Chapter 1



“You’ve been staring outside the window for ten minutes now. Is something amiss?”

I cast a mildly concerned gaze upon my captain who sighs in response to my inquiry. The metal plates of her armor clink together as she turns to face the paperwork stacked upon her desk. Her piercing violet slanted eyes are unfocused.

Riskalia Alzahal.

The woman who became Captain of the Royal Guards at the age of 18. It’s been two years now, and she can still be considered young as 20 years old. My accomplishments at the age of 34 can’t hold a candle to hers. Nonetheless, I find myself fortunate to be considered her right hand. One would be rather bitter about serving under such a young Captain, especially a female one. Initially I held similar feelings of contempt.

“Lieutenant, would you consider me to be a girl?”

But I quickly realized that Captain’s rather hopeless outside of her work.

I compose myself and close my eyes. “Captain, you are female.”

“Ah, right. You’re right… I’m a girl, huh?”

“Please don’t sound as if this fact has just dawned upon you.”

She hums thoughtfully. This is the sign of her wishing to drop the subject. Her cold expression is actually one of intense concentration. I’ve seen this particular look on many occasions. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s somewhat unnerving for those who aren’t accustomed to it. I pray in my heart for the new recruits to not run away in fear like last year.

“Anyways,” I lean forward from her right side while pointing towards the empty sheet lying before her, “I believe this report is due tomorrow morning. It’d be best to finish this quickly.”

“‘Quickly’, huh?”

Ah, there she goes again.

Lately, Captain has drifted off into her thoughts while staring outside the window of her office. Even if it was storming or sunny, her dazed look wouldn’t change. It’s becoming problematic for me since I need the paperwork to be signed…

“Captain, are you feeling unwell? Perhaps you should take a trip to the medical ward—”



Let me explain.

Although Captain appears intimidating and fierce, it’s due in part because of her inability to decide what expression to wear. As a result, she sets her face into a neutral one. You can often hear rumors of her being described as ‘cold’ or ‘indifferent’.

She’s really just a thoughtful girl who has difficulty expressing herself.

It can be seen during these moments when she releases incoherent lines. This shows intense moments of being flustered. Granted, only a handful of people are aware of this.

After 2 years, I’ve learned to decipher these odd sounds.

“If you really were ‘alright’, then you wouldn’t have responded in such a manner.”

“JNKDNFKJBCB?!” (I’m the Captain! How could I be unwell?!)

“Captain or not, you’re still human and just about as susceptible to colds as I am.”

“KLSMADLMVC.” (But you haven’t caught a cold in ten years. According to the medical records, that is.)

“…That’s beside the point. If you don’t comply willingly, I shall have your visit arranged myself.”

Riskalia puffs her cheeks slightly in protest but otherwise remains silent.

To react so oddly to the sound of ‘medical ward’, did something happen…?

“Ah, Shindo, you’re lovely today as well~”

“T-Thank you, Miss Rolera.”

“There’s no need for such formalities~! Please, just call me Mumu~”


My poor teacher laughs gently in response to the patient’s flirtatious remark. With a slightly rounded face and sharp nose, alongside my teacher’s emerald green eyes that are constantly overflowing with warmth; he exudes an aura of gentleness that attracts anyone. He’s rather feminine looking, especially when he smiles so kindly. Though pale and slender, he’s actually very healthy and eats well. It’s hard to tell from his peaceful disposition. A strand of blond hair loosens from the pin secured to the left side of his bangs that frame his face, the rest secured tightly in a ponytail that ends just below his shoulder-blades

Shindo Hawkeye.

The man who everyone commonly mistakes for a woman. Also known for being a teacher in the castle’s medical ward, but the number of students is limited and most drop out after a week. Thus, I’m the only one remaining. But this man really is amazing, you know? He’s only 24 years old but already developed ten different kinds of medical artes. Normally someone with his talent in magic wouldn’t be stuck here tending to wounds. Rather, they’d be at the front lines inflicting the wounds themselves.

“Duke, could you fetch some hot water for me?”

The sound of my teacher’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. I instantly nod in confirmation. “Right away!” Bowing politely to both my teacher and the gaudy old woman patient, I turn on my heels to jog out of the examination room.

“My, my, he’s rather spirited despite being so young~”

“He’s my beloved pupil, after all.”

I try to suppress the smile threatening to grow on my face as I continue down the hallway.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 1”

  1. Reminds me of my girlfriend; sometimes the words coming out of her face make me question whether English is really her first language. She likes to brag that the german word for helicopter was the first thing she spoke, too…
    What is it with nurses and their crazy appeal? The number of sexy nurses in media probably outnumber the rest ten to one XD
    Though the only one I can picture right now is the Shotacon from Big Bang Age- I mean, ahem, I can’t seem to think of any examples…


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