Schizophrenia – Chapter 32




“Just maybe, are you….”

Did she have a sharp intuition, or was Tina just a bit too dense? It seemed like she was hesitating over whether it would be okay for her to say it, as Aira glanced back and forth between Tina and Lilia. Kayten probably also guessed what was up, as the corners of her mouth were raised slightly.

“I’d like to keep this as confidential as possible. …And Tina hasn’t seem to have realised yet either.”

“Ah, yeah. Got it. I promise. I won’t tell Tina either.”

Aira nodded firmly, and Lilia also gave a satisfied nod. Then,

“How about this!”

Tina had brought out a set of clothes. Spreading them out, it was a pure white one-piece dress. There were no decorations or anything, and it looked quite simple.

“The white here is perfect for Lilia!”

—Buhah! White! Perfect for Lilia! You’re being totally misunderstood here!

—The way you say it pisses me off, but I have to agree. Isn’t she idealising me a bit too much here?

—It seems the Lilia inside Tina’s mind has become an extremely good person. Better work hard so you don’t disappoint.

—I’ll put in an effort but…

Just when did her evaluation become something like this, thought Lilia as she sighed and reached out to take the clothes when,

“Hold up.”

Aira stepped in to grab it from the side.


“What are you doing?”

Tina had a blank look as she tilted her head, and Lilia narrowed her eyes. Your eyes are scary, said Aira with a wry smile as she continued,

“Miss Lilia. Are you just gonna take this with you and leave? I think those nobles will certainly have a reaction if they saw that.”

“Ahh… You’re right. And so? Since you mentioned it do you have some sort of good idea?”

Her tone almost seemed provocative, but she was actually just curious. Aira seemed to get that too, as she nodded with an earnest expression.

“I have a wooden box that’s just the right size for this, so I’ll put it in and take it to your room. I’d just caused a disturbance earlier, so at most people would think I’m bringin’ something over to make amends yeah?”

I see, said Lilia as she nodded. Certainly it wouldn’t seem too out of place that way. In fact normally in such situations a servant would be sent over for the task, but Aira who was either a lower class noble or commoner would probably go to visit personally.

“Sounds good. In that case could I get you to take care of that, Miss Aira?”

“Sure thing. Just leave it to me.”

Aira nodded, and left the room with the clothes. Kayten also gave a firm bow and followed after her. Tina and Lilia saw them off, then,

“What good friends.”

“Eheheh. They’re too good for someone like me.”

She seemed overjoyed at having her friends praised, as she beamed a full-faced smile.

“Well then I’ll be returning to my room. Tina, I’ll definitely repay this favour.”

“It’s fine even if you don’t. Rather, let’s go to dinner again sometime, alright?”

Tina said with a carefree smile. Lilia’s eyes widened for just a moment, as she quietly nodded,


—Tina sure is pure. She too good for someone like you.

—Yes, truly.

—Hey, you’re not supposed to be agreeing there. She’s a good friend for the new and improved Lilia. I mean it alright?

While conversing with Sakura in her bedroom, Lilia was being changed into the dress Alisa had prepared. That said it wasn’t actually that flashy, and was something that gave off more of a muted impression. It was also easy enough to change in and out of that could probably take it off herself too. Something that wouldn’t pose a problem even if it were stolen, was what Lilia had asked Alisa to prepare, so among the things Lilia wore it relatively cheap. Compared to regular things it was still very much a high-class item though.
Something that wouldn’t be a problem even if stolen, when told that Alisa had looked at Lilia with a doubtful expression, but she didn’t really pry too much and just went along with it. Though, it seems she’d consulted with the agents about this, so they would probably attach a guard to watch over her. As long as they didn’t get in the way that was fine too.

—It seems she’s here.

At Sakura’s voice, Lilia looked up. There was a knock on the door to the bedroom, and Alisa’s voice came through. A guest, apparently.

“Could you please show her into this room?”

At Lilia’s reply, Alisa’s voice paused. You could feel her speechlessness, before she responded understood, as she returned to normal. And before waiting long, there was another knock on the door.

“Please enter.”

“Pardon the intrusion…”

And then entered Aira. She was holding largish wooden box, and looking like she was doing something super shady. Lilia quickly realised she was being very careful with the contents of the box.

“Even if you break of drop anything I wouldn’t really mind you know?”

“Nah, well I’d mind… I would mind.”

“It’s fine to speak like you were before too. Even if you get all polite now it just feels weird.”

“Ugu… I got it.”

Aira lowered her shoulders, and went towards Lilia with the box. Lilia pointed at a place on the floor, and she let it down there.

“Say, Miss Lilia.”

“What is it?”

“It seems pretty obvious… But are you planning on goin’ to the south side?”

As if she still couldn’t believe it, she doubtfully asked that question. Lilia firmly nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. Is there some problem?”

“Nah, it ain’t a problem. It’s a side of the academy so the public order’s probably fine. Just, it seems so out of place… What are you trying to accomplish there?”


“Eh… Hah?”

She probably couldn’t believe what she had just heard, as Aira’s eyes went wide. Finding that state somewhat amusing, a bit of a smile floated onto Lilia’s face.

“The other day, I received some dorayaki from Tina. It was really good, I thought I’d go buy some more. Also I’ve heard that there were many other things too, so I plan to have a look around.”

“I see… I knew Tina’d gone and brought some dorayaki with her somewhere the other day, but to think it was for you. You guys’re really friends huh. So you harassing her was just some rumours then.”

“Oh my, it’s true though? It’s just that we’ve since reconciled after that.”

Aira’s mouth dropped open with a thud. Some stifled laughter was leaking out of Lilia, as she went and got up.



Author’s Note:
It’s really not progressing much huh…



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37 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Chapter 32”

    1. Something another series mentioned, but if your seeing your fiancé being taken it’s only obvious you’d retaliate. Just in this case I imagine people will start to see it as the prince’s fault rather than Tina’s.

      Liked by 5 people

        1. Yes, but in a funded research it was found that in the case of cheating a women will most likely blame the other party then blame their partner.
          In this case it was 100% the prince’s fault though since Tina isn’t really interested in him as far as we can see at the moment.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. What is more likely changes little about what is right.
            In any case, a monogamous relationship is an agreement between one and one’s partner. Any violations fall entirely on the partner’s shoulder, since they are the ones who came into the agreement. The one they’re doing it with is at best an enabler or accomplice.

            Liked by 1 person

        2. On the matter of “taking” the prince. This seems like an arranged marriage, in a society where that is the done thing, and where bastards are most likely a significant problem and respect is a valuable commodity. The prince sniffing around other girls is a significant affront and potentially a criminal act. Well, the criminal part is less likely given that the prince is a prince, but if Lilia was running around with a handsome man then “off with her head” is not out of the question, even if they are entirely professional in their conduct…

          As to taking it out on Tina instead of the prince? Well the prince is a prince, there is only so much you can do to him without suffering, and she was somewhat smitten, at least with the idea of a prince, so, yeah, not fair to Tina nor particularly intelligent, but very much understandable.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. In a lot of societies with arranged marriages, taking side lovers was a common practice. What could not happen was taking another noble lover, or doing it in public.


      1. His personality really isn’t endearing. Kinda a deal-breaker when they are grand-standing twits, rather than nobility following their court etiquette training.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Turns out she runs into some other male interest in her disguise form before reaching the south and starts a whole new character arc… Something like that won’t happen, right…? Right??

      Liked by 7 people

  1. Lilia sure wants to keep that air conditioner confidential… modern tech in mediaval world or just an “act”?


      1. “I’d like to keep this ac confidential as possible. …And Tina hasn’t seem to have realised yet either.”

        Clearly says air conditioner? What other “act” could it be?


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I want to see how those in on the true relationship of Lilia and Tina will see the prince’s behavior.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Such a deliciously fluffy chapter. We see that Tina idealizes Lilia, Lilia agreed with Sakura that Tina is too pure for her (this was hilarious since Sakura said it as a joke but Lilia seemed to be completely serious), and poor Aira is trying to make sense out of everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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