How I Became One of the Seven Wonders

How I Became One of the Seven Wonders


Boku ga Nanafushigi ni Natta Wake

by Ogawa Haruo(小川晴央)
Translations: Jaon


Amazon Description:

An endless worrywart of a high-schooler, Nakazaki Yuuki stumbles one fateful night into the governor spirit of the Seven Wonders, Tenko. At the school grounds steeped in midnight, she floated amidst dancing cherry blossom petals as she sonorously sent the these ominous words towards him. “Congratulations, thou hast been chosen as a new Seven Wonder of this school” and so in inheriting the position as a Seven Wonder, he ended up being provisionally registered by her. Thus, bewildered all the while, he proceeded to resolve the various incidents occurring in the school together with Tenko… The daily life of the boy who became one of the Seven Wonders continues, in this compelling modern-day mystery-fantasy!




So, no one ever asked for this, and I could have spent this time doing more Haunted, but sometimes you just gotta follow your whims. Here’s a novel I found on Amazon that I took a liking to, and decided to translate for the heck of it. This is a single volume self contained story.

I think this won a Dengeki Prize too.

On the title: A ‘Seven Wonders’ of a school is a commonly seen collection of ghost/supernatural/extraordinary stories around said school. You might have seen this topic pop up in anime and manga before. Most likely adapted from the well known English term ‘The Seven Wonders of the World’.

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