Schizophrenia – Alisa1

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Alisa’s point of view.



I am Alisa Felis. I work as a maid in the Aldis dukedom. My career here started from when I was twelve years old. At that time my father felt it was still too early for me and was against it, but since I managed to get permission from my maid instructor, my mother, I apologised to my father in my heart as I knocked on the Duke of Aldis’ doors.

For me, there were still things I needed to learn, so I certainly could have studied a bit more before coming here. However, as the place I wished to work at, the Aldis house wasn’t always looking to hire more people. Especially since even regarding the current recruitment, there were conditions pertaining to age, and even magical expertise. Since I was fairly confident regarding magic, I felt couldn’t let this opportunity slide.

I wanted to work in the Aldis dukedom no matter what. Rather, it was for that very purpose that I had made the decision to become a maid. And the reason is a simple one; I wanted help and repay in any way I could Mistress Lilianne who had once saved my life.

There were a number of examinations, but fortunately I managed to pass them without issue, and began work as a live-in maid of the Aldis house.

Naturally, I began with learning about all the work around the estate from my seniors here. Their guidance was certainly very strict, but at the same time I could feel the care they put in to teaching me.

One day, I asked one of my seniors what sort of people the members of the Aldis dukedom were. What I knew, was only of the kindness of Mistress Lilianne who had saved me, and the master of the house’s gentle smile. My senior readily filled me in.

The master, Duke Kelvin, is the very picture of both a model knight and scholar, it seems. All while possessing first rate skill with the sword, his learnedness was also worthy of admiration. His wife Madam Asha was a leading figure in magic, and had invented many magical formations.

The eldest son Master Klaus was, similar to his father, someone who was proficient in both the pen and the sword. It seems he can give strict words to the workers like us, but all the more he is really most strict with himself. Facing failure with sincerity, in cases where he ends up reprimanding someone due to a misunderstanding, even if it was towards maids like us he would lower his head in apology.

The second son Master Theo is unlike the rest of his family, possessing a somewhat weaker constitution. Because of that he spends a lot of time indoors, and would always cling to his elder sister when he sees her. He seems to be quite attached to his sister.

And that sister, the eldest daughter, Mistress Lilianne. I had thought that she was a very kind person but…

“I’ll tell you this for your own good. It’s better to not get involved, with that person.”

“Eh…? Why is that?”

“Willful, haughty, and selfish. A real tyrant of a person, whenever she opens her mouth it’s never without a reprimand. Really…”

“What might you be talking about?”

A middle aged woman, the head maid who directs us sent the senior a scowl. The senior quickly lowered her head, and before I knew it she had gone and ended up escaping. I think that’s just going to make her angrier with you later on though…

“You’re Alisa, right?”

Called out by the head maid, I straightened right up.


“Regarding Mistress Lilianne, I will not say anything. Look with your own eyes, and make your own judgement. Let’s see… Starting from tomorrow for one week, you will act alongside the person working as Mistress Lilianne’s personal maid. In doing so, you will likely come to understand what kind of person she is.”

The head maid said so, then turned around and left. Looking at her depart I,
—I can meet Mistress Lilianne!
My mood naturally elevated, I happily went about completing my remaining work. Even I felt I was quite the simple girl at that moment.

And so the next day came about. I came to understand the meaning behind the words of my senior.
Mistress Lilianne, was a very tyrannical person. No matter what the matter was she would scold and reprimand without fail. Seeing that figure throughout the day, the image I had inside of me crumbled away in its entirety.

I was filled with disappointment. Certainly, I’d never actually exchanged any words with Mistress Lilianne before. However, as someone who had saved me, she was certain to be a kind person, I had always thought.

No, rather, I had convinced myself so. Even though my house was only of Baron status, we were still, no matter what, nobles. It was a matter of fact that stories about Mistress Lilianne would also be circulated our way. However, I never thought to believe in any of them.

However. Even so. The fact that my life was saved by Mistress Lilianne will not change. No matter what kind of person, I will do my utmost to serve them. As I decided so in my heart and continued my work, at some point instead of the Master’s I had been appointed as Mistress Lilianne’s personal maid. It seems that my senior had finally ended up quitting.

I accepted my appointment, and began working exclusively for Mistress Lilianne, but other than having the number of rebukes increasing not much else changed for me, and time flowed by in the blink of an eye.

That Mistress Lilianne, for just one day, had became quite strange. Constantly muttering something to herself, and occasionally as if recalling some matter she would shout out about something. Unable to do anything about it, I simply watched over her during all this.
The others decided it prudent to keep away from the strange Mistress on this day, so there was no one around Mistress Lilianne except myself. From when she would occasionally give an order, I immediately noticed. This whole day, she had yet to get angry even once.

Even now she is muttering something by herself. I have no idea what I should make of this, but if at all possible I prayed that she could change in a good direction from here on.
But of course, by the very next day she had completely returned to her usual self.

From there time continued to flow by, and I had just about forgotten about Mistress Lilianne’s eccentricities that day. Then Mistress Lilianne who had been living in the dorms suddenly returned home to the estate. It was all quite sudden so I hadn’t had a chance to make any of the preparations, but Mistress Lilianne simply shut herself inside her own room and didn’t come out again.



Author’s Note
I had intended to write (the next chapter) to the end, but it started to get long and I gave up. I had thought I’d make it on time…
So there you have it, this time it’s from Alisa’s point of view. A story from when Lilia wasn’t posessed by an evil spirit… sorry, I mean by Sakura yet.
It would be great if I can do this continuation of Alisa’s point of view next week, but next week’s gonna be pretty busy so I wonder…

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  1. C’on, take a page from your ow…boss, set your limit to one chapter minimum per week, and you will hit 37 soon enough.
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  2. Wow, double release?
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    1. Might have been hinted at before, but probably new information. Unless the centuries that have passed have also dulled my own memories haha


    2. It is… familiar? I think maybe when they did the bit with being nicer to the maids? I seem to recall them having a bonding moment and there was some hints at backstory… Possibly over some afternoon tea?


  3. Ty for the bonus chapter!
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    1. Sent in a request! I wasn’t too sure why it became like that, maybe because I released the chapter as ‘Alisa 1’ instead of ‘Alisa1’. Thanks!


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