The Two Idiots

Shindo Hawkeye is, simply put, the ideal wife. Excelling in handling household chores, greeting every neighbor with a radiant smile, and even tending to the wounded on a daily basis. Shindo personifies the standards men strive to obtain for a lover. Well, minus the fact he’s a man. Despite the affection he receives, Shindo can’t help but feel rather helpless as a male. Which is why he looks up to the Captain of the Royal Guards. Known as the “Violet Knight of the West”, Riskalia Alzahal is known for the Great Victory of 100 in which Riskalia led 100 men to victory against an army of 1000.

She’s who he strives to be.

Unlike Shindo, her face constantly expresses aloofness and she speaks in a gruff manner. While Shindo has many adoring fans from all genders, Riskalia knows of more enemies than companions. Nonetheless, these two polar opposites find themselves falling into a growing relationship following Riskalia’s spontaneous marriage proposal to the delicate Shindo.

Shindo was initially unsure if he was ready to pursue a relationship with a woman who made him feel unconfident as a husband.


“Riskalia! Please don’t draw your weapon inside the house! It’s just a cockroach!”

But, honestly, these two are idiots.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2


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