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Hiya guys. It’s been a while. Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. Some of you may have simply decided it was ‘Este not wanting to translate again’, and some others might have speculated that it was Fallout 4.

Actually, it was neither of those really. I got sucked into a fanfiction.

Usually I don’t recommend fanfictions, but this one is special because… well, because I like it a lot, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

So anyway, if you enjoyed Log Horizon, I would definitely recommend you give it a go. The stuff about mobs coming alive, the stuff about importing modern technology, and the stuff about the politics with the natives and stuff is featured as well, but it’s actually good. It pretty much is Log Horizon, but with a more coherent plot, and a more standard ‘realisation’ of game mechanics and features.
i.e. no people suddenly making black goo because they have low cooking levels

Not just that, but somehow he manages interesting characterisation without people feeling out of character.

Oh oops. Right, forgot to mention that it’s a Sword Art Online and Zero no Tsukaima crossover. I didn’t particularly like either original story too much.
Kirito and SAO in general was too melodramatic, parts of the writing felt too contrived, and I hate these sort of harems.
As for Zero no Tsukaima, at first I disliked Louise’s excessive tsun, and following that I got really sick of Saito’s stupidity and lack of responsibility.

But I enjoyed this fanfiction nonetheless, so please give it a try as well. The writing is a bit rough for the first four chapters, but the rest of the long ride is pretty much smooth as it gets.

Start your journey here! (Story goes from V(olume) 1.0, to V(olume) 2.0, to V(olume) 3.1)

37 thoughts on “Another recommendation”

  1. Thanks! I’m almost always looking for more. It only takes like 3-6 hours a day of reading to keep up with what I’m reading right now.


  2. “The stuff about mobs coming alive, and the stuff about the politics with the natives and stuff is featured as well, but it’s actually good…”
    If you are interest in such aspect, may I recommend you give The Amber Sword a go as well? Chinese webnovel about a guy falls into his favorite MMO and use his knowledge to change the world’s history, basically gameworld and time-travel in one package. The thing I liked about this MC is that:
    1. He’s not a pervert
    2. He not a “legendary gamer” nor anything of the sort back in his gamer day, he just a guy played his favorite game for long time, and not a P2W either.
    3. He may not having a harem.
    4. He curses alot even though the author is allegedly a girl
    5. His starting remind me alot fo Kumo in its desperate, fight for survival atmosphere.
    You can check it out at silentwolfie’s page.

    And Amen to Harouki’s comment.

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      1. You can read Chinese too? Awesome! I read The Amber Sword in two version, one is SilentWolfie’s, one in my native language so I dont know if the original has weird writing style or not. Its a web novel so some degrees of awkwardness should be expected


  3. Halkegenia Online? Eh… And here I was getting all excited. :|

    Different people have different tastes I guess – though to be fair an inordinate number of people do like that series… and when I think about it, some people say the same about my TGWP addiction…

    Btw, have you read TGWP? It’s an RWBY/Gamer cross. Pretty great.


      1. Meh, I never watched RWBY (except for some anime AMVs). It’s not required for TGWP – and it doesn’t as much as go off the canon rails as destroy it accidentally while trampling across the continents.

        Anime fandoms as a whole have some pretty good fanfics, but TGWP is kinda special. The regular daily update doesn’t hurt either I suppose. Here’s a link:

        It’s one of my two favourite fics in SpaceBattles at the moment, only rivalled by the Young Justice SI “With This Ring”. Which also has a daily update… huh, I feel kinda like an addict… :|


        1. Forgot to say, Gamer is an ongoing manhwa where a guy wakes up and finds that his life is now a game, filled with titles, stats and magic missiles. But no knowledge for that required either, for reading TGWP.


          1. The whole story is one escalation after another. The powersets are awesome (literally – the Gamer keeps gaining new skills, the very latest ones draw from Hindu mythology and the Kaballah, before that we’ve seen Christian virtues and now the Arcana are coming into play); the final antagonist is a world-ending threat but due to His nature the fight needs to be secret, so the MC’s bluff and speech skills are over 9000 by now; every chapter at least one cool thing happens; and the world building makes sense.

            Really, it’s pretty great. And I do not give compliments lightly.

            Also, as I said – over a year since it started and we still get one update a day. You can’t top that, haha.

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  4. Ah, i was also wondering where Fluffy-sama went~

    Well, since you recommend it so much it must be good. Will try it sometime.


  5. Sounds interesting.
    I’ll give it a try sometime.

    Not tonight though.
    It’s past dinner time, I’m still on site at a client and I might be a little to sleepy to be driving.

    And now I’m seeing snow.
    Well at least I know I’m not sane.


  6. I checked it out and got until chapter 1 before breaking out into laughter at this:

    “The Zero had summoned a tree. And yet, no matter how stupid that might have been, it was certainly the most impressive tree one could summon.”

    Thanks for the rec!

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