Just a notice; no EGA translations tonight

Looking at the deadline until September 7th, and the fact that I only have 6 chapters left, I feel that I can take a break tonight without worry.

I’ll be busy with family stuff tonight, and at the moment I’m translating chapter 5 of Vermillion, so there might not be time for EGA.

As for why I’m starting on chapter 5, the chapters are really long, and chapter 5 has the dialogue that I want to translate as practice. You can read it without major spoilers, but some things may feel a bit abrupt and badly written as a result (because the foreshadowing was actually in the first 4 chapters).

But well, I think it should serve as a great teaser. It’s a good example of the sort of dialogue in this series, and if I do chapter 6 and 7 as well, there should be a good example of the sort of battles that this series has too.

16 thoughts on “Just a notice; no EGA translations tonight”

      1. You evil bastard! Think of the poor readers you’re going to leave in suspense with that little teaser!! Ahh!!! The agony!!! If I end up in a rubber room wearing a strait jacket rocking back and forth muttering “what happened after that, what happened after that, what happened after that….” it’ll be all your fault.



  1. Forgot to ask for a while… but, was EGA finished when it was taken down from syosetu when it was taken down? Or should we raid the online stores in the future to get into our hands the holy scripts of goddess Anri?


  2. Thanks for your hard work.
    I’ll hold off on reading chapter 5 of Vermillion until the first 4 chapters have been translated.


  3. Would having a summary of previous 4 chapters make it easier to read chap 5? And would you do a summary of previous 4 chapters to go along with chap 5?


    1. Mn, well, there’s no point since I’m not going to continue the translations probably. I just don’t have enough manpower.

      If I *was* going to translate it, I would start again from chapter 1. This is more like a,

      ‘Hey translators! Look what this story is like! This is the sort of dialogue and tone it has. Any interest?’ sort of thing.

      Also, if readers read the teaser and think it’s something they’d like to read, they can go spam translators and stuff.


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