(As you pull out these pictures, you idly look over the entry once more.)


…Let’s have a look.


…W-wh-what the hell was that?!?!

I-I saw something I shouldn’t have…


(You flip to the next one. You’re not quite sure what you’re doing.

There’s probably some saying about curious birds, you think.)

(There’s nothing else. Too bad. You’ll just have to wait and see if anything new appears.

As usual.)


8 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. Some of the worlds greatest unanswered questions….

    Why are we here? Is it because of a god’s divine scheme or are we merely the product of a never ending cosmic game of chance? If it is because of a god what was his/her reason for making all of this? Does he/she look like the thing described in this image?


  2. it look a bit like the mark of the yellow king … and i was just leaving tha hospital T_T (the yellow king isn’t into urination it’s a … you better not knowing what he is into …)


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