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Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara – Ride Your Wave – English Subs [Yamenaideoneesama]

Torrent: Nyaa

Well, this took much longer than I thought. It’s not polished at all, and I’ve already found typos and stuff but I’m too lazy to re-render the whole thing again.
Only tested on MPC, so if it’s not working on another player, try with that.

I feel like I should write an actual blog post about all the stupid things I had to deal with or look up while working on this, but for now I just want to release it.

Doing a whole movie alone is pretty tiring. I forgot to even put in any sort of credits in the sub file! Either way, all the roles were filled by me, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

The source I used to render this was from the Ohys-Raws BD release, but I actually timed and worked with an earlier Amazon video rip here. I had to offset the subs with the new file by 500ms, but I never checked too closely so it still might be a bit off.
Also I’m no pro at rendering video, so I somehow managed to re-render that 7GB 1080P FLAC release into a file just under 2GB… I highly doubt that’s a good thing, but oh well.

Anyways, this movie was a pretty fun watch, so I hope ya’ll enjoy it!

Edit: v2 is out, and the torrent link has been updated

Seishun Buta Yarou Drama CD – Rascal Does Not Dream of Powdered Snow – [Dengeki Bunko Sample][Yamenaideoneesama]

This is the Drama CD sample uploaded to Dengeki Bunko’s youtube channel advertising the release of the special edition 10th volume of Seishun Buta Yarou on 2020/02/07 here: Here

The other anime BD/DVD ones are all on MPT’s channel here: Here

Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down, and maybe if I can get my hands on the full CD I might translate the rest too.

Or just go ask MPT. Discord link from his videos: Here

Brand New Story – GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE English Lyrics (Theme from Ride Your Wave/Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara) / 映画「きみと、波にのれたら」主題歌

I’m in the middle of subbing Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara (きみと、波にのれたら/Localised as Ride Your Wave) and thought that since the song features so largely as part of the movie and I had to translate it in the subs, I might as well put up the lyric translation here as well. Overall I’m done about 30 mins out of the 90 minute movie, so it’ll probably take another week or so to finish.

The lyrics are pretty roughly translated, with some slight effort in trying to localise the flow/meaning but it’s still relatively literal. Feel free to take them, use them, improve them, whatever, but just know I did a quick and dirty job here for the sake of my subtitles. I don’t even have proper line to line mapping or punctuation because that’s how it is in my subtitle file and I’m too lazy to make it all nice just for this.

PS: You can listen to the song itself here


As you gaze at the water’s surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on

Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous path
And we grind to a standstill
But if we could just get through the pain

That’s right, the moment you open your eyes
It’s the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place

The times of tears
Are sure to number
Countless more than laughter or smiles, you know
But you see,
The thing with tears is
They’ll always dry up eventually

The same wave will
Never come washing up again
Let’s hold on tight and face it right
The fact that we are here right now

That’s right
Take your imagination
Make it shine as a Brand New Story
And so as the seasons go on
We’ll take these growing feelings
And hold them inside my heart
Forever and on

The memories from those bygone days
Will never ever disappear
Within our ever glowing
Inner hearts

So let keep on facing forward
And hold a bit of courage

That’s right, the moment you open your eyes
It’s the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place

My Brand New Story

Original Japanese – Source: Lyrical Nonsense


時として運命は 試すような道を指して

That’s Right
始まるよ Brand New Story



That’s Right
輝いてる Brand New Story



That’s Right
始まるよ Brand New Story

My Brand New Story

Schizophrenia – Chapter 41

Hey, so this delay is basically due to me as expected. Kudos to the new TL on always getting their work done. In fact, seeing how much less work it is to just spend an hour doing TLC for his chapters, I almost wanna just retire into that position at this point. Hahaha. Anyways, Enjoy!



“Just what… Is going on here?”

Everyone was silent towards Lilia’s question. Even Kris awkwardly averted her gaze and looked elsewhere. When Lilia turned her eyes towards her two followers, they shrunk back, trembling.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Seemingly unable to endure the silence, Kris spoke. Lilia glanced over at her, and nodded in agreement.

“True. And what I decide to do is none of your business either.”


As Kris was tilting her head at Lilia’s sudden declaration, Lilia made her way over to Sera. She stood in front of her desk and called out.



“Sera Valdia!”

Sera jumped at hearing her full name called and quivered in her seat. She timidly peered at Lilia’s face. Expressionless and calm, Lilia looked down at Sera.

“We need to talk. Come with me.”

“Eh… Umm, to where…?”

Sera asked with fear in her eyes. Lilia felt a tinge of irritation.

“Does it really matter? Just come with me already.”


Sera sprung up from her seat hearing the coldness in Lilia’s words. Lilia began walking, and Sera after her.

“Well then, everyone, have a good day.”

When Lilia said those words with a smile as she bid them farewell, everyone in the classroom couldn’t help but stiffen their expressions in unison.

Lilia brought Sera back to her room at the dorm. They sat down at a table facing each other. Full cups of black tea were set in front of them, which Lilia had tasked Alisa with preparing beforehand.
In the middle of the table was dorayaki bought from the south side. They weren’t exactly the best pairing for black tea, but Sakura kept pestering Lilia about how she wanted to taste them again so Lilia had them brought out here. These were in fact brought over just yesterday by Tina when she’d come to visit.

Lilia picked up a dorayaki and took a bite, indicating with her hand for Sera to help herself as well. Sera, while perplexed by all this, still reached out to take one and put it in her mouth.

“…! It’s, really good…”

“Right? This is a confection from the southern district. They’re one of my new favourites.”

Sera looked on in wide-eyed surprise at hearing about the southern district. Though Lilia found it laughable that it could be shocking to such a degree, she herself would probably have had the exact same reaction if she had heard that some other upper class nobles had gone to the southern district.

“Well then, Sera. It’s about time we get to the main topic.”

With Lilia beginning the real conversation, Sera quietly closed her eyes, and nodded. Straightening her back, she went to look straight into Lilia’s eyes in seriousness.

“Sera, what is that you plan to do from here on?”

“I was thinking of returning back home.”

Her answer was just as expected.

“For all the trouble that I have caused you, Miss Lilianne, please accept my deepest apologies.”

Sera deeply lowered her head. Seeing that display, Lilia gave a scornful laugh.

“So basically, you’re going to run away. How disappointing.”

“For you… To be saying that…”

Sera’s eyes narrowed, but she soon came back to herself with a start, and lowered her head once again. Lilia felt there was quite enough of the head lowering already, but she decided to let her do as she pleased.

“I spoke rashly. My humblest apologies.”

Rashly, so she says, but that was probably just her real feelings leaking out. The one who drove Sera to this point was Lilia after all. What’s more, there was that incident where Lilia did in fact run away from the Prince herself, becoming a shut-in. That was probably where her words stemmed from. However, Lilia ignored all of that. Sticking to calling the kettle black, she looked coldly at Sera.

“No matter what anyone says, the fact that you have chosen the option to run away will not change. Or perhaps, are you planning on coming back again afterwards?”

At that question, Sera weakly shook her head, as one would expect. Lilia felt like she could, ever so slightly, understand what Sera was feeling. She herself was someone who had run away, and if not for Sakura, she likely wouldn’t have ever come back to the academy again. Although, according to that ‘story’ of Sakura’s, going back to the academy did indeed happen to her.

“So you don’t intend to remain at this academy?”

“No… Honestly, I cannot endure it. I’ve come to realise that during this one week.”

That was quite understandable. Though Lilia had only seen her situation during lunchtimes, it would definitely take something else to withstand being so thoroughly ignored. It was, in a sense, even harsher than simply getting harassed.

“Well then, Sera. I wonder if you have any intention of taking the third option.”

“The… Third option?”

“Yes, Sera. You, shall become one of my people.”

Not understanding Lilia’s declaration, Sera tilted her head.

“Though it’s not like I’m telling you to become my maid, or anything. In a certain sense, it would be like going back to how we were before all this. Following under me, and abiding by my orders. All the while, you would come under my protection. That’s not such a bad deal, is it?”

“That… Would be quite advantageous for myself, but… How is there anything in this for you, Mistress Lilianne? In any case, I do not see any reason for you to take in someone regarded as an enemy of His Highness. And I am certain that the other two would happily take on this same offer…”

“I have no need for something like that.”

Sera’s expression cramped up upon hearing that. Up until recently, she had been in the exact same boat as the other two, and she never expected to hear that they were actually unnecessary. Putting it that way, it was like her whole school life up until now had been denied at its very core. But of course, it was them who had chosen to cling to Lilia, so they had no right to blame her, either.

“I have no need for someone who could betray me at any point. And regarding that, you no longer have anyone you can rely on other than me. There would be no way for you to betray me. One couldn’t ask for a more convenient chess piece.”

Lilia let out a vulgar laugh. Sera’s face paled in response to this, but she did not deny it.

“However, His Highness has it out for me at the moment.”

“Oh my, is that really a problem? There’s no need to worry about that kind of guy, at all.”

That kind of talk would definitely get you punished for lese majeste outside of the academy. Sera’s eyes went wide, and then, she let out a wry smile.

“I’d been under the impression that all of this might have been a plan to get back with His Highness, but those words just now were your true feelings huh.”

“Get back with His Highness? Me? Please don’t say that even as a joke, it’s quite disgusting.”

“Mistress Lilia, perhaps that might be a bit much.”

Alisa, who was standing at the ready behind Lilia, finally felt she couldn’t look on anymore and chided her lady to mind her words bit more. Lilia simply shrugged, and responded that she’ll be more careful. Sera looked on at this exchange with great interest.

“You seem quite close even though she is your maid.”

“Well, it’s not as if there’s a rule against being close with your servants or anything.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Sera let out a relaxed laugh, but very quickly returned to a serious expression. She looked directly into Lilia’s eyes, as Lilia returned her gaze. Without a trace of mirth, she asked seriously.

“Mistress Lilianne, is it really alright? It may be strange coming from me, but as I am now, I believe I am no more than a liability.”

“Well, I certainly don’t think so. Right now, I am asking you to come under my command. Make a decision already and give me your answer.”

As Lilia began to feel a tinge of irritation and strengthened her tone, Sera immediately bowed before her. It was to apologise, as well as,

“I shall be under your care, Mistress Lilianne.”

“Very well. Best regards.”

Hearing Sera’s words, a satisfied smile rose up on Lilia’s face.



Author’s note:
We shall see about that all-out confrontation with Kris.





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Carole and Tuesday – 01

We are now a sub group(not really)! So apparently this is a thing that exists now.

Thanks to anon for the pre-timed file. I just redid the translations.

If you need raws: 720p 1080p

As with basically everything I do, don’t hold your breath for more, but this episode was nice so I felt it deserved a good release.
Also I’m aware that there is an actual group that’s doing this show, but since there was a kind of badly translated sub file out there before them, having a better option might help give people who were gonna watch it anyways a better experience. Plus the anon who made it kept it in a state that was really easily usable for re-tl.

Schizophrenia – Chapter 36

This chapter felt longer. Well, that’s cause it was. (Probably not actually)



“Your Highness. Just what are you thinking here?”

“About what?”

“The recipients of the invitations are mostly those of the upper nobility. Within all that, Tina alone is the exception here. Might you have any idea, just what that girl might be feeling because of that?”

“What do you mean. What’s wrong with inviting her because I wanted her to come?”

—Ah, this guy’s hopeless. He’s not even trying to understand. Lilia, let’s give up here.

—You’re right. I feel bad for Tina, but this is out of my hands.

Sighing together with Sakura, she turned her back to The Prince. Now that she knew there was no point in any further conversation, she had no more reason to be here. She’d already fulfilled her obligation to show up, so she decided to head back to her room. As she felt an unpleasantness that made her good mood from touring the town earlier seem like a lie, Lilia wordlessly started walking away.

“Wait, Lilianne! Our conversation’s not over!”

She stopped at The Prince’s words and answered without turning around.

“No, it has concluded. Now that I have realised the pointlessness of any further exchange of words with you, there is no longer any reason for me to be here.”

After this she left without saying anything more. The Prince was shouting something or other from behind her, but she completely ignored it.
There was no one who impeded her path of return. Anyone who saw Lilia’s face all scattered like away like a flock of birds. But when she neared the exit there was one person standing there who didn’t flee.

“Mistress Lilia…”

Tina was looking at her with a worried expression. Probably because there were other upper class nobles around, she seemed to be holding back from being too familiar with her words. Lilia gave just one glance at Tina, before passing her by.

“Hang in there.”


Tina widened her eyes at the short parting Lilia sent before leaving. Without turning back to see her reaction, Lilia quickly took her leave from the place.

When she got back to her room, Alisa had prepared some tea and was waiting for her. Slightly surprised, she was guided to her seat by Alisa. Taking a sip of tea, she felt a bit of life returning to her.

“Good work out there, Mistress Lilia.”

Just how much does this girl know in saying that? While thinking it strange, Lilia simply gave a small shrug and didn’t respond.

“Might there be any plans for tomorrow?”

“Not really… No, there is actually. But there isn’t anything requiring your assistance, so it’s fine if you guys have a rest. At least take a break on the weekends.”

Hearing that, Alisa had a troubled look. It seemed like she was going to say something, so Lilia spoke first.

“You can take this as an order.”


“Take a break tomorrow.”

Alisa looked like she still wanted to say something, but soon gave up with a sigh. However that was just giving up, and didn’t mean she had accepted it. Alisa seemed like she was thinking for a while, before eventually opening her mouth.

“We shall take a break during noon only. Will that be acceptable?”

“…Suit yourself then…”

She was wondering just why she was so opposed to taking a day off, but it didn’t seem like Alisa would budge any further than this so she gave her consent with this.

—Lilia, what are you actually doing for tomorrow?

—Not much. Just going to make a few arrangements.

—For Tina’s sake?

—I suppose that’s what it comes down to.

When she answered, she was a bit surprised at her own words. To be acting for the sake of someone else… But, Lilia quickly shook her head. This was just the thanks for lending her the dress. It’s for my own sake, or so Lilia convinced herself.

—It’s a good thing, so there’s no need to deceive yourself you know?

Sakura said so with a cheerful laugh.

The next day. Finishing her breakfast, she saw out Alisa who went to buy things in town, and spent the rest of the morning working on her studies with Sakura. Making do with the snacks she bought yesterday as her lunch, Lilia left her room as well when afternoon rolled in.
When she got to the second floor entrance, the hall once again fell silent. But perhaps lacking in the shock factor compared to yesterday, the people quickly averted their gazes, and bit by bit returned to their own conversations. Even so there were still some who froze just from seeing her, but Lilia paid it no mind and moved her feet.
She arrived at Tina’s room. When she knocked, there came Tina’s voice from the door.


“Tina. It’s me.”

“Lilia? I’ll be right there.”

Following right after that voice, the door was opened. The face Tina revealed seemed just a bit worn out.

“Welcome, Lilia. What’s up?”

“Well, not much… May I come in?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Tina led her into the room. On her desk, study materials and notebooks were strewn about. So she was diligently studying, for some reason Lilia felt a bit happy at that.

—You’re just like an older sister huh.

—Hah? Older sister?

—Oh it’s nothing.

She didn’t think it was really ‘nothing’ from the way Sakura was happily giggling to herself, but she could tell that Sakura had no intention of answering her so asking would be useless anyways.

“Tina. How were things last night after that?”

When she was asked that, Tina gave a tired smile.

“There wasn’t anything up until I left but…”

Tina turned her gaze to a corner of her desk. There were numerous scrunched up pieces of paper there. With a doubtful frown, Lilia picked them up and read their contents. And instantly, she had her eyes narrowed.

—Lilia, that’s scary. Though I get how you feel.

—What in the world, is with this…

There were six pieces of paper. On each of them words such as ‘You’re not fit for The Prince’, or ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself’ and so on were lined up on the pages, seeming so far off the mark to someone who actually knew about Tina that they could only be shocked.

—It’s a mass produced Lilia model.

—I have no idea what you’re talking about but the fact that you’re making fun of me is clear.

—Then, it’s that. The mass produced former-Lilia model

—You sure have some guts there…





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Schizophrenia – Chapter 35




Sakura was enraptured by the tastes of the strawberry daifuku. Just where did all that seriousness from earlier go? Making a helpless smile, Lilia bought one more and headed for the next shop.
After that they just continued with some pointless chatter as they went around to the shops marked out on Aira’s map. Along the way, they ran into many stores and foods that piqued their interest, but with only one exception they ignored them all. The exception being the strawberry daifuku of course.
And so after circling the entire route and while shopping at their last destination,

“Milady. Perhaps it is about time.”

It was a man’s voice. She recognised it even without having to turn around, as it was one of the agents. Thinking about it, that girl agent had referred to this guy as ‘father’, so were they parent and child? She was a bit curious, but it wasn’t something she needed to pry into so she left the question unasked.

“I got it. I’ll head back after I buy this.”

A small paper box was being wrapped up in front of her. Receiving it from the store clerk, she cracked a slight smile as she headed back towards the academy that was now within her sights.
As she reached the gate, the guard took a glance at her before silently making way. Lilia also didn’t say anything, and quietly went through. The agent had disappeared at some point. And as she returned to the classroom she used to change, there waited Alisa in the in the same fashion as when she departed.

“Welcome back, Mistress Lilia.”

Alisa politely lowered her head. Lilia returned a nod, and put the paper box on a desk.

“Could I get you to bring this back to my room? I’m going to go show my face at the evening party for a bit.”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Ahh, by the way one piece in there is for you, so feel free to go ahead and eat it if you’d like.”

Alisa returned a look of astonishment as she widened her eyes. With a bit of trembling in her voice,

“Is that really alright…?”

“I did just say so didn’t I?”

“Thank you very much!”

Alisa gave an energetic bow. Lilia was a bit perplexed, but simply got her to help change outfits before getting her to return to the room.
When she got back to the evening party, the man at the entrance slightly widened his eyes.

“Welcome back, Mistress Lilianne. Well, I am sorry to say but…”

“It shall be over soon yes? I do not mind. I’ll just be going to greet some people.”

“Please excuse me. Well then, right this way.”

Passing by the man, she entered the venue. Different from when she had left, the place was filled with people. Even now the tables were still lined with numerous dishes.

—Lilia. Not gonna eat?

—I don’t think I can eat any more after that…

—Well, I guess that’s true.

Her stomach was already filled with the various treats she ate as she was touring the streets. She wasn’t bursting at the seams per se, but there was no reason to force herself here.
She felt some gazes and looked around her. She met eyes with numerous people who were looking this way, but they all quickly averted their gaze. While feeling a bit displeased, in order to get her business over with she searched for the person she needed. A sort of gathering of people was being created with said person at the center so it wasn’t too hard.
She headed over and began to walk. The surroundings that noticed Lilia fell silent, and opened up a path for her. It was the usual scene. Within that crowd Tina was there as well.


Letting out an exclamation inwardly in tune with Sakura, she turned just her sight to look towards the rightward area. Indeed, it was Tina. Dressed in an extravagant gown, Tina looked very much ill at ease here.

—This must be that idiot prince’s doing eh.

—Really… How worthless…

Give a bit of thought to Tina’s situation! Lilia could now see the trials this thoughtless Prince puts her through. Tina did certainly come from a house of barons, but that wasn’t at the status to be invited to an event put on by the royals. Surrounded by essentially nothing but upper class nobles, just what kind of mental state was she in by being in the middle of all this? The Prince might just think that she would decline if she didn’t want to go, but there was no way the baron class Tina could turn down an invitation from a prince.
So he can’t even comprehend such a simple thing, Lilia felt some slight disappointment, as she came before the one she was looking for, The Prince.

“Lilianne. What did you come for.”

With those being the first words out of his mouth, Lilia couldn’t help but make a bit of a frown. The surroundings also let out voices in confusion. Lilia quickly stuck a smile on her face,

“My, after sending over an invitation, those words are a bit much.”

Even a sneer was still within the definition of being a ‘smile’.

“It’s not like I invited you because I wanted to. They were just persistent in not leaving out anyone from a duke’s house from the invitations.”

“And it’s not like I wanted to come either you see. But it wouldn’t do to not answer to an invitation from the royal family no? Even though I didn’t even want to have to see you in my field of vision.”

The Prince’s eyebrows shot up. Taking in a breath and getting ready shout,

“Might you please try to think about people’s situation a bit more, Your Highness?”

“I don’t want to hear that coming from you!”

The Prince shouted. The surrounding atmosphere tensed up like a spring, but to Lilia it was no concern of hers.

—Well, hey, the place being what it is, you should probably think about your own situation a bit. It’ll cause trouble for your family.

—That’s… You’re right, I’ll be careful.

Somehow calming her heart that had begun to race, Lilia affixed a glare at The Prince. So you’re still not gonna stop doing that though huh, said Sakura with a wry laugh, but she really couldn’t fix that.

“That is so. Without thinking of the place I have said too much myself. My deepest apologies.”

Saying so she lowered her head. Voices of surprise leaked out from the surroundings. That was probably natural seeing the Lilia who rarely lowered her head obediently bowing here.

“Hmph. As long as you understand.”

“Yes. I shall apologise. And with that, I beseech you once more. Please think a bit about the situation.”

Wha-, The Prince was rendered speechless, and then his face was dyed red in anger. Without apologising this time, Lilia took a glance behind her, then quickly returned her gaze to The Prince.

“Your Highness. Why is it that Tina of Baron status is present here?”

“Is that not obvious? Because I invited her.”


“That has nothing to do with you!”

—An idiot. We have an idiot here.

—Let’s stop that, Sakura. Isn’t that rude?

—To who?

—To idiots.

Exchanging some lighthearted banter with Sakura, she felt refreshed and made a smile. Thanks to Sakura, she got by without losing her temper.





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Schizophrenia – Chapter 34

I totally just now realised I could have translated Aira’s name as ‘Isla’ but it seems sort of pointless to change it now. I’ll consider changing it if a bunch of poeple decide ‘Isla’ is a better name though.



“I see.”

Said Lilia as she nodded, but she didn’t really feel so within. It only felt kind of plain to her. She felt a bit down thinking about having to walk around outside in the dress.

“Do I properly look like a commoner?”

When Lilia asked that, Alisa and the agent girl both averted their eyes.


When Lilia stiffened, Alisa said in a fluster,

“It, it’s alright! It’s, not really like a commoner, but you do look like a rich lady going out incognito!”

“That’s right! At the very least you don’t seem like a duke’s daughter anymore!”

Should she really be reassured, or happy with that? Lilia couldn’t think of an answer, and could only give off a vague smile.

“Mistress Lilia. Please take this as well.”

She was handed a straw hat. It was in the box with the dress. When she put it on, the two girls watching on both nodded with satisfaction.

“Does it fit?”

“Yes. No problems.”

“You will be guarded no matter what happens so please rest assured.”

Would she really be protected by this girl? Lilia looked at her a little doubtfully. The girl probably noticed, as she quickly shook her head.

“If something were to happen I would not be able to handle it myself. After leaving the academy, Father shall be covertly following behind.”

“I see. It’s fine even if we walked together though.”

—Eh? Is that really fine? Lilia, just imagine it. Some well bred young lady walking together with some old dude dressed up in all black.

—Calling him ‘some old dude’, really you…

Though she was admonishing her speech, Lilia did try imagining. Quickly, she came to the conclusion that it was no good, and shook her head.

“Sorry. Let me revise that. I want to walk alone.”

“Understood. I shall return then”

While smiling wryly, the girl gave a bow and left the classroom. As she was watching her depart, she suddenly remembered.

“Now that I think about it, with that girl, and the other two as well, I still haven’t asked for their names huh.”

“It seems so. Shall I inform you their names now?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll ask them myself when I get the chance.”

Leaving that aside she needed to get a move on or she’ll be late in returning. As Lilia walked out the door, Alisa silently saw her out with a bow.

There were soldiers constantly stationed at the gates of the academy. Normally one would go through various procedures to pass through the gate. She was anticipating just how she might talk her way past, or perhaps get them to let her through discreetly, but,

“Have a safe trip.”

They just let her though without saying much at all.

—What’s with that?

—Yup. Make sure you thank those agent people after. It seems they’d talked to them about it beforehand.

At those words, Lilia’s eyes widened. She hadn’t heard anything about this…

—There was that thing you did to them the other day, so they were probably desperately trying to not earn your ire.

—I didn’t really intend to get that mad at them though.

—Nah you were plenty scary back there alright?

So it was like that, thought Lilia as she left the school grounds. Right outside the south end of the academy was a wide road running parallel across the exit to either side, as well as an even bigger street that ran straight south from there. With either of the roads, there were all sorts of stores lined up along them. Lilia took out the paper she received from Aira and started walking down the indicated route. However she quickly came to a stop.

—Sakura. Do you, understand this map?

—Yep. I can read it but… Ahh, I see. Only the basic points have been marked out here. I’ll guide you along.

Following Sakura’s instructions, Lilia set out into the south side town.

—You see, a hundred years ago there was a great sage in this country. The great sage taught many things to the country, but the of all things it seems what he’d put the most effort into was food. There wasn’t a single thing he enjoyed eating here, so he tried super hard to fix that. What a wonderful person! By the way Lilia, you’re not listening are you. Ah, make a right there.

—I’m listening. I just don’t have as much of an attachment to food as most nobles.

Following Sakura’s directions, Lilia walked down onto a busy street by herself. The various people coming and going turned to look at her as they went by, but it was the same even in the academy so she paid it no mind. And so, she didn’t even really think about why she was garnering all this attention either.
As soon as Sakura began guiding Lilia along she had started to lecture about this country’s history. That said, it was mostly history related to food. She certainly had the desire to eat delicious things, but she wasn’t as caught up in such a thing as Sakura. She had no interest in something like the great sage who brought about some revolution in food.
Sakura should be aware of that as well, but even so she continued to talk. She even periodically confirmed if she was listening properly.

—Hey, don’t you find it odd, Lilia?

—About what.

—The method to make salt isn’t even known here, but it somehow became a common everyday item.

Lilia’s feet came to a stop.
There were various seasonings gathered in this country. Of course salt and sugar were among them. And they, with a magic formation and the spirits’ help, were created from raw materials while completely omitting the actual process of their creation.
Normally without knowing the actual process of making something you wouldn’t be able to create such a magic. Therefore, it seemed that there was someone who indeed knew the full process for creating them, and yet the only known way of producing them currently was using magic formations. It seemed like something quite obvious, but only after it was pointed out did she notice the strangeness of it.

—Right? It really is strange.

At Sakura who gave a cheerful laugh, Lilia felt a slight chill. The way she spoke made it seem like she actually knew all about the creation processes mentioned. The way to create them without relying on a magic formation.

—Sakura. Could it be that you, were that great sage or something?

She asked with a tiny bit of conviction, but Sakura immediately denied it.

—However, I do think that Mr. Sage guy was someone who resembles me quite a bit. Though I don’t know if he’d also possessed someone like I did, eh? Ah, Lilia that store there! It’s strawberry daifuku buy some buy some hey buy some!

—Just when I thought we were having a serious conversation… Please put a bit more effort into staying on track…

Voicing her complaints all the while, Lilia headed towards the store Sakura pointed out. The treats called ‘daifuku’ were lined up on the counter, and the one called a strawberry daifuku was in the middle of them, lined up so that they stood out prominently. Buy just one, she put it in her mouth on the spot.

—I see… So the strawberry itself was inside the thing…

—A strawberry daifuku! It tastes like a strawberry daifuku too!





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Schizophrenia – Chapter 33

Enjoy the chapter!



“Well then I must prepare for the evening party.”

“Ah, ahh… Well, take care then… Ah, right. Got some paper and a pen?”

Lilia had an inquisitive look on her face, as she took out what she’d been using to study with Sakura from her desk. Such high class stuff, shuddered Aira as she received it, but was it really that amazing? As Lilia was looking over Aira wondering what she needed it for, it seemed the girl was scribbling something on the sheet.
So after she wordlessly handed it over and Lilia took a look, it turned out to actually be a map. A route running from the Academy to a number of stores was marked out. When Lilia looked at Aira with a questioning gaze, Aira’s cheeks reddened and she turned away.

“It’s the stores we usually go to. If you take that route you can visit them all in order. Sneaking out of the evening party won’t leave you with much time yeah? I’d recommend those for your first time.”

“My… Thank you. I’ll gratefully make use of it.”

Lilia carefully scrutinised the map, and carefully folded it up.

“Ahh, also. Don’t go to any other stores. Just let me know if anything else catches your interest. I’ll give ya my recommendations. ‘Cause there’s lot’s of bad ones out there.”

Said Aira as she gave a wry smile. To go this far for her, Lilia actually started to suspect there was something to it.

“You’re treating me awfully well here… What’s your objective?”

When asked that, Aira asked Is that how it is? And seemed somewhat surprised. She began thinking about how to explain as she put her hand to her chin. After a little bit, she finally shook her head.

“Can’t really put it into words that well. Though, if it’s an objective then I do have one.”

“What might that be? If it’s something befitting the value of what you’ve given me, I’ll certainly provide.”

“Haha. Then there wouldn’t really be anything I could ask for.”

For Lilia the information was in it’s own way quite valuable, but it seemed that Aira didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t intend to correct her either way, as she waited for Aira’s demands.

“Well it’s not anything that hard really. Just want you to keep getting along with Tina. That’s all.”

“That’s… Of course I intend to do so. Is there nothing regarding yourself?”

“Not really. Well, let’s see… Best regards from here on out, I guess?”

Aira said that and smiled, saying see ya as she left the room with a wave. Seen out by Alisa who was standing by at the door during this, their presences retreated away from her bedroom. Lilia slowly let out a breath, and sank deep into her chair.

—To be thinking about Tina before even herself… I cannot understand it.

—It’s cause they’re best friends, I guess. How nice, I sure am jealous~. Ah, but I think of you as a best friend too.

—Stop it, that’s gross.

—How cruel!

Sakura started going on at length about just how much she’d been thinking about Lilia all this time, but she completely ignored that. As she spread out and gazed at the map she received from Aira the corners of Lilia’s mouth were already slightly raised, but Lilia herself didn’t notice that all the way to the end.

Evening came, and the time was drawing near so Lilia left her room. Following behind her was Alisa carrying the wooden box. Lilia had intended to leave alone, but she was stopped by Alisa who pointed out that it would be strange for her to be carrying such luggage by herself.

“During Mistress Lilia’s excursion, I shall properly watch over the belongings.”

Alisa said so with a bright smile, so it seemed her plans were completely seen through. She probably didn’t try to stop her, because she already knew that Lilia wouldn’t have changed her mind. Lilia felt a bit regretful; if she didn’t have to deal with convincing her then she should have just explained everything to Alisa from the start.

—But isn’t it fine? Even if you don’t go all out of your way next time, you can just get Alisa to help.

—She’ll definitely be quite worried though.

—Well, the agents will probably be going with you so it should be fine.

Even though there hadn’t been any indications Sakura sounded pretty certain, she felt a bit of discomfort, lightly looking around in disbelief.

—Are they… Somewhere around here?

—Yup. But don’t let your guard down. Seems it’s just one person, so if you’re attacked by a group there’s not much they could do.

—Right… I’ll be careful.

Pretending to not know about her follower, she brought herself to the party location.

They seemed to have made all the preparations at some point, as there were tables arranged around the schoolyard, and an assortment of food was being brought out. A few who had gotten here even earlier than Lilia, were gathered together chatting amongst themselves. At the entrance to the schoolyard was a table and two men. When the two men recognised Lilia, they bowed respectfully.

“Welcome, Mistress Lilianne.”

Lilia handed the invitation to one of them. He politely received it, but without actually confirming the contents they invited her to enter.

“I’d just like to ask, but are we free to come and go as we please here?”

“Indeed. What might be the matter?”

“If I find that I’ve forgotten something, I’ll be going back to retrieve it. I shall return by the end, so please don’t mind me.”


The two men sent her off with a bow, as Lilia left the entrance behind. And entering the nearby school building, she attempted to open the door to one of the classrooms. However naturally there were locked up.

“Mistress Lilia. Please excuse me.”

It was a different voice from Alisa’s. And, surprised at the voice that was higher pitched than Alisa’s or her own she turned around. There was a girl dressed in all black. the girl took a key out from her bosom, and used it to unlock the door.

“Where did you get that?”

“Father entrusted me with it. You’ll probably be using it, he said.”

“I see…”

Lilia’s face twitched slightly, and Alisa who was watching over this expressed a wry smile.

—Seems your actions were completely seen through. In fact the secret plan isn’t really secret or anything else at this point huh.

—Just what was all my worrying for…

—It was useless. There was no point. Sure was dumb!

—Was it not you who had made those suggestions?

—That’s no good Lilia. You can’t be caught in the past! Look to the future! The snacks are calling for us~!

Her voice was quite cheerful, but it was plainly obvious she was now trying to avoid that earlier topic. Good grief, Lilia shook her head, and since it was none other than herself who had taken up Sakura’s suggestions she decided to say no more.
She quickly changed her outfit in the classroom. the two other girls both let out cheers.

“It really suits you, Mistress Lilia!”

“It’s lovely!”



Author’s Note:
Secret plan (lol)



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