33 thoughts on “It’s been feeling cliched. I’m thinking of throwing in a few more girls”

  1. Or you could get images with traps just because men are better than women, including at being sexy women… just kidding.


    1. There are actually male cross-dressers that are prettier than most girls. If you haven’t seen them, count yourself lucky.


    1. Pretty sure its from the time when Nozaki and his female mangaka friend (Im terrible with names; the tanuki(raccoon?) lady) were ate a cafe together and her friends were spying on her and they misunderstood Nozaki when he said that because her friends didnt know that Nozaki and her were mangaka. They assumed that they were dating and with the misleading conversation, they thought Nozaki wanted more girls in his harem when he was actually talking about his manga.

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  2. Talking about off topic posts, any news on when the Tree of Savior is coming out? Doesn’t seem to be much news. :(


  3. I have a really good memory for any story I watch or read and find interesting ._. And way too much time on my hands. So do I get 10 pts? :D


  4. Hello if you can please add a list of your favorite novels please or at least one of the translated ones. Because many like your translated novels so i think we will like the same ones you do.


  5. girls, lolis, lolis grandma, milfs, imouto always welcome…. my body is ready whatever you throw at meh


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