Renaming Holy Anri Nation

It took me a while to find a good name for it, so apologies for anybody used to Holy Anri Nation, but I’m going to translate it as Holy Anri Thearchy instead.

My logic for Holy Anri Nation was basically because the use of the rare (and somewhat made-up) compound, 教国 was more or less limited to uses regarding the Christian or Islamic spheres of influence; something like Christendom or the Islamic State. Because of that, supposing that Anri is more or less their religion, it was appropriate to translate it as the Anri Nation.

Thearchy isn’t really the best word for it, but Theocracy is already taken, and you could argue that Hierocracy is closer to the nuance of 教国, but the term ‘hierocracy’ sort of implies that the power lies with the priests in the nation. Which well, I mean, sort of is true, given how Laissez-Faire Anri is, but basically 神聖アンリ教国 is supposed to demand respect for Anri, so it wasn’t as appropriate in the end.

Hey, this hurts me as well. Holy Anri Nation sounded funnier, and I’ve already named my nationstate after it too. >:

19 thoughts on “Renaming Holy Anri Nation”

  1. P.S. You can have more than 1 nationstates :D

    Only one can be in the UN (or whatever it’s called now) but you can have as many nationstates as you want. I used to run 2-3 before I got lazy.


  2. Thearchy eh ‘. ‘

    That aside, I guess you failed the finishing before LN is released plan?

    That aside aside, which do you plan to do next, side stories, more bathroom, or (finally back to) Otoburi?


    1. As it turns out, epilogues are longer than normal chapters, so when I clicked ‘next’ and realised the size of it, I feel into despair and just went to bed.

      Still, close enough!

      Um, I think the epilogue won’t have as much of an impact if I dive into side stories right away, so I’ll do as Kitaseno-sensei did, and wait a little while.

      I was reminded of Otoburi just today. Twice actually. You’re the third today. Why is everybody suddenly remembering that? Well, I’m thankful though. Truthfully I forgot it was even a project. I’ll do everything in bits, I think.

      Also, need to announce my new project, Summoning At Random.


      1. Well, I was talking to my friend whom I’ve managed to drag into the world of novels using Kumoko and added EGA to his list (if you’ve found someone reading EGA from first to ch 18 in this last few days, it’s him)

        Being the type to jump the rail on a whim, I switch to talking about other projects on you site, which I recommended Otoburi and Bathroom Goddess.

        And I figured ‘eh, ch 20 should be coming soon, might as well poke Fluffy about Otoburi’

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  3. Just an FYI it would be a Theocracy, I understand that some people use the term thearchy interchangeably, but it’s not actually a word. The only place you can find thearchy listed is on the free dictionary, not on merriam-webster, or any other noteworthy dictionary.


    1. Theocracy means rule by men in the name of g(/G)od but ‘Thearchy’ literally translates a “god ruled”. It’s also a real word. But the reason why they’re used interchangeably is cause we don’t have gods directly manifesting like Anri (a difference in reality/universe). If Anri showed up in all her godliness then people would stop using both at leisure and be specific.


    2. It’s a real word. It means directly ruled by a God/Gods. Theocracy is a religious state, which often translates to priest rules. Thearchy is a bit different in that there really is a God ruling.


  4. Emm if I am not forgetting something, if you leave your nation title for a while you got easter egg.


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