Should teaser TOCs include a small review?

I’ve been thinking. Well, I mean, I say that, but it occurred to me literally 10 seconds ago.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should overhaul my teaser TOCs. A few months ago, people suggested that I add reviews, but I basically forgot all about it.

But looking at my teaser TOCs now, they’re really a mess with no consistency. So since I’m going to clean them up anyway, I’m thinking maybe I should add something like:

Why you should translate Vermillion:

  • The writing is a lot more interesting than the synopsis would suggest
  • It is one of few ‘VMMORPG→Isekai’ novels where the combat is not just listing a bunch of magical skills that nobody has ever heard of before. Reading a bunch of skills they probably made up on the spot is really not fun reading to me, personally.
  • The characters have motivations and preferences, and backgrounds that affect these, but the backgrounds are revealed slowly and subtly, which tones down the melodrama. It also tones down the feeling of ‘throwing in more attributes because the characters aren’t interesting/unique/chuunimaterial enough’.
    At the same time, they aren’t thrown in your face, and the characters feel more real, and less a walking, 2-dimensional sack of problems.
  • The protagonist actually develops, and at a fairly well-timed pace. Slowly enough that you realise that he really does have a problem, but quickly enough that you don’t start to hate him for it.
  • The protagonist and main heroine have a close relationship that is enjoyable to read about, and the fact that they only slowly develop romantically is refreshing and cute.
  • The world-building is half-decent at least.
  • The author seems to have an interest in the world outside of Japan, and it definitely reflects in his writing.

Why I’m not translating Vermillion:

  • It’s fucking long.
  • I have like 6 other projects.
  • There is a lot of world-building, which means there is a lot of vocabulary I need to look up.
  • It’s fucking long.

31 thoughts on “Should teaser TOCs include a small review?”

  1. If I have to take a guess, you wanna do it, but after translating 3-4 chapters fast, you will slow down and translate 3-4 chapters every 4 months. Meanwhile everyone will complaining of the slow release of their favorite WN


  2. I think I will become a translator from English to French if Vermilion get translated. Of course with the permission of the person who will translate. You made me interested in it. I would translate to Japanese to french but I am still studying the basics.


    1. Is this French correct?

      「……心当たりはあるが、問題は……Tu sais parler le francais?」


      「……Ouai, un petit peu」


      「まあ、頑張りたまえ。Bonne chance!」
      「ハハッ、Merci bien!」

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      1. I don’t think it’s right,
        Ouai, —-> Oui, (Yes)
        Merci bien —–> Merci beaucoup (thank you very much)
        Tu sais parler le francais ——->
        Savez-vous comment parler français? (my French is admittedly worse than my Japanese, so I’m not 100% sure about the placement of “comment”)
        Parlez-vous français? <— definitely correct and polite!
        Sais-tu comment parler français? (again, comment, not sure)
        Parles-tu français? (informal, honestly I always err on the side of formal/polite in foreign languages)
        Good luck~~~~~


      2. Sais-tu parler le Français ? <- bien sûr que je peux c'est ma première langue lol

        Wow c'est un test ? Mdr comme je disais je débute à peine à apprendre le Japonais… et merci pour tes encouragements Onii-chan ! Je vais faire de mon mieux !!


    2. [心当たりはあるが、問題は] …C’est l’idée, cependant le problème est….<– Fr
      It's the idea, but the problem is… Sais-tu parler Français.
      (Wow, it's kinda difficult, but yeah this part is good french and it's in context)

      …Ouais/Yeah un petit peu/A little bit (It answer the question faithfully)

      Dit soudainement le Hollandais, Kay sourcilla subtilement , pendant un long moment.
      Said the dutch. Kay subtly raised an eyebrow during a longtime.

      Sorry they're things who where kinda hard lol, and I couldn't finish it all.


      1. Oh, I didn’t see!

        心当たりはあるが、問題は = I do have some idea, but the problem is…

        = Hearing Horand’s words, Kei’s eyebrows twitched, and averted his eyes for a while.

        No worries if they’re hard. Just keep learning and reading, and it’ll get easier. (: It’s a bit confusing, but ホランド is actually a name, haha. Holland the country is オランダ. Fair assumption though, since you didn’t have context.

        Also thanks! I was wondering if the got those little French bits correct.


        1. They are exact but well it’s like someone asking me if I speak in english. The sentences change if you want to be formal or familiar with the interlocutor… and yeah I didn’t have much to go on with those few sentences… I’m trying to get better at reading katakana and hiragana by reading the Raws of death march. But yeah the Japanese culture is heavy in it sometimes I don’t get what the protagonist or Arisa means. I depend of google translate a bit too for a bit of cross check. All this work make me appreciate what our usual translators from wordpress and baka tsuki do for us. Translating even one chapter is tedious and can make you chew on your shoes lol.

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  3. Vermillion would quickly become one of my favorite WNs if it were translated. Someone please do a decent TL of this!
    On the subject of teaser reviews, I think they are a great idea, they help introduce the novel to the reader (by another reader and not some ambiguous summary).


  4. Since there’s no poll link, I guess we just comment to give our thoughts? But it sounds good to me.


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