Summoning At Random being translated at…

There are plenty of things I would have done absolutely different, but frankly speaking I don’t even like the series enough to bother pointing out their errors, so I won’t be doing a re-translation or anything else.

I suppose considering how some groups are doing things, you should just be happy that it’s accurately translated, and hasn’t had any lines taken out or flat-out made up. Absolutely disgraceful.

Enjoy, and remember to thank the translator.

46 thoughts on “Summoning At Random being translated at…”

      1. Well, I read only ch 4 so far because of the title of that chapter.

        I’m guessing he’s one of those ‘omg she’s so beautiful I can’t get close but oh it’d be nice if she comes to like me plz plz god plz boohoo I’m ugly’ wishy-washy type that seem to want attention but turn off his brain function to realize when he get attention.
        aka cliche as fuck harem protagonist

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  1. Honestly. I won’t be reading this one.
    These kinds of “sequels” always make me regret reading them so this time I won’t.


  2. To be honest, even though I was really interested in it at first, after reading the first few chapters on syosetu I’m not all that thrilled about it either. More like, the “lucky pervert” thing really gets on my nerves because it often relies on setting the female characters up to act like violent prudes (for lack of a better term) in a way that just demeans them as characters. It’s almost as bad as the MC blaming his virginity on his not-incredibly-stunning looks every other sentence.

    Still, kudos to the 87% person(s) for picking it up. May they and the other fans enjoy it.

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      1. Well, I think part of the reason is that we all love Tena as a character and with her personality and history, we all think she deserves as Sheepy put it “a prince on a white horse”, not some nobody with the personality of a damp rag.

        I think he’s undervaluing her even on the prince part.

        The only one worthy of Tena is a God. Or Goddess in this case. AnriXTena FTW.


  3. :grimace:
    Not very appealing. The flow is awkward with numerous discrepancies. I simply quit in the middle of chapter 2. Dont even want to comment~
    Barring much improvement, I dont plan to read that again.


  4. As long as my AnriXRetiredDemonKing ship sails I’m prepared to forgive quite a number of sins…

    Reading it, it just seems… normal? Maybe a little cute, but I don’t love it like I did Jashin Average.

    Also, today, in new accounts training, I married Squirrel Girl to Cthulu and had them produce spawn. And then open checking and savings accounts! In trust for Baby X!!!!

    Unfortunately, nobody got the Lovecraft/Marvel references… Except for me!!! And it brought me joy!

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    1. Incidentally, what it actually says is,

      妹A world governed by a Light God, a Dark God, and a slightly ‘my pace’ Evil God.
      妹The religion that boasted the most power in the world, the Church of Sacred Light, had suddenly lost its influence.
      妹The panicking upper echelons of the church decided to perform the Hero Summoning Ritual, as the symbol of their revival.
      妹However, due to the intervention of an even more ‘my pace’ Evil God, the summoned young man was granted a troublesome skill.
      妹Followed about by turmoil, the young man met a certain girl, and together they opposed the absurdity of the world.
      妹Would he ever safely make it back to his old world…?

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  5. I have faith in the author therefore i will it read to the very end. If it’s still bad then I will read it for Anri-sama…and Merry Pope…and hoping for mc to be disgraced by anri or merry pope or by a person from anri nation faction


  6. Think about watching anything this fall? One punch man is gonna be funny as hell. Sakurako san and subete ga f naru are both based off of mystery light novels so that might be interesting. I read rakudai and some platoon and gonna watch that. I loved shomin’s manga but they fucking ruined kimito. Oh well gonna have a long list to watch this season.


          1. Really? I prefer the source material for this case considering it might be ruined in the anime. Yes sometimes you don’t want to see the best girl’s breasts all the time in the LN and seemingly uninteresting illustrations from the book. If anything I rather read and have some pictures as a sense of visual. But that’s subjective.


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