time we did that, the assassin committed suicide by activating the bomb within him, killing a few of our guards. I won’t take that risk again.”

Korz shrugs in a ‘Well that’s that’ manner. The two were resting in the barracks, Korz leaning against the wall across from the bench Riskalia sits upon. Although they suffered no injuries, the other soldiers weren’t quite as lucky. In fact, they were rather clumsy in the battlefield… Riskalia made a mental note to increase the intensity of her already Spartan training once they fully recovered. Korz notices the underlying glint in her eyes and releases a quiet sympathetic sigh before saying, “Well, I’m gonna wash up. The blood is starting to make me feel sick. Should I get started on the report right after?”

“Please do. I’ll pay a visit to the soldiers in the meantime.”

“Roger that. Ah, but you might want to ditch the armor. You’ll intimidate the other patients.”

“Is that so? Even though it’s such splendid equipment…”

“No, no, don’t treat armor as if it’s the latest fashion trend, Captain.”

“Shindo, you’re such a breath of fresh air in this dreary environment!” a soldier proclaims, earning a few noises of agreement from his companions. Although he’s currently wrapped in bandages from head to toe, the soldier reveals a beaming grin.

Shindo chuckles lightly after making sure there were no fractures. Luckily, the majority of them only had flesh wounds. An easy fix with one or two medical artes. However, they chose to remain in the medical ward to rest for the day. “Thank you, Mister Theodore.”

“Theo is fine~”

“Oi, Theo! You sly dog, why are you making our angel call your name in such a way?!”

“I don’t want to hear my nickname coming out of a beast’s mouth!”

“What did you say?!”

“P-Please calm down, Mister Theodore and Mister Raul!” Shindo nervously tries to wave down his hands to express his desire for the two soldiers to pacify themselves.

“Teacher, I’ve finished the preparations. Can you come double-check my work once you’re available?”

“Oh, Syn, perfect timing.” Shindo smiles in relief at the sight of his blinking student. “Could you possibly monitor these soldiers while I head to the lab to see? They’ve all been treated and should be fine, but if anything arises, please treat it.”

Syn Leaford nods immediately. “Alright.”

“Thank you, Syn.”


‘Like I thought, taking off the armor wasn’t a great idea after all.’

Riskalia bites the inside of her right cheek to keep down her nervousness. Never before had she felt so…exposed. Wearing nothing more than a form-fitting sleeveless top and and the pants worn by soldiers, Riskalia walks down the path leading out of the outside environment and into the medical ward. Luckily, not many people had passed by her. She did hear of how there was a severe lack of staff members for this establishment. Holding her chin in one hand, Riskalia closes her eyes with furrowed eyebrows. But for it to be this bad… Perhaps it would be best to bring this up with the king—

“Um, Miss, are you alright?”


Blinking open her violet eyes in mild confusion as she comes to a stop in her tracks.

Standing before her is none other than a green-eyed angel.

Her breath is immediately taken away.

“…Miss?” The angel tilts his head to the side when she doesn’t respond after a few beats.


“Um, are you feeling okay? If you want, I can bring you in for a quick examination.”

“N-No, that’s quite…”

“Hm?” His lovely eyes widen a fraction as he notices something above the bridge of Riskalia’s nose. “There’s a cut on your face! We should treat it immediately!”

Riskalia frowns a bit. Was having a cut something to warrant such a worried reaction? To go that far for a tiny flesh wound. It’s not life-threatening or anything. “I-I’m alright—” As if planning to retreat from this suffocating situation, Riskalia takes a few steps back.

“Please, allow me to heal it. You’re a girl, after all. It’d be a shame if it turned into a scar…”

His gentle words make her stiffen in shock.

He took her silence as acceptance and smiles brightly. “It’ll only take a few moments. I promise.”

“…” She nods slightly.

His smile broadens a fraction. “Please allow me to show you to an examination room.” The blond angel offers a hand.

She accepts it with slight hesitance and allows him to guide her. She hoped to the Gods above he didn’t notice her heart rate.

“That should just about do it.”

“…Thank you.” Riskalia pats the area between her eyebrows. She did vaguely recall having a broken piece of sword fly past her face, but dodged the blunt of the attack. Lieutenant Aragius didn’t say anything as well, perhaps due to the fact he knew she cared little for her own facial features.

“It’s my job, so please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad it was able to disappear without a problem.” The angel beams happily as he sits across from her. Standing from his chair, he motions for Riskalia to remain seated on the bed. “Is there anything else you’d like for me to take a look at?”

“N-No, I’m quite alright…”

“Is that so?” The angel pauses. “Ah, I forgot. I was in the middle of something.”

Riskalia could feel herself go pale. “M-My deepest apologies for interfering with your task!”

“Oh, no, don’t apologize! It was nothing pressing. Besides, tending to a pretty girl’s wound was much more important to me.”

Thump thump thump

“W-What—” Riskalia bit her tongue as she fumbles to form a sentence.

“A-Are you okay?!”

“…I-It happens quite often. Pardon me…” Riskalia covers her mouth with her right hand, standing up abruptly. She swiftly makes it over to the door and swings it open with her left hand. She stops just as one foot steps out of the room. Without turning back around, Riskalia lowers her right hand slightly. “…What’s your name?”

“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself!” The angel stands up quickly in order to bow with an apologetic tone of voice. “My name is Shindo Hawkeye.”

“…Thank you for today, Hawkeye.”

“You’re welcome, Miss.”

With that short exchange done, Riskalia and Shindo part ways.

It would be seven days later when they reunite and Shindo learns who she really is.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 2”

    1. I considered past tense but decided not to go with it since there was enough material for a chapter on its own. Compare like a flashback that happens during and episode versus a full episode set in the past. That sort of feeling. If this was considerably shorter than I would’ve put it in italics and past tense. Hope this helps answer your question.


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