Schizophrenia – Chapter 33

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“Well then I must prepare for the evening party.”

“Ah, ahh… Well, take care then… Ah, right. Got some paper and a pen?”

Lilia had an inquisitive look on her face, as she took out what she’d been using to study with Sakura from her desk. Such high class stuff, shuddered Aira as she received it, but was it really that amazing? As Lilia was looking over Aira wondering what she needed it for, it seemed the girl was scribbling something on the sheet.
So after she wordlessly handed it over and Lilia took a look, it turned out to actually be a map. A route running from the Academy to a number of stores was marked out. When Lilia looked at Aira with a questioning gaze, Aira’s cheeks reddened and she turned away.

“It’s the stores we usually go to. If you take that route you can visit them all in order. Sneaking out of the evening party won’t leave you with much time yeah? I’d recommend those for your first time.”

“My… Thank you. I’ll gratefully make use of it.”

Lilia carefully scrutinised the map, and carefully folded it up.

“Ahh, also. Don’t go to any other stores. Just let me know if anything else catches your interest. I’ll give ya my recommendations. ‘Cause there’s lot’s of bad ones out there.”

Said Aira as she gave a wry smile. To go this far for her, Lilia actually started to suspect there was something to it.

“You’re treating me awfully well here… What’s your objective?”

When asked that, Aira asked Is that how it is? And seemed somewhat surprised. She began thinking about how to explain as she put her hand to her chin. After a little bit, she finally shook her head.

“Can’t really put it into words that well. Though, if it’s an objective then I do have one.”

“What might that be? If it’s something befitting the value of what you’ve given me, I’ll certainly provide.”

“Haha. Then there wouldn’t really be anything I could ask for.”

For Lilia the information was in it’s own way quite valuable, but it seemed that Aira didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t intend to correct her either way, as she waited for Aira’s demands.

“Well it’s not anything that hard really. Just want you to keep getting along with Tina. That’s all.”

“That’s… Of course I intend to do so. Is there nothing regarding yourself?”

“Not really. Well, let’s see… Best regards from here on out, I guess?”

Aira said that and smiled, saying see ya as she left the room with a wave. Seen out by Alisa who was standing by at the door during this, their presences retreated away from her bedroom. Lilia slowly let out a breath, and sank deep into her chair.

—To be thinking about Tina before even herself… I cannot understand it.

—It’s cause they’re best friends, I guess. How nice, I sure am jealous~. Ah, but I think of you as a best friend too.

—Stop it, that’s gross.

—How cruel!

Sakura started going on at length about just how much she’d been thinking about Lilia all this time, but she completely ignored that. As she spread out and gazed at the map she received from Aira the corners of Lilia’s mouth were already slightly raised, but Lilia herself didn’t notice that all the way to the end.

Evening came, and the time was drawing near so Lilia left her room. Following behind her was Alisa carrying the wooden box. Lilia had intended to leave alone, but she was stopped by Alisa who pointed out that it would be strange for her to be carrying such luggage by herself.

“During Mistress Lilia’s excursion, I shall properly watch over the belongings.”

Alisa said so with a bright smile, so it seemed her plans were completely seen through. She probably didn’t try to stop her, because she already knew that Lilia wouldn’t have changed her mind. Lilia felt a bit regretful; if she didn’t have to deal with convincing her then she should have just explained everything to Alisa from the start.

—But isn’t it fine? Even if you don’t go all out of your way next time, you can just get Alisa to help.

—She’ll definitely be quite worried though.

—Well, the agents will probably be going with you so it should be fine.

Even though there hadn’t been any indications Sakura sounded pretty certain, she felt a bit of discomfort, lightly looking around in disbelief.

—Are they… Somewhere around here?

—Yup. But don’t let your guard down. Seems it’s just one person, so if you’re attacked by a group there’s not much they could do.

—Right… I’ll be careful.

Pretending to not know about her follower, she brought herself to the party location.

They seemed to have made all the preparations at some point, as there were tables arranged around the schoolyard, and an assortment of food was being brought out. A few who had gotten here even earlier than Lilia, were gathered together chatting amongst themselves. At the entrance to the schoolyard was a table and two men. When the two men recognised Lilia, they bowed respectfully.

“Welcome, Mistress Lilianne.”

Lilia handed the invitation to one of them. He politely received it, but without actually confirming the contents they invited her to enter.

“I’d just like to ask, but are we free to come and go as we please here?”

“Indeed. What might be the matter?”

“If I find that I’ve forgotten something, I’ll be going back to retrieve it. I shall return by the end, so please don’t mind me.”


The two men sent her off with a bow, as Lilia left the entrance behind. And entering the nearby school building, she attempted to open the door to one of the classrooms. However naturally there were locked up.

“Mistress Lilia. Please excuse me.”

It was a different voice from Alisa’s. And, surprised at the voice that was higher pitched than Alisa’s or her own she turned around. There was a girl dressed in all black. the girl took a key out from her bosom, and used it to unlock the door.

“Where did you get that?”

“Father entrusted me with it. You’ll probably be using it, he said.”

“I see…”

Lilia’s face twitched slightly, and Alisa who was watching over this expressed a wry smile.

—Seems your actions were completely seen through. In fact the secret plan isn’t really secret or anything else at this point huh.

—Just what was all my worrying for…

—It was useless. There was no point. Sure was dumb!

—Was it not you who had made those suggestions?

—That’s no good Lilia. You can’t be caught in the past! Look to the future! The snacks are calling for us~!

Her voice was quite cheerful, but it was plainly obvious she was now trying to avoid that earlier topic. Good grief, Lilia shook her head, and since it was none other than herself who had taken up Sakura’s suggestions she decided to say no more.
She quickly changed her outfit in the classroom. the two other girls both let out cheers.

“It really suits you, Mistress Lilia!”

“It’s lovely!”



Author’s Note:
Secret plan (lol)



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34 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Chapter 33”

      1. Thing is she didn’t recognize the girl, so it might have been someone else. Her comment after also makes little sense, since she already knew her employees knew.


        1. It is the ninja girl, just saying. She was surprised at her sudden appearance, not that she didn’t recognise her. Also she knew they knew and were following her, but the comment was regarding how they basically predicted her thought process and actions to the point of preparing thing to go smoothly. Sorry to disappoint but we ain’t getting any more new characters just yet ;)

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    1. Ah? It’s the agents from her room. Or do you mean “who are the ninja like agents sent by her brother”? It makes sense they sent the young girl to follow if they realized Lilia will change clothes (considering her reaction before when she learned they were watching her bedroom). Thanks Jaon! I can’t help but wonder if Tina’s friends might show up to spy- I mean, …help out?


  1. Kinda late for pointing this out but how in the world can sakura detect ninjas? was she a super-human in her past life? or a skilled secret agent (with a little taste for otome games and a pinch of natural air-headed personality)


    1. She probably has something like a general awareness of Lilia’s surroundings or something as part of her existence as her ‘angel’. She’s been informing Lilia of people pretty often, like when she’s about to run into the Prince

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    2. She knows about concepts like camouflage, and can put effort into being aware without needing to do things like move her body. Also she might just be looking for flags and otome game tropes.


    3. My preference is that, for once, someone was hit by a truck, went to another world, and actually stayed dead. Now she is an immaterial ghost with a tether to Lilia who can pass through solid material to look through walls.

      Then again, it is almost certainly some sort of game-playing thing where she is watching from a remote location or something…


  2. Nice to see that Sakura is a master at secret plans. James Bond himself would…well he wouldn’t approve. A for effort though? Maybe?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Not sure how to best improve this: “is that how it is?”, maybe just capitalise it? –> “Is that how it is?” Or maybe change nothing dunno :P
    Same with “see ya”

    “had took” –> “took/had taken”


  4. As he spread out and gazed at the story he received from Jaon the corners of accountmadeforant’s mouth were already slightly raised, and accountmadeforants himself definitely noticed that all the way to the end.


    1. As he spread out and gazed at the comment he received from Accountsmadeforants the corners of Jaon’s mouth were already slightly raised, and Jaon himself definitely noticed that all the way to the end.


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