Arachne Tailor

Arachne Tailor

by Aoeh
Translations: Ph.D
Editor: Doom_chicken


  Arakura Shiori (24) got reincarnated in a different world called Falyias, thanks to a reincarnation truck. Turning into a silver-haired super beauty, as is the norm for this genre, is all fine and dandy, but her lower half is a spider… This is a story about how Shiori finds her own way in life after being reincarnated as an Arachne.

Set in the same world as Pseudo-Kunoichi. Originally, the author wrote several one-shots featuring the same characters, which was then turned into this series, so some chapters might have a bit of redundant reintroduction.

Chapter 1 – Arachne (First Part)
Chapter 2 – Arachne (Second Part)
Chapter 3 – Extra: Hero
Chapter 4 – The Red Shoe
Chapter 5 – Pygmalion
Chapter 6 – Siren (First Part)
Chapter 7 – Siren (Second Part)
Chapter 8 – The Green Devil
Chapter 9 – An Unwilling Return
Chapter 10 – An Adult Christmas
Chapter 11 – The Disciple and the Goblins

Author stopped writing since the beginning of 2016, and chapter 11 was the last one. The novel technically hasn’t ended and is only under hiatus, but don’t get your hopes up.


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