80 – Demon Lord: Fiorfata, the Unseelie Lord

Quarancinq, the City of Magic, was a large country located to the western side of Yggdrasia. It was where Marlene the Sage, the Heroine of Magic, was working with Brian, the mastermind behind the dark pixie incident that was turning the world upside down, to complete his plan. His goal was to take vengeance against the Dark Lady, and to do so, he was going to summon the Fairy King.


The Fairy King was a fictional character of nursery tales and children’s books. The stories went that bad kids would be taken to the Fairy World, while good kids would receive gifts from fairies. The King was nothing more than a made-up figure to fool children.

Marlene was aware of the existence of another dimension, and yet even she didn’t believe the Fairy King truly lived.

All the same, she still decided to lend Brian her expertise. For one, she would be paid, and for two, she thought the plan would be an opportunity for the stagnating field of magic to be given a new breath of life. But most importantly, it was the little bit of curiosity within her that had wanted to witness what comes at the end of Brian’s insanity.


With the cooperation of Brian’s allies — a group consisting of the worst criminals who had escaped from their respective incarceration all over the world — and the magicians of the Tower of Truth, Marlene had created a global-scale magic circle, the very first of its kind. By Marlene’s request, mana had been collected from the Saplings of multiple countries to power the circle. Activating the circle had given form to the thing in front of her.


“What… is that?”


It was a grotesque thing, its black, scraggly torso and limbs resembling nothing so much as a withered tree. Ragged, translucent insectile wings squirmed and twitched, the sight unsettling to all those watching.

At first, Marlene couldn’t feel any power coming from it. Its appearance was disturbing, granted, but it was doing nothing beside making a strange noi҉se. For a moment, she thought they’d made a mistake, that they’d summoned an unusual curio, nothing more.

But that wasn’t right.

Marlene’s instincts of a Hero was telling her that the thing in front of her was not what she had thought it to be.

No one else could understand its power. If she hadn’t had her experience of fighting a Dark General as a Hero, she wouldn’t have realized the dissonance.

When faced with an overly enormous pillar, a normal person would think it to be a wall, a dead end. They’d stop. But Marlene’s experience told her it was no wall, that there was more behind the pillar. She knew. She had, unfortunately, known.


A crack formed on the blank surface of its oval head. It was smiling. As the n͞o҉i͟se it emitted formed distinct words, Marlene finally understood its true nature.


An Evil God.


The very next moment, she ripped off the necklace on her chest, using her magic to pulverize the special magic stone enclosed in the center, and she shouted at the top of her lungs.


“Extreme threat warning! A Cataclysm-class has been confirmed at Quarancinq! By the authority of a Hero, all countries are requested to enter maximum alertness!”


Saturated with magic power, the special magic stone disintegrated. At the same time, the magic circle sealed inside of it activated to transmit Marlene’s words to all the human countries of the world.

Alarms blared throughout the Tower of Truth. Armed with magic assault rifles supplied by Marlene, the magic knights serving as security for the Tower ran to her.


“Lady Marlene! What happened?!”

“What is this monster?!”

“A Cataclysm-class monster…?”

“F-fire at will!!”


The hail of enchanted bullets rained upon the assumed Evil God. It showed not a single reaction.


In addition to the combat power identification, enemies of the human race such as monsters were also classified according to another threat level system. This system also took into consideration special abilities and other factors immeasurable by the Total Combat Power indicator alone.

Disaster-classes were capable of destroying a village or town. The country would deploy soldiers or knights.

Catastrophe-classes were capable of destroying a capital city or a small country. Subjugation of the threat was a matter of national survival.

Calamity-classes were capable of wiping out a continent’s population of humans. Defeating the threat required an alliance of multiple countries, with Heroes as the army’s center.

Generally, the ‘Dark Lord-class’ began with the Dark Generals from the lower end to true Dark Lords officially recognized by multiple countries. The former correlated to the Catastrophe-class, while the latter was Calamity-class.

Humans had judged the Dark Lady of the current generation, Whitehare, to be a large threat to humankind due to her actions and ideology, and so had designated her as such. However, her goal was only restricted to ‘the destruction of World Saplings’, and her personal power was on the lower end when compared to the Dark Lords of ages past. It was why her threat level of Catastrophe-class continued to be unchanged.


Cataclysm-classes, however, were exponentially more dangerous than the Calamity-classes of Dark Lords below it.

Those included in this class were Gods. They were far beyond anything humans could throw at them. The very survival of the world was at risk the moment they became an enemy.

They were to Dark Lords as adults were to babies. What Brian had done in an attempt to defeat Whitehare was practically equivalent to burning down the forest to kill a pest.

Marlene could not even begin to fathom what he had been thinking. She spared a glance to the man while keeping her attention on the Evil God. Brian began to speak to Whitehare on the screen, his expression enraptured.


“Finally, my wish shall be granted… or should I say your wish, little bunny? I had hated you so, so much, ever since you gave me this body. I could think of nothing else but you… but one day, I just… realized something, you know? I realized I wanted to break this world. The moment I did, I finally understood you. Hahah…maybe I’ve fallen in love with you. So I’ll break this world, I’ll break you, and I will break… for you…”


The madman desired the end of the world, and even of himself. Cold dread ran down Marlene’s spine as she listened to his insanity. She immediately chanted the most powerful spell she could use.




The sixth-rank spell would completely transform a single target into ice and shatter them, ignoring any remaining health. If the target could be affected by the spell, then death was guaranteed.

She had wanted to listen to her fury and kill Brian, at first, but the man didn’t pose a threat with his combat power. Instead, the pride and self-respect Marlene had as a Hero guided her spell toward the Evil God.



The spell of [Freeze] she’d casted with all her power shattered into nothing more than icy dust as it touched the skin of the Evil God.

Marlene had cut no corners with her spell, even when she had cast it in her rage. She had had a hand in summoning it to this world in the first place. If she didn’t take the lead in dealing with the threat, she was liable to lose everything she’d gained in her life until now.

So she’d shot her spell with everything she could muster, with every intention to kill. Even if her target resisted the spell, it would still give her a clue to its strength depending on how it defended itself.

Yet the Evil God had done nothing else other than floating in place. It hadn’t blocked, it hadn’t dodged, and still it was unscratched. It might as well be a knight in full plate mail being pelted with snowballs by children. It didn’t even deign to spare her its attention.

No, that wasn’t quite right…

As Marlene’s attack hit the Evil God, for the very first time, it did something.




The Evil God uttered a sound… words.

An abrupt wave of rainbow light spread throughout the area. The magic knights who had gathered here by the threat warning found themselves changing.


“W-what is this?!”


“M-my arms! My leAAAGH!”


Their skin began to turn grey, bubbling and boiling. What looked like grey-colored flower buds began bursting out of their ashen flesh.

The knights writhed about, half-crazed, horrified by the impossibility that was happening to them. But they began to lose strength soon after, as if the flower buds were sucking up their energy. They couldn’t even pull off these parasites.

What were these plants? What was this transformation that the Evil God’s light had caused? Just a single burst of light had disabled the best knights of Quarancinq, without even allowing them a chance to do anything.

And yet it wasn’t even an attack. It was nothing more than a Blessing that the Evil God, the demon, had granted to herald the beginning.



One of the grey-tainted knights abruptly croaked. He collapsed, his expression ecstatic, his body fully subsumed by the color. The corpse slowly melted, leaving behind a patch of ash-colored flower buds all blooming in concert.

The sweet aroma of the grey flowers suffused the air. Those who smelled it soon found themselves suffering the same fate as the knights, to be nothing more than euphoric seedbeds for the plants. The blooming flowers released tiny dark pixies — winged, wicked fairies, as emaciated as mummies — and the creatures quickly overflowed.

Under the blissful control of the fragrance, the knights reached out to the dark pixies. The small creatures smirked, flying to the knights to rip out their throats with fangs and teeth.

One after another, the knights lacking magic power became nothing more than nutrients to feed the grey growth, giving birth to dark pixies, and dying to them.

Only Brian was untouched by the grey. His demented smile turned into mad laughter.


“Come on, Unseelie Lord, god of the Netherworld! Consume this world! Devour Earth! Purge all of existence!”


Looked like the flowers get those with lower magic power first, Marlene thought. She grunted in effort, using her own magic to hold at bay the grey corruption that was gradually claiming her left arm. As despair filled the hall, she activated the final disposable magitool she had to teleport away, escaping Quarancinq.


Surrounded by the knights who had all succumbed to the growth and the demonic Unseelie Lord itself, only Brian was still laughing in his madness.

Brian was safe only because he was in Yggdrasia as an Avatar, while his real body was on Earth. But the very fact that he was using an Avatar was hinting the presence of Earth to the Unseelie Lord, the planet attracting the demon’s interest with its generous population of corrupted souls.

The world of Yggdrasia, and the world of Earth. It had been by corruption that the Unseelie Lord heeded the call of the humans’ summoning and manifested itself. Joy filled it, as it discovered something special enough to catch its interest. It stretched out its arm, the black, withered stick of a limb heading for Brian, for the bridge between two worlds.



And at that exact moment, a straight sword appeared to pierce through Brian’s heart from the inside out.

He looked down on the blade and laughed, his euphoria undiminished. The blade slashed upward to cut through his head, and his body vanished in a shower of light particles.

The monitor screens shut themselves off one after another. On the last screen to shut down, the Unseelie Lord saw the sight of a white rabbit girl glaring at it with crimson eyes, her hands still holding onto the sword that was stuck inside the man sleeping in his capsule. Its faceless head cracked open into a grin.

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No sooner had I arrived at cram school did I start handing out my souvenirs.

In Rome I had bought some notebooks, bookmarks, and pens with interesting, flashy designs, which were being met with a positive reaction. Good job, me.

“Oh, is this box chocolate? The package is so stylish~” Moriyama-san gushed.

“There is a chocolatier that is enjoying some popularity in Paris at the moment but I do not believe they have arrived at our shores yet,” I explained. “The concept behind these chocolates was ‘chocolate that complements wine’. The taste is admittedly a little mature but I have become quite fond of them, of late. If it pleases you then please give them a try.”

“Oh wow. That sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll open it now and try just one.”

“Good idea. Wow, this is delicious! It’s a little bitter, but there’s a faint sweetness to it.”

“That’s Kisshouin-san for you. Even her souvenirs are something else.”

“Uhuhu, I am glad that you like them,” I laughed.

I could feel their comments arouse my sense of self-esteem.

And just now Moriyama-san said the word ‘stylish’, didn’t she?

Nuhoho, you can keep using that word if you want, you know?


“Oh, this is pretty good.”

Kitazawa-kun just gobbled one down like it was a dollar store chocolate!

The stylish chocolate from a famous chocolatier in Paris, not even available yet in the Japanese market, and that I chose after many painstaking rounds of elimination and…! Well, whatever. Have your fill.

“Going to Europe for your class trip though. That’s Zui’ran for you~” said one of the girls.

“My school went to Hagi and Tsuwano. Hagi and Tsuwano! Well, not that they’re bad places or anything but aren’t they a bit too austere for a fun class trip? I wasn’t asking for a trip overseas or anything, but couldn’t we have at least left Honshuu?” grumbled the other.

“My school gave us a choice between Kyushu or Hokkaido, so I went with the latter. Great fun. The food was great too,” one of the boys chimed in.

“I picked Kyushu.”

“Oh yeah. Come to think of it, you gave me some karukan.”

Karukan is a Japanese confection from Kyushu. The origin of the name is “light” yokan.

And so we chatted about our respective class trips as we snacked on the souvenirs I brought.

“You always get a few who go completely nuts on class trips. Especially amongst the boys.”

“I guess I’d count. We broke the curfew, tried to sneak out of our lodgings, got seen, and then got chased down…”

“The most that happened to us was getting scolded by our class rep because we kept being late for roll call, but I’d hope that it isn’t too big a deal.”

These other schools had it rough… I was really feeling for my fellow class reps.

The members of my class were all diligent and cooperative, so almost everyone was on time when it was time to meet up.

For some reason Satomi-kun thanked me and said it was all because of me though.

Once all of the snacks were gone, the boys started talking about the cram school lessons, so it was time for me to do my research.

I turned to Moriyama-san and Sakaki-san. Frank advice from two actual schoolgirls would prove invaluable.

“Say, where would the two of you go for dates?” I ventured.

“Eh? Are you going on a date, Kisshouin-san? Ooh, tell us, did you get a boyfriend?”

“No, no. But the topic came up in conversation today and… Well, Moriyama-san, you told me that you had a boyfriend, so I wondered where you two went on your dates.”

“Ah, okay.”

The two of them fell into thought.

“I guess I’d have to recommend amusement parks. It’s expensive so you can’t go all the time, but it’s fun and it’s exciting!”

“Yeah, can’t go wrong with amusement parks. Roller coasters, haunted houses, and then a Ferris wheel at the end of the day.”

“Yep, that last one is a must. The view from up there is beautiful at night.”

“I love Ferris wheels. Sometimes I’ll pop in just for the Ferris wheel.”

“I know what you mean~”

“Ferris wheels…” I muttered to myself.

…I mean, when you think of Ferris wheels you think of couples k-kissing when their car reached the top, right?

Kyaaa! Oh no!


That’s impossible for me-!

How was I ever supposed to invite somebody onto a Ferris wheel!?

I-I mean, it’s basically asking for…



We’re all just still high schoolers, you know!?

But if one day my own love invited me for a ride on a Ferris wheel…

Uhyaaaaah! What would I do!?

Oh goodness~!

Kissing… Kissing…

“Your eyes are kind of scaring me, Kisshouin-san. Is everything okay?”

“Eh!? Oh my. Apologies, lately my eyes have been a little dry.”

No good, no good. The stimulation was so great that I forgot to blink.

While I was applying eye-drops, the two of them continued their date talk.

“I suppose we go to the movies once in a while. And my boyfriend loves sports so we’ll play basketball at the part, or badminton or something.”

“The park is nice, and easy on the purse,” agreed Sasaki-san. “I’ve been on a date to a garden too. Got to feed the fish.”

“Are you guys senior citizens?” Moriyama-san joked. “But hmm, I guess a lot of the time we just walk home together after school and talk. I guess that counts too?”

What are you saying, Moriyama-san!? Of course that’s a date! It’s exactly the sort of date I’ve always fantasised about!

H-Holding hands is a must, I think. Right, bashfully holding hands while walking along in their high school uniforms…

Kyaaaah! How nice, how nice! How very dreamy.

I long to try it too. Aaah, but it’s me we’re talking about. What if I got too nervous and my hands got sweaty!?

If your girlfriend’s hand was dripping with sweat you’d be grossed out, right!?

What should I do then? Flap my hands dry first?

Use acupoints to disable my sense of nervousness?

Who knew that holding hands could be such a challenge!?

But as long as I can get over this hurdle, what awaits me is holding hands, being with the person I like in our school uniforms, Ferris wheels… Ferris wheels!?

In our uniforms after school on a Ferris wheel!?

“Kisshouin-san, your eyes are kind of acting up again…”

“Eh!? Ah, my apologise. Please do not mind me and continue.”

“I think you should see an eye doctor…”

Oh no, not good. Apparently the stimulation was too much for me again. I used some more eye-drops as Moriyama-san continued.

“There’s also karaoke, arcades, and studying together in a family restaurant, I guess. But we do all those with friends too.”

“Eh-, with male friends?” faltered Sasaki-san.

“Obviously not when it’s just the two of us. But like, don’t you go with your class to have fun after exams are done?”

“Ahh~ Yeah, okay. Like after school we’ll see who’s interested in coming, and then go to a bowling alley or for some karaoke. The other day I was paired up with this guy who was crazy good at bowling, and we beat the rest of our class. That was fun~”

“Yeah. We go bowling a lot, actually. In April my class talked up this ‘get together’ but in the end we just went bowling.”

“And made the pair with the worst score pay for everyone’s drinks?” Sakaki-san said knowing.

“Exactly! And when it’s time to choose your partner, there’s always one person who rushes to cut up name tags to pick out of a box.”

“In my class the girls like to cheat to get paired up with the guys they like. Sometimes it even goes pretty well for them.”

What the-!? Is this the kind of fun that other co-ed schools were getting up to!?

I stared transfixed as the two of them talked about these events like they happened to everybody.

Going out to have fun after a test!? This is the first I’m hearing of it!

Why doesn’t my school do this? Is it because of our culture?

Oh my god. In all my years at Zui’ran, not once had I enjoyed any benefits of “co-education”.

I may as well have been attending a girls school.

“Where do you go with your Zui’ran boys?” I was suddenly asked.


The one thing I hoped they’d never ask me…! Am I a joke to you!?

And since Tagaki-kun went to this cram school I could even be caught out for lying.

But then was I supposed to let them know that I lived in the Forever Alone Village? As the Village Head no less!?

Was I supposed to let them know that far from a boyfriend, I basically had no male friends at all!?

That I was basically attending a girls school!?

“…Hmmm~ Come to think of it, everybody tends to have arrangements or extracurricular education, so it does not happen all too often. I suppose sometimes we meet up at a friend’s house and play games (the birthday party with all the primary school kids), or go out to eat (Mao-chan & Yuuri-kun). On some weekends we might head out to an aquarium or some shopping (Mao-chan, Yuuri-kun). Oh, come to think of it, this one boy wanted me to go shopping (at a supermarket) with him, but I had cram school so I had to turn him down.”

“Huh, so that’s what Zui’ran is like~”

I didn’t lie.

They were all Zui’ran students. It’s just that some of them might be primary schoolers, or some of them may have graduated.

I just embellished the truth a little. I didn’t lie.

To avoid looking them in the eyes, I began flipping through my textbook.

“I guess that makes sense,” she continued. “There’s no way the boys from Zui’ran would go to an arcade or to karaoke, right?”

“Hmmm~ I could not say. While my group of friends do not, I could not speak for the others. But one of the friends I mentioned earlier (Yukino-kun) is a big fan of video games, so we play them at his house (during the birthday party). I am not very good at them, so I tend to just sit by and watch.”

All I did was replace some past tense with some present tense. There could be a second birthday party. I didn’t lie.

“Then where did you go with them during your class trip?”

“Hmmm. I spent most of my class trip with my girl friends. When I had some time though, I did take up a few of their invitations. Shopping in Paris for one thing, or when we had tiramisu in Rome.”

And so I used some of the rumours about me for good.

“Ehh~? Kisshouin-san, you rarely talk about boys but you’ve actually got so many guy friends!?”

“Hardly, hardly.”

Plus, two of those guy friends I mentioned just now were in primary school…

Lies. Exaggeration. Misleading comments.

The words floated through my head…

No, no… I didn’t lie but… Geez, I honestly felt like crying right now. My eyes were starting to sting.

I only had a year left until having a date in uniform was no longer possible, so what on earth was I doing…?



Before I left, I had stealthily handed something to Umewaka-kun alone. It was the brush and accessories for Beatrice.

Later that night I got a thank you message.

‘Thank you, Reika-tan! It looks like I’m a Parisian too, now!

– Bea-tan’

Then I received a more “serious” message from Umewaka-kun himself.

‘Lately there’s been this male dog hanging around Beatrice when I’ve been taking her out for walks.

It makes me so angry.

And the worst thing is that Beatrice doesn’t seem displeased by the attention!’

The dog lover might be joining my village quite soon. I should prepare him a nice spot of land with a lot of sun.


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79 – The Fairy King

After I finished Contracting and Threatening the President of this country — which I’d done just for the sake of it, really — I headed toward my original objective that had brought me to this compound: the mana collection facility.

It was where the dimensional-crossing equipment and the mana-gathering system were located. Once I destroyed them, I should still be able to buy myself quite some time even if they were reconstructed later.

To those creatures called humans, ‘pain’ was something very much forgettable. Intimidation was meaningless. The pain would pass from their memory in a blink of an eye, and history would repeat once more.

But if I could buy myself ten years’ time, then I could use it to destroy only the Saplings while keeping Yggdrasia’s environment as intact as possible. I would be able to grant new lives to all the ninety-nine secret alpha testers. The souls of my comrades would finally get their well-deserved peace…

And my power would surely have grown even further by then. Dealing with Earth could wait until it happened.


I left the command center and went further down the hallway. The AI-driven automatic self-defense system appeared from the walls and ceiling, apparently detecting noises. They couldn’t see me, however, and stayed inactive in malfunctioning confusion. I tore them apart with claws.

As the security system broke down, bulkhead walls began to slam down to block the hallway.

I clicked my tongue and immediately dashed forward, sliding under the first and second walls, slipped through the third as mist, but didn’t manage to pass through the fourth. They seemed to be airtight.

My ability to create cold mist could only take away heat, so it wasn’t very suited to breaking metals. I could probably use more magic power to force my way through, but my magic was getting low from all those extravagant attacks I’d been doing, so I decided to just take my time breaking the wall.

Well, I said that, but really I only needed a crack so that I could slip through as mist. The walls only delayed me, at best.


“Is this the place?”

After spending about an hour breaking through the walls and further progressing down the hallway, I saw a door that looked even sturdier than the one leading to the command center.

“…also disconnected too, huh.”

I couldn’t open it through cyberattacks. While my Dimensional Manipulation might allow me to mess with living beings and probably kill AIs from afar, getting it to do what I wanted was still difficult.

No other choice, then. Just going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. As I rubbed my shoulders, loosening my right arm, the closed door slowly opened.



Outside of all my expectations, the door unlocked.

But it looked like the people wearing white coats inside the door also shared my surprise. The three, possibly researchers, displayed an expression of absolute shock. The moment they saw me, the middle-aged woman and the somewhat-younger man hastily took out their guns. I immediately took my straight sword out from its black sheath and cut through their necks.

Their heads fell near the remaining geeky-looking young man. He squeaked in terror, his legs failing him.

He didn’t have a weapon, I noticed. I walked up to him, my razor-sharp high-heeled shoes loudly clacking in deliberate steps. I pointed my sword at him and he rapidly shook his head, looking deathly pale.


Oooh, right… I’d heard that this straight sword had once been used by the eastern mafia. It had drunk the blood of around a hundred people by the time I first got it, plus I also fed it a few more victims afterward. It was pretty much a ‘demon blade’ by now.

Yeah, I was quite sure killing anything with this would send their souls directly to hell… It looked so sinister I wouldn’t be surprised if it got an extra effect to terrify people.

…wait a minute.

[—] [Black-Scabbard Demon Blade] [Kin of Shedy, the Demon]
・A demon blade that strengthens itself with each life it takes.

[Magic Points: 50/50] [Durability: 1494/1500]
[Total Combat Power: 150]
[Skill: <Fear> <Confusion> <Magic Regeneration>]

The demon blade turned into my kin… So weapons could become one too, I see. Surprising.

Ah, but it also had the same [Fear] I got, so I returned it to its sheath, otherwise the conversation would be getting nowhere. The color of the young man’s face improved just a little bit.

“Are you people the only one here?”

“Y-y-yes, yes, ah… no, no! M-mister Brian is here too!”

So that cockroach really was here.

“Right. What’s he doing here?”

“M-mister Brian is our o-observer… a-and…”

“Mmm, yeah. Where’s he now?”

“H-he’s, he’s been inside the VR capsule since a while ago! Don’t kill me!”


I had a bad feeling about this.


I took enough from the mana storage tank to refill myself. I left the smashing for later, instead heading for the VR room.

I stood in front of the door, and just as I got ready to wrench it open with brute force, it opened by itself once again.

…was all of this Brian inviting me in?


I took out the sword from its black scabbard and carefully entered. There was a row of around ten VR capsules inside the poorly lit room, and only one of them were lit up.

I peered inside. A man resembling Brian was deep in his cold-sleep, his two arms and one of his legs replaced with prosthetics, eerie pitch-black eyes of machinery still wide open.

Was his consciousness in Yggdrasia right now? I wasn’t sure what he was planning to do, but I knew leaving him alive would be dangerous. As I readied my cursed blade, one side of the wall suddenly turned into a screen to display a man with black prosthetic eyes, his surroundings unfamiliar.


“Hey, is my lovely Bunny there? You don’t show up on the screen, but my eyes can see there’s someone there.” He chuckled.


That’s him. That’s Brian’s voice.

The view I could see behind him resembled an old Western European town hall. There were a few other humans, as well as what looked like a lot of monitor screens showing different sceneries.


“…what are you planning?”

I ceased my manipulation of the cameras and showed myself.

“Ooh, I finally hear you… ooohhh! It’s the Bunny! We finally meet.”

Brian displayed a full-face grin, his motions exaggerated.

“Answer me.”

“Mmm, right, so—”

“My, did the Dark Lady Whitehare really show up where you wanted her? Doesn’t look so special up-close. She really is just a beastman girl, isn’t she?”

Interrupting Brian was a human woman in her mid-twenties barging onto the screen. Beautiful, but it was a flashy kind of beauty.

“…who are you?”

“Whaaat?! You don’t know me?! Are you really the Dark Lady?” The woman on the monitor scoffed in derision. “Fine then, stupid beast, I’ll tell you. I am one of the current generation of Heroes, Marlene the Sage. Do you understand now, idiot rabbit?”

“…a Hero?”


Was she the rumored Heroine of Magic, then? I didn’t know how truthful she was, but with how haughty she’d been, calling herself the Sage without a single bit of shame, and surrounding herself with servile good-looking young boys, she was giving off the same vibe as that Perverted Hero.


“…and what do you plan on doing?”

“Why should I be telling you—”

“Aah, that’s my cue to explain!” Brian returned after being pushed outside the screen. “I’ve prepared the best present for you! Behold!”


The largest monitor being hung from the ceiling of the hall displayed a world map. It took me a moment to realize it was of Yggdrasia since I’d expected the World Tree to be in the center, but this map had pushed it to the side.

So the center was… the Western Continent… the City of Magic Quarancinq? The moment I recognized the place, a magic circle large enough to cover the whole world appeared on the screen, with Quarancinq as its center.



“Howsat, ever seen a magic circle this size—”

“Heheh, that’s my magic circle you’re seeing there, little Whitehare! Can you—”

“Indeed! This will allow us to call upon the supreme one, the Fairy King!”

“I might not really believe he exists, but this is still a great step forward in the study of magic!”

I had no idea if they were fighting or getting along. They just kept trying to push each other out of the screen.

“…the Fairy King?”

I think I saw that name in a Temple somewhere, if I remembered correctly.


“Alright, it’s showtime!” Brian announced.


All the monitors began to be colored blood-red, and the continent-spanning magic circle being displayed on the enormous monitor started shining faintly.

…no! That’s no fairy summoning!

I’d never had an actual look at a magic circle before, but I still knew. I was a demon now. I knew. Whatever coming out was not going to be a fairy!


“Stop that!”

I couldn’t return to Yggdrasia right away from here. [Causality Alteration], then. Brian and Marlene needed to go down right now!

I immediately stretched out my hands and crushed their pasts.



But instead of my intended targets, those coughing out blood and collapsing were instead the young boys that had been their shield.

My eyes widened. Marlene smugly cackled.

“Brian sent me records of your fights. You’ve given up one too many secrets, rabbit!”

She was right. My [Causality Alteration] prioritized visual information. It had misfired once before at the battle of Xontdix when the guards jumped into my aim.

The bloody light was gaining in strength, and something was trying to take shape.


“Brian’s prepared this trump card just for you, you know? Be grateful.”

“I sure did, little bunny. I sure did.”

“No, you don’t understand! That thing should never be summoned!”


The magical light filling the screen subsided, the room plunged into absolute silence.

Marlene looked to the ceiling, seemingly thinking it had failed. Only Brian still showed his demented, knowing smile.

“…it’s there.”

The center of the hall was also likely to be the core of the magic circle. There, black light flashed. Slowly, quietly, it revealed itself.


“…what… is that?”

I couldn’t feel any power from that thing. Then where was this shivering coming from…?

Marlene had looked quizzical in the beginning. Soon afterwards, her face grew paler and paler. Had her instincts as a Hero revealed the Truth to her, then?


It was a thing of pure blackness. Arms and legs of over two meters, spindly like dried wood. Its torso was just as long, the surface as smooth as a slim length of log. Frayed insectile wings of translucent black grew from its back.

Perhaps its appearance could resemble fairies, if one squinted. But it wasn’t. I knew it was no fairy.

It smiled, its mouth looking like nothing more than a fracture on the smooth surface of the pitch-black egg that it had for a head, and it began to speak meaningless noises.




This thing…

[Unseelie LordFiorfata] [Race: Dark Pixie] [Demon Lord]
[Magic Points: 600,000/600,000]
[Total Combat Power: 670,000/670,000]

…is a demon of the Netherworld!



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78 – Goddess From the Machine — Dea Ex Machina

“Hey there, Mr. President. What’s up?”


The kind-looking old man on the large screen faintly raised an eyebrow upon my candor.

The President. The person with the most executive power in this country, as well as the commander-in-chief of the military. Everyone knew of him. Even test subjects of human experiments who had had their official records erased, like me, knew of him.


“You bitch…!”

The irreverent greeting apparently didn’t sit very well with the commander of the compound. I leisurely stretched my hand toward him and squeezed. He spat out blood and collapsed on his knee, his organs suddenly sickly.

The man in his early fifties on the screen stayed implacable with his smile. He didn’t even blink at the supernatural sight.


“Hey yourself, cute little bunny lady. You’re No. 13, correct?”

“Close enough.”

While I might not care to be called by the human name that I’d long since abandoned, these people just kept using ‘No. 13’ all the time. Did they think that those in this country who no longer had a family register didn’t deserve a name? Or had they been seeing me as nothing more than a guinea pig from the very start?

The man slowly nodded. He clasped his hands on the table, fingers interlocked, and leaned deeply back on his chair.


“You don’t show up on digital footage, but you do on this screen, luckily. I’ve seen your battles. Just the damage reports alone were more than enough to tell me how amazing your power is.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”


What was his preamble leading up to? After a while, he began his talk with a politician’s smile, his motions exaggerated as if he was making a public speech.


“I’ll get straight to the point. I want you.”


“I believe we can work together. Join me, and I will give you everything you want. Status. Honor. Fame. Money. Or perhaps you’d like a date with a Hollywood star like girls your age? With my authority, I can give you any lover you want. If you have religious problems, then I can ask that country to issue you ‘indulgences’ by the dozens. And if you really need to fill your stomach, you can get death-row inmates on a regular schedule. Ah, but spare my wife and citizens, alright?” The man chuckled.


“…why would you offer so much?”

He seemed to have taken my response as me sitting down on the negotiations table, if only tentatively. He enthusiastically began his presentation as though he was talking to another world leader.


“You are the perfection we seek. With the use of mana, the infinite energy of the new world, and an Avatar incorporated abilities of paranormal humans, you have passed through evolutions after evolutions to become the ultimate weapon! The militarized monster avatars had been the greatest dream of the researchers ever since they knew of the existence of the new world and mana, and you are the ultimate conclusion! You are a goddess from the machine. You are Dea ex Machina!”


“Wield your extraordinary power! You shall play the part of the Dark Lady as you have done on Yggdrasia, and you will reign as the Evil of Earth. You will justify our nation’s conquest of the world. The eastern countries will inevitably oppose us, and you will annihilate them as the Dark Lady. You will lead an army of militarized monster avatars numbering tens of thousands, all controlled by the best of my soldiers! Your mother may have been an immigrant, but she is one of my people all the same. And even if you’re no longer officially a citizen of ours, your patriotism must surely still be alive! Come, join me! You are… you are…”


As the rapturous man stared at me, slowly, his expression transformed into one of shock.

Color receded from my white skin, turning it into an inhuman alabaster. Crimson escaped from my pupils to invade the whole of my eyes. Blood-red fangs grew to peek out from my lips. White miasma of biting cold overflowed from my body. The fear-paralyzed commander near me froze and rotted, himself still conscious throughout it all.


“…a Demon…”

The man on the screen whispered, his voice shivering.

He really underestimated me, I see… I could see the figures of several guards wearing black and some people who seemed to be his secretaries reflected in his wide-open eyes of shock.

I gently stretched out my hands toward the people I saw in his eyes and joined my fingers, enveloping them all in my palms, and I whispered.


“Causality Alteration, Dimensional Manipulation, parallel activation.”


Then my hands slammed against each other.




In that instant, the man on-screen opened wide his eyes in surprise. The people in his sight crumbled as chunks of blood and meat, as all the healed afflictions of their lives suddenly relapsed in their terminal stages.




In his youth, he had once been in an apprenticeship to a secretary of his father who had still been a politician at the time, whose torch he would eventually take up for his own. Back then, his father had told him about a national secret: the discovery of a new world.

It had been a matter of utmost secrecy. Holders of the secret weren’t even allowed to tell their family. He had been grateful for the love his father had shown him in telling him, and at the same time, disappointed by the naivete his old man had displayed as a politician.

Ten years later, as a government official, he had earned the position to participate in the development project of the new world, Yggdrasia.

The new world had fascinated him. There were dragons, griffons, monsters of legend. There was the power of ‘magic’ that allowed mortal humans to create miracles. If such legends had remained even on Earth, then it was entirely possible an actual god could exist on Yggdrasia.


And now, as the President of this country, he had seen a Goddess, and she was a Demon.

Upon developing mana-based weaponry, it had been him who had proposed to use inhuman avatars in the form of monsters instead of creating weapons for human use.

He wanted to see a being that transcended humans. He wanted to see an existence that could absorb the lifeforce of their defeated enemies, gaining power without limits. Yet the test models of monster avatars were only somewhat more strategically useful than the current weapon technology. It hadn’t been what he was looking for.

But then, she appeared.

She was the ultimate perfection, the dream that he, that all his researchers shared.

She was the absolute weapon, the Goddess that proclaimed herself a Demon.


“…a Demon…” He unwittingly let loose a whisper upon the sight.

The girl of white with a pair of rabbit ears on the screen was being bleached of all colors, crimson eyes and growing blood-red fangs the only exceptions.

He was only looking at her through a screen, and yet he could not stop shivering. He felt as if he’d returned to being a baby.

Join me, he had said, and as if in response, she stretched out her own two arms and crushed something in her hands. He heard her whisper.




In that instant, the secretaries and security staff in his office fell apart into nothing more than blood and flesh.

But that wasn’t all. The security system to report any unusual events within the building still detected nothing out of the ordinary, its lights green, while the terminal detecting life signals was displaying a red light for everywhere inside the building except him. Only him.

This was no Good News. This was the herald of a merciless demon.

They’d died. They’d died in a blink of an eye. Inside this building, this stronghold that could withstand even a nuclear attack, everyone beside him had turned into nothing but chunks of meat—


“Mr. President.”


His breath hitched. He was sure her sudden voice had come from the screen, yet he felt as if she was standing behind him, whispering right into his ear.

It was the voice of a young girl, light and airy… and he didn’t dare turn around. Cold sweat dripped from his whole body. His vision darkened.

Was she still there, on the other side of the screen? The presence he felt right behind him was terrifying his very soul. Waterfalls of sweat poured from all of him. He couldn’t even move his eyes from the fear.


“You said I was ‘perfection’ you seek, but I’m still not perfect.”

He gulped, feeling as though her sweet breaths were right on his skin.

“I’ll be stronger. Much stronger. Strong enough to defeat this country… no, to wipe out this whole world.”

He gasped.

“Do you want to protect this world?”


“Then you know what you should do, right? Even if this country was gone, some other one might still try to invade Yggdrasia. You will stop them. You’ll stop them even if you have to go to war with them. Even if you have to risk your own life.”

“…wha…what if…”

What if I can’t? He couldn’t finish his words, but it didn’t matter.

“If you can’t… then I’ll just break everything.”


Even if this country stopped its invasion, as long as its people still lived, then information would leak. Another country might just decide to take up the mantle.

The girl was saying that if they did, he would have to stop them however he needed to. With an economic war, or even with military force. He must, else he risked the end of this world by the hand of the Goddess.

The whole of humanity were her hostages.


“It’s a promise, then. A promise between you and me… and a Contract between the President of this country and a Demon.”




I sighed in relief. That was… stressful. I was still just eleven… maybe nearly twelve years old now. This wasn’t the kind of negotiation I should be doing at my age.

I already made my warning just in case, but I didn’t really trust this country that much.

Which was why I didn’t apply my Demon’s Contract to the individual, but instead the president of this country. Although in the worst case scenario, they might still decide to follow through with their plans even if they had to sacrifice their leader…

Well, whatever. If they follow through with their plans, then I’d just follow through with my threats.


The last thing I needed to do here was destroying the mana-collecting system. I’d listened to my emotions and let loose earlier, so I’d like a chance to refill a bit of my magic.

Besides, I also found a bit of curious info in the phone of that commander back then. An observer had been appointed to watch over the construction of the mana-gathering and mana-utilization system at this compound, and the name was Brian.

…I had no idea what sort of devil’s luck he had, to have apparently survived me twice. If he was here, then I needed to make sure he doesn’t live this time.




Quarancinq, the City of Magic, a large country situated on the Western Continent of Yggdrasia. Inside the great hall of the country’s Tower of Truth, hundreds of black-colored boards, each as large as the length of a man’s outstretched arms, were being set into a circular formation as part of the preparations for a new summoning circle.


“So this is what you call a ‘monitor screen’, is it?” Marlene the Sage, the Heroine of Magic, said, her fingers touching one of the black boards.

The ritual that she had developed in cooperation with Brian, the mastermind behind the dark pixie summoning incident, required them to be in correspondence with their assistants throughout the whole world through the use of these black boards.

Apparently, the black boards were described as ’communicable mirrors of clairvoyance’.

The magitool was so rare that the only people who could get a hand on them were nation leaders, and yet the Temple had prepared for them an inordinate amount just by Brian’s say-so. She felt as if she’d had a glimpse into the unfathomable depths of the man.

And at the same time, Marlene was exhilarated. She was a magician, a truth-seeker, and no magicians could possibly contain their excitement in front of the enormous, continent-spanning summoning circle, and the Fairy King that would be summoned by consuming an amount of mana equivalent to that possessed by ten Dark Lords.

Brian was working with one of the black boards, his hood pulled low to cover his eyes. He was making the final adjustments with the person on the screen, a young woman with a constantly-twitching face full of scars.


“Miss Salia, we’re starting on our end. You must be thrilled, aren’t you?”

“Indeed I am, sir Brian! Have no worries, this is practically my own garden.”

“Then I leave it to you.” He chuckled.


Apparently this young Salia woman used to be a noble of Touze Empire. No healing spells had been able to completely cure the frostbite she’d suffered to her face. Twitching nerves had turned her smile as demented as Brian’s own.


“So Brian, are you done preparing?” Marlene called out.

Brian hung up the call. He pulled back his hood, revealing pitch-black artificial eyes surrounded by strange scars, and he cheerfully smiled.

“I am, madam Marlene. We are ready to summon the Fairy King. Once we do, this world shall greet its new sovereign! The Dark Lady would surely fall by his hands!”

“…indeed. I look forward to it.” Marlene slowly nodded.

She was disquieted, a sense of dread settling in her upon seeing his exuberant grin. She convinced herself it was just his black-colored fake eyes, nothing more.

A/N: The President believed that all of his ordinary citizens were patriotic. He does think there are some politicians who weren’t acting in the interest of the nation, but the politics don’t really have anything to do with the story and it’ll just get really long, so I’m leaving that part out.

The typical protagonist would probably try to get the truth out about the consequences of the mana exploitation and give the human race a chance to make things right, but not Shedy. She’s already “given up on expecting goodness out of mankind”, so she’s just looking for the power to punish the transgressing humans.

The girl of the story is no longer a “human”, so she’s not going to hesitate to kill people in order to protect a baby animal.

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77 – To Be Called a Demon – 3

Standing in front of me was a priest, a warm smile adorning his face.

But he was no normal person. His magic power and combat power were both quite high. In Yggdrasia, he would have been a Rank 4 or Rank 5. People with such power weren’t all that rare among the players and the senior knights, but this was Earth, a planet without mana. How had he gained such magic power?

[Middle-Aged Priest] [Race: Human ♂] [Saint]
[Magic Points (MP): 150/150] [Hit Points (HP): 250/250]
[Total Combat Power: 840]

‘Saint’…? The skill Identification quantified the information about my target that I perceived through my senses and magic, then showed the results to me. Thus, the impression that I had of the target could affect the information that the skill displayed.

I’d always thought that as I was a monster, my Identification results were more accurate than a human with their inferior sensory organs.

Either the impression I had upon seeing him had named him a Saint, or the instincts that I had as a demon was telling me so.

“…what are you?” I narrowed my eyes in wariness and asked.


His smile only became bigger.

“My name is Aiden, a man of the cloth. Ahh, demon, I have been waiting so long to talk with you. Come, come, let me prepare you some tea.”

As Aiden was about to move to the table, I asked.

“Aren’t you a priest? Why do you believe in the existence of demons?”

He turned around with a beaming smile.

“Indeed, indeed I do. The existence of evil demons is what proved the existence of the good God, after all.”


I had no idea what he was saying. I was curious about who he truly was, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with someone that might as well be advocating that even demons were the creation of God.

Yet just as I was about to go deeper into the facility, ignoring Aiden, a sudden attack came from my back that held not a single whiff of killing intent. I immediately blocked with my fist and retreated.

“…you want to fight?”

The edge of the glove on my left hand, the one I’d used to block, was crumbling into particles of light.

…could this be… the power of a Hero? No, not quite. It was similar to the power that Gold Hero guy had used, but the elementals couldn’t exist here on Earth. There was no way Aiden could have received an elemental’s Blessing.

Aiden, unchanging smile on his face even as he’d attacked, made the sign of the cross on his chest and replied.

“Hear me, demon… If you are still intent on corrupting the world of Man, then as a devout follower of God, I shall not allow you to transgress any further. Repent, demon. Receive my purification, and your sins shall be absolved.”


He’d absolve a demon? He wasn’t even God, just a normal human. Was he really saying that? He even used the words “the world of Man” despite proclaiming himself a follower of God. Was this the humans’ own sin, then?

So anyway, he wasn’t giving me a choice here, was he?

Aiden’s muscles bulged under his vestment, cloth straining against his skin. Was it a sort of body reinforcement? Curious, but if he wasn’t willing to listen, then I had no reason to let him live.


“Ready yourself!”

Aiden let loose a merciless fist. His blow looked quite a bit sharper than what his combat power suggested. As I expected, skills installed into avatars were a far cry from skills gained with real experience.

I still had far more combat power though. I effortlessly stopped his fist, grabbing it with my hand. But just as I was about to freeze him with the contact, a powerful light shone from his fist. At the same time, I felt his soul surging.

He gave a cry of sustained effort, and my grasp on his fist was repelled. For a single instant, I certainly felt power equivalent to that of a Hero’s from Aiden.

But there was something more important. I had an inkling of what the source of that power was.

“…so you’re burning your own soul to gain power, is it?”


While I might have become a demon, I was an artificial one. I wasn’t all that well-versed in matters of the soul.

But the World Tree had told me about the reason for the soul’s existence. With the knowledge, I could see how sinful it was to turn your own soul into power.


“Indeed, demon. To be closer to the teachings of God, I have trained myself for many decades, and I have finally reached the truth! I have been granted the power to create miracles!” Aiden replied, sounding enraptured.

“…even if your soul disappear for it?”

“Such a foolish question. It is exactly the moment that I shall be released from the impure flesh, when God shall welcome me to His side!”


Now that? That made him interesting to me.

Perhaps it was my demonic instincts talking. My soul, the soul of a girl who’d become a demon, was whispering to me, saying it wanted to corrupt Aiden’s own soul, so ignorant, so innocent.


“Then I’ll tell you the truth…”

“Spare me your deception!”

Aiden charged toward me, once more burning parts of his soul. Even if he could approach the strength of a true Hero in just an instant, I still had nearly ten times his combat power. I fended off his attacks, slamming him onto the ground, and I stabbed my scarlet claws into his forehead.

[Dimensional Manipulation]

The evolved skill could now affect space itself instead of just electronics. And my power to manipulate electrons was no longer limited to the digital world — I could now even interfere with the faint bioelectricity that all living beings possessed.

It should work. Theoretically. I turned a part of my own memory into digital information, turning it visual, and directly poured it into Aiden’s brain.

He screamed in pure anguish. Blood streamed from his eyes and nose.

After the ‘video’ finished playing, Aiden lay still, deathly silent. Several minutes later, he slowly stood up, looking at me with the fearful eyes of a child.


“You know what you need to do, right?”



Souls of living beings who had died were gathered by the World Tree. Souls that had earned a lot of experience would get a part of it recycled to the world, while they kept the rest to be reincarnated. Evil souls were dropped into the Abyss. The rest of the souls would be recycled into the world, reborn as a completely new life.

And souls with especially high amounts of experience would transcend into elemental spirits, to carry life throughout the world.

The lifeforce of the recycled souls were ‘mana’. As mana filled up the whole world, it allowed the elemental spirits, who served as red blood cells to carry life to every corner of the world, and the demons, who served as white blood cells to kill evil souls, to exist.

But in Yggdrasia, the human race was consuming that mana without limits, and the corporation of Earth was stealing it away. It was what had set the world on the path to destruction.

Earth, a world that had lost its mana, was facing the inverse problem. More and more souls were being born without being culled, and on top of that, the humans were even consuming and killing Earth’s feeble elementals, the spirits the only thing barely holding apocalypse at bay, in their quest for more power.


Aiden, now aware of the truth, walked out without a word, heavy thoughts apparent on his face.

He would be following my wish, I was sure. He would leave to hunt down the magicians who were toying with souls and spirits, those who were going against the world’s order.

I could see his soul, formerly pure to the point of foolishness, slowly beginning to blacken with his newfound knowledge.


The presence of life deeper inside became much clearer to my senses, as if a blanket of fog hiding it was now gone. Maybe those three magicians had had something to do with it.

Two soldiers were standing in front of a door mid-way through the hallway. It looked like it was the command center. I felt the presence of several people inside.

The end of the hallway led to the mana-collection facility. Once I smashed it, the corporation and the government’s effort to gather mana from Yggdrasia would be set back a decade.

If I wanted them to back off completely, though, I’d have to do something about this country and its government itself. I should be able to buy enough time for me to gain the power I needed to fight off the whole of Earth.

Reaffirming my resolve, I ran down the corridor.


“T-Target sighted! It’s Whitehare!”

“Fire at will! Kill her!”


The two fully-equipped soldiers in front of the door fired their assault rifles, probably magical. They covered the hallway with bullets.

I immediately transformed completely into mist to get through them with minimal damage. I reached the soldiers, instantly freezing them. My claws in human form shattered the ice statues.

The door of alloyed metal was half-frozen, submerged in air so cold diamond dust was forming. I put all my strength into an elbow smash and slammed into it, the impact heavy and echoing.

The combat power of a demon was calculated from magic power, so it changed depending on what my status was at the time. All the same, I imagined that if my status was converted to a normal living being’s, I should be able to get at least 300 Strength.

A few more strikes forced the bent door to open up for me. Inside, military operators were breathing out white air, looking half-frozen already. Looked like the cold mist I let out previously had already permeated the room.

They fired their guns. I instantly tore apart their necks with my knife, the final survivor being a commander who was trying to contact someone.

“D-damn you…” he sputtered.


I ignored him to give a demure curtsy to the large wall monitor. On-screen was a man whose face even I knew.


“Hey there, Mr. President. What’s up?”

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76 – To Be Called a Demon – 2

“Hmm, so you’re the demon?”


The equipment to bridge the gap between Earth and the new world of Yggdrasia, as well as the mana-gathering and mana-storage systems, were located within a military compound. The hallway that would lead me there was also the one connected to the command center where the military generals were. A very strange man wearing round sunglasses and a black cloak was lying in wait for me in the hallway.

How odd, to see just a single person here… no, wait, he was accompanied by a pack of dirty stray dogs behind him.

But this was weird. I wasn’t exactly indiscriminately throwing around my demonic magical power around the place all the time, but I also wasn’t suppressing my racial skill of [Fear].

Perhaps the man was resisting it the way some trained knights and soldiers could, but that pack of stray dogs should only be normal animals. Yet not only did they show not a lick of fear, they were even baring their teeth and growling at me, looking obviously, unnaturally hostile.

Was it hypnosis? Or drugs?

[Sunglasses-Wearing Man] [Race: Human ♂] [Weirdo]
[Magic Points (MP): 5/5] [Hit Points (HP): 110/110]
[Total Combat Power: 182]

Just a normal human, although his combat power was quite high considering. Perhaps he knew some sort of martial art, and I was sure the other factor was the magic power he possessed, even if he barely had any.

He shouldn’t be a problem to me in terms of combat power, but I still didn’t know who he was. I narrowed my eyes at him, and he took an exaggerated step backward.

“Ooooh, now that’s scary. Thought you were just a cute little lady, who knew you were a demon? Look, I’m getting goosebumps.”

As the man rolled up his sleeves to show me, he suddenly whipped out an oddly-shaped knife that looked like a bolt of lightning, using it to cut into one of the dogs next to him.


The wounded dog leaped forward without even a single whimper. It came in contact with my mist and immediately froze in mid-air, the ice sculpture sailing past my side.

“…what were you trying to do?”

He chuckled. “Oh, I’ve just finished my preparations.”

Right then, what looked like some fog burst out from the frozen dog and flew into the man.

I sensed a sudden outpouring of something similar to magic power from him, and I took a reflexive half-step dodge. The wooden door and the frozen dog diagonally behind me began to be invaded with greyness at visible speed.

Wait a minute, is this…


“Cor-rect! Amazing, I’ve never seen anyone managing to dodge it right on the first time!”


What did he do? Even in Yggdrasia, only certain monsters have the ability of petrification. It wasn’t something Earth’s technology could replicate.


“Who are you…?”

“My, sorry for the late introduction. My name’s Herdu, and I come from a long-established line of Czech black mages. If you’re a real demon, you should know the mages of old, right? Tell me who’s better, me or them?”

As he gave his introduction, he stabbed his knife deep into the neck of another nearby dog. Herdu smirked even as the spurting blood smeared his face, and he once more absorbed something.

[Sunglasses-wearing Man] [Race: Human ♂] [Black Mage]
[Magic Points (MP): 50/5] [Hit Points (HP): 110/110]
[Total Combat Power: 182]

He was holding more magic than his limit… I see. He was probably forcibly turning the lifeforce of other living beings into his own magic power.

He was one of the Earthborn mages. These people must have done a lot of experimentation to leave behind their magecraft in a world that no longer had mana. The way they do magic was fundamentally different from people in Yggdrasia.

But you know…


“Can you dodge this time?”

Herdu once more fired his chantless spell. His magic power was absorbed into the wall, then suddenly reappearing on top of my head.

I just swung my hand to whack it off-course.

“…huh?” Herdu gaped in disbelief.

I brushed off the stony powder sticking on my glove, as if they were nothing more than dust.

“…tsk, tricks,” Herdu said, slashing into several more dogs in succession, killing one and only lightly wounding two others. As the two wounded dogs dashed towards me, at the same time, Herdu also shot his spell with the magic power he gained from his kill.

I didn’t dodge. A single swing of my arm flung both the flying spell and the attacking dogs away. Herdu’s face twisted in shock as he saw what I did.



The spell composition was interesting, and I thought it could be quite effective depending on how it’s used. It would have been dangerous to me if I’d still been a Low Demon.

But you know, there’s a fundamental problem… you’re using way too little magic.

Since he’d been killing every single time he used his spell, he must not be able to store the magic gained from the lifeforce of others. The maximum amount of magic power Herdu could use at any one time was likely to be only 50.

Upon the sight of his spells being so easily parried, he began to lose his composure, his face twitching.


“W-who the hell are you?!”

“Who? Didn’t you already say it yourself just a while ago?”

Or perhaps… he didn’t actually think I was a demon?

He recalled his words, and his face rapidly paled. He once more prepared to raise his knife against the defenseless strays, perhaps in a last-ditch attempt to struggle, perhaps to run away. I stretched out my hand and squeezed.



His knife shattered, the stress suddenly too much for it. His spell composition unluckily unraveled, and his limbs began to turn gray from their tips, turning into stone.

Herdu screamed and wailed, tormented by the backlash of the black Curse magic. I leisurely walked close to him. He tumbled on the floor, trying to get away, his legs already failing him.

“…where are you going?”

“W-wait, please wait! I-I can give you money… I mean people! Animals! I can give you as many lives as you want! Yes, you’re a real demon, right?! M-make a contract with me. I know! I know demons can’t unleash their true strength in the mortal world without a Contract with a human!”


What the hell was he saying? Didn’t he see how I dealt with the army outside?


“That’s right! With a contract with you, I’ll become the greatest mage in this world! Once I do, I’ll give you as many souls as you want! Kids, women, whatever you want!”

“I see…”

So he would make children into living sacrifices. To me.

“Unfortunate for you, I already have the best contractor. Cheap souls like yours aren’t worth my time.”

I gently touched the fingers of my hands together and crushed my palms against each other. The stray dogs he had been controlling until now abruptly regained their senses. They stood stock-still for a moment in blank shock, then they began to growl hungrily at me and Herdu.

The stray dogs didn’t attack me, fearing me. But Herdu was right there, his arms and legs petrified.

I walked past the crawling man. He called after me in panic.


“H-hey, wait…”

“Sorry. I’m in a hurry.”


I ran to the end of the corridor. I heard sounds of growling, of fighting behind me, and a short while later, the dying screams of the man who called himself Herdu echoed in the compound.




After a while, the hallway widened. There was a vending machine and a bench. A giant man, advanced in years, was drinking from a small can. He quietly turned around upon noticing me.

“The spirits of virtue are astir. I see your true face, evil spirit wearing human skin. This is the world of man. Return to hell where you belong, dark one.”

The old giant said, stretching out his hand that held the can with the words ‘RED BEAN SOUP’ written on it toward me. Then he squeezed, and the steel can folded like wet paper.


‘Spirits of virtue’? Earth had so little mana even I, an archdemon, was finding it difficult to stay here. There was no way the elementals holing up in the spirit world would show up.

Seemed like this old man was also an Earthborn mage like Herdu. He seemed slightly different, though. He could see that I was a Demon right away.

[Huge Old Man] [Race: Human ♂] [Shaman]
[Magic Points (MP): 3/3] [Hit Points (HP): 130/130]
[Total Combat Power: 144]

The old man took out a tree branch, leaves still attached, and began chanting some sort of incantation.

“—O’ spirits, grant me the power to repel evil!”

In response to his call, what looked like three balls of light floated out from the tree branch.

Hmm… that was surprising. He actually called up real elementals. Weak and so immature they might as well be babies, but real elementals all the same.

But the spirits had been forced to appear in a world without magic, and their very existence was eroding by the seconds. Even their weak magic was being absorbed by the old man. They were beginning to peter out.


“My name is Ohan. Dark spirit, you shall perish before our virtuous power!”


I said, putting magic power into my voice. The elementals were forcefully sent back in an instant.

“…huh?” Suddenly losing the power of the spirits that he had stolen, the old man shrunk into a size smaller, as though he had also lost a part of his life force at the same time. He staggered, falling onto his knees. My claws gripped his head.

“…did you not hear their screams?”

The old man froze in terror. I took all his life force and his heat, then crushed the shriveled frozen head into dust.

“So that’s what the Earth mages are doing…”


In a world without mana, the techniques they were leaving behind were those that stole power from others.

If this continued, this world would be heading towards destruction like Yggdrasia, too. But with the power I had at the moment, I couldn’t stop it yet.

There was something else I should be doing instead. I continued deeper down the hallway.


Some time later, a double door appeared in my view.

I felt the presence of only a single person inside. I carefully opened the door, watching for any more ‘mages’. I didn’t know what room it had been originally, but right now it had an ‘altar’ made out of stacking tables covered with cloth. It looked like a chapel.

There was a priest praying to the cross set on the altar, his back turned to me. He slowly stood up and turned around, greeting me with the gentle smile of an old Father.


“Greetings, demon.”

[Middle-Aged Priest] [Race: Human ♂] [Saint]
[Magic Points (MP): 150/150] [Hit Points (HP): 250/250]
[Total Combat Power: 840]

This guy… he’s a little different.

A/N: The work of the remaining magicians on Earth ranged from giving advice by divination, academic research of the soul, to assassination.

If an Earth magician was fighting against a normal human one-on-one, then their skills would make them quite strong, but they don’t actually have any experience fighting someone really powerful.

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75 – To Be Called a Demon – 1

The project to research the ‘Applications and Uses of Technologies and Resources of Yggdrasia’, done under the auspices of the government of a certain country, was bearing fruit after decades of work and a ludicrous amount of funding. Its progress could be roughly summarized into stages as follows:

The first stage, information gathering through the dispatch of watcher drones and stabilization of the local area.

The second stage, acquisition and genetic analysis of people with paranormal abilities who were linked to the discovery of the new world.

The third stage, development of a mana gathering system that made use of the aforementioned genetic data.

The fourth stage, development of a basic theory to create avatars that were growth-capable with mana.

The resulting large-scale mana gathering system had been the VRMMO World of Yggdrasia. The game project had proceeded without a hitch. Through the use of around three million players as ‘miners’, extraction of the new world’s resources and development of magical weaponry had begun.


But the corporation had encountered a large obstacle even before a year had passed.

The genetic analysis of one hundred children with paranormal abilities had been completed, and they were deemed no longer useful. They had been sent to the other world as test subjects for the experimental monster avatars, and at the same time to be disposed of.

The experiment had ended with all the test subjects either dead or crippled. The results had been used to develop militarized monster avatars. However, just as they were beginning their test runs, an incident happened.


The destruction of a medical facility and the mass murder of its staff, apparently done by a single girl.

She had also been witnessed in Yggdrasia, and was suspected to be the ‘rabbit’ beastman girl with abnormal combat power. Her appearance on Earth had shocked all those involved.

The scholars and researchers had determined that she either had a power to allow her to travel across dimensions, or a power to Digistruct herself here from the other world.

In case of the former, then if they could analyze her power, they would possibly gain the capability to transport not just mana, but also resources such as the rare metal ‘mythril’ and ‘adamantite’ back to Earth. Even in case of the latter, she would still give them the possibility of mass mana collection. The government had ordered the corporation to either capture her or analyze her genetic information. However, they soon found out that she was powerful enough to be called the Dark Lady in Yggdrasia. Their progress stalled.


And one day, the corporation’s center of research into the new world was attacked.

The 12th research center had been the base of the game developers, as well as where the players-slash-resource-miners were being managed. All of their security staff had been killed. The culprit had slipped through the stringent security and surveillance system, leaving no traces of themselves. The attack had earned them the nickname of ‘The Ghost’.

No one knew if the culprit was a singular person or a group. As the corporation continued their investigation with the assumption that it had been done by a foreign special task force with the purpose of industrial espionage, the 4th research center, where magical weaponry were being developed, fell. Not only were all of their main researchers murdered and their facilities destroyed, the fifty soldiers on-loan to the center for operational testing had also gone missing. As a result, the government then revised their assumption of the Ghost’s goal to be ‘information of the other world’. They gave the order for the army to protect the remaining research centers.

Yet their efforts might as well have been a joke in front of the Ghost, who had gone through the security like a hot knife through butter, killing hundreds of soldiers and researchers of the 7th center. However, the Ghost’s identity had been revealed by the remaining records.


It was the Dark Lady of the other world, alias Whitehare.

There were unconfirmed rumors that Whitehare bore a striking resemblance to one of the former secret alpha test subjects, a girl with a paranormal ability: No. 13.

No. 13 had been a girl with a congenital pigment deficiency. Her father was unknown, her mother a woman with Japanese heritage. When she was eleven years and one month old, her identity was erased from official records, and she entered the other world as a test subject.

No. 13 had suffered a psyche collapse and fell into a vegetative state due to an accident during the test. She had survived by unknown means, and was thought to be planning her vengeance against the corporation.

Her power was to ‘cause misfortune in others’, and so she was called the Demon Child.

Yet even through mental stress caused by abuse that at times bordered on being torture, she still showed no signs of gaining the power of Probability Manipulation that the corporation was hoping for, and she had been designated for disposal. She was hypothesized to have awakened a new, unknown ability through her psyche collapse and the mana of the new world.


The 7th research center had reported her power to be unfathomable, and her threat level extremely dangerous. But the corporation had analyzed her total combat power from the camera footage of the time she attacked the medical facility; they had deemed it to be around ten thousand, and as only several months had passed, they assumed her power could have only increased by 50% at most.

However, she had shown personal power equivalent to a battalion of tanks, as well as abilities of Probability Manipulation and Frost. The corporation found itself in a hurry to devise countermeasures.


The Ghost was now redesignated as Whitehare. As she had destroyed the 4th and the 7th research center yet leaving the 12th intact, the corporation now believed her goal to not be ‘facilities connected to the other world’, but instead ‘mana-extracting facilities’.

The extraction and storage of mana required large-scale equipment. Thus, there were only three locations that held them. Two of them had been the 4th and the 7th research center, and the final was a military compound.

Currently, the plans for the equipment that had been placed at the two research centers, as well as the researchers who had designed them, had all perished. Any reconstruction efforts would require the remaining facility to temporarily cease operation to be inspected.

And even if they could manage to finish the inspection, redesign, and operational testing, it would still take them several years. It was why the final location must be defended, no matter how many lives they might need to sacrifice. The military compound was preparing for Whitehare’s assault with a division of soldiers.


“Do not let her get in!!! Fuck that little white bitch up good! If I don’t see her pumped with more holes than my grandma’s flip-flops, heads are going to ROLL!”

The commander of the compound, brigadier general Hestor, slammed his fist on an expensive-looking table and shouted in apoplectic rage.

His hostility against Whitehare was of a far more personal nature than what was required for someone of his standing. Hestor’s nephew had been one of the officers deployed at the corporation. The young man respected him and had followed in his footsteps, and he himself was very much fond of his nephew.

His nephew would have one day picked up his torch to become an excellent protector of this country, if only he hadn’t gone missing at the 4th research center. Hestor still hadn’t lost hope, but if his nephew had been caught in the hands of that terribly cruel Whitehare, then his fate was sealed.

Hestor angrily huffed as he finished his outburst. Right at that moment, his young secretary entered the room. He glared.


“Sir! …umm, the people requested by the government have arrived. What is your order?”

“…them, I see.”

Brigadier general Hestor didn’t bother hiding his displeasure at the report.


Upon her destruction of the medical facility, Whitehare had called herself a Demon.

Everyone involved had thought it no more than a metaphor, that she was simply declaring her resolve for vengeance. But one of the high-level government officials hearing it had said that they knew some very suitable people, and had so generously sent them over as backup.


Several minutes later, three men arrived at Hestor’s office from the military helicopter that had brought them here.

“…so you’re here.”


One was a lanky man around thirty years of age, wearing a black cloak and a pair of round sunglasses.

One was an American Indian man, old and muscular, his cheeks bearing strange tattoos.

And one was a white-haired middle-aged priest, with an average build and a gentle smile.

They belonged to an organization that only unofficially existed, which the government employed to deal with ‘special’ jobs. They were modern mages.

Around a thousand years ago, mana still existed on Earth. At the time, there had been ‘witches’ and ‘wizards’, people with the capability to bring about supernatural phenomena, though they had never shown themselves in the spotlight.

But as mana gradually vanished from the world, so too did the number of these practitioners drastically decreased. Some had survived by joining hands with influential men and women of the time, and they continued to develop their unique skills.


The man wearing sunglasses was named Herdu. A practitioner of an Eastern European school of black magic, he sacrificed living beings instead of using magic power, using the lifeforce of their death throes to power his Spells.

The American Indian man, Ohan. He utilized the lifeforce of himself and of his surroundings as ‘qi’ to do Shamanism.

The middle-aged priest, Aiden. He was said to be a Saint who had succeeded in drawing out power from the soul by honing his own. He made his living as an exorcist.


“You know what the job is, correct?”

Hestor said bluntly, his misgivings plain to see in his gaze. Herdu merrily replied.

“They said a demon’s shown up? Awesome. I’ve always wanted to meet a real one.”

“…exterminating demons is my duty,” Ohan said.

“Indeed, it is what we have been told. How wonderful that a demon has appeared. This is undeniable proof that God existed!” And Aiden was the last to speak.

Despite the disbelief Hestor held upon hearing their words, he thought he’d seen an unfathomable flame in their eyes. He decided on a somewhat lighter approach.

“…I would like you to guard the hallway leading to the crucial facilities and the control room. Ask the soldiers to guide you. I’ve left the nearby room empty, so feel free to use it as you wish,” Hestor said.

The three men gave their responses and left the room. Hestor collapsed onto the black leather chair and sighed deeply.

“Goddamn are they freaky…”

With the force he had, he couldn’t possibly need their help.

Yet if the worst did happen, then he wouldn’t have a single idea what the three men would do. Hestor consoled himself by subjecting the meddling government high official to the worst obscenities his mind could cook up.

He couldn’t show those government officials any real-time footage due to informational security. So he could only make sure to compile some footage with extra info afterward to vindicate himself before them.

Several days later. The report that he had been, in a way, looking forward to finally arrived.


“Whitehare has appeared!”


So you’re finally here, Hestor thought, his hurried footsteps carrying him to the control center. His hand formed a fist in unconscious tension.

Whitehare possessed four noteworthy powers.

First, her invisibility to the eyes of digital equipment. This was solved by simply using real human eyes and the decrepit technology of analog filming.

Second, her physical capabilities that allowed her to move several times faster than a human could. The countermeasure had been extra training in aiming without digital equipment and training movement perception for his soldiers.

Third, her mist of extreme cold. All his soldiers were equipped with cold weather gear that allowed them to be active even in minus-50 degrees Celsius environment.

Fourth, as well as the most dangerous, was her Probability Manipulation. It was proposed that this ability was also what granted her long-range capability. In theory, they should be able to deal with it by not allowing her a chance to attack at all, sending so many bullets downrange that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her ability.


He arrived at the war room. A monitor was hastily prepared to display analog footage. On the screen, the yellow earth, normally scoured by a dry wind, was now being covered by a white mist. The air temperature dropped drastically. Vision was bad, but not completely blinding.

Within the mist, a girl of white appeared in absolute composure. Whitehare was here.

She must have made her entrance knowing that her identity was now exposed. But no one expected her to simply walk through the front gates as if she owned the place.

Hestor saw her for the first time. Before he knew it, his eyes were wide open.

Whitehare was an adorable girl in her mid-teens with scarlet eyes, pure-white hair, and astonishingly white skin. She was clad in an outfit resembling that of a bunny girl’s, which left her shoulders and arms exposed. Her bunched-up short skirt and her pair of rabbit ears, no less adorable, bounced and swayed in concert.

Whitehare noticed the gaze of the soldiers. She gave a shy smile, fingers pinching the hem of her skirt to give a curtsy.

She looked so relaxed, so lovely, as if she was a character straight out of an animated movie. The field officer, captivated by the sight of the girl, even forgot to give the order to shoot. Hestor jolted back to reality with a gasp, and his furious order rang out in the command center.

“What the fuck are you doing?! SHOOT HER!!”


After a moment’s delay, tens of thousands of bullets rained down on her.

According to the scholars and researchers, her Probability Manipulation only applied to a single target at a time. It wasn’t unbeatable. If you can dodge all of them, I’d like to see you try, Hestor thought, his eyes glued to the screen.

Abruptly, she disappeared.

“…huh?” Hestor unwittingly exclaimed in stupefaction.

Screams rang out the very next moment, the screen shaking frantically. Then he heard the report. The artillery unit of sixty soldiers situated several hundred meters away had all been transformed into ice, cold-weather gear and all. There were no survivors.

Howls of rage, of terror, of gunshots and explosions followed one after another.

“What the hell is happening?!”

At the moment, the screen was showing footage of what a soldier was manually filming instead of AI-driven surveillance cameras. It was why Whitehare was outrunning the camera.

Hestor needed to get an image of the battlefield, anything at all. He switched the wall monitor to display the digital footage of surveillance cameras. High firepower units like the tanks were being disabled and frozen in pinpoint strikes.

But something else held his attention: a unit of soldiers was showing a notable lack of unity. He questioned the field officer, and the officer had looked uncomfortable. The report was no less strange.


“S-sir… a group of soldiers suddenly started saying ‘the Bunny’ and some other nonsense, and they seem extremely confused…”

“Fucking IDIOTS!!!”


Of those among his soldiers who’d seen Whitehare, some were confused, some excited. They were made useless.

Admittedly, the younger soldiers might have found it difficult to fire on such a lovely girl without a single moment of hesitation, but they were still trained soldiers. Was this the power of the other world’s Dark Lady, to have disabled them so easily? His spine chilled with the thought.

“Get the camera team on the heli!”

First and foremost, he needed to confirm Whitehare’s location before he could have a grasp of the situation. Several of the anti-tank helicopters, until now only standing by due to the unavailability of the electronic system, took to the air and began to send overhead footage of the battlefield.

The unit equipped with power armor was standing stock-still in a white wasteland like rows of frozen trees, their armor unresponsive, ice completely encasing them. Whitehare took notice of the helicopters. She turned her hand toward them and made as if to crush something in her fist.

Hestor reeled back despite himself, squeaking in fear, feeling as if her eyes had looked straight at him. The man himself was fine, but the officers watching the digital monitors around him had all collapsed, blood erupting from all over their bodies. The filming helicopter failed to keep themselves aloft, every single one crashing to the ground. The screens went black.




After I finished dealing with all the units equipped with heavy weapons and magic weapons, I poured magic power into the cold mist I’d spread throughout the area and turned it into a blizzard.

They were so annoyingly prepared against the cold. They wouldn’t die, but the remaining were pretty much just foot soldiers, so they probably wouldn’t be able to move for quite a while.

As I expected, fighting head-on really took a chunk out of my reserve. I’d refilled with the mana storage tank I found when I was smashing up the 7th research center, but I still spent nearly twenty thousand of my magic power.

Still, if this was the best they could bring against me, then Yggdrasia’s countries were still more dangerous.

There weren’t many units equipped with magic weapons. Perhaps the normal soldiers still hadn’t been informed about me, or perhaps they just didn’t have enough of the weapons.

“Well then.”

I set the freezing blizzard to last for a while. I took information from the device of one of the soldiers, and I headed to the facility that held my objective.

A tenacious soldier still tried to train his gun on me even when ice already invaded half his body, and my straight sword cut off his head, sending him to rest. My elbow pierced through the thick steel door.

I continued going deeper inside, mowing down the occasional magic-weapon-wielding foot soldiers. I came to a wide, straight-running hallway that would lead me further in. A strange sunglasses-wearing man was waiting for me, blocking my path.


“Hmm, so you’re the demon?”

A/N: It’s mayhem among the soldiers…

It may look like she’s wiping the floor with them, but if they all were equipped with magic weapons, then even Shedy wouldn’t win. She’d been going at it so carefully because she didn’t want to have to deal with magic weaponry.

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