Schizophrenia – Chapter 26

This chapter’s a bit early, but I’ve been spending a bit more time translating lately because doing BokuNana has been refreshing. Think of it as a late Valentine’s present or something. Enjoy!




It was the same old bedroom she saw this morning. The room was cleaned and the bed was made, but that was it. Just what was she trying to hide?

—Sakura. Perhaps…

—It’s just like a Ninja! Awesome!

—Ninja? What’s that?

—Uhm… they’re spies from a faraway country in the east, or something like that, maybe?

How ambiguous, Lilia thought with a wry smile as she returned to the table and sank back into the chair. Tapping the table with her finger, Alisa quickly went to go prepare some black tea for her. Watching her as she worked, Lilia went,well then, as she opened her mouth.

“I don’t know if it’s by Father’s or Elder Brother’s orders but… Come out here.”

Alisa’s movements stiffened. Forcing a stiff smile to her face she turned towards Lilia.

“Uhm, Miss Lilia? What might you be talking about…?”

At Alisa’s words, Lilia’s eyes narrowed in displeasure. Having that chilly glance directed at her, Alisa went let out a short shriek.

“Alisa. You are my maid.”


“You belong to me. Are you trying to hide something from me?”

“That is… well…”

Alisa was unable to give a response and looked away, casting her eyes down. Her expression looked like it was about to break into tears. In actuality, Lilia didn’t intend to condemn Alisa that much. The contract was with her Father, and for any orders from the Aldis house a subordinate could nary ignore such a thing.
That’s why, there were others that she should be blaming.

—Sakura. Where are they?

—Nnnn… About here and in the middle of the bedroom. Hidden in the ceiling. Two of them. One in the bedroom.

How’d she know all this, Lilia was surprised inside, as she turned her eyes towards the places that were pointed out. Lilia couldn’t see anything, but if Sakura was declaring so then they must be there.

“For the time being the two over there, come down. As for the one in the bedroom… well whatever. Afterwards, I, will go, have a chat, alone.”

Making sure she showed her smile, Lilia spun each word one after the other. *Kata*, and so came a light sound from the ceiling. How pathetic, to be rattled by something of this degree, thought Lilia as she tapped the table like she was urging them. At first slowly, and since they still did not come down she increased her pace.

“Goodness gracious… You got me.”

Where she felt she saw thee ceiling sink inwards, it slid to the side, and two men descended. The two were dressed in black, one an old man, the other seeming to be in his middle ages. Coming before Lilia, they got on one knee and lowered their heads.

“This would be our first meeting, I think. I am…”

“Your name doesn’t matter.”

Lilia declared like a slap in the face. Having his words interrupted the old man frowned slightly, lifting his face.

“Get the one in the bedroom as well.”

“Nay, there should not be anyone more.”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

She once again began to tap the table. Slowly at first, then gradually quickening. Though he probably didn’t know the exact meaning behind this the old man seemed to feel a chilling intent, and with a stiff smile, excused himself as he lowered his head.

“I will call them at once. …Oi.”

At the old man’s severe voice, the other man nodded, and returned up into the ceiling. Lilia was a bit surprised at how he went back into the hole from before with a single leap, but she didn’t allow it to show on her face in the slightest.

After waiting a few seconds, the man descended from the ceiling again. And this time with him was one more, a girl, who should have been around the same age as Lilia. Her face was concealed with a mask so it was hard to tell for sure.

“Oh good.”

Lilia said so gently, and the three kneeling before her looked up.

“If it was a man in the bedroom, I might just have killed all three of you.”

She said such words with a smile, and the three deeply lowered their heads. These three probably knew, that Lilia wasn’t just saying so as an example, but conveyed reality. Most spies who wrought their master’s wrath would not live to tell the tale.

—Scary! Lilia’s scary! That’s no Lilia of mine!

—Who belongs to who now? More importantly this is everyone right?

—Nn… Yup. No doubt about it this is all of them.

—Is that so. Got it.

“Lift your faces.”

Lilia said so as she tapped the table with her finger. Without a word, the three silently lifted their faces.

“Under who’s orders were you sent here?”

The old man answered Lilia question. Master Claus, he said.

“I see. Elder brother was it. Hmmm…”

Lilia nodded, and sent her gaze towards Alisa. Alisa seemed to remember then, as she began to prepare the tea.

“And? Who is the one in charge here? Well, I more or less have an idea already though.”

When Lilia looked at the old man, he also returned her gaze, and gave a single nod.

“Well then I have something I want to ask you.”

“Anything my lady.”

“On who’s authority, did you order Alisa? Aside from yourselves, you were also giving orders to her no?”

Lilia’s tone lowered all at once. The two men, perhaps as would be expected did not stir in the slightest, but the young girl was shaking ever so slightly. She had yet to mature unlike the others, how lovely.

“Did you not hear me?”

When Lilia asked for the second time, the old man again lowered his head.

“Master Claus, said that it would be fine to make use of those serving the Aldis house.”

“I see. That’s quite the frank way of speaking, was that also how Elder Brother conveyed it?”

“It is as you surmise.”

“Really. In that case, I suppose I should offer my gratitude as well.”

Alisa put the cup of black tea on the table. Lilia took one sip, and then,


She threw it just like that. The still hot tea splashed onto the old man, and his face made a slight grimace. However Lilia’s anger had yet to dissipate, and she forcefully struck the table with her fist. At the loud bang, the young girl’s trembling intensified.

“On, just, who’s, authority, did you order Alisa.”

Lilia slowly stood up. She had a sweet-looking smile on her face, yet her eyes alone were perfectly focused down on them.

“I’ll have you understand something.”


“Alisa is my maid. Not a maid of Aldis, my maid. Towards this maid of mine, on just who’s authority did you order her with?”

“My deepest apologies.”

The old man further lowered his head, and the other two followed suit. Lilia stared at them emotionlessly for a while, but eventually she released her gaze, and sat back down into the chair.



Author’s remark: I’ve been feeling that her villainess disposition has been lacking lately, so I tried to supplement it a bit.



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41 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Chapter 26”

  1. This Sakura! I can barely see her movements!
    And Lilia finally shows her villainness side for real. I’d been wondering how such a cute person could have been the villain of the story.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Doesn’t seem all that villainous to me, just badass.

    “I don’t care who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you’re looking for information, I can tell you I don’t have much of a social life but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a lot of very long study sessions with a voice in my head. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my maid go now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, the voice in my head will look for you, she will find you and I will throw scalding hot tea in your face.”

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  3. Yay, a new chapter! I love you!

    And yay, Badass Lillia is here! She’s not going to let anyone order around her maid! I like how in this story Lillia is keeping her pride, in too many redemption stories the MC just becomes a complete doormat.

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  4. How protective of her older brother xD or are they there to make sure she doesn’t do anything bad that would involve their family or something like that 😅

    Thank you so much for the chapter ┻┳|・ω・)ノ fu
    Happy Valentines~
    *cough* I-it’s not that late >~<

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    1. It’s out of over-protectiveness. You can see her older brother and her father talking about sending someone back in Chapter 7.

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    And well I know that most people are rooting for Ray’s route now but I CAN’T HELP BUT SHIP Lilia x Alisa because OMG LOOK:
    “Alisa. You are my maid.”
    “You belong to me.”
    “Alisa is my maid. Not a maid of Aldis, my maid. Towards this maid of mine, on just who’s authority did you order her with?”

    I cAN’t.

    Anyway, I think this is more a Possesive!Lilia & Protective!Lilia rather than Villainess!Lilia :v

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  6. Rereading this after a long time, I really have to try to put it into words.

    The attitude of a villainess, when removing the elements of scheming and tyranny, really just ends up seeming cool and charismatic to an audience looking in from the outside, huh. Regardless of the medium, such characters really do gain quite a following from the people who read or watch the events unfold.

    I mean, we all adore Lilia in this moment. No arguments.


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