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Hiya guys. It’s been a while. Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. Some of you may have simply decided it was ‘Este not wanting to translate again’, and some others might have speculated that it was Fallout 4.

Actually, it was neither of those really. I got sucked into a fanfiction.

Usually I don’t recommend fanfictions, but this one is special because… well, because I like it a lot, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

So anyway, if you enjoyed Log Horizon, I would definitely recommend you give it a go. The stuff about mobs coming alive, the stuff about importing modern technology, and the stuff about the politics with the natives and stuff is featured as well, but it’s actually good. It pretty much is Log Horizon, but with a more coherent plot, and a more standard ‘realisation’ of game mechanics and features.
i.e. no people suddenly making black goo because they have low cooking levels

Not just that, but somehow he manages interesting characterisation without people feeling out of character.

Oh oops. Right, forgot to mention that it’s a Sword Art Online and Zero no Tsukaima crossover. I didn’t particularly like either original story too much.
Kirito and SAO in general was too melodramatic, parts of the writing felt too contrived, and I hate these sort of harems.
As for Zero no Tsukaima, at first I disliked Louise’s excessive tsun, and following that I got really sick of Saito’s stupidity and lack of responsibility.

But I enjoyed this fanfiction nonetheless, so please give it a try as well. The writing is a bit rough for the first four chapters, but the rest of the long ride is pretty much smooth as it gets.

Start your journey here! (Story goes from V(olume) 1.0, to V(olume) 2.0, to V(olume) 3.1)

Up For Grabs

At present, anything but EGA (almost complete), Tilea, Kenkyo and Bathroom Goddess.

Absolutely farcical

Honestly, what the hell is going on over there.

EDIT: Just for reference to see the difference between the two, how I would have translated it was:


As far as I know, the only living fairy is Lamiris.

Even if I asked her about it, she wouldn’t remember anyway. She’s apparently reincarnated countless times after all.

Projects up for grabs

At present, anything but EGA (almost complete), Tilea and Bathroom Goddess.

I’ve been disillusioned with Otoburi for a while now, so I haven’t been able to find the motivation to translate it these last two months… In the end I skipped to the last arc and read that only. I’m sorry m(_ _)m

If anybody wants to continue it for some reason, please be my guest. If not, I’ll get around to forcing myself at some point. I’ll definitely finish translating it, only, I’m not sure when exactly that will be. So if nobody else is enthusiastic about it, just leave it be, and it’ll get done eventually.

As for Summoning At Random… honestly, I can’t bring myself to like the MC. Unlucky Sukebe characters (the ones who accidentally do perverted things to women and then get beaten up) are only funny when the women aren’t characters that you’ve known and liked for a whole series beforehand.

And honestly, a loser like that isn’t suitable for Tena. Tena deserves a rich, kind, handsome, tall prince who moonlights as a investment banker with a ferrari. Not this spineless, mopey faggot. Although it is true that the chapters where Anri first appeared again after 2 years were pretty awesome. BOOOOOOOOOOOX.

I’ll translate Summoning At Random bit by bit if nobody else does it in the end.

Northern Fort I’ll just be doing slowly, because it’s a relaxy, cute series. There’s only a single novel, so I’m in no rush.

Reading 火輪を抱いた少女 so brb a few days

The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring

same guy who did
死神を食べた少女(The Girl Who Ate the Grim Reaper)


勇者、あるいは化け物と呼ばれた少女(The Girl  Who Was Known as Hero, or Perhaps Monster)

Evil God Average, Summoning At Random, and EGA LN

I’m going to begin translating the remaining EGA Side Stories starting from today, so please look forward to them.

Once I’m done with those, I’ll begin translating Summoning At Random, and after catching up, hopefully I’ll be able to translate them as they come out.

Finally, once everyone who’s ordered an LN gets theirs in the mail, could they send me a landscape photo of the EGA LN and their name on a piece of paper?

Like this: Azira
I’m going to put them all on a special page. I was thinking, since quite a few people are buying it anyway, may as well turn it into a game.

Vote for Vermillion please! Help me out, guys.

Normally I’d write something a little more convincing, but I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I don’t really have much energy.

I just thought it was really well written, and want to enjoy it together with you guys. That’s all, really. It might just be my tastes, but it really was very good. It wasn’t amazing, but it was unique and I loved it.

The characters felt real enough, and actually changed and developed. The worldbuilding was detailed, and plentiful. The author clearly has an interest in the world outside of Japan, and it really shows in his writing. I don’t know. It just wasn’t something I was expecting to find on syosetu.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Mushoku Tensei was filled with tropes that I really enjoyed, I would probably have to vote Vermillion a little bit above it.

If you still aren’t convinced,



Example of the style:

It took me a while to find a good name for it, so apologies for anybody used to Holy Anri Nation, but I’m going to translate it as Holy Anri Thearchy instead.

My logic for Holy Anri Nation was basically because the use of the rare (and somewhat made-up) compound, 教国 was more or less limited to uses regarding the Christian or Islamic spheres of influence; something like Christendom or the Islamic State. Because of that, supposing that Anri is more or less their religion, it was appropriate to translate it as the Anri Nation.

Thearchy isn’t really the best word for it, but Theocracy is already taken, and you could argue that Hierocracy is closer to the nuance of 教国, but the term ‘hierocracy’ sort of implies that the power lies with the priests in the nation. Which well, I mean, sort of is true, given how Laissez-Faire Anri is, but basically 神聖アンリ教国 is supposed to demand respect for Anri, so it wasn’t as appropriate in the end.

Hey, this hurts me as well. Holy Anri Nation sounded funnier, and I’ve already named my nationstate after it too. >:

It’s been feeling cliched. I’m thinking of throwing in a few more girls

to the header.

*10 points to first person to get the reference*

Should teaser TOCs include a small review?

I’ve been thinking. Well, I mean, I say that, but it occurred to me literally 10 seconds ago.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should overhaul my teaser TOCs. A few months ago, people suggested that I add reviews, but I basically forgot all about it.

But looking at my teaser TOCs now, they’re really a mess with no consistency. So since I’m going to clean them up anyway, I’m thinking maybe I should add something like:

Why you should translate Vermillion:

  • The writing is a lot more interesting than the synopsis would suggest
  • It is one of few ‘VMMORPG→Isekai’ novels where the combat is not just listing a bunch of magical skills that nobody has ever heard of before. Reading a bunch of skills they probably made up on the spot is really not fun reading to me, personally.
  • The characters have motivations and preferences, and backgrounds that affect these, but the backgrounds are revealed slowly and subtly, which tones down the melodrama. It also tones down the feeling of ‘throwing in more attributes because the characters aren’t interesting/unique/chuunimaterial enough’.
    At the same time, they aren’t thrown in your face, and the characters feel more real, and less a walking, 2-dimensional sack of problems.
  • The protagonist actually develops, and at a fairly well-timed pace. Slowly enough that you realise that he really does have a problem, but quickly enough that you don’t start to hate him for it.
  • The protagonist and main heroine have a close relationship that is enjoyable to read about, and the fact that they only slowly develop romantically is refreshing and cute.
  • The world-building is half-decent at least.
  • The author seems to have an interest in the world outside of Japan, and it definitely reflects in his writing.

Why I’m not translating Vermillion:

  • It’s fucking long.
  • I have like 6 other projects.
  • There is a lot of world-building, which means there is a lot of vocabulary I need to look up.
  • It’s fucking long.

Just a notice; no EGA translations tonight

Looking at the deadline until September 7th, and the fact that I only have 6 chapters left, I feel that I can take a break tonight without worry.

I’ll be busy with family stuff tonight, and at the moment I’m translating chapter 5 of Vermillion, so there might not be time for EGA.

As for why I’m starting on chapter 5, the chapters are really long, and chapter 5 has the dialogue that I want to translate as practice. You can read it without major spoilers, but some things may feel a bit abrupt and badly written as a result (because the foreshadowing was actually in the first 4 chapters).

But well, I think it should serve as a great teaser. It’s a good example of the sort of dialogue in this series, and if I do chapter 6 and 7 as well, there should be a good example of the sort of battles that this series has too.

Accidentally taught Solistia how to search female section of the 18+ syosetu novels

I wonder what kind of female-oriented sexcapade novels I’ve just unleashed onto the world.



Western VRMMO 【DEMONDAL】 was known for its extremely harsh game system. To begin with, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient system messages or maps of any kind either. It was so needlessly realistic that it was already basically a VR life simulator.

As for anything game-like, it was basically limited to weapon masteries; a proficiency level that you got from using your weapon, as well as physical strength that increased as well. That was it.

It was a fantasy game so there was magic, but forming a contract with a spirit was extremely difficult, and only 1% of the playerbase were magicians.

In this VR game 【DEMONDAL】 that was ridiculously close to reality, the protagonist Kei who was a well known mounted archery expert, was one day sent to another world with his Russian 【DEMONDAL】 friend.

The game that was severe to begin with had turned into a reality, and the harshness increased again――

Why you should translate it:

  1. The partner is a blonde Russian loli “ninja” who speaks like a bro
  2. The excerpts below:

「FUCK YOU(死にさらせ)!!!」





「”NINJA”! ”NINJA”のアンドレイ!?」
「Holy Shit(なんてこった)!! 本物か!?」










**3. The MC’s nickname was Jap the Ripper.

As if you don’t want to translate this!


Art for the LN (Vermillion – Étranger à L’arc Rouge)


About EGA translations &; how I’m surprised at how many people are still clicking on naked Wakaba each day.

ev015b^ this picture

Also sorry about the bad formatting for EGA 12 last night. I was pretty tired and went to bed right after I posted, and I missed a lot of formatting cues (the asterisks).

Thanks again to everyone who points out my errors in all my chapters.

Also, I’ll be trying to finish translations of the main EGA story before the light novel is released, since I’m pretty excited about it. Normally this is where translators would start having the whole ‘What do you guys think I should translate next?’ thing, but as you well know, I am probably the last person in the world who would have that kind of issue.


floor is such a weird little word…

translating EGA has given me gestalt collapse







Why is it that Kenkyo’s Wakaba-chan

always sounds like Nepnep in my head?


Buying LNs (Otoburi, Tilea, EGA)

CDJapan boasts an English interface, and pretty cheap prices.

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to update the links, seeing as I’ve been using it for ages now, but well, I’m changing the links now.

Link to the LN on Otoburi will be updated. Link to the recently released Tilea LN adaptation will be put up. Next month when EGA releases, I will put up a link for that as well.



Holy Anri Nation

The Theocracy of Holy Anri Nation is a fledgling, orderly nation, renowned for its absence of drug laws, punitive income tax rates, and devotion to social welfare. The hard-nosed, cynical population of 5 million Holy Anri Nationians are ruled without fear or favor by a psychotic dictator, who outlaws just about everything and refers to the populace as “my little playthings.”

The enormous, moralistic, socially-minded, well-organized government juggles the competing demands of Spirituality, Welfare, and Law & Order. The average income tax rate is 75.1%, and even higher for the wealthy.

The imploded Holy Anri Nationian economy, worth 22.0 billion Anris a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. The industrial sector, which is broadly diversified, is led by the Arms Manufacturing industry, with major contributions from Pizza Delivery, Automobile Manufacturing, and Basket Weaving. Average income is 4,405 Anris, and distributed extremely evenly, with practically no difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a very well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Holy Anri Nation’s national animal is the Anri, which frolics freely in the nation’s many lush forests.


Rather important rant about translation quality and integrity

This is important. It is long, but please, please read it all.

So, I know this is rich coming from a shithead like me who rarely actually translates anything, but there’s no rule saying that you have to be perfect to criticise other people! (lol!) Basically, not one, or two, but a great number of so-called translators don’t understand BASIC Japanese grammar.

To illustrate just how basic it is, it’s basically the same as not understanding the difference between,

“I ate the cat.”

“I was eaten by the cat.”

It’s that bad. And they’re translating without knowing something so basic. Learning a language is like learning anything else – it’s diminishing marginal returns to effort.

That means that 30 minutes of learning for a complete beginner might improve the translation by 500%. 30 minutes of learning for these guys would be the same as a year or two of improvement for me. But they don’t do it. Why? Don’t they just lack integrity?

For people who don’t understand how Japanese verbs work, basically you have a ‘stem’ that’s like a key word, and the shit tacked on the end determines the tense, whether it’s passive or otherwise, and sometimes whether it’s transitive or intransitive.

Basically it fucking determines everything. If you don’t understand this, it’s the same as somebody throwing a bunch of key words at you, and you making up your own sentences with it. Does this sound familiar to you? It should; this is exactly what machine translators do.

There’s a certain blog that had been translating things decently up until now. Then a ‘translator’ joined the team and created an atrocious translation. In three lines of dialogue, it got everything 100% wrong. I’m not going to name them, because it’s nasty. I’m not going to contact them and tell them off because that’s being high-handed and arrogant. But you guys are the readers; if anybody can justify themselves for complaining about translation fraud, it’s you guys. I know you’re afraid of upsetting the translator, but surely there’s a gentle and supportive way of pointing out easy ways they could improve. There are a LOT of readers out there, and surely somebody is socially competent enough to do so.

And it’s not like nobody knew that the translations were wrong. On reddit, somebody illustrated how the translations were completely wrong. The project head even commented “I think this is correct”. And yet the guesslation is still up there.

Fucking, why?

Why are you even translating when you don’t even understand grammar that you’d learn in your 4th lesson of Japanese? It would take you 30 minutes to google a verb conjugation table, and it would improve your translations so much, but you don’t do it.

Instead, you spend god knows how long on completely guesslating this series. People all have their own circumstances, so I’m not here to complain about how some people are less dedicated to improvement than others. But something as basic as verb conjugation is literally 30 minutes of learning.

As far as I can tell, the project in question is completely free, so they aren’t even doing it for money. But in that case, I just can’t understand.

And like I mentioned earlier, it isn’t this one project. Plenty of people are ignoring grammar, and I don’t understand it. If you want to build a car, surely it would be more important to have an engine and wheels than having a frame.

I criticise quite a bit more than other translators, but it’s not because I’m angry or like having somebody to vilify. It makes me feel tired and dirty when I do so, but there’s something seriously wrong with our community when a retarded novice like me counts as one of the better translators. I like drama and starting shit up, but only when the people are nasty or mean. I don’t like criticising otherwise nice people like this.

To that project head, if you know who you are, please have a gentle talk with that translator of yours. Considering that your project’s quality just took a 100% drop in quality, this is arguably more your problem than theirs. You’re the manager after all.

Anyway, sorry for saying something unsightly again. I’ll try and get the next chapter of Tilea out tonight. Sorry. And yeah, I know that I’m being harsh and stuff this time, so justice knights, feel free to flame me.


Another girly novel translator

So this Tanuki commented 4 hours ago and told me about how they were translating a novel.

The um, author actually makes their own otome games. In particular, they seem to have made one called Magical Party about a normal 11th grader Japanese girl ending up in a world of swords and magic. It’s called Magical Party and can be found here.

…and that is not what I’m going to be talking about today.

Actually, what’s being translated is the web novel side story of that otome game, about one of the students from that world. She’s (allegedly) a normal girl, who somehow ended up involved with a hot guy. I haven’t actually read it yet, since I’ve been a bit preoccupied, so I can’t really say if she’s actually a normal girl, or a Mamiko-Normal girl, but the blurb does mention that it’s a really sweet story (meaning that it’s actually sickly sweet), so if you’re into sappy shoujo stuff, you might want to try out the translation.

Don’t forget to thank the Tanuki.



I read the raws of a cute girly novel, and it’s being translated

The reason I only released 1 chapter of anything yesterday is because K-Dawhg introduced the story to me, and I went and read the raws in one go.

Sorry guys.

But it was surprisingly good. Cute. And better than the synopsis might suggest. I guess the sort of stuff you might like if you enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke and other stuff with lots of tears of joy and stuff. Probably not the stuff you’d be looking for if you were looking for a cool non-dumb protagonist.

Ah, and apparently K-Dawhg joined MoonBunnyCafe as part of Alys’ harem, and we’re all talking on Skype now. That place is getting really big.

Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body
Author: Kurokawa Tenri


      I was born with an incredibly frail body. When the curtain was about to close on my life at the age of 17, a breathtakingly cute angel with a gentle smile appeared before me and gave me the body of another person.
      Apparently, this girl seems to have gone to ended their own life.

I got this body because her death was unscheduled, but I don’t intend to follow her path.
Anyways, this is a really healthy body!
Not like the weak body I had at all!
      Thank you very much! I’ll make sure live life to the fullest in this body no matter what obstacles come my way!
What!? This girl was hated? My family shuns me? That doesn’t matter.
I’ll overcome anything now that I have this healthy body! I don’t care that she didn’t have friends. I didn’t have any either!
All right, I’ll try my best in this new life!

Synopsis originally translated by Jet

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body


IMPORTANT: Regarding Light Novels and Web Novels

This is something applicable to all web novel readers, so please don’t dismiss this just because you don’t read Slime Datta Ken.

In case for some reason you haven’t already seen it on reddit, or the MoonbunnyCafe that is much more popular than my own blog, basically an annoying misunderstanding is causing my good friend Ran is snap. He usually has a very mild personality, but I suppose the repeated annoyance is grinding down on him.

I sincerely hope you guys can all see what the problem is here. Please have a look at his message here. I think it’s highly relevant.

Anyway, as for my opinion, please don’t mix up light novels and web novels. Web novels are great fun, and they have the benefit of not being influenced by money-grubbing editors, but they can also be a huge steaming pile of shit. Sometimes rather creative shit that gets refined into uh… idunno, a paperweight of some sort? But still a pile of shit.

Please support people who translate the light novels. The pretty pictures that you love so much are from the light novels, and the light novels are generally just better overall. If somebody is translating the light novel because they’re interested in bringing it to the English-speaking world, please don’t say insensitive things about how XX is translating the “same thing”.

It’s really not. And this is especially the case for Slime Datta Ken light novels. The light novels balance out the time each character has in the spotlight, and brings a lot more Shizu-san.


Another thought while lying in bed

I have admin powers that allow me to edit other people’s comments. From now on, maybe I should change the ‘First!’ comments of anybody who wasn’t first to ‘I am a loser’ just to drive it in that they lost.


Tree of Savior

How long do you suppose the character length will be for guild names in Tree of Savior? If the game permits, let us by all means create a 『Holy Anri Nation』 together.


Hmm, so about Tilea’s Worries

I re-read some of the raw web novel just now, and remembered part of the reason I liked it.

The MC is cute. One of few former-male-now-male-in-a-woman’s-body protagonists that I find cute.

As her mother once describes them, ‘my dumb, but cute daughter’. I suppose they’re cute because they’re a cowardly dumbass that’s prone to hilarious panic.

And so, I’ll endeavour to get some more chapters out soon. Editing one side story at the moment, and balancing both Evil God stories, as well as Bathroom Goddess for the near future.




Why is Yuuki Aoi so wonderful?

Ikemen(cool/hot guy) voice:

Aoi: Eh-? Like an ikemen!?
Saori: Like an ikemen?
Isn’t that a bit hard?
Aoi: Like an ikemen? What’s that mean?
Saori: Yeah, like… isn’t that about appearances?
Aoi: Yeah, isn’t it?
Saori: An ikemen on the inside?
Aoi: Like, an ikemen voice?
Saori: That sounds hard.
Aoi: Doesn’t it?
Saori: Well… Give it a try?
Aoi: Alright~ Here I go!
Saori: We picked another minor role, huh.
Aoi: Yeah, we did. There’s this gender barrier, hey?
Alright, well then, I’ll give it a shot…

(2:59) Aoi: Oi-chan, Misao-chan, good evening.
Saori: Good evening.
Aoi: Good evening. Heh.
We’re halfway through September now, and it’s really starting to feel like autumn.
Saori: Aha! Pretty cool.
Aoi: And when you mention autumn, just like you two, I think that it really is the season of food, but…
(3:18) In autumn when you skin feels a little chilly,
I think that what you really can’t help but want to eat is,
oden I believe!
Saori: lololol
For some reason your “oden” sounded really smooth. lolol
Aoi: Oden I believe!
Saori: She said it twice!


Aoi: What do you two think is something that absolutely needs to be eaten as your oden?
Saori: You sound kind of cool!
Aoi: For me, it definitely needs to be egg and radish.
Saori: The way you said ‘egg and radish’ sounded needlessly cool, huh!
Aoi: Egg and radish!
Aoi: What the heck kind of character is that!

Suppose I’d better get back to translating.


Monster; regarding the translation of this word in most Japanese web novels

“…breath of the legendary suu’rin, an being that lived underground…”
“…breath of the suu’rin, an underground monster…”
The latter is the literal, the former is what I went with. To sum up the problem, basically in Japanese you have a lot of words that are only suitable as being expressed by the English word “monster”.
This time the word used is
怪物 (kaibutsu) in other words, a strange or mystical creature. It’s not the same ‘monster’ as the one used in RPGs 魔物 (mamono). Neither is it the same ‘monster’ used in “B-, Bakana! Kono bakemono!” which would be 化け物(bakemono).

I think I should make a new post to complain about this.

This was something I wrote at the end of the 4th chapter of The Bathroom Goddess.

Basically, the problem with a lot of web novel translations is that in web novels, things tend to be based around RPGs. Meaning you have stuff like 魔族(mazoku; demon) and 魔物(mamono; monster). Literally translating them, it’s “demon/magic tribe/race”, and “demon/magic creature” respectively.

The whole, ‘is this 魔 meant to represent magic or demon here, or is it both?’ thing is a whole other issue for the mazoku thing which I won’t get into.

What I will get into is the problem with translating 魔物 as monster. By no means would I translate it as anything else, because to the Japanese WN reader, they’re going to immediately associate this term with the monsters in RPGs.

That’s why we can’t translate it as ‘fiend’ or ‘demon’ or anything like that. I know some people DO translate it as ‘demon’ like the Slime Datta Ken translators, but I believe that you guys are doing it wrong… unless the JRPG localisation in your country happens to use ‘demon’ for everything.

When you translate, as much as possible, you’re trying to convey the impression and nuance that a reader of the original text would get.
If the character is exclaiming something in Engrish and trying to be funny, you might translate it as Japanese like SUGOI or NANI!?.
If the character is speaking Engrish all the time, and just throwing it into his words because that’s just how he speaks, perhaps an American might translate it as Spanish, since that’s the most popular second language there.
If the character is speaking Engrish and trying to sound fancy, it might be appropriate to translate it into French there, because that’s what we English-speakers do when we try and sound cultured.

And for RPG-esque fantasy web novels, the thing that hits Japanese readers when they see 魔物 is basically the monsters in RPGs. That’s why we can’t translate ‘mamono’ as anything but monster.

But there’s another common term translated as monster; 化け物(bakemono).

This one is the ‘monster’ that you use for something terrifying or incomprehensible. It’s the one that people scream after going ‘B-, BAKA NA!’ at the terribly powerful protagonist. The monstrously powerful protagonist.

So sometimes you might get somebody exclaiming ‘YOU GODDAM MONSTER!’ in a web novel, but I’d like to have people keep in mind that in instances like these, there’s a completely distinct separation between the RPG monsters that prowl the fields, and the ‘true monsters’ that scare the shit out of the baddies and make them scream ‘B- BAKA NA!’.

So yeah~ Sorry if this was a bit long. Even if both are translated as monsters, please note that in the original text, they aren’t just comparing the person/thing to the common RPG monsters; they’re basically calling them true horrors.


Conversations with Alyschu

[1:30:46 AM] estelion: back
[1:30:49 AM] estelion: anything exciting happen?
[1:34:06 AM] 山ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ山: I read bathroom goddess
[1:34:09 AM] 山ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ山: strange!!
[1:34:15 AM] 山ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ山: she’s naked and nothing lewd’s going on!
[1:34:35 AM] 山ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ山: preposterous!!


Sudden thought as I was translating final side story

It can’t be helped if my manually updated TOCs lag behind that lightspeed bullshit. ~Estelion

Lightspeed Bullshit would be a great name for a translation blog. ~VorpalHerring

You know what LightspeedBullshit would be an absolutely perfect name for? A machine translation blog.


Status Report

Still reading Slime Datta Ken. Almost done. Won’t be too much longer.

Originally said I would finish the current Otoburi arc before I translated anything else… but I assumed that I would finish it all in one go.

Then Slime Datta Ken happened. It’s all Slime Datta Ken’s fault. If you want to blame anybody, blame the clown guy for getting me into it. I’m the victim here!

So anyway, in an extremely good mood today. As to why, it’s because my copy of 北の砦にて(at the northern fortress)arrived!

When I checked amazon, it was only used copies you see, so you can imagine my joy when I managed to get myself a brand new copy. It was originally a web novel of about similar length to Evil God Average, so I can imagine that either EGA will be novelised as a single slightly-thick-ish(for an LN) book like At The Northern Fortress, or it’ll be separated into two books.

Um, so yeah. When I start translating again, it won’t just be Otoburi. I’ll immediately start translating 1 or 2 chapters of everything, and going through them in some sort of cycle.


Random Message

Decided I may as well:

Since I already took photos on my phone to show somebody, may as well do this before I go off and piss my time away playing Dishonored.


[An elder brother who snatched the lead role away from his little sister.]

To begin with, in the beginning, Nozaki’s little sister was supposed to be the heroine, and Nozaki was nothing more than “the heroine’s brother”; a super support-character type position.
Instead, before I knew it, he had been changed into the lead role; the awkward first born, Umetarou.
There were too many add-ons to introduce the little sister as a side character, so I don’t think I’ll be able to have her appear in the main story, but she lives on in the shadows! And that’s how it is.
There’s an imaginary chapter where she plays (together?) with Mayu.

yumekoTop right:
R-kun (11th grade)
(Transfer student.)

Top left:
I-kun (11th grade)
Popular and handsome

Shoujo manga otaku

Incidentally, Yumeko was supposed to have two brothers; Mayu in the grade above, and another brother who was secretly a shoujo mangaka.
The manga would’ve been about Yumeko trying various things in regard to a shoujo manga. Basically, pretty similar to how Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is now.
Incidentally, the book the protagonist is holding says ‘Gekkan Shoujo Romance’.

yumeko2“WAI-, ONIICHAN!!?”

\\Cyazzzz, Yumekooo~//
\\Sorry… I’ll be taking the two of them.//
\\Byebyeee, Yumekooo~//

[An elder brother who took away even her friends.]


Kashima and Yuzuki were also taken from imouto.
No, well, there wasn’t enough time to fix them up from scratch, so…
It was before everybody had started moving, so it’s great that the two of them got used to their new story.
(If I transfer characters mid-way, they’ll sulk.)


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This has nothing to do with anything, but,

I went and bought the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun fanbook, and as many of you might remember from many scanlated chapters ago, Tsubaki-sensei once mentioned that the protagonist was supposed to be Nozaki-imouto.

Incidentally, Mayu was originally supposed to be another Nozaki-imouto:Yeah, the photoshop and typesetting looks like crap, but that’s why I’m a web novel translator, and not a scanlator. Lay off me. xD

EDIT: Oops, forgot the text on the side.

“Mayu was originally a woman, but because she wouldn’t get along with the other guys (in particular, Mikoshiba), she became a man. A scene of high school boys nervously fidgeting before the silent middle school girl.
Incidentally, although the two brothers of the Nozaki household lack enthusiasm, the current little sister is always super energetic (like her father).”

nozaki imouto015/06/30

Status Report

So about my ‘V List’…

Originally I made it as a joke because I was bored, but over the months I’ve been noticing a lot of people linking it on reddit and stuff.

And so, although I’m too busy to translate until after Friday, I do have enough time to do stuff like this during my breaks, and so I decided I may as well update it.

And I’ll keep updating it as necessary from now on.

[In case any newcomers have no idea what list I’m talking about… its this one.]


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cute(?) yandere otome game story

And that’s how it is. I read the raws a while back, but never got very far into it. Let’s see how things go. (:

P.S. It seems that they need proofreaders too, so if you apply now, in the future you might be looking at reading the chapters slightly before all the other plebs! Don’t miss out!


Status Report

Yomigaeri no Maou, I’m Back in the Other World!?, Sorry Oniisama FANS, PAY ATTENTION:

And that’s how it is. On the poll are,

  • Yomigaeri no Maou
  • I’m Back in the Other World!?
  • Sorry Oniisama

so if you’re a fan of any of those, vote for them!

I should mention though, that Yomigari no Maou is being done by a MTL here and has been announced as a side project here.

As for Sorry Oniisama, I quite like the story, so if nobody picks it up, I’ll probably have all of it completed within a year or two. Which is roughly how long the author took to write it anyway.


Status Report

So I was gunna finish the last two chapters of this sub-arc for Otoburi…

but then my imouto, Estelina dragged me out to McDonalds and gave me a food coma, so at most I’ll be doing a teaser tonight.

Originally things weren’t supposed to be like this. There’s this new McDonalds thing where you make your own burger, and it’s a little fancier, and since our internet was down, Estelina decided there was nothing better to do than drive to McDonalds at 8PM and try a burger.

So anyway, she dragged me along. Now my sister is a slow eater you see, and since I was there and hadn’t had lunch today, I decided to kill time by ordering two apple pie thingies and soft serve cone. That much sugar is pushing it, but I don’t usually eat much anyway, so doing this just for today should be fine. It probably won’t lead to diabetes.

So anyway, we wait, and wait, and finally the order is done, so I picked up my thingies and her McFlurry, and sit down at a table.

So we’re eating, and we’re eating, and I’m reading the teaser raws on my phone, and just as I’m about to finish all of my food, she turns to me with a serious expression and asks,

“Should I get a burger?”

And I realise that this whole time, she hasn’t ordered a thing.

“Didn’t you already order a burger?”

“No, I was just thinking about ordering a burger”

“You realise that I bought all this crap because I was trying to kill time while you ate, right?”

“Ohhhhhhhh. Should I get one now though? I’m not hungry now, but I’ll be hungry tonight.”

“Then just eat one now so that you won’t be.”

So she goes off and orders her burger, along with a coffee for me, and I’m sitting there reading on my phone until the burger arrives.

Anyway, the burger finally comes, and just as she takes a bite into it,

“I think that there’s butter in this.”

My sister hates butter. She hates it. She hates it as much as her friend hates mandarins, or as much as I hate spamming leechers, so in other words, she hates it a lot.

Turns out she ordered a brioche bun, which is only separated from other breads by having more egg and butter.

In the end I ended up eating that burger as well, feeling like I was going to throw up all the while.

This is quite possibly the most boring story I have ever told in the entirety of my life.DSC_0031


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Seeing these Yomigaeri no Maou illustrations has… ruined the story for me forever, lol. Not going to read the raws anymore.

I’m an incredibly shallow person, it seems.

Speaking seriously though, to me, those faces are about half-way to the spud-head children of Skyrim, so it really has destroyed my imagery of this story forever. I don’t think I can read this story anymore.

Hm, the dangers of LN adaptations…

Ah, and 21 (EGA) will be done soon.


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Somebody translated ‘I Tripped into Another World, but I Got ‘Eaten up’ Right on the Spot: Chapter 1’

For details on how this happened, click here and read the comment thread.

To read the chapter, click here.

To thank saimaru’s oneesan (the original JA>TH translator), click here (her English is apparently shit, but I’m sure she can read it).


Status Report

Um, if anybody remembers what I wrote a few weeks back about being demotivated. Well uh, that never stopped. Because I never took a break to do a teaser, and people have continually been pushing for EGA since it’s so popular and stuff.

I tried breaking the tedium by translating chapter 8 of the interlude arc, but it didn’t help that much.

And my laptop keyboard broke, so I’m stuck using a usb keyboard which is not comfortable for me.

And yeah, that’s sort of why it’s been taking me ages to release any chapter of anything. Because I’m still feeling apathetic.

Or at least I was, until a short moment ago!

The first Mushoku Tensei Useless Additions chapter was released just now, so I went and translated it for fun! Which was great!

…Except I deleted it right afterwards to make sure it never sees the light of day so I don’t piss off that Kaezar guy and his team lol. I remember what happened with Lygey-dude or whatever that rpg-maker porn-game translator is called.

But um, at least I’m a little motivated again! I’ll definitely get chapter 18 done before this time tomorrow!

p.s. Orsted is surprisingly clumsy. Cute guy. Wahahah!


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A certain cute blog has finally begun their translations

three cheers for kiriririiriririririrkukuririkukkiri


Status Report

Somewhat important announcement:

I have two new pages that relate to the projects on my website, so translators interested in my projects, and readers who read them, please take a look.

To summarise,

  • All the teasers and stuff on my blog are obviously up for grabs.
  • Do not expect me to update them (although I might).
  • What’s more, if you’re a decent translator, Other World and Tilea’s are also up for grabs.
  • I will update them, provided that nobody picks them up. I like them both, and have fun translating them.
  • Only, if there’s somebody out there who loves them more, and can do a good enough job (i.e. at least N3 vocab and N2 grammar) then I am fine with passing it on.
  • I am not so self-centred and egocentric that I’d be thinking of “hogging” or “calling dibs” on side projects that are illegal translations to begin with, haha. If a non-hobo person is willing to adopt these, I’m more than happy to give these two away.
  • Finally, as I’ve always said, I strongly believe in re-translations and alternate translations. If somebody out there wants to translate Otoburi or EGA in their own way, I’d even be happy enough to link them from this website.
  • If they actually want to provide an alternate translation (and not just snipe for grolious groly) then far from making trouble for them, I’d even promote them.

Finally, for those of you who missed it the first time, here is my first landscape painting. You can print it or use it as wallpaper or whatever you want.Faerie Court in the Deep Forest2015/05/18

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Thank you, Anri-sama!

shot316 shot317shot318計画通り女の子2015/05/16

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The reason why chapter 17 is taking so long to come out:

Faerie Court in the Deep Forest


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[Google TL adds a lot of flavour:]

At this moment, jasmine in shock to find that she completely underestimated this person. His body is weak, his mysterious force small bear, but this time, he has shown a completely inconsistent with these terrorist willpower. Previously, she had been puzzled with why the treasure as Tien day will actually poison beads attached to such a low, but the humans again, this time, she began to feel …… does not seem to disappear day spiritual poison beads , but not a day of spiritual poison bead gone mad ……

Over the past quarter of an hour and a half ……

Che’s body covered with dark clouds suddenly flashing pattern rapist from red brilliance, and his facial features are distorted when he finally began to ease off a little.

[Suddenly, Lovecraft!]

When “Three hundred years ago, it was exploring a dangerous legacy left by ancient land, we found a very old ancient inscribed a message: ancient times, there is a process called ‘Cthulhu’ true God He is the era of the gods fall last true God, his fall, also means that the era of the real end of the gods. And when the fall of Cthulhu, leaving a drop of Cthulhu source of power contains the blood of his immortal …… ”

“If we can get this drop of immortal blood, into the body, the mysterious veins into force will be derived Cthulhu!”


Status Report

Sorry for the wait, guys. I had this half-done a week ago, but lost the motivation to finish it.

Over the last few days, I’ve been spending my free time reading. Not just translated Chinese novels of course, but raw Japanese stuff too. I recently finished something I could describe as,

‘Kenkyo ~ Inferior Fantasy Edition: Now With Harem’

and well, it was great. But there was nothing amazing throughout the entire series. Well, not to say that Kenkyo has any amazing moments either, but Kenkyo is cuter and longer.
The protagonist in this is a bit of a monkey, which is a first I guess.

Hm. I guess it was inferior because although she collected harem members (male and female) who each had their own mini-arc, once the last one was collected, it was just a long epilogue chapter and that was that. I guess there wasn’t enough everyday life for me, and it ended more quickly than I’d have liked.

I mean, I did enjoy the ride, but I suppose it ended as a mediocre series before I had time to really warm up to all the characters. So I don’t think I’ll be translating it. If I hadn’t already 4 projects, then I’d pick it up for sure, but… yeah.

If anyone out there is looking for something cute to pick up, try this. It’s complete at 35 chapters of varying length.

– The protagonist is amusing in her own way.
– The characters are all colourful and lovable.

– There are no amazing scenes. There are some strong feels, but never anything really amazing happening.
– It might take a while to translate, but when you read it, it feels like it ends too quickly.

– The protagonist is basically a big monkey. A cheerful idiot that hates studying and likes to climb trees.
– One of her female friends is seriously plotting to cancel MC’s engagement, and elope with her.
– Bonus points for adding the original game heroine to her harem.


Status Report

Vidar will be doing the short-story chapters for Evil God Average. It’s the arc in-between the two main ones.

All of them are done from a different perspective than Anri, so no worries about the writing style suddenly changing.

I would personally have preferred that he get some Heibon done since I’ve been waiting for ages to read it, but hey, you like what you like. (:

I do hope that he concedes on the naming though. >:


Status Report


This is too much work, so I’ll finish the rest some other day.


I’m not really comfortable with uploading the illustrations since that will bring the chance of someone buying the raws to support Sakura-sensei from 1% to 0%.

However, the front and back cover seem to be fair game, so here you are!

cover 01 cover 02


Status Report

Um, I’ll complete Otoburi arc before I go to sleep, so look forward to it guys!

Before that though, um, I’m going to look into how people make pdfs and epub things, since some of you guys have asked for them. I personally hate pdfs because they’re laggy and make the images ugly, but since I’m not including images for Otoburi, all is well!

If they turn out to be easy enough to make, I’ll go over the earlier chapters for anything I could rewrite better while I’m at it.

Well, only if it turns out to be easy though.

As for what I’m doing after that, I’m not sure yet, but probably a bit of the bear story as a teaser. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad in any way either. Then probably Jashin Average, maybe some other teaser, and then Other World.



Status Update [Potential Teasers]

I Ended up Reincarnating as a Villainess Noble Girl with Nothing but Destruction Flags…

Hit on the head with a rock, the memories of my previous life returned to me. I, Caterina Claes, am the daughter of the duke, and 8 years old.
Having feverish nightmares, my engagement to the prince was decided, and I realised that this was the otome game I played in my previous life.
And I also realised that I had become the villainess noble girl that got in the way of the protagonists’ romance…
If the protagonist meets her happy end, I’ll be exiled with no belongings, and if she meets the bad end, I’ll be killed by the love interest…?
…Don’t I get a happy end!? Uh, there’s nothing but bad endings here, you know!?
I want to avoid those destruction ends and live a quiet life until I’m old!

[tl: Premise is quite similar to kenkyo, but according to reviews it’s done quite well, and the characters are all interesting. Also unlike Kenkyo, it seems that this protagonist isn’t a complete loser when it comes to romance. Poor Reika. >: Really.]

otome game;
reverse harem (regardless of gender)

I Reincarnated as a Villainess, but Why Did Things Turn out Like This?

Eliza Kardia who reincarnated as the villainess noble girl in a fantasy otome game, despite being a noble’s daughter, experienced a childhood far from what you’d expect of the world of a ren’ai game. To begin with, it was doubtful whether or not she would even survive long enough to enter the school that was the setting of the game. Because of the changes in circumstances in a neighbouring nation that didn’t even appear in the game, so different that it seemed to have no relation to that flowery school life that was featured in said game, Eliza had no choice up but to pick up arms to defend herself. Just why on earth did things turn out like this?

She has no OP abilities. She can’t use magic either. Her sense of morals may have gone a little funny because of her rebirth.

otome game;
reincarnated as a villain;
female protagonist;
no OP abilities;
no special abilities;
territory management;
occasionally warmhearted;
roughly a hundred pages left until the school arc

Parallel World Strong-Armed Drifter’s Story ~Otome Games Have Declined

A low girl-power working Japanese woman (unpopular) had of all things been reincarnated in the world of an otome game; and of all people, as the villainess who always found a way of picking on the heroine.
It was the world of a school story with swords, magic and love… or so you’d think, but of course she had ‘no fucken idea’ about any of that. In regards to the contents of the game either.
Interpreting it being the same type as the VRMMO’s in her past life, this blood boiling, flesh dancing, bone grating, boisterous sword storm battle-loving battle-idiot with low girl power pushed her way through――――and aimed to be the strongest in the world!

parallel world reincarnation;
otome game (provisional);
girl power (in a muscular sense);
leave your head here and piss off, monster;
occasionally there’s a baku dream eater;
thinks about nothing but battle;
ossan festival in full swing;
益 荒漢女 [tl: Japanese pun that’s rather difficult to translate. Basically it’s ‘益荒/masura(manly heroism)’ + ‘otome/乙女(maiden)’, except the kanji for ‘maiden’ have been replaced by ‘gallant woman/漢女’]

Sorry, Oniisama!

After reincarnating in the novel I loved, I run left and right to save my beloved character from peril!
So that I can live a great life, I’ll cut down my villainness role, and even warp fate itself!
So become happy, okay? Oniisama!




―――Ah, but well, the last boss is me though.

tags: magic, non-comedy

I Tripped into Another World, but I Got ‘Eaten up’ Right on the Spot.

Mizukami Sakura, twenty years old. Today I tripped into another world! But where I ended up was on top of a bed, with nothing but my bath towel on, and the owner of the room, Captain Grace, had a good time ‘eating’ me up. But well, he’s a hot guy who’s exactly my type, so I’ll allow it. Or rather, how about one more round?
● Fundamentally a love comedy-esque love story that began as a physical relationship between a slightly stupid protagonist who’s regrettable in various ways, and a slightly overly straight-laced Captain.
● Part 1 complete, Part 2 being written

trip to a parallel world;
love comedy;
age difference;
military man;
regrettable heroine;
parallel world summoning?;
happy end;

Destroying the Reverse Harem Flags

My beloved oniisamas are going to be the key members of the reverse harem you say? What kind of joke is this? Of course I’m going to get in the way!
[tl: About a girl who reincarnated in a certain otome game as Shinoi Ayaka; the little sister of one of the main members of the game’s reverse harem, and grew up being looked after by another one of the members as well. So no matter how great the heroine might be, or whether the oniisamas are fine with being in a reverse harem, she won’t allow it.]

otome game;

Siscon Feudal Lord Reincarnation! ~If I’m Reincarnated with a Little Sister, I’ll Spoil Her Through and Through

Elxiac, a reincarnater born as the son of a feudal lord. He had an adorable half-sister, born to an elven mother.
And he who seemed like a calm and collected person upon first glance was actually――an outrageous siscon!
For the sake of his younger sister, he reforms the territory, and endeavours to eliminate discrimination. And for the sake of taking photos of her, he creates camera magic.
This is the story of a little sister and the slightly regrettable oniichan who works for her sake.
With El the siscon brother, Yuin the elven sister, and the sharp-tongued maid Mizette, what kind of reincarnated life will he experience!?

[tl: Seems to swap perspectives between the oniichan and imouto.]

feudal lord,
rising up in the world,
territory reform,
older brother,
younger sister,
fundamentally a comedy,


Status Update
  • Evil God Average is confirmed to finish at 52 chapters (the end of the second book/arc/chapter) so I’ll be translating it to the end.
  • Tilea’s Worries was mentioned a few months ago to be getting a light novel adaptation.
  • I just spent the last 3 days reading Tilea’s Worries, which is why I haven’t gotten anything done.
  • The first arc of Tilea’s Worries is all laughs, second is not all that funny, third is mostly… interesting but not funny, with the exception of a few scenes.
  • Evil God Average maintains the same magnitude and style of humour all throughout the series in my opinion.
  • Some machine translator group has told me that they’re going to translate Maou, and I haven’t decided what I want to do in response yet. In the end I’ll probably just be cherry picking, and translating whatever the hell I want.
  • I might do Otoburi right after some new teasers, since I really want to hurry up and get to the marriage thingy.
  • 2015/04/23
Random Message

I’m feeling really enthusiastic about the red flair on reddit! To be honest I’d prefer the grey one, but using that wouldn’t do.




Random Message

I’ve actually had a one-sided rivalry with Binh from over at Binhjamin. He literally has no idea.

And so for the longest time I’ve been watching the numbers of follows for the both of us, and each time I got close like maybe a 6 follower difference, over the next day or two it would widen to a 15~25 follower lead again.

But just recently I overtook him!

shot294 shot296And it’s thanks to you guys! I don’t know how long it’ll last, and to be honest I don’t care, because what’s important is that at least once I caught up to him!

So I’ve made a new header to celebrate, and thanks again guys! Wahaha~!

EDIT: Oh, and while I’m at it, I may as well ask. Would you guys prefer that I post announcements when I update a new Maou chapter? Thus far I’ve been going with old format where I just edit the old posts, and don’t tell anybody that a new chapter is up.


Status Report and Random Message

Ummm, so as some of you may have noticed, I’ve picked up Tilea’s Worries. The poll in the end had 25% against me picking it up, and 75% for, so I’ll be picking it up as another side project.

For the record, my ‘main’ project is Otoburi because not only do I really enjoy it, but also because it’s a lot of fun to translate. And it just happens to be at the right level of difficulty for Japanese practice. I learn a lot less than the rest. Ah, hm. This isn’t really a status update so I guess I’d better add ‘random message’ to the post name huh.

Uhh, what was the point of this post again? Oh yeah, right. What to do next. Err, so I’ve actually got a few things on my mind. I guess it’s time for another strawpoll.

Please do BOTH. And have a look at Otoburi chapter names on the TOC before you vote. (:

And yes, I’m aware that I have a terrible habit of wanting to pick up more teasers. Can’t be helped. It’s refreshing for me. Plus, I want these to get picked up over others. Hoping I can shift the tides even a little bit by converting leechers who will then go beg translators when they ask “What project should I pick up?”.


Random Message

EDIT: And they give readings for her name this time. Turns out it’s actually a slightly less common reading, Manami. Ahh, of course I don’t mean to say that 愛 being read as ‘mana’ is at all rare, but I mean altogether.

So, because of the middleman I use to buy light novels, I probably won’t see my book for another month or so. But! There’s a sample of the book available here which happens to come with an image. So here you are, guys (: Our favourite (mildly retarded) burikko-turned-heroine, and her merry friends. sample1043485-000 editedsample1043485-001

If you want higher quality images, please support the industry. Consider it donating to support the industry, and getting a book filled with pretty pictures and meaningless squiggles as a thank you bonus.

Tutorial for honto is on the project page, and the newer Otoburi chapters!


Random Message

That was the final arc.

It’s finally over. The feels, man. The feels.

1xreYkvLots of people hated it because he was a fat piece of garbage that fapped over his niece, but I think that was the point.

He had been hiding in his room since middle school, and was apparently an idiot even before he became a hikki. Basically he was a massive man-child. If you look at the things he thinks during the Demon Continent arc, you can tell that he’s missing a lot of things adults take for granted as common sense.

He’s a scummy man-child precisely because this is a growing up story. In the early chapters, he gets over his fears and starts moving again. And as time passes, and as he overcomes each crisis, he grows as a person. Which I think makes him quite a wonderful person. It sounds easy to change, but really, very few people actually do better themselves.

He started off as a disgusting deviant (and, well, arguably ends as one) but he definitely betters himself as a person. It takes a while, but as you follow him through the story, you really do notice that he takes these sort of sensibilities to heart.

Well, having said that though, there are still going to be people who scream “This is disgusting! It’s glorifying peedofilia, blah blah blah!” but I simply don’t agree with them. Growing up with Western sensibilities means that you get a knee-jerk reaction to certain things (and this includes me as well), but if you read it carefully, you’ll realise it’s not about that at all.

It’s about a man-child who gets a second chance to grow up properly, and learn the things that he should have learnt the first time. And yeah, he does fail a lot, and often realises incredibly obvious things, even as far as the Begaritto arc, but I personally found it all really believable.

And although I hated him when I first began reading this, I think I really like him now. He’s one of my favourite protagonists because he’s a kind person deep down, and he tries his very best to learn from his mistakes.

I’m definitely going to buy all of the volumes when they come out. I’ll definitely have a job by then, after all!



So, there’s some pretty exciting news today.

In celebration of THE NEW GATE’s upcoming anime adaptation, Yorai-kun has agreed to do a joint-translation of THE NEW GATE’s light novel edition.

I’m not sure how we’re going to divide the translation between us, as I’m actually a little bit particular about consistency, but I think for now we’ve agreed on a volume each.

We’ll probably get started once Yorai-kun finally gets Shield Hero DMCA’d。



Because I’m a Crafty Sheeprabbit
shot273Random Message


Umm, so a little bit ago I talked about my concerns regarding a certain translation group. I’m still feeling things out and haven’t decided personally how trustworthy these guys are, but we can all be the judge of that ourselves. (:

There’s a discussion here by the unnamedteam themselves, and here is a reddit copy of my post.

Status Report

Um, so I’ve finished the Otoburi arc that I was translating up until yesterday. I honestly wanted to jump right into the next arc (if you look at the chapter names on the TOC, you’ll see why) but I did say that I would be doing some Other World. Also on the agenda is getting through one or two Maou chapters in the background while all this is happening.

I um, might be taking Sunday off (which starts in 6 hours for me) translation-wise because I have a few real-life things I need to take care of (yes, being a NEET isn’t all leeching off the government; there’s a lot of ‘trying not to be a NEET anymore’ involved), so mmn.

Um, so yeah! I might put up a poll later today to see what you guys want me to do after I’m done with Other World and a tiny bit of Maou. I won’t necessarily listen to you, but it plays a big role in my whole happiness-cost decision making.


Random Message

As a fellow translator and as a real-life friend of the translator of one of the Saekano translations, there’s something I’d like to bring to your attention.

Ahem, um, so earlier today I was shamelessly trying to publicise my friend’s translations, since we were having a talk about how our translation was doing, and I noticed that a lot of people didn’t know about his blog.

So, you know, being a wonderful sheeprabbit, I decided to arbitrarily advertise to my meagre followers on my blog!

Uhm, but while looking around, I found that a certain translation group had stolen his work, word for word.

At least that’s how it looks.

#1 From the moment things are copied and pasted, their spacing fucks up.

Before copying:

After copying:

#2 A good chunk of their text is taken almost word for word.

WordPress automatically fixes spacing issues for me, so I’ve used the preview function of wordpress to make the spacing for both blogs the same, and then taken a chunk of text from somewhere random in the middle and put it into a difference checker.

For Posterity

So yeah,

Please don’t support them.

I don’t know how fast they are, or that much about them. I haven’t read the raws so I can’t say who is more accurate, and who has the style of translation I prefer.

What I can talk about though is their work ethic. It’s a joke. Seriously a joke. Please don’t support these kinds of people. Translating, especially amateur translating, takes a lot out of you. Lots of rewording. Lots of typing. Lots of agonising over how to best convey the same idea and feeling in English

And these people just stole it, and not only that, what’s worst is…


Would you really support people who do such a shit job that they can’t even plagiarise properly? As anybody who’s gone to school before would know, you at least need to do the bare minimum of rewording. Make sure there are no little [1] reference things. Make sure that the formatting and spacing is all the same.

These guys straight up copied and pasted. Would you really trust the work ethic and translations of these kinds of people?

tldr: A certain translation group are also doing Saekano. Stole word for word off my friend. Please don’t support them.


Random Message

Two of the four new teasers for much, much, much further down the line:

Title: Tilea’s Worries (TS)

  With the progression of his Chuuni Disease, Shioda Tetsuya is shunned by his family, and dies in despair, a thirty three year old jobless virgin. He vowed that if he was born again, this time he would stay away from delusions and live life seriously. Fortunately, he reincarnated in another world as a girl named Tilea, and lived a happy life with her kind parents and adorable little sister, but…
  Lately, she’d been troubled. Her beloved sister had begun talking about how she was actually one of the Six Demon Generals, serving directly under Demon King Zorg, a descendant of the Three Great Demons. The situation was looking bad. She had to do something before this Chuuni Disease got any worse!
  This is a fantasy “misunderstanding story” about a protagonist who has not noticed in the slightest that she’s a “cheat”-like existence, and how in her efforts to heal her sister’s Chuuni Disease (except that she really is one of the Six Demon Generals), she somehow or other ended up setting out to defeat the Demon King.

Contains the occasional coloured illustration. The entire cast of major characters have their own profile pictures. It’s a pleasant touch.
Our protagonist:

Title: The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma (Translator’s Note: Kuma Means Bear)

Yuna, a fifteen year old girl who has just begun playing the world’s first VRMMO.
Earned billions of yen in stocks. Doesn’t go to school, and shuts herself in at home playing games.
Today, logging in excitedly to play the new major update and promotional campaign, she was given the soul-bound super rare cheat item, the bear suit. But even though she played the game alone, and even though it was just in-game, the suit was too embarassing so she couldn’t wear it.
After completing a survey regarding the new campaign, she started the game again, only to find that she had been forced to wear the bear suit, and was in an unknown forest.
Where is this? Huh, an in-game message from God? This is another world?
If she put on the Mr. Bear suit, she was godly, but if she took it off, she was a normal girl. Yuna began doing as she liked.
(When the protagonist levels up, the bear suit gets stronger. When the protagonist learns a new magic, the bear suit learns the magic instead. A lot of this story involves bears, so please take care.)

There is a lot of bear content


Random Message
One of my favourite manga ever. If you guys have a dry period where no web novels or light novels that you read have been getting released, try it out. Would recommend, 10/10.
Random Message

Hey there Estelion and random fellow leechers here! For anyone bored I’ve got this “Reference Game” I’d like to share with the good people here.
I figured the [STATUS REPORT/RANDOM MESSAGE] section is as good enough a place as any to share it. After all it’s kinda like a Status Report, only about my self haha ^^; Well here’s a link:


First of all, sorry for giving so many activity updates and stuff. I’m a NEET at the moment, so I have a lot of free time. Yes, I’m aware that I probably have more of these than chapters, and I write more of these than any other translator out there. Feel free not to read.

Random Message

Um, I was just thinking, maybe after finishing the current Kenja chapter and current Otoburi arc, I’ll translate Mushoku Tensei Volume 6’s light novel special chapter.

I’ve been thinking about it, and they’re all pretty good, but as you’d expect I don’t feel like doing them all. But volume 6 has Aisha, so I thought it’d be fun to do it myself. If it’s already been translated, then I might not publish it, but mmn, fun things are fun. That might be nice to try.

What should I do after Otoburi though? More Other World? Another Black Knight chapter?

I’m actually asking you here.
Regarding Kenja/Wiseman

I’ve mentioned in comments somewhere, but I think for Kenja, because of the way the story is done, I’ll only translate a little bit of the beginning, cut to an important (but irrelevant to overarching plot) reunion halfway through volume 1, and then cut straight to translating some of the road trip arc in the web novel.

That way you get a taste of Kenja-style sentimental stuff, as well as Kenja-style exploration, without ruining any of the real plot.

And if you find that you really like this style of writing as well as Mira (Dunbalf’s new name), then you can go harass a translator with free time or something. The same way people harassed Yorai-kun for THE NEW GATE. Yes. That’s a good idea.



Status Report

Released 4 chapters. You can find the links on the Otoburi TOC.

You’ll have to be satisfied with this for a while because I’m doing a kenja chapter next, and that takes a long time.

how translation worksIf you guys haven’t already tried it, you can read 8th son here.

I’m personally entirely fed up with it, but I enjoyed everything up to the end of his homecoming arc.


Status Report
  1. Uhm, so I kind of want to hurry up and do Otoburi already because next arc has some pretty big shit going down, both conspiracy-wise and romance-wise, but everybody’s been really excited about the teasers etc. etc. so I’ll be sticking with them until I’m satisfied that the translated chapters give a good idea of the mood, writing style and protagonist of all these.
    ..and why you always talk about the cool kids/who take archery
  2. Uh, also Other World is only 101 chapters long (with 40 extra chapters), and it’s surprisingly easy to translate (just not as easy as Kenkyo and Otoburi) so I’m considering picking it up for real. Idunno. It’s likely.
    ..yeah you’re a shrinky dink/you’ll get a funeral/
  3. Uh, as for the rest, I can’t pick up Kenja. Honestly, if I was going to do that, I would just start translating Maou again. Which reminds me, I’m considering doing it in parts again. Yeah, it’s an inefficient series to translate, but I have fun doing it, so rather than stopping altogether for now, wouldn’t it be better to do it a bit at a time and just release it more slowly? Idunno, would it?
    …if you don’t wise up and call me/carl poppa
  4. Uhhh, also, uhhh, I had this conversation:shot254And what I want to say is that there are webnovels with female protagonists. And they didn’t necessarily have penises in their previous lives, or before their transformations, etc. etc. And not all of them are like that office lady story either (which was written by Sakura Ageha as well, who also wrote this story about this pushy and horrible hot vampire guy who turned a cute girl into his minion because he wanted her), and to be honest they’re all easy to find because there’s a bloody ‘female protagonist’ tag on syosetu. But I digress, the point is that I’ve read some of them, and they exist; they’re just not being translated.

tldr; those ‘female protagonist’ webnovels may end up being my next batch of teasers. And goodness, it’s 2:40 AM. No wonder I’m ranting. Um, I’ll clean up this notication when I wake up. Maybe.

Myaa Overload


Status Report

Made a new page and updated parts of my blog.

Will now either go,
Dark Knight
Other World
Other World


Dark Knight
Other World
Other World

Also, Other World seems easy and quick enough to translate, so I’m considering picking it up.


Status Report and Random Message

Over a million, yay.

shot247And translating just the prologue of Kenja at the moment is such a bother. So much 3rd person narration. Argh… I just want to start chapter one. There’s so much crap in the prologue that I don’t give a shit about.

At the moment, not sure which is easier; using the edited and shortened light novel to translate, or the convenient i-don’t-need-to-hold-it-open-with-my-elbow web novel…


Status Report

I became a NEET.


Hi guys. There’s something I’d like to clarify, and since I’m at it, I thought I may as well give a status update as well.

Status update (plans)

I’m definitely going to translate I’m Back in the Other World up until at least the 5th or 10th chapter. Enough so that we get past the introductions, and see what kind of story it really starts to become. It might not be immediately though, so if you see me releasing Otoburi chapters or other teasers in the meanwhile, please don’t start asking if I’m done with I’m Back in the Other World, because I’ll be sure to let you know when I think I’m done with it.

Since we’re getting pretty close to some things that seem exciting in Otoburi, I was thinking of translating like this:

Dark Knight
Other World
Other World
Dark Knight

but depending on the content and length of the chapters (I haven’t read them yet), this might change. Anyway, just don’t panic if I suddenly start translating things other than I’m Back in the Other World because I’ll definitely at least get far enough into the novel so that you’ll have a good idea of it.

It won’t be like P*O***ss’s “teasers” where he translates three chapters of This Other World’s ***** is too ****** that really tells you nothing about the writing style, or anything else really.


First of all, I’d just like to clarify that I’m not trying to alienate people who aren’t using the wordpress follow function, or their own feed/post aggregators. I’m trying to be inclusive of people who don’t use these, which is why I repeat any important notifications on
as well. I’m really sorry if it seems that I’m ignoring people who don’t use either of the two, and I’m really not. I’m trying to accomodate everybody.

I try to make an effort to update the TOC’s as soon as possible, and I’ve been doing that over the last few months, but recently things have just been getting bogged up, and I’m struggling just to find the motivation to translate and study (and to even get out of bed each morning). I’m prioritising these two over most everything else, including reading web novels (which has basically been my life this past year), so please forgive me if I update the TOC’s in bulk. I understand that it’s important to keep these things updated as soon as possible, but sometimes they just feel less important, you know?

Recently I failed to update my TOC page for Otoburi, and a few people brought this to my attention. I’m sure that most were just trying to be helpful, but because tone doesn’t come through well on the internet, I interpreted these messages as being more whiney than they might have actually been. I’ve already got this image of a certain percentage of readers being egocentric leechers, and the fact that your tone doesn’t come through well just makes things harder for me. I get rather depressed and negative when I repeatedly lose sleep, so that definitely contributes.

So this message is an apology as well. I’m really sorry, and I hope that despite my occasionally caustic and nasty replies, you’ll still give my translations a fair go. I do take them pretty seriously, and I think they’re all great series. I’d be even happier if you didn’t hate me as well, but I’ll take what I can get.


Status Report

One of my good friends told me that my blog wasn’t confusing enough to navigate, so to rectify this I have added a total of


If however there are other steps you think I could take to improve things, please leave me a comment. After all, if this blog isn’t becoming a labyrinth, then it’s kind of like ‘What have I been working towards? What has this all been about?‘ you know?


Random Message

Let’s be honest here; are you guys just saying this to mock how tired I’m feeling right now? Like, “hey, so I know you translated 3 chapters today and are busy doing a masters but I’m too lazy to check or to follow blogs on wordpresssocanyouhurryupandedityourindexpageIthinkthelinksarebroken” or something like that?

Are you just trolling? Because if so, I must say I am taking the bait hard, hahaha.


Status Report

Somebody please take Yomigaeri no Maou off my hands. I am realistically not going to be able to translate a 3rd person narrated story like that for another year at least. And then, I’ll be in a casual job and part-time masters, and still might not find the time.

Was thinking that in exchange, I would translate something else one chapter a fortnight as a teaser to generate interest. I can’t handle a full second project, but if it’s slow translations to see if anyone wants to pick things up, I might start with ‘I Returned to the Other World?’, followed by ‘She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man’ and then maybe ‘In Order to Live in a Sweet and Gentle World’ and ‘The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than the Hero’.

Then maybe actually start translating Kenkyo. To be honest, I could use with the fluffy stress relief.

“Lyle, a powerful magus, was on his way back from a diplomatic meeting when his party was suddenly assaulted by a bandit attack. Little did he know that this was part of a more deeply orchestrated conspiracy that would leave him betrayed and dead.
Reborn in modern day Japan where his old knowledge is useless, he lives his life peacefully as an ordinary high school student until one day, he is suddenly returned to his old world…”

– friend’s synopsis of ‘I Returned to the Other World?’


Random Message

Do you guys read Madan no Ou? If you haven’t already, I’d totally suggest it. It’s this amazing light novel about a French youth who leads a coalition army comprising frenchmen and slavs to push back an evil negro horde. Truly amazing stuff.


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[7:45:37 PM] Zephyrial: i just wanted to point stuff out lol
[7:45:42 PM] Estelion: i want to make a donate button too
[7:45:46 PM] Estelion: but i dont actually want donations
[7:45:52 PM] Estelion: what to do
[7:46:03 PM] Zephyrial: loooool
[7:46:09 PM] Estelion: maybe i’ll make one
[7:46:13 PM] Estelion: then cross out the ‘donate’ part in paint
[7:46:19 PM] Estelion: and link it to a funny anime related vid
[7:46:34 PM] Estelion: oh yeah
[7:46:35 PM] Estelion:
[7:46:35 PM] Estelion: song
[7:46:36 PM] Estelion: (:
[7:46:37 PM] Estelion: listen?
[7:46:55 PM] Estelion: my favourite touhou-remix-doing vocalist
[7:46:59 PM] Estelion: shiki/maou
[7:47:03 PM] Estelion: also known as eerie
[7:47:04 PM] Zephyrial: how do i even
[7:47:06 PM] Zephyrial: navigate your site
[7:47:09 PM] Estelion: ?
[7:47:11 PM] Estelion: it’s not that hard
[7:47:14 PM] Estelion: you pop up to index
[7:47:16 PM] Estelion: there are 2 main series
[7:47:24 PM] Estelion: you click the name of the one you want to read
[7:47:28 PM] Estelion: it takes you to the index for that series
[7:47:30 PM] Zephyrial: no, no
[7:47:30 PM] Zephyrial: i mean
[7:47:33 PM] Zephyrial: the posts
[7:47:35 PM] Zephyrial: latest posts
[7:47:36 PM] Estelion: oh
[7:47:39 PM] Estelion: i dont have one for that
[7:47:43 PM] Estelion: i expect all people to be following me
[7:47:46 PM] Zephyrial: only way i can access yours is through yeah
[7:47:47 PM] Zephyrial: that
[7:47:47 PM] Estelion: else they will not receive the grace of my posts.
[7:47:50 PM] Zephyrial: looool


Random Message

Would recommend, 10/10:


Status Update

Translating on public transport when there’s no internet from saved pages. Have gotten 4 chapters of Otoburi done, but they’re kind of cliffhanger-ey, so I’ll release them all at once after we get past the cheap cliffhanger.

Also, ‘A Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku’ will be getting a light novel version, published under the name ‘One Day, I Turned into a Burikko Villainess Noble’s Daughter’, where ‘noble’s daughter’ is 令嬢(reijou/’rehjoh’) which means a daughter/young-lady of good upbringing and family. You’ll have noticed the awkward ‘noble daughter’ or whatever that I’ve been using to translate it, because there’s no direct translation (and all appropriate translations are too wordy or too lacking for the amount of times that it’s appears in the series).


Status Update + Random Message

I’ll be beginning my masters degree today. I have a lot of down time between lectures so I might use some of that time to translate, but because I’ve never done a degree like this before, I’m unsure about the workload, so again, translations will be fairly uncertain for the near future. Not uncertain as in, they won’t be coming, but uncertain in that I’ll be unsure about the frequency.

I mean hey, I could be lucky, and still be able to pump out 4 chapters a week or something. Who knows.

Anyway, as for the random message, for those of you who aren’t my ‘followers’, I mentioned that Hot Chocolate Scans would be translating a novel by the same author who wrote Yomigaeri no Maou.


1) Check out the announcement here:
2) Why the fuck aren’t you following me? (jk)

And Zephyzeph, my good friend, what did I tell you? :3 :3 :3

so much for the integrity of a scanlator
so much for the integrity of a scanlator


Random Message

[4:50:03 PM] .littleshanks: you’re reading overlord raws?
[4:50:15 PM] oniichanyamete: the WN, yeah
[4:50:16 PM] oniichanyamete: not the LN
[4:50:21 PM] oniichanyamete: and i’m only having a look
[4:50:25 PM] oniichanyamete: i’ve been reading the LN eng translations
[4:50:30 PM] oniichanyamete: and noticed in latest chapters
[4:50:40 PM] oniichanyamete: that skythewood said that the chinese ppl said that shaltear
[4:50:48 PM] oniichanyamete: was speaking like a geisha in the original japanese
[4:50:51 PM] oniichanyamete: so i got curious and had a look
[4:50:54 PM] oniichanyamete: and yepp
[4:50:57 PM] oniichanyamete: speaks like a fkn geisha
[4:51:20 PM] .littleshanks: whats a geisha
[4:51:28 PM] oniichanyamete: they’re like female samuraininja/ninjamurai
[4:51:49 PM] oniichanyamete: in the momoyama era
[4:51:56 PM] oniichanyamete: they were placed in strategic castles
[4:52:03 PM] oniichanyamete: to keep the peace between feudal lords
[4:54:39 PM] .littleshanks: so they’re like fighting prostitute warriors
[4:54:57 PM] oniichanyamete: ?
[4:55:03 PM] oniichanyamete: who said anything about prostitution
[4:55:07 PM] .littleshanks: I thought they were entertainers/hostesses
[4:55:10 PM] oniichanyamete: they’re assassamurai
[4:55:13 PM] oniichanyamete: from the azuchi-momoyama era…?
[4:55:29 PM] .littleshanks: oh
[4:55:29 PM] .littleshanks: idk
[4:55:31 PM] .littleshanks: what that is
[4:55:32 PM] oniichanyamete: no, i think you’re thinking of hostess club women
[4:55:43 PM] oniichanyamete: geisha were momoyama mercenary agents
[4:56:05 PM] .littleshanks: ahhh
[4:56:13 PM] Zephyrial: lol
[4:56:14 PM] Zephyrial: is there a difference?
[4:56:17 PM] oniichanyamete: fkn troll
[4:56:20 PM] oniichanyamete: if you know what a geisha is
[4:56:21 PM] oniichanyamete: dont ask.

actually more like an oiran, maybe (?)


Random Message


Status Update

Since I’m answering Hendri Susanto anyway, I felt it would be more efficient to post here. In regards to Yomigaeri no Maou:

Some real life circumstances have changed, meaning that this is on-hold.

There are a number of reasons why this is the project that I’m putting on the backburner instead of Burikko, foremost being that as a third person narrated story, there are three major setbacks it gives me:

  1. As Japanese prose written in 3rd person, the sentence structures tend to be more complex, making it more difficult to understand. Not much more, but more. This is enough to push me away from it a little.
  2. As Japanese prose written in 3rd person, the sentence structures tend to be more complex, especially when it comes to descriptions. This makes it a huge time-sink when trying to express in English without sounding completely retarded.
  3. As Japanese prose written in 3rd person, the vocabulary used is occasionally more floral or fanciful, which might be great for reading in Japanese due to increased variety, but not so much fun when simply trying to swallow the information, masticate to taste it’s meaning and tone, and then regurgitating into readable English prose.

In short, it’s a lot of work, and to be honest the pace is very slow, and the characters are less colourful than burikko’s. This makes it a high-cost-low-reward endeavour. It’s not as if I’m absolutely packed for time; I’m not. If I had a gun to my head, I could probably still pump out translations.
It’s simply a matter of mindset. I’m not really in the right mindset to pursue something like that. Even if I tried, in 4~5 lines I’d get too anxious about wasting my time, and just jump onto something else.

Since I can’t guarantee regularity of updates, of course I have no problems with anybody picking it up from the chapter where I stopped. Provided it isn’t a machine translation, that is.

To anyone who prefers Maou over Burikko, I’m really sorry. I’m a fan too so I can empathise, but it’s not something I really want to get into at this juncture.

For those of you unhappy about this news, I’d be happy if this video cheered you up even a little.


Random Message

Ruthless popularity contestruthless popularity contest underlinelol zeph. i suggest u pick up 1 chapter of any the new gate-esque light novel, and then just leave it sitting there forever. followers are clearly where we draw our powers from, so there’s no shame in using underhanded methods for victory.

if you keep sticking to legit methods, you’ll never have enough mana for the special beam cannon.


Status Update (sort of)
Thoughts on Worm

[Redacted]: worm is just
[Redacted]: so
[Redacted]: so
[Redacted]: well written
[Redacted]: it starts off okay-ish
[Redacted]: cause it’s the author’s first successful series
[Redacted]: like, not bad
[Redacted]: but typical teenager shit, right?
[Redacted]: about a fifth in
[Redacted]: starts to really pick up
[Redacted]: second and third fifths are fkn spectacular
[Redacted]: fourth is just as interesting, but there are major changes so it feels a bit lonely
[Redacted]: fifth is just a fkn mess, but it has to be, considering the plot. and not a mess in a bad way
[Redacted]: the epilogue was interesting
[Redacted]: and the true epilogue at the end
[Redacted]: was wonderful too
[Redacted]: so yeah
[Redacted]: good, if typical beginning
[Redacted]: amazing middle
[Redacted]: arguably amazing end
and it’s not badly written stuff like coiling dragon or whatever
[Redacted]: not to say coiling dragon isnt very entertaining
[Redacted]: but coiling dragon is more of a sword art online/twilight type of guilty pleasure
[Redacted]: but yeah, fkn worm
[Redacted]: i only read it properly cause [also redacted] recommended it to me
[Redacted]: but shitt
[Redacted]: it was so good
[Redacted]: shocked how professionally it reads
[Redacted]: none of that grating feeling that “i’m reading something amateur”

In the whole 1.7 mil words or whatever, I only had major issues twice; once was when a character used ‘wroth’ as a noun, and once when somebody used ‘comprise’ like it was ‘compose’. Not sure if they were intentional errors.

Anyway, damnn. Phew. Guess it’s time to get back to translating, maybe tomorrow. Also note that the last two “fifths” that I mentioned, are actually more the last 25% of the story. I divided it into five “eras” in my mind. I would say “arcs” but of course, wildbow already uses that term for their smaller segments.

Unrelated picture of Rin getting kicked in the face:









Random Message

Has anyone else read this?


Status Update

Sorry for anybody waiting on Maou. I’m pretty excited for that as well, but I really want to finish off this arc for Burikko first, before I start on the new Maou arc. There are only three chapters left, and to begin with, the chapters in Burikko are all very short.

EDIT: Note to foolish self – never visit the animesuki thread of anything you are not 100% updated on. Burikko’s included. Nobody uses spoiler tags.


Random Message



Random Message

Haters gonna hate! (OWW!)

Haters gonna hate! (OWW!)

B!tches gonna hate! Yo momma’s gonna hate!

(OWW!) Swag! (OWW!) Swag! (OWW!) Swag! (OWW!) Swag!

Holla if you need me. Holla if you need m- REEFER!


Random Message


Status Update

As usual, weekends are kind of busy for me. I know that it’s a little unfortunate that we just happen to be on the chapter before the rematch, but I probably won’t have time to do my practice tl (at least for something as time consuming as maou) until monday-ish. Sorry for any disappointment I may have caused, but I hope you can understand that because of the way it’s written, it requires a lot more thought put into the way I word things. And that takes up a lot of time.

The good news is, monday night for me is monday morning for people in the Americas, so it probably isn’t as far away as it sounds. Also, I’m getting pretty excited for the chapters in the capital. Finally a new arc.

Hmm… Were this published as a light novel, would we be approaching the end of volume 1 I wonder…


Status Update

In fan translation, there is something that is deeply frowned upon. That is the “theft” or “hi-jacking” or a series. That is to say, when a translator or group has been translating a series, and a third party comes in and purposefully translates the future chapters, especially chapters in the near future.
It is something incredibly callous, disrespectful, and malicious. And of course, I find it absolutely unacceptable as well. However, though I was thinking that it would be fine to translate “teasers”, what I have effectively done is the same. I am deeply embarassed about discouraging kobatochandaisuki as I have.

However, I feel it is important to draw the distinction between “stealing a series” and “providing an alternate translation”. The latter has been always practised, both in the informal and professional community. And I strongly assert that it is a positive phenomenon.

Kafka, Genji no Monogatari, The Dream of the Red Chamber; classics that have had multiple translations, all of which contribute to the enhancement of the reader’s understanding of the original text.

Even in the fan translation scene, it is not uncommon for multiple groups to work on the same anime series, providing different interpretations and different translation styles. Narcissu is an example of a fan-translated visual novel that I found incredible to read two different translations of.

And I assert that having alternative translations for a work is something enriching, for both the readers and the translators. On occasion, I read the translations of series that I have already read raw. And I do find it worthwhile, because I often discover ways of phrasing and translating things that would never have occurred to me originally. I actually have a little memo for this.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I will be slowly tl-ing Kenkyo Kenjitsu as a side-project from the very first chapter. This way there will be no “hi-jacking” of the series. I do intend to respect the work kobatochandaisuki has done thus far, and never did, and never will, intend to “take over” his translations half-way. Honestly I feel that this is straining my free time a little, but for the sake of bringing Reika-sama into English with my own words and understanding, I will endeavour to make it work.

We will not be working together, as kobatochandaisuki has stated,
“Personnaly, I’d work alone on Kenkyo, also to keep a stable quality (because translation can sometime vary a lot between diffrerent TLers). Then I’d prefer you delete the chapters and that I continue translating Kenkyo alone.”
which is a sentiment I agree with.

Finally, I will be careful from now on to avoid publishing my translation practices of any series already being translated. I want to believe that I have learned my lesson from this time.


262 thoughts on “Status/Messages”

  1. Personally, I’d like to see 18+ of Yomigaeri no Maou. I really like the series and I’m glad that you’re translating it, but in the end, whatever the stereotypical gay guy says; “girl/boy, you do you, okay?”.

    Whatever decision you go with, thanks for translations series. C;


  2. I would like to point out that you picking up and translating the later chapters of Kenkyo, Kenjitsu wo Motto ni Ikiteorimasu! has demotivated Kobato and potentially might result in him dropping the series entirely.


      1. I didn’t even realise that was what you were translating until Kabato ranted about it (however justified), since

        1a. seeing “Reika” and “Tensei” I thought it had something to do with Persona (I haven’t played Persona). I mean “plebian tensei” is about as descriptive a title as “shieldbro”, it was as much as I could do to enter “reika” and “Tensei” into a google query.
        1b. no, I don’t know jack shit about Persona, so why bother reading more into it?
        1c. I don’t read spoilers if I can help it, anyway. why read 73 if I can’t even find 1, right?

        2a. I didn’t pick up the series until later, via kabato’s blog.
        2b. not having actually read your chaps, I still thought this was about persona or something.

        Now… nah, I’ll still be ignoring these for now, since 60+ chapters is still way to big a gap for them to mean anything to me, and again, spoilers aren’t usually my thing. Even if I read them later, I’d still be reading kabato’s.


      2. You do know that, as the admin of this blog, or at least as the post author, you can edit and delete your comments, right?


  3. Don’t take it to heart. Sometimes people need a break and are just waiting for a trigger. If anything, it was rather rude of that TL to post about it so explicitly rather than contacting you about it directly; you don’t deserve flak from anons for his decision.

    Just keep doing your thing.


    1. nah, nobody is giving me flak for anything. he was being real nice about it. it’s just like, sigh. i was getting too carried away and all happy and stuff. didnt realise how negatively i was affecting him, and finding out is kind of draining and embarassing thats all


  4. Isn’t it better to simply have a talk with kobato and do a joint project? That way translations will go faster and both will keep translating (but the one that translated the chapters way far from the beginning have to hold the chapters until the other part arrive at that point and then release, because if released first it will be spoiler, and have to link or publish on both sides, like they did with MLS).
    About yomigaeri, man, that’s a interesting novel, particularly I prefer slow paced novel because it gives of a sense of depth to the characters and story; I also believe you are doing a nice job with the novel, it’s with speed and quality.


    1. i did try sending him a message on my private email. if it made him happy, and it allowed me to tl without constraint then that’d be completely fine with me.

      but i tl-ed this because i wanted to have fun doing it my way. joint projects usually mean one person has to give way to another in interpretations of various things.

      i was panicking this morning since i realised i’ve upset somebody, but thinking about it a little more clearly now, i don’t think my initial judgement was unreasonable. on baka-tsuki or whatever, the policy for many people working on the same series is something like um, i think it was a reserve system? and what i tl-ed just now wasn’t declared as something i picked up. moreover i jumped not one or two, but basically a good three volumes ahead. at his speed, it was miles away.

      i’m in the wrong, but for not being considerate enough, not for committing some outrageous and unthinkable offence. thinking about it calmly now, i do feel that my first judgement was more or less reasonable, even if too shallow. and i think that my style of writing is quite different to his. multiple translations of the same story is never a bad thing.

      if it wasn’t for the fact that i was grateful for him giving me the impetus to read the series, i would probably just be ignoring him right about now, because our tl styles are significantly different enough to warrant the existence of both.


  5. Yomigaeru is quite good but not much people come here. I’m quite shocked. Since you don’t really mean it and I saw that KobatochanDaisuki aren’t blaming you, then next time when you tried to translate ahead of him just for fun be sure to tell him that so he won’t feel like this again.


  6. “Anyway, what I want to say is that I will be slowly tl-ing Kenkyo Kenjitsu as a side-project from the very first chapter. This way there will be no “hi-jacking” of the series.”
    Honestly, you’ve gone from a moral grey area to outright saying you’ll hi-jack the series. As per vacationbro’s previous statement, those scanlators adopted (hi-jacked) the series he was working on by beating him to a release without informing him, then continuing to publish a self-proclaimed higher quality version.

    Hi-jacking is when someone makes a conscious decision to outcompete and take over someone else’s work. Do you really think vacationbro will continue if someone else is offering a higher quality substitute of the same work?

    Honestly speaking, I tried reading vacationbro’s translations for Kenkyo and they were pretty sub-par. You’re a better translator. If Kenkyo really means that much to you, then you could call translating it a ‘noble cause’ and justify yourself. But it’s hi-jacking nonetheless, because vacationbro will understand it as such/ragequit/become permanent-vacationbro.

    The moral alternative here would be collaborating with this guy, either as an editor/contributor or by publishing un-registered chapters as you had been instead of blatantly redoing his work.

    Unless you’ve already talked it out with him, in which case forget I said anything.


    1. ? vacationbro = kcd?
      how come ppl add -bro to everything? always found it a little weird.

      and mn. you’re entitled to your opinion, so i’ll approve your comment, but personally i think that you’re a little bit retarded if you think there’s such a thing as “hi-jacking” if i’m doing it again from scratch. and probably more slowly, mind you.

      POINT 1.

      let’s say that his quality is sub-par, as you seem to think. that justifies my actions via his own wishes, because he himself has said:

      “should not intrude on his project unless he drops or has really awful quality”

      and you know what? if you think that my translations are more to your taste, then that gives me even more reason to translate it. this isn’t some game where you call dibs for honour and glory.
      if anybody can do a better job, then it’s disrespectful to THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR who spent so much fucking time writing it to begin with, to leave it alone.

      POINT 2.

      and you know what? to begin with, i think you’re a little bit of a cunt. his translations aren’t “sub-par” for something you’re getting for bloody free. the only thing wrong with it is the english, and even then it’s above par based on my experience in scanlated manga. all he needs is an english editor and it’d be perfect. and he excels in areas i don’t. when i translate, i have a habit of losing information because sometimes i feel it’s a bother to try and imitate the original structure. you could say its laziness, or my tastes are just different, but the point is that he’s better than me in that area. i think my way is better. of course i do. if i didn’t, i wouldnt be doing it, but objectively speaking, i can see why some people would want things closer to the original.

      POINT 3.

      you claim the “moral alternative” is collaborating with him. let’s ignore the fact that you’re a fool if you think that’s the “moral alternative” in all of this. as i’ve stated in this post, this is the thing he hates the most. he wants creative control over his translation, and you know what? so do i. the fact that our styles are different means that there’s actually a point to having bo-, actually, did you even read my post? i get the feeling that you just sort of skimmed over it, only absorbing things you didn’t like about it, and started writing a comment to criticise me because you’re a hero of justice and all.


      i can tell you’re not much of a reader, especially of foreign novels, if you think that it’s natural to have one translator ‘call dibs’ on a work like it’s some sort of game where everybody picks a different character.

      tldr; i hate people like you who don’t use their brains before typing. go out into the read world, read a few classics before coming back here with your asisine criticisms. stop being a child.


      1. To be fair to the original commenter, not that I’m judging or anything, kcd’s translations doesn’t “flow” as smooth as yours do in the English language. Sure he might capture some of the finer points that you miss but reading it feels just a bit rough.

        Nonetheless, like you’ve mentioned it’s something I’m getting for free, so in my opinion it feels like a unpolished gem. He probably needs an editor or two. Either way I’m happy with what I’m getting.

        To be honest I don’t really understand what the big deal is, the chapters you’ve translated are miles ahead and in my opinion it feels more like a sneak peek into our little heroines future. So to me it feel as though kcd’s being a bit whiny about this. But that’s just me.

        And thanks for all your work so far, Maou is one of my favourites.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I suppose taking offense is understandable, not really my intention to offend but whatever.

    You did not indicate that you’ve talked this through with the original translator. You should, if only as a fellow fan of the series looking out for its best interests.

    Take this as you will, maybe you’ve come to some sort of arrangement, but neither in the quote in your main post nor in your response have you given any indication of that. In fact the quote you pulled seems to be more along the lines of “Please stop,” but, again, that’s just my limited interpretation.

    >”Then I’d prefer you delete the chapters and that I continue translating Kenkyo alone.”


    1. The way you wrote it was incredibly patronising, so I think it would be stranger if I didn’t take offence. And writing “not really my intention blah blah, but whatever” is extremely dismissive.

      I might not have much self-awareness in how the things I write might be taken, but it seems to me that you might have the same problem.

      You should, if only as a fellow fan of the series looking out for its best interests.
      Um, not really. Perhaps speak to the author, yes? But not necessarily to another translator, at least if I’m starting from scratch and not “taking the wheels” from him halfway down the line.

      Having said that though, I am indeed discussing it with the translator, through email. I don’t see why there is any need for me to indicate to you in my main post since this is merely a statement of intent, and a response to kobato. Nobody else has anything to do with it, frankly speaking.

      But yes,

      Thank you for removing but is there a need that you also translate it? Why wouldn’t you work rather on what you already have or do something new?

      This whole page is my response to his question. It doubles as a statement of intent, so people reading ‘maou’ know where I’m putting my time, but it is certainly not a self-justification or an apology to people completely uninvolved (read: you). Naturally I have linked this page to him.

      And we are currently discussing the need. He is not asking me to stop translating altogether. And supposing that he did, then I would simply convince him otherwise. He is a fan as well, so of course he will understand the need.

      I am approving your comments because I loathe censorship. It is not because I have any obligation to justify myself to you, and frankly I find it a little weird and creepy that you’re acting like you’re the moral authority here. Do not misunderstand this.


      1. I’m sorry, I was wrong. I’m glad to hear you’re collaborating with the other translator; not in a ‘moral authority’ way, but as someone interested in the series with limited information.

        Thanks for taking the time respond.


  8. Yomigaeru is great, I can tell you I rarely visit the blog because I don’t know your schedule. If you released one chapter a day I would visit everyday, and that’s how you build up a readership.

    Obviously this is something you do in your free time, and so you’re not going to release one chapter a day, which means people are not going to check everyday, and that leads to people forgetting about the existence of this website until boredom sets and we search for novels to read again.


  9. Personally I think it should be fine as long as links are provided to the alternate translations, but it’s something that is likely to receive some very extreme reactions.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your views and opinions in a calm and thoughtful manner.


  10. Dual translation is hard to get to the state of having two versions of equal quality.
    Lemme count
    Vampire Juujikai. The 1st ten chapters done by TJO is hauntingly good. The later ones are not bad, precisely, but not at the same level.
    Negima. There’s a few chapters that the original TL is very good, but then later revisions, or TL done by other groups, change it. Since too many groups, too many chapters, and too many revisions, it’s hard to keep track of the chapters that I consider best.
    As for kobatochandaisuki … well, TL is hard work and easy to get discouraged. If that one lose motivation… well, so be it. Net TL scene is littered with virtual corpse of translators and scanlators anyway. @oniichanyamete just have to do your best.


    1. Huh? I didn’t understand any of that, hehe.

      Also how come you’re like, everywhere. If you have that much free time, go learn Japanese! mau len hoc tieng nhat di may! :P


  11. Ummm, sorry to interrupt and derail current conversation. This is my first time coming here.

    Even though I’ve already read the above comments, really sorry to have to ask, but, can someone please list the current statuses of the projects hosted here? Like which series will oniichanyamete-sama continue, which will be dropped, and who (if anyone) is continuing them? With all the novel name shorthands, I honestly can’t tell)

    (PS, I’m a die-hard Light Novel fan, currently following 25 translations, and reaaaally want to know.)


  12. Do you use an app that translates kanji into romanji? I actually would love to read all these wn but my kanji skills are so terribly lacking…plus I have forgotten most of my Japanese anyhow. It would be nice for me to pick up reading again…
    If you do, do you mind telling me what the name of the app is? If not, sorry for the question.


    1. nope, sorry. i think yorai-kun uses something like that though, so you can check his blog. usually i just look up the word in a dictionary to begin with, since it’s my vocabulary that’s lacking as well.


  13. I realize the matter has basically been settled, but I’m still going to throw in my two cents anyway.

    Frankly I think translators should just translate whatever they want, so called ‘hi-jacking’ is nothing but pointless drama in my eyes. Hell the scanlation scene is a perfect example of just how entitled some groups get over other groups ‘stealing’ their projects, as if they’re the only ones allowed to work on something. If you can get so worked up you drop a project over that, then you really weren’t invested in the translation of it at all.

    Anyway thanks for your hard work.


    1. I don’t think it’s so much that they think they’re the only ones allowed to translate it, but more that they take offence at the other group’s intentions.

      Usually what happens is that when a series gets popular enough, even if the present translations are fine, another group jumps in for a slice of ‘fame’ or whatever.

      As for any other cases, yeah, I sort of agree with you. I’ve never seen a fansub group drop a series just because somebody other group does it (often 3-4 other groups). They put in hard work, and release it even if it’s 2 weeks after the fastest group’s release, because they have the desire to release their own interpretation of it. I used to wait for some of these groups because I preferred their style, so I know very well that many groups are like this.

      Still, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I’ve heard both extremes.

      Claims that a ‘shit translator’ translating ahead will put off ‘real translators’ from translating it themselves later -cough- tl elitists -cough-
      Claims that a ‘good translator’ coming in and ‘re-translating’ a current series will somehow deter the current translator from continuing the series.-cough- a certain Somebody in the comments above -cough-

      Both are ridiculous in my eyes. If the translator actually liked the series enough, they wouldn’t give a flying fuck what anybody else was doing and would bring the characters into their language in their way, regardless. [of course this does not preclude other factors such as time constraints having an effect, but I’m talking about the principle here]


  14. thank you for the translations
    i see that you are reading worms its a great story and nice of you to let other people know about it

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  15. hi. dropping in to say, from burikko 1 there’s a link to plebeian 77 that somehow i can access. i dont know if its cache or intended to be there, but please do take note.


    1. i basically don’t care. those are my only edited copies of it, and as long as they aren’t right there in the open (i.e. linked to by something outside of natural wordpress function), i’ve done enough imo.


  16. did u finish worm or still trying to? its really long, but i couldnt stop reading till the end in my case


      1. The good news is that the story live up to the hype till the end(never found a boring moment) the bad news is that the author doesnt plan to make worm 2 till next year


  17. God! Its really cool that you seem to enjoy translating the novels as much as we leechers do Reading them! do what you want but please dont drop burikko! Thanks for the translations, I have had a lot of fun Reading them!


    1. Its about a girl with the power to control prefectly every bug in 1 mile radius(aprox).She tries to be a super hero, but gets mistaken as a super villane and decides to go undercover

      Its a comple and really long web novel that its worth reading(skip the 2 first chapters)


  18. The first few chapters build upon the world/ how her powers work don’t they? in order to enjoy the series completely its probably better not to avoid any information. how far are you into the story now oniichanyamete.


    1. The ending was amazing… The series in general was amazing.

      Honestly, it’s basically as much as I could have hoped for from this type of story. The only thing that could have personally improved it for me was more lesbians (lol).


      1. Is that from a IRC chat room? I’m curious if you do hang out on IRC now. Also, by what you said, Worms was worth the read. Damnit. I don’t want to read it yet. Sounds like libraryrocker is gonna finish soon too. >_<. I know worms would just wreck whatever plans I may have.


        1. nope, i dont irc (anymore), and yes, it was definitely worth the 9 days i spent reading it!

          but i still wish tattle and taylor went bi for each other. ): series needed just a little more lesbian to perfectly fit my taste. i’m disgusting, i know.


  19. well, if u want to read more webnovels, i recomend checking

    The only reason pact is number 1 is because its worms autor next work(and worm is number 2)

    i personally recomend: the zombie knight – citadel – twisted cogs
    and maybe the legion of nothing – super powereds – stone burners


    1. dogber7! NOOOO!!! Don’t come from the future to take away our Oniichan!!! (Or Imouto-san who is screaming Oniichan. Still haven’t cleared that up.)
      NONETHELESS! Give us at least a week with him/her before you decided to burst in from a day in the future and give more recomendations.

      Side Note. I preferred Reject Hero. Less things to cry about in the sad way.
      Side Side Note. Someone should have posted about ‘The Last Angel’
      Most professionally written Amateur Sci-FI novel.
      Darn thing STILL gives me shivers when I read it. And one of the few things I have been able to introduce to a few of my own age group and older groups, to try to slowly worm them into online translation and original projects. (We are all Star Trek and Star Wars age and slightly older, so it is hard for me to get them to jump on a computer at all, much less to read Translation projects and Fanfics, and Original Works on Fanfic pages. Actually, some of them don’t go beyond email on said computers. So ‘The Last Angel’ has helped me greatly in putting the foot into the door. It is sometimes hard when everyone else is younger than 40 in these comment sections, and I know none of you in real life.)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Reads terribly less professionally, I feel. I will admit that the author puts an great amount of detail into the world building though. Very creative person.

          But still doesn’t really compare to the later chapters of Worm at all, in my opinion.


      1. Believe it or not, that was part of the reason I liked Reject Hero so much. Yes, people make mistakes, sh*t happens. But people learn from those mistakes and get better at avoiding them. This is a man who has made A LOT of mistakes in his life, and is past the halfway point, past his mid-age crisis as they say. If he was running around making the same mistakes a teenager would, then it would be ridiculous. Plus, he is the CEO of his own multi-million dollar company, built from scratch with his wife. Who also helps him, along with the rather large group of competent people he has surrounded himself with. Some things happen out of his control, and he doesn’t always get the most favorable situation, but he is always actively working to get it right from long before the opportunity shows up. As a proper businessman would, he sets up the playing field long before the game starts. But considering that it is the span of only 3 or 4 arcs from Worm. It is also understandable that it has less time for things to TRULY get bad, or for him to drop the ball REALLY bad.

        A bit of spoilers. Nothing too bad though. Since all of it is within the first two chapters (Which includes the prologue).

        The Last Angel is a sci-fi story, heavily taking from things like Andromeda, Halo, Star Trek, Star Wars, and others of such a kind. Mostly Andromeda as far as I could tell to be honest.
        Nonetheless, it all revolves around a distant future, where the human race has all but been wiped out, and is currently the bottom rank race in a huge Covenant like structure of alien races. They only inhabit one mostly ruined planet called Rally. Earth is a barren radioactive rock with no atmosphere. Things got bad. But they work through it.
        But in the background of that, we find out that Humans were originally one of two groups (The other being another large conglomeration of races.) that fought this ‘Covenant’ group. And were wiped out for being too dangerous. The humans left on Rally don’t know this, since they lost all history and were found nearly a millennium later at deaths door and SAVED by said Covenant group.
        Sad really.
        But here is where the title kicks in. Over the two thousand years since Earth and the Human race was defeated, one ‘person’ recalls their history completely, and has been fighting all that time. An AI with a Ship body. Like Andromeda. Her name is Red, and she is the ship Nemesis. And she got a near first hand seat to watch her entire race and all their planets burn. She is pissed. She is immortal. And she is the LARGEST MOST POWERFUL warship EVER created by ANY RACE to that point. Oh, and she has over two thousand years of experience in slaughtering her opposition.

        Highly recommended read. I have yet to come across ANY other material that has a character portray such RAW emotion so easily identifiable. I have literally shed tears reading this both happy, sad, and furious ones. And clenched my teeth as well. I won’t spoil anything. But the author has a way with making a reader truly feel while reading this, that it is one of my top Sci-Fi recommendations, and one of my top GENERAL recommendations.

        Also recommended that you go through the forum it is written in manually, as the author actively reveals extra info and background info through replies to questions. It helps build the world very much. Few go through so much to build a world. Then you have to consider he is doing it for a whole UNIVERSE FULL OF SUCH FINELY CRAFTED WORLDS.

        As for Mother of Learning. It is among my backlog for days where I have nothing else to do. I was recommended it by someone awhile ago. I will move it up on the list though after your recommendation.


  20. Okay, I’m ready… Ready to read more worm!! It’s like… not fluffy at all, but I’m prepared again for the emotional rollercoaster. It actually reminded me of another superhero series (the unrelenting grimness of it all): Ex-Heroes by Peter Cline. How superheroes deal with the zombie apocalypse. Awesome! And depressing… XD

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  21. Gaaaah!! I stayed up till 3 am and almost died at work when I had to wake up 3 hours later at 6…30 ish 7 finally >.< Worm is evil… And! Only on arc 15 still, but halfway?


      1. I could tell, when you didn’t get the pun. Suffice to say, it’s about how if Worm is about the relations between Parahumans, Pact is about Other people and their connections. That said, I haven’t read Worm yet, but after I’m caught up with Pact, I’m definitely going to tackle it.


  22. I want to read Worm more, so bad… but I keep staying up ’til 3/4 and then sleeping like 2 hours to read it soooo… damn you worm… damn you!!! Also thanks so much for the otome updates!!!


  23. It’s a shame about maou but understandable. I liked the premise but the developments were just too slow. Burikko is just all around more fun.


      1. Keyboard….laptop? Coz when I read >
        I thought you ment you had a USB keyboard connected to your laptop…
        Hmm. If you type a lot, I’d personally suggest getting a mechanical keyboard that would work w/ a USB port [new ones generally do]

        It’ll take a bit of effort to research and find a proper one for yourself so…I guess it can be time consuming. Added benefit that they generally last a long time tho :D


        1. no thanks, haha. i won’t be taking donations unless i start scanlating, or in some weird circumstance, i’m translating a light novel and can’t afford to pay for it myself


      1. lol u actually replied, soz. anyways glad to see u actually read the comments. if anyone who doesnt read the comments like me wants to know about the picture its something like this:
        Dude is in society 50 years after inventing VR. He is in a VR game called arc Earth Online (i think) and he made a sorcerer character called Danburufu [(Dan Vrh), I seriously don’t get japapnese.] After making his ideal guy character he thought of making his ideal girl character. After making it he falls asleep inside the game and it turns to reality like many other novels. Thus begins the life of a 25 year old in his female avatar body in a game turned real. Well actually I only read to chapter 1 so maybe he is stuck in the game, not the game is real… anyways yeaaaa…

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        1. but of a spoiler, but a fairly early one so whatever.

          it’s like log horizon. he’s not the only player who’s appeared. all of his good friends (the other member of the 9 sages) have arrived over the 30 year in-game period. he’s the final sage to arrive, but all of them are missing due to their own reasons. he tries to track them down at the request of the king of the nation (also a friend)


  24. I don’t follow you or anyone in wordpress. I find it bothersome to do so. If I want to check if there is a new chapter of something then I will check the page itself manually. I realized a good while ago what you do so normally I just check the last chapter regularly for the link to the next post.


    1. fair enough. that’s your choice, and it’s fine by me as long as you take the steps yourself to make up for the inconvenience, or you just suffer the inconvenience without complaint

      just know that i do everything with the assumption that either people have clicked ‘follow’ the moment they decide to read something on my blog (or people are using aho-updates), so all of the more important updates and notifications will be taking place as a post

      if you dont get the message then it’s not my problem, and any questions asking stuff i’ve already mentioned in a post will just be mocked or replied to with a link to a cute anime video


  25. Hmm. It’s not like I haven’t heard of the site. Heard about it a while ago, but it seemed nonfunctional at the time. However as an unfailingly devoted follower I checked again. I know the fallacy of what I’m about to say next but you’ve never failed me in the 3.6k times I’ve religiously pressed refresh, and you haven’t failed me in making this known. Holy shit, I’ve gotta tone this down.


  26. somehow, I enjoyed this section more than anything.
    thanks for the links ^^ I don’t know aho-updates before.


  27. Hmmm… When I come to your site now, it isn’t fully resized to the actualy size of my monitor. Instead there is a gap to the right. Dunno wether you changed something or it’s because I’m using wordpress on both my computer and phone?


  28. Thanks on the link to aho-updates, didn’t know about that one; now I can F5 that and my follows page!

    Love the different banners/headers across the various pages, great art style and detail…
    Just sucks that they take up the entire screen of my surface (@ 1920×1080), and I have to scroll a full screen height’s down to get to the page content -> step one of labyrinth creation successful.

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  29. Dark knight i must have missed something.
    is it a webnovel about a Japanese high school girl who dies and gets reincarnated as Bruce Wayne…..?
    well that could be really disturbing…..


  30. I agree with having maou dropped. One cannot take on two main translation projects. Well I am not one to say anything, but one cannot take on two main novel translation projects. The other ones for me are just play as I translate. I can’t do it all the time. there may be people around for when I do the other ones.


  31. I haven’t visited the site in a bit and it seems like there was quite a bit of drama? D:
    Either way, hope everything gets better. Onnichanyamete, go by your pageviews to get a grasp of how many people lurk. not everyone voices their comments and generally, when they do, it’s either to fix sometime because they’re pro-active or it’s a complain. [Works for a local ISP]. I know you may be looking for some comforting words on wordpress and sometimes you will, just don’t rely on it because it’s also a method to get burnout.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done so far ;)

    P.S. Madan no Ou Vanadis is good. Latest arcs are a bit slow [last 2 volumes]. Hopefully things pick up as they are being foreshadowed. :P


      1. Same! Not sure about the ETA… :/
        Side note; you should check out Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria! :D

        Also, we all love you very much. Most people just don’t comment. ;)


  32. If I had’t started Worm when I did I’d have been done with Pact before it ended and be further along without dividing my attention between two series.

    Twig‘s second chapter gets released in about an hour and 35 minutes


  33. Hello. It’s me ArtBardFart. Rmember? Well anyways ill just go with the name Dan Vrh (i prefer to say that instead of Danburufu because it sounds cooler) I was wondering if you wanted my help for Kenja (because I desperately want to read it and yet no one translates it). I have 8 years of watching anime/reading manga as my only source for learning japanese and I only know English. I’ve read about 5 chapters using a mix of Google, Babylon and Microsoft MTL.

    If you were not bothered to read the above, let me summarise the crap out of it.
    1. I want to help translate Kenja!
    2. I’m good at english and have 8 years + of anime/manga experience so i’m mildly shabby at japanese,
    Motive: Quick access to translated and easy to read chapters and lots of spoilers of the story from you! With both of us translating everyone stays happy.


  34. >At the moment, not sure which is easier; using the edited and shortened light novel to translate, or the convenient i-don’t-need-to-hold-it-open-with-my-elbow web novel…

    I suggest a compromise: rip the LN into pages and scan em so you now have them conveniently in a file.

    Then make the ‘WHAT HAVE I DONE’ face and orz


    1. You don’t “rip the LN into pages”, you remove the binding to seperate them. That said, the less painful solution is to get the ebooks from bookwalker and screenshot all the pages. Bonus for no shipping fees.

      That said, If I’m buying anything, it’ll be the dead tree copy since I like being able to read without electricity. Buying copies at twice the retail price is about par for the course, although you can reduce that if you buy in bulk (with friends).


      1. Yeah, it’s owned by Kadokawa, but they should have titles from the other major publishing groups, like Shogakugan. Even if it didn’t, Kadokawa and its imprints make up around half of the LN market on its own.

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  35. How do you use wordpress to track new updates/posts n shit? Also this is purely my opinion but I had already lost interest in otoburi after reading all your teasers. lol.


      1. Wait…is the heroine attempting the previously non-existing Achille route? :o it’d make for a reasonable explanation on why she attempted to get rid of Royce and Raiga in one go, and made attempts on removing Camille…

        Then she’d be able to install herself as ruler (commoner background, high magic power/forbidden arts to manipulate anyone she wants) and Achille as her aide…


  36. Yep 4th arc is pretty much where the main plot starts. The series has a nice mix of Seinen and Shoujo plots.


  37. TRANSLATE MAOU FEGIT. No though, just do what you feel like. I’m liking all of them equally so far. More inclined to kenja though. I’m interested in the game mechanics.


  38. Hey there Estelion and random fellow leechers here! For anyone bored I’ve got this “Reference Game” I’d like to share with the good people here.

    I figured the [STATUS REPORT/RANDOM MESSAGE] section is as good enough a place as any to share it. After all it’s kinda like a Status Report, only about my self haha ^^; Well here’s a link:

    Estelion, if my not so subtle self promotion offends you in anyway I’ll delete this post! Well you’re the boss here so you can probably delete it on your own without my say hahaha.


  39. Bor shame, It’s been weeks and you haven’t already promoted a certain miraculous reincarnation manga


    1. Lmao when you say “a certain miraculous reincarnation manga” So many things come to mind I can’t even. Well the first thing that pops in my head is Mushoku Tensei. That’s the first Reincarnation Manga I’ve ever read. It’s on my to do list for promoting.

      Second since it’s this site, I guess Otoburi comes to mind. It’s Bodyswap and not technically reincarnation, but close enough in my mind!

      If neither of those two are what you have in mind, I’m willing to tango lol. Brute Force method where I’ll just name ever reincarnation manga off the top of my head until I get it right. No cheating though.


        1. I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t notice lol, Then I’d go on down the list of pages, pretending to guess and make myself look smart. Hahaha


  40. Oh My God! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!
    Bokura no Kiseki is one of my fav manga ever!!! I completely love the story! I’m almost dying waiting for the translations and trying to find the raws! I love Glen, I love Veronica, I love badass Minami. I’m really Happy to find someone who likes it too


  41. just looked at some different tranlation sites that stopped translating today on 1st of April becuase a problem with their pet snake, lizard and dragon.
    how odd their all reptiles, it’s a new hype to have one?


  42. I’m not sure if this is known, but Shin Translations is translating The New Gate. He/She should be starting on translating Vol. 2 soon. Just a heads up since I read your recent status report for joint translating.


      1. ??? when you said light novel, do you mean only the book version. If the web version counts. shin translations have finish the vol 1 and is working on vol 2 of THE NEW GATE.


  43. Hahaha! I’d better step up my game then. You won’t be ahead for long! Just like how I DESTROYED Tensai in a single night, I will make it so you will never see the light(in followers) ahead of me! *evil laugh*


  44. Use the [ categories ] feature in the posts to easy separate the content of site. And than use MENU to link to the categories :P


  45. Please, at least give a link to those teasers… I cant find them on syosetu, if titles written in English T_T


  46. Omg. when did you start getting a donation button. I feel like I missed a whole ton.

    Ohai Oniichanyamete…or the new name which is super long.[i may have missed the reason for the namechange] Haven’t been around much [busy] but man. I feel like the website’s totally changed now. Seems like you’re busy w/ tons of new teasers. XD.

    Either way, glad to see you alive and kicking. and totally not burnt out by the commenters :P

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    1. Hmm. Did I get trolled? >[JASHIN AVERAGE – 11] stated to leave a message from donation and the left side had as icon that seemed like it was for donation but it now goes to youtube….

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  47. Okay, I was working on my paper… OR READING LIGHT NOVELS!! and came across this:
    “The mortality rate for a mother during a pregnancy or delivery was around 0,005 percent in modern Japan. That meant only five women out of a hundred thousand. An even lower rate than for being run over by a truck in Tokyo.”

    Truck-san… again!! So what’s the rate for being reincarnated after being run over by a truck… XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The pedestrian fatality rate in Tokyo is 1.7 per 100,000 residents, several times lower than the maternal mortality rate in japan (6 per 100,000 live births)


  48. ボクラ ノ キセキ

    Well you can read the raws, so it may not matter as much, but…

    Bokura no Kiseki came!!!

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  49. Hey! I’m sorry but, could anyone give me a raw link on ‘I Tripped into Another World, but I Got ‘Eaten up’ Right on the Spot.’ ??
    I know there are tags and all…still, I cannot read Japanese at all = =”


      1. Thanks a lot!

        And yeah…I know what you mean about gg tl =w=”
        The thing is I’m gonna ask my sister who studies in Japan to translate it for me…(more like a pleading with a little bribery)

        //sigh…the suffering of those who cannot read Japanese but love Jp wn

        Anyway… Thanks for the reply! >[]<b


          1. OKAY! I will ask her then!
            I don’t think she’ll mind it though.
            She’s quite busy right now, so I’m not sure about anything yet.
            Still, if there is any update, I’ll let you know!

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Haaaa!! She send me the first chapter! However, she translated to Thai (“my English is so bad” she said)

                So, I’m translating the first chapter right now. The meaning might be a bit off (since it goes Japanese->Thai->English), but I guess it would be suffice as a rough teaser for people.

                Once I’m done with the chapter. I’ll let you know again.


                Liked by 7 people

      2. Hmm somehow this feels like a challenge I could take on.

        Between even a very bad english translation and the machine translate, the former is much much easier to understand. I’m actually a native english speaker but I’ve lived a number of years in asia (hah, south of thailand, don’t speak thai though) so if you can convince her for an english translation I can probably help edit to be nice and readable.

        Or I can edit your second thai->eng translation.


      3. @alavaria

        That would be great!
        I actually finished the first chapter, but there might be a lot of mistakes.

        Here is the link:

        Feel free to comment, or if you want to rewrite it and make it more ‘acceptable’ please do so!


      4. Ok, I see it. Will take a look tomorrow (it’s 3am here). Guess I’ll make a pastebin link once I’ve edited it.


      5. If the two of you see this: edited version

        It’s reads differently in parts. To explain what I did:

        I read the english version linked. I also took the raws and started looking at it with the translator. (I can understand japanese grammar a bit).

        It kind of reads differently in the edited version, possibly due to the Thai intermediate translation.

        I kept sentences and paragraphs/line breaks as I saw them in the original.


      6. Er, and when you’ve decided what to do with it, delete that comment which has the link in it. It’s just an edited version, so it doesn’t have all the necessary links/credits etc. And it sucks to read directly from pastebin.

        I’ll help with Ch2 if you want, however you reach the initial english version probably won’t make it easier or harder for me since I read that and the raw entirely.


    1. Okay, well the internets have defeated me.

      So, if you click the link and SCROLL DOWN A LITTLE it’s the video by ojonod. XD


      1. The answer is “no”

        But! I’m getting a new laptop in a week or two and then the answer will be “yes”!!!


  50. Somehow I’m wondering if there’s any story out there where it’s like the usual harem type thing, but the protagonist is actually one of the girls….

    It wouldn’t make any sense unless the male lead is actually… a proper character though…


    1. I think a story with that kind of PoV would be pretty interesting. It’s like to see what a harem member is thinking in such a situation.


      1. My suspicion is that it wouldn’t work with a “standard” harem set up. In almost all of those cases, it seems unworkable unless all the girls are extremely one-sided. Which passes in the usual PoV, but would be much worse than even the worst protagonists if we were following one of the girls.

        Plus, it would probably just turn into the protagonist grabbing all the girls somehow… like a certain destruction flag girl or whatever


  51. hey there, lately ive been taking notice of the random images u get per refresh, and ive been wondering if i can use 1 of them as header image on my site.

    ty for your time in advance


  52. Your job is tough surely man however thanks you very much for the translated chapters from all the novels


  53. Random question, since I feel like bugging you: Have you read Pact yet? Remember? I mean, if you thought Skitter could take (or dish out) a beating, wait till you see Blake.

    Reminder, Pact is one of Wildbow’s Other works.


  54. wishing we had updates but thank you for everything that up on the site I keep checking back for new updates. hey just status information would be nice if not fine but we views do worry you know.


    1. and when you find the time you should go read insainia on royal road some time. The author has some of the absolutely best humor I am sure you would enjoy.


      1. 0.42% of what is conservatively over 1000 votes…
        I don’t expect it to make it, but damned if it’s for lack of trying


  55. Im not sure where to put suggestions but if you have the time, would you be interested in translating

    公爵令嬢の嗜み TN:Accomplishment of Duke daughter

    I read the summary and thought it was interesting. Just a suggestion ;D
    Thanks for your hard work!


  56. You know what? I will comment later today. Its fucking 03.03 here now, and i wont be able to write anything proper with details now haha!

    But i did manage to understand that Vermillion looks cool :D

    Liked by 1 person

  57. Twig now has 169 chapters released, 55.6% of Worm‘s 304 and well past Pact‘s 152.
    This is counting Worm‘s four word chapter and Pact‘s missing chapter.


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