Projects up for grabs

At present, anything but EGA (almost complete), Tilea and Bathroom Goddess.

I’ve been disillusioned with Otoburi for a while now, so I haven’t been able to find the motivation to translate it these last two months… In the end I skipped to the last arc and read that only. I’m sorry m(_ _)m

If anybody wants to continue it for some reason, please be my guest. If not, I’ll get around to forcing myself at some point. I’ll definitely finish translating it, only, I’m not sure when exactly that will be. So if nobody else is enthusiastic about it, just leave it be, and it’ll get done eventually.

As for Summoning At Random… honestly, I can’t bring myself to like the MC. Unlucky Sukebe characters (the ones who accidentally do perverted things to women and then get beaten up) are only funny when the women aren’t characters that you’ve known and liked for a whole series beforehand.

And honestly, a loser like that isn’t suitable for Tena. Tena deserves a rich, kind, handsome, tall prince who moonlights as a investment banker with a ferrari. Not this spineless, mopey faggot. Although it is true that the chapters where Anri first appeared again after 2 years were pretty awesome. BOOOOOOOOOOOX.

I’ll translate Summoning At Random bit by bit if nobody else does it in the end.

Northern Fort I’ll just be doing slowly, because it’s a relaxy, cute series. There’s only a single novel, so I’m in no rush.

80 thoughts on “Projects up for grabs”

      1. Tis one is honoured by your praise! I stop reading otoburi after the first 3 arcs cause I lost interest. As for summoning at random, im interested cause I wanna see what happened to our dear beloved characters in EGA after 2 years especially our Merry Pope.

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    1. It gets a bit repetitive, and it isn’t as cute as it used to be. I didn’t mind overlooking the possessive and slightly overbearing Achille, since I used to read a lot of shoujo manga, but when that’s all it is, it kind of bores me.

      There are just better series that I could be translating, so I find it hard to justify to myself spending a few hours on Otoburi, when I could be spending it on Tilea.

      Northern Fort is just cute, haha.

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      1. I was actually just halfway through reading Otoburi right now for something to do, now I’m wondering if I should continue or not with the future sparse updates / (apparently) not so good later on thing.


      2. Yeah, I had trouble keeping reading when Achille captured the main character, for the same reason that after it was clear Ikuto was going to win, I lost interest in Shugo Chara. Those overbearing types just make me uncomfortable (and a little sorry for the girls in question).


      3. Personally I have liked Otoburi less with each volume. If I had to give a single reason, It would be that her mental age seems to regress as she got older.
        If I had to name 2. It would be that plus your reason. I ended up dropping it at the marriage.

        As for “Unlucky Sukebe characters” I found them funny the year I first encountered them, but after 10+ years they are now my most common reason for dropping a series.
        They are bland and repetitive characters usually, and everything involved with that routine is exagerated.
        And its overdone. Way WAY overdone.

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  1. Suddenly i hate summoning at random. Details plz. Is it some villager A thats the protag?? And does mc have anything good about him (strong, good looking, hard working, lucky, etc)


      1. I don’t care about the next main character. I just wanted to know how the evil god’s curse makes his life difficult. :(


  2. Erk, what is it that I read ?! Why is Kita-sensei agreeing to spoil the future of Tena ? Unless Anri-sama make a major overhaul of his personality. Question ! When you say Sukebe do you mean Issei or Ritto like ?


  3. “Tena deserves a rich, kind, handsome, tall prince who moonlights as a investment banker with a ferrari.”

    Absolutely! Though, you missed, “and is secretly a bifauxnen lesbian.” Don’t forget that part.

    Wha? Tena is straight? Don’t break my yuri dreams!


  4. Why not translate the ending of Otoburi and be done with it? Most romance mangas get boring after they get together and I usually skip to the ending, so I don’t mind skipping the “drama”(filler) and most probably won’t 2.

    You can do something like a quick summary and translate the last chapter/chapters or just translate the epilogue. I am happy as long as I know how it ends


  5. I was worried about that with summoning at random… I was hoping you could get a couple chapters out just so I could get disillusioned with it myself because I do that faster than other people. I dropped tilea after like 5 chapters.


      1. Not if they are about the strength of a character, those characters are worse than the most despicable villain.


      2. No misunderstanding is fine depending on how they do it. I thought they were pushing the misunderstanding thing to ridiculous proportions though when Tilea`s sister thought Tilea was an evil god. It didn`t sound believable to me. And a double misunderstanding is even harder to like than the single misunderstanding that I was hoping the series would be.


      3. To be fair, Tilea is an unreliable narrator and what she said in the chapter she told Timu was probably very different from what she actually said. She sort of glosses over that she mentioned she’d called herself Evil God Dark Matter, saying she told Timu about her chuunibyou, but from Timu’s reaction it’s pretty clear that Tilea had said something like, “I called myself Evil God Dark Matter. I was pretty messed up, ne?” Since her view of common sense is still a modern person’s, she probably didn’t even think to emphasize that she was deluded. She would have mentioned it but it’s easy for Timu to miss if she’s already started to think of her sister as super-powerful.

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      4. The problem was that I was wondering how they were going to handle that complicated conversation and what the author did was yadda yadda it and just give the end results. It’s the reason authors have the rule “show don’t tell”, the fact that he skipped the conversation ruined the whole story for me.


      5. It wasn’t unimportant, it was the part where we got to hear exactly how the misunderstanding happened. It probably would have been hilarious and incredibly informative for future developments.

        If it was just an explanation where the expected result happened, then it would be unimportant, but the whole rest of the book was developed in that one moment. That was the defining moment of the book and the author skipped it.


        1. It’s unimportant because we already know that it’s a recount of ‘Tilea’s life’. The details of how she said it aren’t important at all. By obscuring it and treating it as a black box, it allows for further development later on. Using black boxes is how plenty of misunderstanding comedies are, so I really don’t know what you’re on about.

          “That was the defining moment of the book”

          And absolutely not, lol.


        2. Honestly, I read your comment again, and once again I’m astounded.

          This is how misunderstanding comedies are SUPPOSED to be written. Obscuring it due to the main character not finding it important, and then later on finding how the other person views it adds to the humour.

          To state a close example, it’s the same technique used when Anri overlooks the details, and the surrounding ‘normal citizens’ of the world give their own impression in the side stories.

          With both being from their own point of view, you never know exactly everything that happened, but that gap adds to the hilarity.


        3. “If it was just an explanation where the expected result happened”

          It’s precisely that the result is ‘unexpected’ to Tilea that you obscure the details in the first place. If Rina Shito-sensei had given the entire conversation to begin with, it wouldn’t be half as funny because you would pick out things that could be misunderstood before hearing it from Camilla herself.

          By the time you get to the Camilla chapter, you’d already half know what to expect from her.


      6. This is probably gonna end up in the agree to disagree pile. To be honest, I didn’t think EGA was the best written thing out there either, but that series never did something that struck such a cord with me.

        This subject is way too heavy to explain fully in the comments section. Sufficed to say, look at a comedy in hard fiction, you’ll never see that black box in something that a professional writer makes. Every detail is meticulously explored. Web novels aren’t even close to professional writer level.

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        1. And plus, even ignoring all this stuff about what constitutes proper writing to you, I just explained why it works, and why it’s better than explaining it all.

          Techniques are used to engender certain responses from the reader, and honestly, if professional comedians of this genre (according to you) don’t use this technique, it either comes down to cultural differences or lack of skill.

          So yeah, honestly, I’ve given my two cents on it, and the reasoning behind why I think it works, while all you’ve said is that it ruins the entire series (without much explanation) and then played the whole

          “Web novels are shit and amateur. Honestly, you should see how professionals do it.”

          card, so from now on you’re going to be in my, “comments to ignore” list, because honestly, there’s nothing less amusing than a dick who sits in a Die Hard film and doesn’t realise he’s not supposed to point out the plot holes.


        2. And honestly, you’ve been irritating me for a while now because of exactly this reason. You don’t know how to read the mood.

          “Ugh, if she rejects her evil god status, such a predictable way to end this series…. Oh well, I can enjoy it for now.”

          “I wonder if Anri will take a note from those religions and make something really effective.”

          “Based on the buildup so far, the feeling I get is that those two gods are going to try and force unreasonable conditions on Anri and she’ll have to turn them into enemies as a result.”

          ” She was going out to town and doing chores for Anri without any issue or even the slightest hint of childishness.”

          “The water puzzle thing is kinda a silly thing to have trouble with… I can’t believe an entire floor was dedicated to that.”

          “The translation would probably work best if you learned to do old English and used words like “Thee” “Thy” “wouldst” “thou” “knave”, etc.”

          “It sounded good until they said the game turned real. They spent like four paragraphs building up the VR game then the last one telling us those last four paragraphs were meaningless.”
          ^ actually one of the most retarded comments I’ve seen on my blog

          “This author doesn’t know how to end the series. It should be through an action packed power clash between the two evil gods, not this tepid choice.”
          ^ absolutely retarded and you obviously don’t understand the appeal or style of the series

          You’re reading the wrong stuff. Get off syosetu web novels and look for proper literature.


      7. Black boxes are basically “telling” in the fiction writing rules of show vs tell. In reality, almost every new writer “tells” way too much so they actually changed the rule to “show don’t tell” and made it the most common rule in fiction writing that’s screamed at writing students the world over.

        Telling has its place in fiction, but it should be used very carefully.


        1. Black boxes aren’t “telling”. You honestly don’t know a single damned thing. You’re referencing a common problem in fiction, but you’re doing it completely wrong.

          Are you sure you even know what I’m talking about? The technique used in Tilea is not telling, it’s not showing, it’s NEITHER. It’s a set-up for future jokes by completely obfuscating any details AT ALL.


        1. People say it’s easy to criticise something as an observer, but people who try to act smart through criticism, and are completely off base just blow my fucking mind.

          Did you see all the things I quoted? What the fuck are you even looking for? I’m fine with people not finding Tilea funny, because honestly, the best comedy is always hit and miss. Plenty of the best things I just don’t find funny at all.

          But come on dude. Are you fucking kidding me? EGA was supposed to end with an epic showdown?

          Do you think this is faggoty Western fantasy angst? Get a fucking clue, dude. All of your “suggestions” and criticisms for far have been so off the fucking base, I honestly have no idea what the fuck you’re even doing.

          If you want to sound smart and cultured by criticising things, the first thing you need to do is get a fucking clue, because if you don’t have that, you’re just going to look like a massive tool to everyone. And trust me, when I linked your comments to the people I know, I can assure you that their comments were not “Damn, what pinpoint accurate insights.”


    1. I think I understand. You had a strong expectation for the story and when that hope was dashed, you lost interest. I felt kind of the same way when I found out that Chrono Trigger didn’t have any real branching plot, or changing-history incidents that created havoc, although by that time I was far enough into the game, and the game was awesome enough, that I didn’t need to drop it entirely.


      1. Whoops, somehow I posted in response to DarkD’s “defining moment” comment without having seen about forty-seven messages or so from last night. No intention to open up a dead horse for surgery here, folks. I’m gonna just leave now.


  6. Are you serious, Tena ends up with such a boring character? God damn I was expecting something like the redundancy chapters from Mushoku Tensei


  7. I just want to know what happens to everyone from the previous story for suonig at random.

    Yeah, i can understand why you skipped to the end for otoburi. It got dull pretty quick.


  8. Sigh one of those characters for Summoning at Random? That’s really depressing. I find those kind of characters are a dick move to everyone involved by the author regardless of the characters being fictional. =/


  9. I totally understand why you would drop Otoburi – it really has gone downhill for me starting around the middle of the Academy arc. The only character I still like in the story is probably the Queen of Diamonds now, but I don’t see much of a future for her. In fact, I would not blame you at all if you just flat up dropped it, or just gave out some spoilers for the ending.

    Also understand why you would dislike a lucky Sukebe character thrown into the setting of EGA . I think most of the charm in EGA comes from how the characters are so…likeable, charming?, funny?. A lucky sukebe character just feels…cheap, immature?. Still I’m hoping Summoning at Random can be good despite having an MC like that, as I really like everyone in EGA.

    Anyways, here’s hoping for more At the Northern Fort then.


  10. While it would like to finish reading Otoburi, I really like your taste in books, so what ever you find interesting enough to translate is fine by me. A motivated translator is much much better than a meh one. XD Worst comes to worse I can always read ahead with machine translations. Thanks for the update, it’s always refreshing to read your frank, no bullshit posts.

    Leacher ” why havn’t you released X novel chapter”
    You “Meh, the story’s gottin boring, I can’t motivate myself to work on it”

    L / []
    LOL====== [] [] [] [] USA \
    L _____________________|
    | |


  11. Otoburi does lose a lot of its innocent charm later in the story so I can see why you might have changed your mind about it as the humor is dialed back for the drama and a few expected and unexpected betrayals all though there still are some gems in there ( like Archie and the Prince playing the game). In the end I really pitied what happened to the black joker and god her ending was karmic nightmare fuel.


  12. Super important spoiler curiosity question regarding SaR.
    Is it confirmed that Tena like mc or implied (blush etc)?
    Whats mc abilities/powers?


    1. MC’s powers are ability possession (he can borrow the abilities of anybody he’s met for 30 mins, but it’s random), Sword of Leaving It To Destiny (when he draws the sword, it could be anything at the end, and he can’t sheath it unless he strikes something ones), and random magic (random magic will randomly fire from his hands without prior notice).

      Also standard hero ability buffs (he’s more athletic with better reflexes).


  13. Oh, shit!
    I sure don’t want to have any of those skills in my RPG character. They all are purely luck based. Leaving everything to luck is just dumb.


  14. Aww, I kinda want her to be paired with the Pope with him coming on to her with lines such as:
    “The Apostle of our Glorious Evil God herself. There’s no one in this world who is a better match for you than this humble self. Our offsprings will be the most devout and faithful followers to our Supreme Dark Lady.” Said while looking up to the heavens with arms akimbo.


      1. But chuunibyou done right could be very hilarious..
        Tena will end up tsukkomi-ing him a lot though..

        P.S.: You totally imagined the Pope saying them to Tena, didn’t you? Muahahaha!


      2. Pope: “Have you reconsidered your answer to my proposal?”
        Tena: “I still refuse.”
        Pope: “Very well. However, I will not give up easily until you change your mind.”
        Tena: “Please give up.”
        Pope: “That aside..”
        Tena: “Don’t ignore me..”
        Pope: “It is blasphemous for Her Apostle to not carry the Divine Scripture at all times. Thankfully I always carry a couple that I personally wrote on my person. Please have one.” Shoves a Black Scripture to Tena.
        Tena: “Eh?! NOOOO!” Runs away screaming.
        Pope: “Aah, another good day’s work.” Wipes forehead with a satisfied (& sparkling?) expression.

        -10 minutes later –

        Pope: “For our Glorious Evil Goddess to visit this humble servant. To what do I owe the pleasure of having your presence here today, Anri-sama?”
        Anri: “…Divine Punishment.”
        Pope: “GYAAA!!”

        Sorry, I just need to get that out of the way or it will haunt my brain for days.. Damn overactive imaginations..

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