by Kazanami Shinogi(風波しのぎ)
picked up here!

The dungeon Gate to Another World. In its depths, Shin battled. He battled with the final enemy of the VRMMO-turned-death gameTHE NEW GATE. Triumphing in an intense battle, Shin liberated the imprisoned players. However, the moment he felt relieved, suddenly the door in the depths of the dungeon opened, and Shin lost his consciousness. When he awoke, he found in front of his eyes the real world of THE NEW GATE.

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Volume 1 (13%)
Review (a.k.a. the answer to “y u r droping dis?”)

7 thoughts on “THE NEW GATE”

  1. love that you put up links to all these great novels :) even if I already had this one, I do think that your doing quite a great thing :) ps. how about zhan long?

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