Tilea’s Worries – Character Data

Note: Naming order depends on the customs of their area.
Eastern naming orders (Surname + Given name) are marked with ☆.
Western naming orders (Given name + Surname) are marked with ★.

Evil God Army

Name: Tilea
Age: 17
Sex: Female (Male)
Post: Generalissimo of the Evil God Army
Mana: 100,000,000
Secret Technique: Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven Techniques of the Evil God

A reincarnater who suffered from chuunibyou in her past life. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed bishoujo. Dotes on her three-years junior sister. Respects her parents, and desires to become an accomplished chef. Furthermore, due to the trauma suffered during her previous life, she constantly believes herself to be a normal person, although once in a while she suffers chuunibyou outbreaks without her own notice. Although she is an OP reincarnater, she herself is unaware. Possesses unrivalled power in battle, and at the very least her mana has been estimated to be above 1,000,000. [Missing Entry]
Reigns at the zenith of the Evil God Army as the Generalissimo. However, having misunderstood the army to be the game of Timu and the other members, she fundamentally remains uninvolved with its movements.

Name: Timu (Camilla Bo Malferand ★)
Age: 14 (2158)
Sex: Female
Post: Viceroy of the Evil God Army
Mana: 125000→214000
Secret Technique: Star Freya[Super Demonic Star Magic Bullet]

Former member of the Demon King Army’s Six Demon Generals, as well as one of the descendants of the Three Great Demons. A silver-haired, red-eyed bishoujo. One of the world leaders in magic, known as the pioneer and progenitor for the present-day magic system. In the previous war, held the name ‘Camilla the Flash’. Following her awakening, she attempted to convene with the Demon King Army, but abandoned the idea due to a misunderstanding-driven spanking by her elder sister, Tilea. Thereafter, swore allegiance to Tilea who she acknowledged as her sister, and became tremendously loyal to her. Presently commands the entire Evil God Army as the Viceroy. In practical terms, she is the leader of the Evil God Army.

Name: Nielsen Bo Classical ★
Age: 4654
Sex: Male
Post: General Commander of the Evil God Army
Mana: 42000→73000
Secret Technique: Fire Bomber[Super Demonic Explosion Flame Fist]

Former Captain of the Demon King Army’s Camilla Unit. Plays an active role in the Evil God Army as Camilla’s right-hand man. Is a dandy old gentleman with silver-grey hair and a stylish moustache. A military man who offers allegiance to Camilla. Was defeated in battle by Tilea. When his lord, Camilla, fell under the Evil God’s banner, he himself joined as a subordinate. Worships Tilea as the lord of his lord. Possesses the strength necessary for a general who leads an army, and his specialty in battle is close-combat. Although he is said to be Camilla’s most trusted subordinate, he has a slight tendency to run wild. Tragically, he is thought of by Tilea as a closet pervert. Presently commands multiple units as the General Commander of the Evil God Army.

Name: Dryas Bo Malferand
Age: 1
Sex: Male
Post: Evil God Army Chief of General Staff
Mana: 82,400
Secret Technique: Skyb Shot[Super Demonic Slashing Sky]

The Evil God Army’s Chief of General Staff. A blue-haired and handsome young man. Camilla’s kin. The masterpiece created by Camilla with all her might, and carefully created to have tremendous loyalty to Tilea. Because he was created with all of Camilla’s mana, he was born with both exceptional wisdom and power; a perfect kin. With maxed out loyalty towards Tilea, he prioritises her even over his parent, Camilla. Additionally, his appearance is similar to an elf because Camilla took Tilea’s desires into account. (It appears that there were misunderstandings on both both sides regarding Tilea’s ‘type’)

Name: Mühen Bo Eret ★
Age: 4659
Sex: Male
Post: First Division Commander of the Evil God Army
Mana: 31000→45000
Secret Technique: Big Fire Sword[Super Demonic Flame Sword]

Former Officer of the Demon King Army’s Camilla Unit. Is Nielsen’s childhood friend, and tends to be the sensible one in the group who is forced to act as the voice of moderation. Is Nielsen’s childhood friend, and tends to be the sensible one in the group who is forced to act as the voice of moderation. A key member of the Demon King Army, who supported the unit through numerous battles. Entrenched in Tilea’s mind as a talented and reliable existence, Nielsen is often jealous of him. Leads a swordsmen unit as First Division Commander of the Evil God Army.

Name: Ortissio Bo Bach ★
Age: 3327
Sex: Male
Post: Second Division Commander of the Evil God Army
Mana: 29700→43400
Secret Technique: Bomber Crusher[Super Demonic Blast Fist]

Former Officer of the Demon King Army’s Camilla UnitThe second most talented fist fighter after Nielsen. Is the type of person with a common face that could be found anywhere. His first mission as a member of the Evil God Army was to lay in hiding in the Capital. Fulfilling his mission as Captain of the Sleeper Unit, he arrived slightly earlier to the Capital than Tilea did. When Tilea did arrive in the Capital, he was attacked by members of Public Safety Force, led by Remilia, and was thus chastised for failing to receive Tilea upon her arrival. Furthermore, as a person with a history of having once rebelled against Tilea, he is shamed by his peers. Leads a fist fighter unit as Second Division Commander of the Evil God Army.

Name: Muram Bo Fischer ★
Age: 3159
Sex: Male
Post: Third Division Commander of the Evil God Army
Mana: 25300→37400
Secret Technique: Grand Magic Beast Summoning

Former Officer of the Demon King Army’s Camilla Unit. Was the greatest summoner in the Camilla Unit. Although he appears to be a chubby, middle-aged man, he is a skilled summoner, and can use a few hundred magic beasts at once. At present, he is in charge of Gargan and Gyangu’s handling, and is hiding in the Zalgey District of the Capital. Deals with the disposal of Gargan and Gyangu’s food scraps. Furthermore, earned a large merit during the Berum Magic Dog Incident by mass-summoning magic dogs and disguising Gargan. Leads a magic beast unit as Third Division Commander of the Evil God Army.

Name: Belnandes Bo Macdo ★
Age: 2993
Sex: Male
Post: Fourth Division Commander of the Evil God Army
Mana: 23100→30400
Secret Technique: Assassin Rhythm Echo[Assassination Leg Melody]

Former Officer of the Demon King Army’s Camilla Unit. Plays an active role in the Evil God Army as an intelligence operative. At present, he is in charge of gathering intelligence on the movements of the Demon King Army, the Royal Arcudas Army, as well as those of the neighbouring nations. Leads an intelligence unit as Fourth Division Commander of the Evil God Army. The Fourth Division is placed under the direct control of Staff Officer Druias.

Kingdom of Arcudas

Name: Remilia Hassen ★
Age: 345
Sex: Female
Post: Captain of the Arcudas Public Safety Force
Mana: 23000
Secret Technique: Black Thousand[Thousand Black Swords]

The descendent of a hero, and an S-ranked adventurer. As an elf with blonde hair and clear, white skin, she is a perfect beauty. Although she is an elf, she is the incumbent Guard Captain of the Capital. Recently, in order to investigate the demon threat, she was dispatched to examine the area around Beruga Town. Due to a strange coincidence of fate, she received Tilea’s cooperation in providing information. A hot-blooded and diligent woman, overflowing with a strong sense of justice. According to Tilea, she is the spitting image of a ‘Hero’, in a good way.

Name: Maira Eagill ★
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Post: Member of the Adventurers Guild
Mana: 10500
Secret Technique: Wind Attack[Gale Flash Fist]

An A-ranked adventurer, with the nickname ‘Maira the Gale’. One of the two most famous members of the guild. With red hair and long angular eyes, she possesses the disposition of a big sister. Has been acquainted with Tilea ever since the Magic Dog Incident in Beruga. Thinks of Tilea as ‘waifu who is good at cooking’ and has taken quite a liking to her.

Name: Bizef Forkranz ★
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Post: Guard Captain of Beruga Town
Mana: 3500
Secret Technique: No Second Strike[Single Stroke Last Stand]

He was a skilled adventurer that was even conferred a knighthood, but retired around the same time he received injuries during the subjugation of Haqua Lake’s man-eating tiger. In addition, he is a weapon maniac, and continues the hobby of collecting that he picked up during his adventurer days. He now has a large enough collection in his cellar to open up a weapons store, much to Tilea’s shock. In terms of character, although he has a slight tendency to boast about his skill, due to a string of recent disgraces, that pride has become shaken. He is thought of by Tilea as a good-for-nothing loser.

Name: Nichol Jessica ☆
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Post: Student of Arcudas Magic Academy, Middle School Section
Mana: 974
Secret Technique: Kilofire[Smallest Flame Spell]

A student who attends the Magic Academy in the Capital. Her grades are in the upper-middle range, and she dreams of becoming a court wizard in the future. Because of her adorable face and her earnest personality, the number of her hidden fans among the boys continue to increase. Incidentally, she herself seems not to have noticed. Additionally, she was nominated as the guide for the new student from Beruga Town.

Name: Arhas Edim ☆
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Post: Student of Arcudas Magic Academy, Middle School Section
Mana: 670→3200→19400
Secret Technique: Bloody Mary[Demonic Vampirism]

A student at Arcudas Magic Academy. A beautiful girl with brown hair. Jessica’s best friend. During the demon invasion, she was turned into a vampire. As a vampire, she attacked Tilea and Timu, but had the tables turned on her. That meeting eventually led her to join Camilla’s kin. After receiving mana from Camilla, she powered up. Is an ardent worshipper of Camilla.

Name: Miless Vincent ★
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Post: Student of Arcudas Magic Academy, Middle School Section
Mana: 630
Secret Technique: Kiloblizzard[Smallest Frost Spell]

A student at Arcudas Magic Academy. A beautiful girl who sports a light red ponytail. Her sociability is her strong point, and so she is quite popular in class. Very close with Jessica and Edim. Although her family holds the rank of baronet, due to debt problems, they are one of the so-called ‘fallen nobles’. When Camilla enrolled in the academy, she became fond of Miless due to her beauty. Although Miless always falls into a shocked panic due to Camilla’s common sense-defying actions, Camilla’s charismatic strength and occasional cute side has charmed Miless, and Miless now hopes to become best friends with her one day.

Demon King Army

Name: Hidler
Age: 5745
Sex: Male
Post: Viceroy of the Demon King Army
Mana: 226000
Secret Technique: GO TO HELL[Circulating Ki Hell]

Viceroy of the Demon King Army, and presently commands the entire army. Clad in a grey armour, and haki overflows his entire body. Tremendously loyal to Demon King Zorg, he burns with obsession towards the Demon King’s revival.

Name: Orea Si Luxembourg ★
Age: 1563
Sex: Female
Post: Member of the Six Demon Generals
Mana: 108000
Secret Technique: Air Asia[Super Demonic Hand Magic Strike]

One of the Six Demon Generals of the Demon King Army, and a demon beastman. Possesses four flexible limbs, red hair like flames, and blue eyes like ice. Contrary to her lovely appearance, she possesses a cruel and wicked disposition. A Demon General who swears allegiance to Demon King Zorg.

Name: Suzaku
Age: 5018
Sex: Female
Post: Member of the Demonic Evil three
Mana: 261000
Secret Technique: Triangle Hells Attack[Demonic Evil Ultimate Suppression Spell]

One of the Demonic Evil Three. Contrary to her courteous speech, she has a cruel disposition. Takes the form of a person mixed with blazing flames. A hellfire demon, and a queen who manipulates flames to turn all into ash. Several millenia ago, she was sealed by Demon King Zorg due to her excessive lawlessness, but in order to battle with the Evil God, she was released from the seal by the Viceroy of the Demon King Army, Hidler.


Name: Beato Licht Aria
Sex: Female
Post: Viceroy of Decarabia[Demon Destroying Pentagram]
Mana: 123000→203400 (Perfect Form)
Secret Technique: Time Spiral[Temporal Reversal]

The Viceroy of Decarabia[Demon Destroying Pentagram]. Her family was murdered by demons. A girl who despises demons, and will bet her everything on eradicating them. Was originally a simple human, but through the use of Time Spiral[Temporal Reversal] she obtained various techniques. Has a friendship with Jessica that transcends space-time.

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    1. Eeeeh?! B-but, with this sorta plot structure, NONE of the interesting newcomers tend to survive for long… they’re pretty much ALL dead & eaten ‘n stuff!


  1. I think… a description of them when they first enter is nice.

    And maybe a ‘click spoiler’ alert on what happened to them up until this time.


    1. Umm, it looks like most of the characters on this list have more mana that Camilla. That just doesn’t seem right. Even the Elf, Remilia, has more.


      1. God, I wish I could edit my comments. Scratch that, Remilia does not have more, but a lot of others do. It’s tough to count all the zeroes sometimes. (would be better if a space or comma was used every 3 digits)


  2. Okay, yeah, it’s just my eyes having a hard time counting the zeroes, when they’re all crammed together. I guess I’ll have to use my finger to count them on the screen from now on.


      1. That wasn’t a criticism though. I can read it fine without the commas as well. Just saying that the lack of them is something others my not be used to.


  3. Whoa… Camilla thought she had 1.000.000, one million mana, but she has 100.000.000? A HUNDRED MILLION MANA? what the fuck? that’s like 500 times more than camilla and at least about 400 times more than anyone listed here, who are supposed to be some of the most powerful beings alive. I shudder at the thought of camilla getting full control and abilities suited to her mana, she can do this much without any real techniques whatsoever, just hitting like an amateur would, then what about if she learns real martial arts and *shuddering* magic arts/spells? Shit man, she’d destroy the world by mistake.


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