The Noble Girl Living in Debt

The Noble Girl Living in Debt

by Emoto Mashimesa(江本マシメサ)
Translator: Toki
Editor: doom_chicken

Agnes Le Verges was the beautiful, very haughty daughter of an Earl.
The girl who was called high society’s resplendent rose was an unobtainable goal.

On the other side was the poor noble knight, Bernard, who held a grudge against Agnes after, on a certain night, being looked at with scornful eyes that seemed to ridicule his pedigree and upbringing while at a soirée.

-Five years after their terrible meeting, Agnes’ family suddenly fell into ruin. The cause was her father’s scandal.

Everyone around her was cold-hearted toward her, and the only one who held a hand out to Agnes, who had lost just about everything, was Bernard.
He said that if she worked as a servant, he would guarantee the essentials.

While looking at Agnes who was accepting the proposal, Bernard snickered to himself.

“―Serves you right, young lady, I’m going to make sure to work you hard at home!!”

However, once they started to live together, he found out Agnes’ true self. It turned out that she had not been the kind of girl Bernard had thought she was.
Though he had invited her to his house with the intention of carrying out revenge, a development far beyond his expectations occurred. This is the heartwarming love story of the former noble girl and a clumsy knight.

Novel Adaptation

Coming soon!

The First Story – The Humiliating Meeting
The Second Story – Ruined Lives Are No Concern of Mine
The Third Story – Unexpected Reunion
The Fourth Story – The Unfortunate Little Bear
The Fifth Story – Welcome to the Orlellian House
The Sixth Story – The Troubling Circumstances Surrounding Agnes
The Seventh Story – On the Night of the Storm
The Eighth Story – Wicked Girl, Agnes Le Verges
The Ninth Story – Ten Gold Coins
The Tenth Story – As a Knight

25 thoughts on “The Noble Girl Living in Debt”

  1. is this story going to be continued or is it dropped? it has been three months since last update. I do hope that it will be continued.


    1. Let’s start this off by saying that Este linked me your NU post earlier today.
      I wouldn’t say it’s dropped.
      Este still needs to tlc a chapter that I finished translating a couple months back.
      I died off after life got busy with work/school shortly after Este’s short period of death with finals and such.
      Things are going to slow down for me in early/mid January so I can get back to doing things then.
      That being said, I’m not against other people picking it up.
      If your translation speed is going to be 1-2 chapters a week, and your translation quality is acceptable-good, then by all means, do whatever you want to with the series.
      Otherwise, I’m planning on picking up the pace again once the new year starts.
      On a side note, if you’re just going to do MATL (machine-assisted translation) as your blog’s name suggests, I’d prefer if you either didn’t translate the work or just have both of us translate separately.
      Karigurashi doesn’t necessarily feel easy, and I feel like MATLing it would be an even bigger disgrace to the original work than just shoddy translations.


  2. scornful eyes…
    *look at the cover pictures.

    I’d love to be look at with scornful eyes by such an Angel…
    Bernard is an Idiot.
    that being said,Agnes on the cover doesn’t fit the image, when I read “scornful eyes”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry for bothering but may I ask how many chapters are there?
    Anw thanks a lot for the translations!


    1. The current translators are Ainushi Translations. Have you checked there? They just updated before last year came to a close.


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