Evil God Average, Summoning At Random, and EGA LN

I’m going to begin translating the remaining EGA Side Stories starting from today, so please look forward to them.

Once I’m done with those, I’ll begin translating Summoning At Random, and after catching up, hopefully I’ll be able to translate them as they come out.

Finally, once everyone who’s ordered an LN gets theirs in the mail, could they send me a landscape photo of the EGA LN and their name on a piece of paper?

Like this: Azira
I’m going to put them all on a special page. I was thinking, since quite a few people are buying it anyway, may as well turn it into a game.

51 thoughts on “Evil God Average, Summoning At Random, and EGA LN”

      1. This is my victory over you sheeprabbit! Especially considering my previous humiliating defeat. I now stand truimphant before thee!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

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  1. It will take a while for me. I did the 12 week shipping option to have tracking on it. After the last fiasco where the JP game I bought was sent back to Japan without notice (extra month delay, Orz), I want to watch the tracking so I know when it comes.


  2. I don’t think I’ll be buying the LN any time soon. Tho if I ever have extra money and learn this whole international-buying-thing it will probably be in the next few years.

    TDLR: Soon (TM)

    Also, is “Summoning at random” the spin-off of EGA?


  3. I looked into buying it. Why does EGA cost and weigh more than twice as much as all the other LNs I want to buy?

    Also, how do the shipping options scale with item # and weight? I want to make my order as efficient as possible. It seems like FedEx International Priority actually has the best scaling with additional weight until a certain point where it promptly starts scaling poorly, EMS is lol no, and SAL is just about linear?


      1. Weird, checking out the product dimensions, it looks like WN adaptations are around 50% larger in area, but have about the same number of pages, and cost and weight about twice as regular LNs…even from the same publishers….

        Fedex’s website meanwhile is infuriatingly unhelpful for calculating rates (#`д´)ノ

        Well guess I’ll need to put together a list of things I’ll want to buy and ship it together with FedEx or SAL as either way its more cost efficient than multiple orders.


      2. Eh, but wasn’t SAO originally a WN too?

        Also, I was all like what are you talking about, my copies of Index, SAO, Durarara, Hataraku Maou-sama, and Log Horizon are as big as if you not bigger than my regular English books, then I actually carefully read your second post (^_^)ゞ

        Oh how I wish that the sizes of all these LNs and WNs and English translations would be the same though grrrrr….


  4. I’m holding off getting the LN until I have the funds and actually figure out what needs to be done to get it into the country.
    There are some slightly “friendly” laws and I’ve heard that stuff ordered from overseas can sit at customs for longer than it takes to actually be delivered.

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    1. At least someone didn’t try to steal what’s inside the package. Several of my books from overseas were destroyed by thieves thinking something precious was inside. Of course that was over 20 years ago, maybe the security has gotten better now.

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      1. There’s a reason why the national post service in my country isn’t used for anything valuable.

        I mean besides spending 5 months a year on strike.

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      1. What about At the Northern Fort? I might be crazy but it seems to have just popped up with 2 chapters and no announcement or post.

        Tilea’s Worries makes me bang my head too much for me to buy but by god, that cover is nice…


      2. Nothing except a terminal addiction to cute and fluffy series. Nowadays, every season, I pick one or two slice of life and fluffy animes to watch every week, and marathon other series I would have watched in the past once they finish airing when I have time off. Anyways, glad that its getting any updates at all, nothing else I could ask for, thanks!

        Kinda sad its only a single volume though :(


  5. sidestorys again ~ ah well time to completely ignore this site till something new gets translated it was fun while it lasted


  6. I don’t know if you can get this done when ordering from the US, but Japan Post does has an option for shipping books only (it’s cheaper than normal shipping by about $15 iirc). It’s called a book bag or something, and it might not pay off unless you have a minimum weight. I had 2 bags of close to the maximum weight, I think it was 10kg each–but that was a ridiculous amount of books, 8 volumes of Overlord plus a whole bunch of bigger books.

    Anyways, will you be continuing to post the pics if we send them later? I just spent my budget on competition gear for sports, of all things :P


      1. Can you tell me where to send the picture exactly? Since I don’t know your email, and I can’t get it to work out with wordpress.
        (I have absolutely no idea how to use wordpress except for posting and following)

        Incidentially, the illustrations are quite good and fitting :)

        I regret nothing.

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