About the Scanlators

☂ Ame ☂




Eyy it’s Ame.
Love of web novels and other anime-related stuff aside, I’m also learning Japanese. Slowly.

Anyways! I’m cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting alongside Komo. Nice to meet you.

よろしく~ (*^▽^)/

x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x

🌿 komo 🌿

“I wish I was rich.”



I’m cleaningredrawing, and typesetting with Ame, so there’s that!

18 thoughts on “About the Scanlators”

  1. Hello, thank you for the meal. The pictures are pretty and do not involve social destruction like certain headers *ahem, just wondering where do you get them?

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  2. Komo, nice picks and the story is da best!…otherwise the “I wish I was rich” part was a bit of letdown after the heartwarming and fully cully story about the slug and the turtle …I haven’t seen much of your work though


  3. I came here for your credit that always you use. Thank you for your hard work :))) anyway I hope imouto-chan is fine. If you know what I mean heheheheheh…


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