Tilea’s Worries

Tilea’s Worries

by Rina Shito(里奈使徒)
Translations: Estelion
Proofreading: Readers

Evil God Army

  With the progression of his Chuuni Disease, Shioda Tetsuya is shunned by his family, and dies in despair, a thirty-three-year-old jobless virgin. He vowed that if he was born again, this time he would stay away from delusions and live life seriously. Fortunately, he reincarnated in another world as a girl named Tilea, and lived a happy life with her kind parents and adorable little sister, but…
  Lately, she’d been troubled. Her beloved sister had begun talking about how she was actually one of the Six Demon Generals, serving directly under Demon King Zorg, a descendant of the Three Great Demons. The situation was looking bad. She had to do something before this Chuuni Disease got any worse!
  This is a fantasy “misunderstanding story” about a protagonist who has not noticed in the slightest that she’s a “cheat”-like existence, and how in her efforts to heal her sister’s Chuuni Disease (except that she really is one of the Six Demon Generals), she somehow or other ended up setting out to defeat the Demon King.

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Tilea no Nayamigoto 2, also out now. English inferface.
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You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to GC Novels?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers. Plus, as far as I know GC Novels doesn’t take down the web novels (unlike a lot of Alphapolis publications).

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Translator’s Note: If you dislike misunderstanding comedies, then don’t read it.

Bold comes with illustration.

Character Profiles
(will be updated as the English translation progresses)

Part 1

Chapter 1 – “My little sister became a chuunibyou!”
Chapter 2 – “Demon General Camilla? Who’s that?”
Chapter 3 – “I am the Demon General Camilla.”
Chapter 4 – “I was hit by my little sister.”
Chapter 5 – “What’s with this chuunibyou jiisan!?”
Chapter 6 – “By ‘Evil God-sama’, you mean me?”
Chapter 7 – “My elder sister is an Evil God-sama.”
Chapter 8 – “My little sister picked up a stray dog.”
Chapter 9 – “This dog is making light of interviews, isn’t he.”
Chapter 10 – “My little sister took in a dog. His name is Gargan, she says.”
Chapter 11 – “Iron Wall Nielsen has humbly come.”
Chapter 12 – “This dog is a hardcore NEET.”
Chapter 13 – “I defeated the enemy general.”
Side Story – “Evil God Dark Matter descends!”
Chapter 14 – “I met an elf.”
Chapter 15 – “I need to be thorough in the dog’s training, huh.”
Chapter 16 – Hidler Appears
Chapter 17 – “Illusion magic, how fearsome!”
Chapter 18 – “The Demonic Evil Three are coming to pick a fight.”
Chapter 19 – Heaven-sent Children of Destruction, Demonic Evil Three
Chapter 20 – “It’s important to prepare before a battle, isn’t it.”
Chapter 21 – “My companions are a dog and a loser. What do I do?”
Chapter 22 – “I underestimated the level of Otherworld deliquents.”
Chapter 23 – “Experience the power of the Killer Nunchaku!”
Chapter 24 – “You’ve finally made me angry.”
Chapter 25 – “A mortal struggle, and an end. My muscles are sure going to hurt tomorrow.”
Chapter 26 – Luxembourg’s Secret Manoeuvring
Chapter 27 – “The skill of a craftsman sure shines.”
Chapter 28 – “Family discussions are important, aren’t they.” (O)
Chapter 29 – “Family discussions are important, aren’t they.” (M)
Chapter 30 – “Family discussions are important, aren’t they.” (F)
Chapter 31 – “Shall we have tea?” (Opening)
Chapter 32 – “Shall we have tea?” (Middle)
Chapter 33 – “Shall we have tea?” (Finale)
Chapter 34 – “The skill of a craftsman sure shines, huh. I’ve said it twice now!”
Chapter 35 – “I’m the payment for a loan? Is this some period drama?”
Chapter 36 – “I am the Viceroy of the Evil God Army, Camilla.”
Chapter 37 – “It’s Tilea’s kenjutsu dojo!” (Opening)
Chapter 38 – “It’s Tilea’s kenjutsu dojo!” (Finale)
Chapter 39 – “Gargan Subjugation Team, you say?” (Opening)
Chapter 40 – “Gargan Subjugation Team, you say?” (Middle)
Chapter 41 – “Gargan Subjugation Team, you say?” (Finale)
Chapter 42 – “It’s Tilea’s magic lessons!” (Opening)
Chapter 43 – “It’s Tilea’s magic lessons!” (Finale)

Teaser – Camilla in the Capital

Part 2 – Raid on the Capital

Chapter 1 – Jessica and the Rumoured Transfer Student
Chapter 2 – Jessica and the Vampire
Chapter 3 – Jessica and the Blonde Bishoujo
Chapter 4 – Jessica and Her Best Friend
Chapter 5 – Jessica and the Raid on the Capital
Chapter 6 – “It’s H-hour for the Vampire Annihilation Operation!”
Chapter 7 – “I shall punish my False Kin.”
Chapter 8 – Jessica and the Hope of the Capital
Chapter 9 – Jessica and the Start of the Death Game
Chapter 10 – Jessica and the Extraordinary
Chapter 11 – Jessica and the Final Game
Chapter 12 – Jessica and the Final Game’s Conclusion
Chapter 13 – “I shall punish Bebe.”
Chapter 14 – Lepes’ Decision (Opening)
Chapter 15 – Lepes’ Decision (Finale)
Chapter 16 – “It’s my present to Timu!”
Chapter 17 – Edim’s True Master
Chapter 18 – “Timu made a friend.”
Chapter 19 – Jessica, and a Decision
Chapter 20 – “Don’t look down on humanity’s knowledge.”
Chapter 21 – Jessica and Remilia’s Crisis
Chapter 22 – Jessica and Remilia’s Rescue
Chapter 23 – “Criminals need to be punished.” (Opening)
Chapter 24 – “Criminals need to be punished.” (Finale)
Chapter 25 – “Oh my god. I’m alone with Remilia-san.”
Chapter 26 – “Yeah. First we start as friends.”
Chapter 27 – Jessica and the Martial General Basten
Chapter 28 – Jessica and the Werewolf
Chapter 29 – “Taste the power of this silver bullet.”
Chapter 30 – Lyris’ Decision (Opening)
Chapter 31 – Lyris’ Decision (Finale)
Chapter 32 – Their Respective Thoughts

Part 3 – Turf War

Chapter 1 – Reunion
Chapter 2 – “The Evil God Army Strategist Appears. Here Comes My Zifang!”
Chapter 3 – The Evil God Army War Council
Chapter 4 – “What a frail bunch. Looks like I’ll have to retrain them from scratch.”
Chapter 5 – “Forgetting your original goal is a big nono.”
Chapter 6 – “Parent-Teacher Interview?”
Chapter 7 – “I gotta protect Edim’s secret.”
Chapter 8 – “I seriously gotta protect Edim’s secret.”
Chapter 9 – “Awawawa, being a spy is impossible for me.”
Chapter 10 – “We’re in danger of bankruptcy at this rate.”
Chapter 11 – “Urgent meeting! We need to get this store going again!”
Chapter 12 – Edim and the Truth Behind the Meeting
Chapter 13 – “Another family discussion!? Mum is coming.”
Chapter 14 – “Ortissio the Fiend!? We have to escape!”
Chapter 15 – Sera vs Ortissio the Fiend!?
Chapter 16 – The Fiend’s True Colours – “Wow, I’m feeling so worn out.”
Chapter 17 – Working towards an amiable conclusion (Opening)
Chapter 18 – Working towards an amiable conclusion (Finale)
Chapter 19 – “I met the real Fiend”
Chapter 20 – Battle Against Gordon the Fiend
Chapter 21 – “Ordering the Fiend’s liquidation – I’ve found my resolve.”
Chapter 22 – Edim and the Fiend Liquidation Mission
Chapter 23 – Edim and the Infiltration of the Fiend’s Estate
Chapter 24 – Edim and Jessica Team Up
Chapter 25 – Edim and Miscalculations
Chapter 26 – Nyger Falls
Chapter 27 – Edim and the Fugitive Search Team
Chapter 28 – The Chief of Staff’s Anxieties (First Half)
Chapter 29 – The Chief of Staff’s Anxieties (Second Half)
Chapter 30 – Edim and the end of the Fiend
Chapter 31

Chapter 85 –

Part 4 – Camilla at School

Chapter 1 – Miless and the Rumoured Transfer Student



256 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries”

  1. Hey, thanks for translating such great novels, but I was wondering if you knew that someone on the animesuki forums has already translated up till the 17th chapter? Just a little heads up to prevent any potential double translations.


  2. This really reminds me of the Slayers series:
    The main-character is powerful in her own right, but there’s always the older sister who’s even stronger then her, and who “forces” the main-character to do things she doesnt want to.


  3. Not going to lie, it’s interesting but weird at the same time lol.. Can i consider this GenderBender? Since he was first a guy but then a girl? I don’t like this type of genderbender so i guess I’ll read something else haha


    1. the main point of a story shouldn’t really be the genderbending unless that is what the theme revolves around. in this case the theme revolves around the herovsdemonlord theme, with genderbending thrown in. it has it’s own appeal, but it’s true it’s not for everyone.


  4. Firstly, thanks for the translation :)
    From the start these misunderstandings were really fun and awesome but they’re starting to really annoy me :( Will the mc ever realise the truth in during the story? If yes, after approx how many chaps? (like 10 or 100…)


          1. About that, I don’t know if or how far you are from the translated chapters. But will there ever be an explanation for what happened at the end of the battle with the demonic three (the part where Tilea and Timu are unconscious)?
            Or will that forever remain a mystery?


        1. It is not really inconceivable. One Japanese soldier fought for 29 years after the war was over no matter how many times he was told Japan lost (it was not possible in his mind) so they had to get his now retired commanding officer to tell him it was over. So if it can happen in real life why not in fiction.


  5. To be in the shoes of the character who misunderstands what’s happening around them. What an interesting story you’ve translated here! Many thanks for all your efforts! I’m certainly looking forward for more. :D


  6. Is it me or does the official “English” site have the title very, very, very, very […] very, very, very […] very wrong? It looks like they’ve used a MTL engine even worse than Google (at least google reads it as “Tirea no nayami koto i sekai jashin tensei kitan”, not “Tea Rare No Nayami Ji Isekai Jashin Tensei Ayaginu Tan”; the alternative MTL I used before I got a dictionary to double-check with Google, weblio, reads it as “Tirea no nayami-goto i sekai jashin tensei ayaginu tan” and somehow translates “Tilea” as “Cirea”)


  7. it was fun at first but over time tiliea is becoming too much cringy to read, she reincarnated herself but cant accept others can do the same. Besides she lives in a fantasy world where magic exist theres no such thing as a chuunibyo if they can actually magic and stuff >.>

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Tilea’s misunderstanding is funny at first.. but as I read more somehow it’s became a little annoying.. If she keeps it up, I don’t know if I can read more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i dont think it is a misunderstanding but a mistake she makes because she forgets she is in a new world and therefore needs to reevaluate her common sense and to be fair i would guess 99% of all people would do the same.
      i does not make it better she has a unconsice suppression and control of her mana and that her mana amount is not comparable whit anyone


  9. Just a small speculation on my part. Isn’t Demon King Zorg sleeping in Tilea’s soul somehow? He’s the only one who could order Luxembourg around like that and have her listen to him I think.


  10. My recommendation for this series is to take it a bit at a time. Too much of it in one sitting turns it cringe-worthy but in small doses it works well. One arc a day seems to be the best way to take this in.


  11. I don’t know… I like the concept, but after several chapters in, it does get pretty hard to read due to the protagonists blatant and everlasting ignorance of what’s happening around them; I feel that it’s going to be like that through the majority of the whole novel, unfortunately.


  12. This is pretty funny. The question in my mind is is it the power of her throws that did in the vampire or was the garlic actually effective? Either way it serves as a convenient excuse for Tilea’s awesome strength.


  13. I am trying to enjoy this series but can’t seem to. What is the appeal of such an ignorant mc? I just can’t manage to like her/him. There must be something I’m missing. \(>﹏>)/


      1. I believe I can – it’s due to lack of character development for the protagonist and it can leave a pretty predictable pattern, some people don’t really like that in their reading. Another reason would be the ignorance itself; it can be really annoying, therefore, hard to read for some readers.

        Now, I don’t mean to be offensive (if I was in any way), and I do get what the author is trying to convey in this novel, but this type of writing isn’t for everyone.

        It depends on how someone approaches it, I guess.


        1. As for whether or not it works for everyone, good chances are that it won’t. Most types of comedies are generally rather specific in their sense of humour, so either ‘you get it’ or ‘you don’t’ which is fair enough.

          What’s mysterious to me is why people continue to read and complain if it’s clear that the comedy doesn’t work for them. When I watched the pilot episode of Community and it just felt retarded to me, I certainly didn’t watch another 13 episodes to complain about how the jokes didn’t work for me and the characters were a bunch of unlikeable weirdos.


          1. “In a blatant comedy series? Really? You’re going to look for character development in the novel equivalent of a gag 4koma?”

            No need to get antsy about it… Just being honest.

            “Yes, but why is the ignorance itself annoying, is what I’m asking.”

            Just imagine that someone gets on an elevator with you from the second floor and rides with you on the first floor only to figure out they are going to the third floor, and the same person does this repeatedly just because they are too lazy to take the stairs (and yes, this has happened to me). To people like me, it would be less time consuming for them to take the stairs and not bothered to have gotten on the elevator at all, because it’s a slow elevator.

            That’s what I get from reading this novel, it’s the sense that she’s not being open minded, that’s what annoys me the most.

            “What’s mysterious to me is why people continue to read and complain if it’s clear that the comedy doesn’t work for them.”

            Well, “complain” is a bit of a misnomer (at least, in my case, if you were referring to my comment). What I said was an honest statement. And besides, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got ’em.

            “When I watched the pilot episode of Community and it just felt retarded to me, I certainly didn’t watch another 13 episodes to complain about how the jokes didn’t work for me and the characters were a bunch of unlikeable weirdos.”

            I 100 percent agree with you on this. I read it because I wanted to get into more light novels and it happens to have something to with gender bender, which I’m a fan of.


            1. “No need to get antsy about it… Just being honest.”

              There’s no antsiness about it. It’s simply common sense. If you go into an action film, don’t look for philosophy. If you’re going into a comedy, don’t look for seriousness.

              If you’re reading a 4koma gag manga, why on earth would you be looking for character development? Answer me honestly.

              You read Waratte Sotomura-san for cuteness and silly jokes. You don’t go into it looking for in-depth discussions on existentialism. Yes, sometimes Waratte Sotomura-san doesn’t make much sense, and yes, the jokes do get a little old, but you come into it for the cuteness, and that much is enough.

              “Well, “complain” is a bit of a misnomer”
              No, not you. The person on whose behalf you were replying.

              “That’s what I get from reading this novel”
              The difference is that you have a vested interest in the elevator scenario, whereas there’s no such issues in this story. It’s not like a story where the protagonist’s ignorance is hurting the heroine who everybody loves. The only people who are hurt by Tilea’s ignorance are mob characters and Nielsen(as a joke), and yes, this would be horrifying if the tone of the story were different (due to all the innocent casualties) but like I said, this is a nonsensical comedy.
              Not a drama comedy, or slice-of-life comedy, but something more akin to a gag comedy.


      2. Sorry for replying so late I just realized that responses to comments could be seen on my wordpress thing. My problem with an ignorant mc is the frustration that they are totally ignorant to (at least in Tilea’s case) reality, and absolutely stubborn with their view. Over time, I think any person should be able to realize that they are actually abnormal, and their relatives too. I know some people that completely ignore what you say, or have illogical viewpoints that are outside of reality. So maybe I link Tilea to these sort of people or something.

        It is frustrating how disconnected Tilea is from reality and that she is not willing to examine any other views.


        1. “So maybe I link Tilea to these sort of people or something.”

          I suppose that might be it. My question wasn’t with ‘why is Tilea annoying as a person’ so much as ‘why is Tilea annoying as a protagonist?’.

          For me, unless the ignorance of the protagonist is hurting some character I like, no matter how dumb they are, they don’t annoy me, unlike real people. So I was wondering what part of the story was actually frustrating you.


          1. Maybe the reason you can stand this story and I cannot is that you can see the good in a story, without lingering too much on the bad; ignoring the dumb and frustrating charactors to watch the ones you like. I am a very negative person in real life so maybe my hypercritical attitude gave me a negative impression of the mc, who is only a part of the story. Everytime I read the story I would remember the frustration that is the mc, and thus bring down my enjoyment the entire story.

            My first question was how to enjoy this type of series, because I could not figure out how to, but people do. So I do not think there is an problem with the series in general, but a personal problem I could solve to enjoy it.


            1. I’m actually a very critical person when it comes to stories, as many of my friends can attest. Sometimes I ruin things for my friends because I point out things they’ve never realised before.

              However, there’s nothing frustrating to me about Tilea as a protagonist, is my point. There is a separation between ‘annoying as a person’ and ‘annoying as a character’, and nothing Tilea does in this story causes me any frustration. Perhaps I should say that all her actions actually run in accord with my expectations and desires.

              I think rather than it being a case of you being overly critical, it’s more a case of you having expectations different to other readers, and feeling frustrated when Tilea fails to live up to those expectations as a character.


        2. It could have been that you empathised for the victims of the demons that she could have saved, had she seen reality, for example.

          Or maybe you wanted the story to progress in a more militaristic and proactive way, and her stupidity was keeping the story from progressing in that manner.

          There’s also the possibility that she reminded you of somebody you disliked in real life, and made the story unpleasant for you in that manner instead.

          All sorts of reasons why a protagonist like her makes the story unpleasant for you. It’s different to what makes a protagonist unpleasant as a person.


  14. This is a very entertaining series with Tilea being a fun character. She can be surprisingly observant and cynical towards certain characters.


  15. While I enjoy reading about Tilea and her antics, I find that I actually enjoy Camilla’s and Nielsen’s responses to Tilea’s actions a little bit more. That is the icing on the cake in my humble opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. this novel is so refreshing, the comedy, misunderstanding dense op.
    op mc, but she didnt realize her overpowered self
    the reaction from people around tilea,
    also i love the stories from 3rd POV timu and others
    already re read it several times.

    dont listen to people complaining about this awesome novel
    they dont get it awesomeness


  17. Damn! Chapters are still translating… Can wait to the next chapters 50 up…
    (Nice TL … And thumbs up on that.
    Piece of advice; just ignore those sleazy slimy whinny leechers. I mean dah.. Should we read synopsis and know your “genre” preferences first before reading a novel…those pitiful leechers).


      1. hell no….
        every time tilea fight . its like take a detour rather than straight to d point and its annoying. like kukanomi part.
        i just wanna to know if she’ll realize it ?


          1. you are quite creative with your insults, i like that <3 and thanks for translating this. its a really interesting story and for a fantranslation its quality is exceptionally good.(who am i to judge, my english sucks xD)



  18. can you fix the links for arc 2? the link to chapter 11 goes to chapter 12 and the link to chapter 12 goes to chapter 13.


  19. massive release xD
    thanks for translating..
    really enjoyed reading this.
    i can see you put a lot of effort into translating this,
    as a reader, your translation is the most comfortable and easy to read :)

    Liked by 1 person

  20. This series SUCK…of course what I mean is, it SUCK me to keep reading it and without me noticing I have read it for 8 hours non stop. Sheeeeeesh!!! I am laughing so much with all of the misunderstandings!!! Please please don’t stop translating this T___T thank you for the translations, it accompany me on my sick bed!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. I wonder when the new chaps will be updated?? Or is it waiting for the completition of the whole chapters in part 3 and then BOOM! All of it gets uploaded at once?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Entendido ►I’m not translating now because I’m in my final months for this semester, meaning that I’m completely bogged down in assignments and exams. Even as I’m typing now, I’m studying for the exam I have today.◄


  22. You know I don’t get why people are saying they don’t like the story if you no likey no readey. Other then that this is so funny I love this mc


  23. Mmm Guess this just is not up my alley. The only thing I can say “Wow! Amazing!” about is the protag’s ability to ignore reality and cause misunderstandings. Sadly this only kept me going until Ch.15.


  24. Are you planning to ever start updating this regularly again? Or at least updating this list of links? You stop at chapter 7 here, but you’ve translated up to 10, so it hasn’t been updated since June, basically half a year. My favorite series feels abandoned :(


    1. I believe the excuse he gave a while ago was that he was very busy with exams. I’m not entirely sure what the situation is now, although I suppose if we whine loud enough we’ll get an update (or more excuses). Or updated excuses.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Do they ever address how Camilla basically removed Timu from existence? I mean I get its a comedy series but she robbed the life of a 14 year old girl.


  26. I really don’t understand why this pisses me off? Really, don’t understand.
    I love the misunderstanding comedies like Mx0, that manga made me laugh a lot when reading it. Or even webtoon like Transfer Student Storm Bringer. Am I mistake about myself?
    I only read up to vol 2 chapter 25 but there have already been many chapter pissed me off a lot. What is the different between this novel and the others? Someone gives me some advice so I can understand myself more.


      1. Ooh……
        been reading the comment and i love how este just burns it with the replies thanks for translating tilea and burning ungrateful leeches in your spare time


  27. Why ain’t the links updated? We already at Turf War 26, not Turf War 18
    And, just cause I’m a scrub, where is the next chapter?


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