I scratch my cheek with an uncomfortable smile, hoping it’s not too strained. I turn to my equally (if not more) nervous partner. For a moment our eyes lock but she quickly turns away while biting her bottom lip. Hm, a surprisingly shy reaction. Under my unintentionally long gaze, Riskalia grows increasingly more and more self-conscious. She fiddles with the hilt of her sword⏤


“Um, Captain Alzahal…”

“J-Just Riskalia is fine, you know? Since we’re married and all…,” she instantly replies with an even more flustered face.

“A-Ah, right.” Clearing my throat and fighting a losing battle with the blood rushing to my cheeks, I try to start over, “Riskalia.”


“Even though we’re on our honeymoon, why did you wear full armor to the inn?”

Certainly, one wouldn’t think of such an occasion once noticing her apparel. Despite taking her helmet off before entering the room, she still maintains an intense presence that would surely make a kid cower in either fear or awe. Maybe even both.

Her violet tinted titanium plates are robust and cared for greatly as evident by my reflection being able to be seen upon the shiny surface. Underneath the plates are silver chain-mail which rustle with every fidget she makes. She looked rather thin during the ceremony wearing a formal outfit that was more fit for a groom rather than a bride. However, in her current state, it looked like she grew twice in size. Considering how she’s about as tall as I am, I suppose she’s taller than an average woman. Then again I’m not exactly that much above the standard for a man my age at 24.

But she’s only 20 years old…

She tucks a strand of silver hair behind her left ear, cascading down to her waist. Her deep violet eyes are storming with a variety of emotions that I can’t describe. Her skin is fair and relatively smooth, a shade slightly darker than my own pale skin.

“I, um, feel at ease when I’m equipped for combat.”

“…Is that so?”

How am I supposed to respond to that…?

Trying to calm myself, I strengthen the resolve behind my smile. “Well, there’s no use discussing this outside our room.” Turning back to the front, I clasp the bronze knob directly before me. Riskalia visibly jumps as the hinges of the door squeaked in protest.



We both pause just as the entire room comes into view.

As expected, there’s only one bed.

I glance over my shoulder to gauge Riskalia’s reaction.

“…ce,” she mutters under her breath.

“Huh?” I blink at the sound of her subdued voice.

She’s trembling all over with her eyes downcast. The bangs that cover her forehead in a subtle ‘v’ shape casted a shadow over the top half of her face, making it difficult to discern her expression.

“I…” She takes a big gulp of air. “SHALL GET US ANOTHER BED AT ONCE.”

“Eh? But we⏤ Wait, Riskalia?!” Before I can question any further, she runs off to the room directly to the right of ours.

And promptly rips the door out of its frame.

“SDJKVCAFIHDVK!” she screams incoherently as she tosses it to the side. I narrowly manage to dodge it. Diving into the room, she makes a beeline for the bed that was prepped for the next customer.

Riskalia lifts it up with both hands with little to no effort.

“?!” I can only stare in amazement. I’ve heard stories of her strength, but this is… Wait, now’s not the time for that! “R-Riskalia! Please, calm down!”


“Riskalia, I can’t understand you!”



Ah, how did things end up this way…?

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