April Fools 2015

Recuperating? – Q of Hearts (Part 1)

“Wiped out…”

I be thinkin dis is tha first time I’ve heard Royce-sama drop a rhyme up in such a low n’ hateful voice.
So his schmoooove ass can drop a rhyme up in non-refreshin tones like a muthafucka.

“Whatz wrong, Royce-sama?”

“The soldiers that father sent to apprehend that girl were… wiped out. Moreover, the girl is currently on the run.”

“Even though I holla’d dat I would gooo~.”

It seems dat tha OP heroine is even mo’ OP than expected. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type’a shiznit happens all tha time. Even though there was talented magicians mixed up in wit tha troops, they was still wiped up without a problem.

“Noo goood. Until you can control your magic power, I won’t let you out.”

Pulled back by arms dat stretched up from behind me, I obediently settled tha fuck into Achillez arms.
Even though I used ta git so panicked… cuz I went all up in dat summer vacation Homework Hell up in his thugged-out arms, I be thinkin I’ve gots like a immunitizzle ta it now, nahmeean?

“But, Achille…”

“Can you guarantee that you won’t run out of magic power when facing that girl? And moreover, until His Highness gets permission, he can’t make a move either.”

“Uu… Yo ass is right…”

Da one dat was most vexed right now was tha currently pissed-to-tha-max Royce-sama.

Usin our time up in recuperation …which is straight-up just a pretext, at present our asses aint even goin ta class, n’ is gathered up in tha castle.
As usual, itz Royce-samaz room.
Since our crazy asses had tha time, we took tha trip ta tha castle as a cold-ass lil chizzle ta have Achille teach me mana control.
I still aint been able ta control it much though… I mean, itz suttin’ dat takes a shitload of details. I be wack at thangs dat need precision in general.
But up in order ta grill tha Heroine, I have no chizzle but ta do dat shit. I don’t feel up in tha slightest dat I can beat her up in mana volume, so there be a no other way…
I have faith dat pilin up these lil practices will become suttin’ meaningful.

Afta I took a dirt nap from feelin fed up wit it, Achille threw tha fuck into mah grill one of tha pseudo-macarons dat was on tha plate on tha table.

<A Choice Has Appeared>
→ Mo’ Hood. (Go below!)
→ Less Hood. (Go here!)

“Mn, dope ♪”

I munched on dat shit.

While I was up in a thugged-out daze cuz of tha pseudo-macaron, Achille sat down on tha sofa, still holdin me up in his thugged-out arms.

“Hang on Achille, like dis I can’t mov-…”

“Do you want another?”

Achille brought another pseudo-macaron ta mah grill…

“I do!”

In tha end, I lost ta tha allure of tha macaron.

While I was behaving, tha conversation between Royce-sama n’ Achille progressed.

“Your Highness, regarding the reclamation of the town…”

“According to my father, it’ll be left to me. Ever since they failed to capture that girl the other day, I haven’t really been able to go on the offensive… Don’t you think this is a good chance?”

Leanin against tha sofa opposite us, tha boldly smilin Royce-sama looked a lil bit like a villain.

“Yes, you have a point. Reclaiming the town will be convenient… However, the problem is what comes after.”

“Father and uncle are also really enthusiastic after all.”

Royce-sama smiled bitterly.

I don’t be thinkin dat tha relationshizzle between His Majesty n’ Royce-sama is straight-up risky.
But I wonder if His Majesty will become peevish bout Royce-sama ridin’ solo takin all of tha dopest achievements fo’ realz. And while I be at it, His Highnizz tha Royal Pimp as well.
This aint tha time fo’ internal disputes yo, but it seems dat we need ta pay attention ta dem as well.
It aint nuthin but not a god damn thang but shitsome stuff, aint it, biatch? I feel sorry fo’ Royce-sama ta be stuck between these two thangs.

-munch munch-

Royce-sama n’ Achille continued they conversation further.

“There have always been people dissatisfied with the monarchy to begin with but… it feels like recently, the number of extremists has gone up all at once, huh…”

“It is a little unnatural, isn’t it.”

Havin not peeped how tha fuck tha extremist thang is going, I be findin it hard ta say anythang though…

“If they used the magic that was cast on you Achille, they might be able to create some instant soldiers, huh.”

“…That would be the worst, wouldn’t it? In that case, would that mean that we have no choice but to attack people who are only guilty of being manipulated by forbidden arts?”

I don’t give a fuck how tha fuck nuff playas done been affected by forbidden arts yo, but it seems like it would be straight-up straight-up hard as fuck if I had ta dispel dem all.
Even though I ended up in dat state when dat shiznit was just Claire.
Even if I try mah dopest ta save magic power, I would probably reach mah limit at ten playas fo’ realz. Afta dat it seems like I’d lose consciousnizz from tha mana exhaustion.
And moreover, if there be big-ass numberz of extremists, it would probably be hard as fuck just ta determine if there was forbidden magic cast, huh?

“Royce-sama, is it aiiight if I help up wit tha hood reclamation?”

Still bein hugged by Achille, I turned ta Royce-sama.

“Hmm. I need your power, Camille.”

“Your Highness.”

Achille butt tha fuck into our conversation. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Da arms round mah crazy ass squeezed tighter.

“Saying that so suddenly, did you intend on having Camille head to the frontlines from the beginning?”

“Mmn, she’s an essential war asset after all. If I send her out from the beginning, the number of victims will decrease.”

“Even though her mana control is still unstable? And moreover, she isn’t used to fighting humans.”

“Even so, she’s more capable than the other magicians or soldiers. Even I wouldn’t want to use her if possible, you know.”

Huh? Things seem a lil stormy…

“Ah-, Achille?”

I on tha fuckin’ down-lowly turned mah around, ta check how tha fuck Achille was bustin.. fo’ realz. And then I regretted dat shit.

“Understood. Then I shall accompany Camille.”

Achille was starin at Royce-sama wit a funky-ass blizzard smile just like up in tha game.
He one scary muthafucka…

“B-, But hey. I mean, you have another thang.. fo’ realz. A more, intellectual thang, right-?”

“I can do that even on-scene. Camille?”

It aint nuthin but no good. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I be fly as a gangbangin’ falcon, soarin all up in tha sky dawwwwg! Well shiiiit, it don’t be lookin like Achille has any intention of backin down.

Royce sama seemed ta be ponderin something.

tl: Yeah, it’s already the 1st for me.

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