April Fools 2016 – Part 2 (Tilea’s Worries)

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Chapter 0 – Reunion

The sound of footsteps on stone rang out at even intervals.

In the cold marble temple, each step echoed against the walls.

Before the staircase, those feet stopped.

The blonde girl looked up.

“Camilla. I’ve crawled back from Hell just to meet you.”

Her eyes flared with murderous hatred.

“Oneesama. How long it has been.”

The silver-haired girl, Camilla, mocked her from the dais above.

There was no change in the blonde girl’s expression.

“Where is Milia?”

“Heh,” Camilla sneered, “What if you looked for yourself?”

Wordlessly, the girl ascended the staircase. When she saw what awaited up top, her frozen form betrayed a faint but violent tremble.


The cold glare, filled with malice, gave way to a helpless and heartbroken gaze.

Sitting quietly on a stone throne was a blonde woman, with dignified features, and slender, pointed ears.

For a moment, the blonde girl seemed to be a lost lamb, powerless before the unchangeable past.

But before half a beat had passed, Camilla had stepped to the side to block her view.

“Remilia has already long forgotten about you.”

Hatred, disbelief, despair, and then a precarious gratitude. In an instant, various emotions flashed through the girl’s blue eyes.

“It’s fine if you’ve forgotten me…”

The girl squeezed out the words.

“Just being alive… is enough for me…”

But Camilla laughed at the girl’s heartfelt words.

“Hahaha! Tilea,” Camilla’s eyes narrowed in mocking, “You are a woman who has already once lost to me. No matter how many times we repeat this, the result will remain the same.”

Tilea thought back to the past. Back to the words that Camilla had thrown at her after their brief exchange, as she lay dying on the ground.

『Oneesama. There is a fatal diffence between the two of us. SHOE-NEN(obsession). You lack SHOE-NEN(obsession).
The SHOE-NEN(obsession) to conquer the world.
The SHOE-NEN(obsession) to pick a side.
The SHOE-NEN(obsession) to keep the woman you love.』

Today was the first time she had seen Camilla again. Not even a little respect for her, remained in Camilla’s eyes.

As the two stared at each other silently, Camilla was the first to break the silence.

“Still,” her eyes narrowing in amusement, “It may yet be fun to crush you in front of your beloved woman again. AYAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!”

The silver-haired Camilla tore off her cape, and leapt into the air with a beautiful cry like a singing nightingale.


Unwilling to lose, Tilea let out a cry no less beautiful, as she flipped backwards into the air to retreat.

The two landed gracefully in sync.

“Haha, only your skills at running away have improved. But the likes of you can never defeat my techniques.”


Tilea cracked her knuckles silently in response to Camilla’s mocking.

Camilla now stood in a fighting pose, her flattened hands moving in graceful but threatening undulations. Under the veil of darkness in the temple, it almost seemed like her hands phased from position to position.

Her beautiful pink lips curved yet further upwards.

“Huhuhu, Tilea, I will once again thrust you into hell.”

Before anybody could possibly reply, those dainty fingers shot out at near imperceptible speeds. Over and over, like countless rays of moonlight.


With a graceful cry, she brought those deadly strikes towards the stock still Tilea.


But with a sound, those seemingly countless hands became just the two again, as Camilla’s left wrist was caught in the immovable vice-grip of Tilea’s right hand.

“Nuh-! Wha-!”

Touki(Fighting Spirit) visibly radiated off Tilea’s snow white skin, as she glared at Camilla like a crazed dragon.

“Y-, You truly are different to the old Tilea… Why?”

“SHOE-NEN(obsession). What changed me was the SHOE-NEN(obsession) that you taught me…”

The two of them stared off again in challenge, but under Tilea’s crushing grip, Camilla was the first to retreat.

Like a swan taking flight, she leapt back as though nothing could impede her movements.

“With the way I am now, someone like you isn’t a match for me. Give it up.”

Tilea spoke blandly.


Camilla’s beautiful face contorted with madness, as she suddenly attacked again.

But to no avail, as Tilea once again leapt back in an instant, as though she had never been there from the start.

Or so it seemed.


A sickening sound rang out. It was the sound of something overcoming the adhesive bonds of blood and lymph, and new wounds opening up on Tilea’s chest. Horrid gash opened up on her soft, ample bosom, that now threatened to erupt from her tight, damaged blouse.

“Hehehe!” Camilla laughed in glee upon seeing this. “Your SHOE-NEN(obsession) does not amount to much.”

With fast, yet flowing footwork, Camilla circled about the wounded Tilea.


Yet Tilea seemed to pay no heed to her mocking, and after touching her wound with her fingertips, she brought her fingers to her luscious lips.

For the first time, she took a stance. Unlike Camilla’s straight, but soft hands, her fingers were curved and spread apart, tensed into claws.

“Camilla. I have seen through all your movements. This is your loss.”

Tilea warned darkly.


A flurry of non-linear slashes and thrusts assaulted Tilea. And yet, shockingly, she dodged every one of them with ease. Even when the arcs of Camilla’s unpredictable attacks seemed to form a cage, Tilea simply avoided them like a leaf in the wind.



Tilea landed a backhand slap on Camilla’s face, but before her sliding side kick could connect, Camilla had gracefully backflipped away several times with a cry, before leaping straight into the air.

Spreading her arms, Tilea shot up to follow.







Graceful cries, like bells in the night air, echoed past the stone pillars, as each girl exchanged technique after technique in the air.



After a final volley of blows, both girls were sent flying back in mid-air. Landing against the vertical surface of two respective pillars, each girl thrust off like hunting hawks, to meet each other for one final airborne confrontation.





Camilla’s spotless clothing inexplicably exploded, leaving her nude, nubile body exposed to the dank temple air.

“Relax. I missed your pressure points on purpose.”

Tilea glared dismissively from above the prone Camilla.

“Return Milia to me.”



『What’s that?』

『Sounds like the garbage man.』

『Oh. On Tuesday?』

The sounds of static filled the room for a moment, before transitioning into a completely different scene.

“Wha-!?” screamed Mystic, in shock and disbelief.


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