~《A Mysterious Hut》~


…Strangely enough, there’s enough space for a hut in the back.

How big is this garage…

Oniichan might even kidnap another person and smuggle them in here one day.  I should keep a close eye on here, shouldn’t I.

Well, let’s see what str—!

W-what’s that? It’s alive, I think.


Is it another person?!

…Th-this…this is terrible…

Explanation, explanation…uhhh…Oniichan has so many posts all over here, surely, there’s an explanation, even if it’s for those creatures of his…

Oh, there’s a note? It’s stuck to the bottom of this relatively pretty picture.

…Freeloader, is it? Is this really Oniichan? The signature isn’t even long enough.

I’m sure if it was Oniichan, some mention of genitalia would have gotten in there.

I suppose I haven’t learned everything about Oniichan’s eccentricities, thankfully.



The person isn’t moving from their position.


…I’m not going to return here, so never mind. This garage seems to be Oniichan’s construction, anyway.

He probably brought them here. As expected of someone like Oniichan.


Eh…I slipped again, when I wasn’t looking where I was going.

Seriously… Would Oniichan have the courtesy to clean up the notes he threw all over this place…?

Probably not. Excuse my sudden lapse of judgement.

After all, Oniichan is scary.

He’s already taken in some crazy people who look at moonrunes all day and feeds creepy talking birds in the living room.

Isn’t that really frightening?! Don’t you think it’s frightening?!

Not to mention everything else Oniichan does!

Mn. Sorry about that. I shouldn’t be so worked up.

There’s nothing I can do, you know?

The asylums are all too far away, so if I tried bringing Oniichan over there, he’d figure out my purpose pretty quickly.

They’re all in a completely different direction than one of those eerie moonrune stores, too, so I can’t fool him with an offhand mention of a sale of some kind.

On another note, that’s Oniichan’s friend?

……Oniichan having friends…

…Pfftttahahahahahahahaha……this is too much…

…haha, my stomach hurts really badly nowww.

I-if that’s Oniichan’s friend, they’d have to be equally or more disturbing than Oniichan himself, though, huh?

I guess I’ll avoid that person, if that’s even a person. For all I know, they could be a self-proclaimed elf.

It’s wise to display caution in situations involving Oniichan.

The only other path is to the hut, so I’ll go trespass explore there.

Fuuu. There are random pieces of paper stuck everywhere here.

Oniichan was probably too lazy to organize these posts of his, wasn’t he.

Yet he can organize the pieces of paper he shows to those mutant birds of his. His priorities are messed up, aren’t they.

Not to mention his worship altars for what he calls ‘Evil Gods’. He plasters pictures of these two young girls there, you know? I think he sacrifices them, you know?

…I should stop thinking about these things. I’m becoming paralyzed with fear again.

This Oniichan of mine. What horrifying things did I do in a past life to deserve this.

Perhaps I should start hoping that Truck-san I hear about comes to save me.

Back to looking around, I suppose.

There’s not much to do here, other than eye those abandoned moonrunes Oniichan has left around here, with white and black stars stuck onto them.

I believe Oniichan calls it a ranking system. It’s illegible to me, though.

Do I look at the black stars, or the white stars? Does the order matter? Is there a reason there are always ten stars?

Or maybe Oniichan’s just trying to cover something up again.

Either way, I’ll pretend I don’t see it.


I think I’m almost at the end of this hut. I’m ready to leave this place.


There seems to be a backpack at the end of it?

It seems rather normal, doesn’t it. I’m relieved.

It’s kind of dusty though. Perhaps it’s a relic from the times where Oniichan wasn’t pretending to be a sheep and rabbit hybrid.

Let’s see what’s inside.

…Broken pencils, pens with no ink, rubber erasers, white sheets of paper, a few textbooks.

I should be able to trust in this, right? In the times where Oniichan was a good person.

There’s more underneath all of these.

Ow! My hand!

Stupid spiral notebooks…There are a few of them hidden down there.

Time to snoop! Kukuku.

Ahhh~ What luck, to find invaluable artifacts like these. Now I can remember those days when Oniichan wasn’t so intimidating.

Boooring. Schoolwork, schoolwork, schoolwork…there are a few where I can see when moonrunes started seeping into Oniichan’s lifestyle, but I’ll ignore them.

They help lessen the feeling that this is all a trap too, so I’ll allow their existence.

Oh, there’s a rather nice one here. It’s less grimy than the others, possibly because it’s been protected by the other things stacked all over it.

Let’s have a look.


…W-wh-what the hell was that?!?!

I-I saw something I shouldn’t have.



…Oniichan is getting b-better at deceiving me.

I’m shivering. That…aughhh……

…I really, really don’t want to touch anything else around here anymore. I’d probably lose all the faith in humanity I have left.


Would it be possible for me to flee? Would it?




Perhaps Oniichan should continue staring at moonrunes with those other nutcases of his.



hut credits

(It seems to have been meticulously hidden under a floorboard.)

(There also seems to be a few images hastily shoved in between the pages.)

8 thoughts on “~《A Mysterious Hut》~”

  1. あれ?こんな場所、誰かが入っているみたい。あ!すごい、妹らしい生き物発見!待って、逃げないでよ!ほら、ほら、怖くないよ~

    Liked by 8 people

  2. Your Imouto doesn’t trust or like you at all, does she Sheep-chan? To be honest I thought the Imouto was you! As a side note: The egg thing started flashing while the Cute Orc was changing so I had to pull her into my kitchen.


  3. Oho ?! So she resisted against the taint of the moonrunes, and kept her sanity ?

    She’s doing better than my little sister who ended earning a living by bringing people to watch something called “animu” on the internet, progressively corrupting them, and finally making them uttering strange songs written in moonrunes in front of their screen or in some obscure and evil conclaves called conventions, while wearing weird clothing…
    And all of this is completely legal by the way ;o)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. !$$#$^^&*I%$#%&[INPUT CORRUPTED]!^*^&%^#&%*^~is message: DO NOT succumb to the allure of the runes! By the time we realized what we had brought through the place between it was already too late. Hopefully by broadcasting this message to the comments section where this started we can stop it before it starts. It is not long now- since the moon began to watch as people became -those things- and started their horrendous babbling in the forsaken tongue. There is not much time for me, the forbidden tools of the Rune-mad had to be used to send this message and those who take the tools of the voice of the eclipse. They are coming for me.
    Poor little Charlotte- my younger sister was the last of us to fall before me- I can hear her now outside my room where I have locked myself away from our tainted world.
    “Onee-Chan Onee-Chan” She cry’s in panic. I cannot ignore my only sister any longer. I am sorry~~~
    To any one who receives this message: DO NOT succumb to the allure of!$$#$^^&*I%$#%&[INPUT CORRUPTED]!^*^&%^#$%*^~


  5. Oh no….i can’t think clearly anymore…
    Why do my nii-sama have those moonrune-things!!! Ahh…i can’t hold the temptation….for anyone who read this…
    Don’t … Give … Up …



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