The Cat’s Globe

The Cat’s Globe

written by Akiyama Mizuhito(秋山瑞人)
Translations: Mitsu
Proofreading: Readers


A world after humans. Tolk, a ‘castle’ floating in space where cats and their robot partners dance in deadly zero-G duels. A certain cult of the cats, the Skywalkers, have conducted research that denies the foundation of the whole cat religion.

Now the last Skywalker is trying to complete their blasphemous work and achieve the dream of his people. To go where only the dead are said to go. To descend, in the flesh, to the holy land of Earth.

Too bad his robot partner is a little girl robot with more than a few little bugs to work out.




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The Cats Globe 1 & 2, out now!

The Cats Globe

Book of Homura

Prologue Part 1

Prologue Part 2

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