Schizophrenia – Chapter 29

With this I suppose I’ve caught up to my actual one chapter a month commitment… Well I’ll try to get more done before I get busy again. Thanks for reading!



The next day and the day after that weren’t very eventful. Waking up early and finishing breakfast in her room, then going to class. In the mornings the three followers would start talking to her so she would halfheartedly go with the flow. After the lessons ended she would go to dining hall to get some sandwiches, before heading to eat with Ray in his room at the library. There she helped him study, and after that went over to the noble-use dining hall to get have a meal before shutting herself in her room. That was what continued for two days.
Of course during those two days, after dinner she would meet the girl agent. It seems that working on a person each day, they had been properly looking into her request. Firstly was two of her followers, and she was able to find out about the names and relations in their families.

—Seems it’s better to not be involved with those two huh.

—Yep. But suddenly ignoring them completely isn’t good. I think it would be fine to just casually go along with their conversations.


It wasn’t like their families had shady dealings or anything. It’s just, they really should’ve had nothing to do with her. She probably hasn’t even ever met them before at the occasional evening party. They were probably just drawn in by the Aldis name and tried to get in on the opportunities. It really was pretty pointless. She wasn’t even engaged to the Prince anymore.

—I think it’d be better for them to be sucking up to Tina at this point.

—Their noble’s pride probably wouldn’t allow for that. How idiotic.

—Lilia. There’s a mirror right there so I think you should try take a look in it.

—What do you mean…

Other than that there wasn’t anything else that really stood out about her days. Tina didn’t come visit either. She probably thought that if she invited her when the Prince was looking it’d probably cause trouble for Lilia. Well it couldn’t be helped that she thought that at this point, so Lilia decided to also lay low for a while.
And so the weekend arrived. This academy had two days off during the weekend. Officially the first day was supposed to be for ‘self-study’, but just how many people would actually take that seriously and study?

—Well I think there should be quite a few. Ray seems like he’d definitely be studying, and Tina probably is as well.


—Ah, of course that includes Lilia too. As expected of Lilia! So hurry up and solve that problem! Too slow!

—Just give me a bit more…

She really got strict when it came to studying. But she never gave truly unreasonable demands, so Lilia could only tacitly work hard at her studies. She was currently working to solve one of the problems Sakura had prepared.
As lunch came by, she ate the sandwiches she had sent Alisa to retrieve, as she continued to study. No breaks. She didn’t feel the need. Simply concentrating on the problems in front of her.
After finally finishing the problems, she was listening to comments on them when there was a knock on the door.

“Mistress Lilia. An invitation has arrived.”

“An invitation? For what?”

Heading to the door, she took the envelope from Alisa. She opened up the tightly sealed envelope and read the contents. It was for an evening party tonight.
The grounds of this academy were vast. Once or twice every month, on the weekend they would use a corner of this place to hold an evening party. The organisers could be the royal family or the academy itself, depending on the event. And so based on the organiser, different people would be invited. Putting it bluntly, if it were the royals holding it then high class nobles would be invited, and if it were the academy organising then everyone including the commoners would get an invitation.
Lilia was of a Duke House, so she was certain to get invitations to all of the evening parties. It may have been a regular happening, but from how hectic the last three weeks have been she’d completely forgotten all about it.

“Mistress Lilia. How shall we respond?”

Lilia skimmed through the invitation, and confirmed the organiser. It was the royal family. Since the prince would obviously be there, the old Lilia would have definitely not missed the event. But the prince probably didn’t even wish for Lilia’s attendance here. Just as she thought about using a feigned illness to excuse herself,

—Lilia, wait!

Hearing Sakura’s voice, she closed her mouth.


—This evening party, if it’s not raining would be held outdoors right?

—That’s right.

—And people are free to come and go right?

—That’s right.

—There will also be less visible places there right?

—That’s right.

—If you leave a bit early, will you be able to change outfits there?

—That is doable.

Just what did she want to say? Hurry up and get to your conclusion already. Just as Lilia was starting to get irritated,

—Then, wanna go sneak into the south side?

Lilia gulped at that proposal. She lowered her eyes, and thoroughly gave it some thought. The reason she couldn’t head to the south side, was that her face was well known around these parts, and her status would cause issues. If she could hide her identity, then wouldn’t it work out?


—What is it what is it!

—Your idea, I’m in.

As expected of Lilia, Sakura laughed happily. Lilia made a small nod, and then turned to Alisa.

I’ll go. Can I leave the preparations to you?

With the current situation and all Alisa probably didn’t expect such an answer, as her eyes widened and she was speechless for a moment. However she quickly recovered, and gave a respectful bow.


And so Alisa left the room, and Lilia returned to her desk. Just as she was about to start thinking about the things to come,

—Sakura. What are we going to do for the disguise?


Yes. Even is they wanted to use a disguise, they didn’t actually have one on hand. The only clothes in Lilia’s room were uniforms, or flashy dresses. Even if they were to go buy something now, Lilia currently could only go to the north side stores. An there was no way they would be selling clothes she could use as a disguise.





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