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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 8


《Let fate begin once more》

I can’t say for sure how long I was asleep. After nearly dying to those monsters, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been out for an entire week! Though, considering the little bit of sky I can see through the window and beyond the trees is only slightly darker than earlier, it probably hasn’t been that long.

It’s only when I take a look around that I notice Sis dozed off next to me. I definitely get it, Sis, this bed is pretty comfy. Not a surprise that you have fallen to its temptations, really. However, sleep well! I shall keep a vigilant lookout while you rest! Nodding to confirm my resolve, I stand up and waddle a short distance to stand protectively over her.

However, something is certainly off about this situation. After all, it is strange for it to just be me and Yuki here alone… especially after whatever that was earlier. Hrm, but what could it be? Already forgetting that I was going to keep a lookout, I raise my hand to my chin in thought.

C’mon now, me. What is different about this situation? It isn’t that Sis is sleeping. Could she have changed outfits? I glance at her in order to confirm that no, that’s not it either. Well, I give u- wait…

Fukuku, I see. Of course. How could I be so blind? It is obvious what the issue is.

That’s right, this isn’t my room at all! Hmph, who had the bright idea to put me in a bed I’m not familiar with? Don’t they know it takes a few nights to adjust to a new bed? No wonder I woke up pretty quickly! Plus, if I factor in the fact that someone is asleep on the same bed, a further conclusion can be made!

The killer was System in the dining room with a knife! Umu, I believe that’s the game, ladies and gentlemen. Simple fact is, you were overwhelmingly outclassed. I’m the best at… this?

… A-anyway, obviously I mean to say that Mom is missing. Not sure what that was just now, but regardless, I’m not too blind not to notice that a certain teasing demon isn’t around. I have to wonder where she went. On the other hand, me, if Momma was here right now, don’t you think she’d be lecturing us about how it’s a bad idea to follow tiny naked winged women?

I- wow, that really does sound like a stupid idea. Why did I think that would be anything but a bad idea? Am-Am I some kind of pervert!? I collapse to the bed in depressed realization. It can’t be though! It was pure curiosity! Yeah, that’s it! I’m not some kind of pervert! Plus, now that I think about it, aren’t I too young for that anyway? It’s not like knowing a bunch of useless information like I do would even have an effect on my development. I know what hormones are, but I’m not under their influence! Haha, I’m still pure! Take that, you weird naked demons!

A massive tremor shakes me from all the diverging thoughts. Luckily, I had already fallen to the bed in despair, so I did not have to embarrass myself further. Have to wonder what kind of monster is rampaging outside though. Whoever they are, based on that tremor, they’re probably really mad at something.

Once again, I find myself calm in a situation that it would be normal for me to be panicking in. I wonder if this is part of that 《[Mental Fortitude]》 skill that I gained a while back. Hm, but I remember being calm in situations like this even before I got it. Ah well, it’s troublesome to think about.

Besides, Sis isn’t too heavy a sleeper to pass through the tremor unphased, so she’s waking up now. I’ve got no time to spend on troublesome things! Instead, I crawl back over to her and start repeatedly slapping her on the shoulder. I’m not so cruel as to target her face, so be thankful, Sis!

I hear her grumble something under her breath, but with my limited vocabulary I have no idea what. Still though, she seems like she wants to keep sleeping, so I throw in an extra powerful smack to her shoulder at the end in order to wake her up. I’m not talking a slightly more powerful slap either. I’m talking about the smack to end all smacks. Just… with the strength of a child. If I was grown up though, I could have destroyed the world with that blow. Of course, I backed strategically retreated after that blow. After all, I don’t want any retaliation. Regardless, who’d have thought Sis would be one of those who have trouble getting up in the morning?

Finally, due to that impressive smack I gave her, Yuki manages to wake up and actually keep her eyes open this time. Sitting up, she rubs the last traces of sleep from her eyes before quietly looking around the room. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t immediately focused on me since I’m right next to her though. Fumu. Regardless, I am a magnanimous little sister, so I will allow her this. Continue for as long as my limited attention span can hold out!

“Eh? Rael?” I hear Sis say now that she’s finally noticed me. Good thing too, if she had gone any longer, I would have snapped.

Although I once more begin to move closer to her, I do not respond to the question. It’s more dramatic this way, you see. From the way her body tenses in response, I can tell that I’m getting to her. I can’t help but laugh internally at that. Foolish sister, by allowing me to get this close, your defeat is guaranteed!

“___ ____!” is what I hear before Sis suddenly goes on the counterattack and scoops me up into her arms. This… this is not what I wanted at all! It-It is nice though… Agh, no! Traitorous thoughts are bad!

“Nyoo!” I cry out with a slight lisp. In this situation, even though I struggle with all my might, I can not escape the hugging. Uu, I didn’t want this.

Luckily, the “torture Rael (with unlimited hugs)” session is interrupted by Momma, who finally decides to make an appearance. Hmph. If you had shown up earlier, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess, Momma! Either way, Yuki stops to look at the newcomer and a silent conversation seems to pass between them. At least, I hope that’s what happened because that’d be cool. I’m too busy trying to escape this gentle but iron grip that Sis has me in.

Of course, being distracted by the act of trying to free myself, I am taken by surprise when both Sis and I are lifted into Momma’s arms. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. I shouldn’t have expected anything less of her though. This is the teasing demon after all. Haa… I can only sigh in acceptance. Once I’m in Momma’s arms, there is no escape. It’s just so- so comfortable.

Comfortable in my family’s arms, I can’t help but wonder what that tremor was earlier. I never did get an answer out of Sis about it. I didn’t even get to ask her about it! Ah well. Whatever it was, it’s probably not important if Mom and Sis aren’t worried about it.

Troublesome things are troublesome after all.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the forest than the happy trio, a creature laid half-dead on the cold, hard ground. Although it was still alive, the wounds it had suffered were grievous. There was no guarantee that it would be able to survive the injuries.

More importantly however, the creature was trying to comprehend the reason for the destruction that had occurred. All around it, the bodies of its dead friends and family suffocated the air with the stench of blood. The scene was a nightmare. The reasoning for it could not be understood.

The day had started off much as any other. It wasn’t unique.

The faerie had heard rumors about a few brave ones going off to the place that should not be touched, but that wasn’t really a cause for concern. Much like the other times it was attempted, the creature expected those fools would come running back immediately. After all, that place reeked with the scent of a power they couldn’t mess with. The only problem was that they didn’t return.

No, it was something much worse. Instead of its fellow kind, it had been death itself that came for them. The lord of the forest. The one existence that could not be touched, and someone had obviously touched it.

Everything died. It was just as simple as that, or at least it was supposed to be.

However, unknown to the killer, it could be said that a miracle occurred. Perhaps it was not a miracle from the perspective of the one who survived. Still, it managed to survive when all others had died. It would not be strange for such a miracle to be rewarded. In this case, a destiny was acquired.

Revenge was the only thing the survivor had left. The desire for it filled its small heart and corrupted the creature completely. It made the creature stronger, more dangerous. Yet even then, it knew that it still wouldn’t be enough. Their race wasn’t built for war in the first place. No, it would have to find strength through other means.

Until that time, it would allow its desire to fester and grow. Perhaps it would be consumed by its hatred, but if that was the price to pay then it would gladly do so.

It had been ignored, and that was a mistake.

Author’s Note:

Well, it’s been quite some time. I don’t have any excuses to make regarding how long it’s been either. Just want to let you know that I’m going to at least try to keep at it. Obviously some updates will take longer than others, but hopefully you won’t have to deal with a gap this large again.

Anyway, on to more important things. When I read the previous chapters in order to familiarize myself with the story, I honestly did not like what I read. I’m not going to be making a rewrite of the rewrite or anything, so don’t worry about anything like that. Instead, what I plan to do is edit the chapters when I have time so that the style is the same across all of them and there are no continuity errors. This will be done slowly over time, but I’ll try to make an announcement once all the edits are complete.

Thanks for sticking around. Hopefully I can turn this story into something that you guys enjoy and one that I’m proud of.


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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 7

A New Family

As I step outside for the first time in a while, I tremble in excitement. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be out here.

Of course, Mom and Sis have taken me with them on their walks through the forest before (though I was usually secured to them and couldn’t do any walking of my own), so it’s not as if it’s my first time outside since I showed up here two years ago.

The forest is just as cold as always, and I’m forced to shiver. I try to rub my arms to warm myself up, but it’s not working… I should have thought about this earlier.

I wonder if we live somewhere up north. I don’t particularly remember what being up north has to do with the cold though…

Anyway, seeing the slightly shivering me, my new friend smiles at me and then does something with her hands. Seconds later and I feel a warmth running through me, chasing the biting cold away.

It’s strange.

Even though I take a look at myself, I can’t see anything different. I’m still wearing the clothing I had on when I was inside just a moment ago, and yet I’m warm. However, that doesn’t make any sense! These clothes aren’t the ones Mom makes me wear when we go outside! Confused, I tilt my head and look at the little one happily flying in front of me.

Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m nice and warm now, and besides, my friend didn’t catch the curious look anyway.

Actually, thinking about it, can this little one even speak? I pause for a second in thought. If she could, would I even be able to understand her!? Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to follow this thing without any thought…

I sigh and then shrug. Even if I start to regret my decision now, this is the path I’ve chosen. I may as well see it through to the end!

With renewed resolve, I continue forward, following closely behind the creature that invaded my home. I’m a bit more suspicious now, but it doesn’t show… or at least I don’t think it does anyway.

“Mom, I think I can see our house now!” I call out. We had gone to the nearby village to restock a few of our supplies, and we were almost back home to Rael. I wonder how bored she must be by now. I feel like we were gone longer than normal.

The thought leaves me, and I smile as I think of something else. I say, “She’s going to look so cute in that dress we got for her~”

However, before I get a response, I’m passed by a blur. In the direction the blur is heading, I finally notice something was off. The door was open! Why is the door open!? I panic because I’m worried about Rael and start running as well.

Since Mom started running before I did, she gets to the house much earlier than I do and rushes inside. However, by the time I manage to get there, she was already back outside sniffing the air.

As I’m about to ask Mom what she smelled, she raises a hand in my direction to stop me. She then sighs, stops sniffing, and says, “A faerie got in. We have to run.” Almost immediately after she says that, she takes off into the forest, and I rush to follow her.

Please be alright, Rael.

I wonder if Mom and Sis are home by now…

I’m going to be in so much trouble when they find me. Maybe that’s a good thing though. At least then they’ll have found me.

Why did I follow something I had just met? Am I stupid?

I sigh internally as I continue to follow the critter before me. I hope we’re getting close to where this fellow wants to go. I’m starting to get tired… and losing my will to keep going down this path. In other words, I’m bored.

However, I’m surprisingly not let down by the little one, and before I realize it, we’re in the middle of a clearing. The one who lead me here, the tiny naked lady, is floating in the middle of the clearing and is beckoning me over. I have nothing better to do, so I guess I’ll go see what she’s up to.

As I get nearer though, I start to feel strange. It’s like that feeling I had earlier when I didn’t want to keep following her, but a lot stronger.

This is kinda scary…

I glance around while I’m walking forward and see many tiny heads poking out, watching what’s going on. I’m confident if the little one in front of me betrayed me, but I’m not confident I can handle all of this.

As I nevertheless continue to trudge forward, the feeling continues to intensify before it feels like my body itself wants to escape. Before I can act on the feeling I let build up though, the creature seems to change before my eyes.

Where there was a happy, friendly expression, there’s now an expression of mockery and self-content. The thing I thought was just a tiny version of a woman became distorted and ugly. I couldn’t even call it a person anymore.

The monster flying in front of me is joined by all of its little friends before they all start doing some kind of performance. It feels similar to what the one did to me earlier, but I feel an intense danger coming from this performance. It’s like I know I’ll die if I remain here any longer.

I turn around to flee, but see that I’m surrounded by the creatures, and as I said earlier, I know I won’t be able to deal with multiple.

As the performance seemingly nears its completion, I fight back the tears and think back to Mom and Sis one last time. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see them anymore, but there’s nothing I can do!

I’m sorry!

I close my eyes and await my death. I just hope it’s a quick one.

Not long after, I hear a swishing sound, as if lots of things are flying past me. It could also be the wind, I reason in my strangely calm state, but thinking about it a bit harder, it does sound a bit different.

I hesitantly open my eyes before widening them in shock. All the monsters that were surrounding me are now lying on the ground with a long, greenish spike running through them. What happened when I closed my eyes? Did I subconsciously do something? Whatever it is, it was like magic though!

Actually… I guess it would be magic now that I think about it. What is magic though? I understand that this scene before is magic, but not what magic is specifically… How strange.

I suppose what’s stranger is that I’m so calm after seeing all this. I nearly died just a moment ago, and now I see this normally horrific scene, but I don’t feel anything!

What’s wrong with me!?

I’m roused from my darkening thoughts by two voices and a pair of warm arms. I see now. It wasn’t me that did anything. It was Mom or Sis (but most likely Mom).

Although they’re saying things that I can’t quite understand yet, I can make out bits and pieces. Even if I couldn’t though, I have a feeling I’d know they were worried about me.

I try smiling at Mom and Sis to let them know I’m okay. It manages to calm them down somewhat, and I’m filled with another warm feeling. I want to stay with these two forever…

I truly love them.

Then, as I resolve myself to be a better daughter and sister (and to learn whatever it is Mom did to those monsters), the situation catches up to me… and I pass out.

Author’s Note:

First off, I have to announce that I’m changing it up a bit. Going to shoot for a chapter every two weeks. I thought I was finally getting into a place where I’d be able to write a new chapter every week, but life has that way of messing with you and I’m no longer able to. There is a chance I’ll get a chapter done in-between weeks, but I’ll let you all know on the home page of the blog whether or not that’s going to happen.

Anyway, thank you all for following along with this story. I feel better about it. Of course, there may be an issue or two from time to time in grammar, but that’s mainly because I don’t have an editor to go through it (that’s also partly on me though). If there are any major errors, please let me know in the comments and I’ll fix them as quickly as possible. As for flow and all that, unfortunately that’ll just come with time. Thank you for your patience.

Until next time.


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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 6

A New Friend!

It feels like I’ve been gone a while.

Thinking about it, it has been a while since I last took a look at that brat. I hope she’s had some fun while I was away, because now that I’m back, it’s about to get a lot less fun.

《Let fate restart》

It feels like I’ve been gone a while.

Actually, it feels as though something terrible has happened… how strange. However, I shrug and ignore the sensation. I don’t seem to be any different, so does it really matter?

I shake my head and continue my patrol through the house. I recently started walking inside like this to build necessary muscles faster. It really got to be a pain not being able to do anything except sit in that cage of a place, so I want to never have to deal with it again. Regardless, two years have past now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at this walking thing.

Pausing my walk, I joyfully lift my fists into the air as I laugh. I’m just so happy to be free again! …I’m only doing this because I know nobody else is home though. It’d be too embarrassing otherwise…

Suddenly thinking something was off, I quickly drop my hands and glance around to make sure I was really alone. Mom and Yuki said they’d be gone for a while, but sometimes they lie and hide in the house. They like to tease me because I do stuff like what I just did, so I really don’t know why I keep doing it…

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I depressedly resume my walking. Sometimes I really don’t like Mom and Sis. Then again~… it’s not like any harm is done because of the teasing. Mn, I don’t know!

I shake my head to clear my constantly wandering thoughts, as I make another lap around the house. Anyway, I’m mainly walking like this because I’m bored. I’m usually not allowed to go with them… wherever it is they go. It makes me feel a bit lonely, but they usually give me lots of attention after they return, so I’ll generously forgive them for now.

While I walk, I reflect on the past two years and think about what happened. I say that, but nothing happened. They took care of me, and while I was happily being cared for, I tried to learn the language and also learn how to walk again. Well, I’m halfway there at least.

Where was I again? Ah, yeah. So everyone’s names. First, Mom’s name is Aria. I don’t know if she has any other names as I’ve only ever heard her called Aria. I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, the second important point is that my sister’s name is Yuki. Now, since I’m sure you’re dying to know, I won’t hold back and say the most important point of all this is that my name is Rael.

…I don’t really know why my name is Rael, and it actually took me a while to figure out that’s what they were calling me. I kinda like it. I was thinking I’d be named something like Alice, but my expectations were pleasantly shattered.

Actually, can you even shatter something pleasantly? I stop to think about it. I don’t really think you can. How are you supposed to shatter something pleasantly? Do you gently break it into pieces? That’s still not pleasant for the thing being shattered though~.

As I continue to think about it, smoke starts coming out of my ears so I give up and continue walking. It’s not like it matters that much. Either way, I can say those names and a few other common words, but it’s a pain not being able to talk fluently. I actually even still have problems pronouncing the words I do know from time to time…

I had thought that I would easily master this new language, but unfortunately I’ve had lots of trouble. As far as I know, I’m learning at an average pace for a child… or maybe even faster, but I should be fluent at this point considering I already know a language!

Well… I have thought of what would happen if I did start talking to Mom and Sis fluently. It wouldn’t be good.

I’m shaken from my thoughts when I see a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye. I knew it… Mom and Sis were still here! I don’t know how I missed them the first time, but I got them this time!

I rush over behind the simple couch, but cast my eyes down in frustration when I don’t see anything there. However, I then feel something behind me, so I quickly turn around and catch whatever it was diving out of sight into a different room. Of course, I hastily rush after them. I’m determined to catch Mom and Sis!

I’m caught off-guard when I enter the room. Mom and Sis aren’t there waiting for me. Instead, I see a little person with wings on their back fluttering around. They’re so tiny… I wonder what they are… Hesitantly, I get closer to the unknown creature.

As I near it, the unknown creature suddenly turns around in surprise. I guess it noticed me… though I’m not exactly the “stealthiest” person out there. I barely have enough control over my legs to walk around the house a few times, let alone try to sneak.

I’m actually wondering how this little creature got inside the house. So far, nothing else has invaded this home, so it was a little strange to see something besides me here.

I take a good look at it while we’re both staring at each other. It seems to be a miniaturized human with attached wings. I quickly notice she’s not wearing any clothes, so I have to question the lifestyle of these creatures. Seems a bit strange to me, but overall, I guess she does look friendly enough, so I smile and slowly walk closer.

Seemingly a bit nervous, she seems cautiously keeps her distance, but eventually she giggles and flies up to my finger. Although she wouldn’t make it as a full-sized human… what with the lack of clothes and all… she is pretty cute like this.

While I’m happily looking at the strange being before me, I feel a tug on my finger. It seems this fairy wants me to go somewhere? I look in the direction she’s pulling and realize she’s trying to lead me out of the house. Well, she’s pointing to a window, but I’m pretty sure she meant to go outside. I think a door would be easier though~.

Although I’m a bit hesitant because I’ve never left the house before, the fairy keeps pulling my finger urgently wanting to lead me outside, so I think I might have to leave. I feel confident I can make it, but it could still be dangerous for me… However, my new little friend here really wants me to go outside, so I make my way to the door and by tip-toeing, I can just barely reach the handle to open it.

With the door opened, and my freedom secured, I walk outside, letting my new friend lead the way.

Author’s Note:

A little bit earlier than I had said I would publish chapters here, but close enough.

Anyway, I feel better about the formatting and paragraph structure of this chapter.
Of course, if you see any grammar or spelling issues, please let me know in the comments. I don’t have an editor for the moment, so I can easily see issues appearing.

I hope you enjoyed the new chapter.

We’re slowly restarting.
I look forward to writing with you guys.


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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 5

Another Perspective

‘Something feels different today,’ I think to myself as I nervously glance around. The forest had changed, and I didn’t know why, but it made this simple walk through the forest seem far more dangerous than it is. Worriedly, I think to myself, ‘What could have happened for it to feel like this?’

The forest is my home. It can’t compare to the nearby cities in terms of ease of living, but Mom prefers it here. It’s quieter… more peaceful. At least that’s what Mom always tells me. That’s why this situation doesn’t make any sense though. This isn’t the forest I know.

If today were a normal day, Mom and I would have been patrolling our slice of the forest together, but she told me she had some kind of business to take care of in town and had me go alone. This isn’t the first time I’ve patrolled by myself, but with the tension in the air today it would have been really nice if Mom were here too. However, since she isn’t, I have to try and soldier on… even if it is scary.

Come to think of it, I should have at least encountered something by now, but I haven’t seen a whisper of anything. It’s as if all the monsters nearby have completely disappeared. ‘That’s not good,’ I think to myself as I take another look at my surroundings. I’ll need to tell Mom about this as soon as I get home. They could be grouping together under a leader, and even Mom would be in danger if they caught her off-guard. Is this where my sense of foreboding is coming from?

Trying not to let myself panic, I quicken my pace in order to finish this patrol even a second faster. The quicker I get back, the sooner I can tell Mom about it and get this situation resolved.

However, before I can break into a run, I see a splash of blue amongst the greens and browns of the forest. Unfortunately, that means one of the most troublesome monsters of the forest is nearby, but maybe I’ll be able to find out whether or not there’s a leader if I follow it. I know I said it’d be dangerous, but I’m confident in my ability to run away!

With my resolution set, I dive into the shadows, and tail the goblin as it makes its way through the forest. However, both of us hear a noise before long.

“Unya~!” the sound cried out.

‘Oh no,’ I think to myself in panic. ‘That wasn’t a goblin’s cry. That was… that was a baby’s cry!’

Panic fully taking over, I thoughtlessly abandon the shadows and sprint after the goblin. I’m not about to let some monster hurt an innocent baby!

‘Luckily I’m not too late,’ I think to myself as I see the goblin getting dangerously close to the baby. I had to wonder why a baby was out here by themself when it was the middle of winter though. However, I forced myself to abandon the thought and shove the goblin away from the baby. At least this way, the goblin’s focus will be on me. I can handle a lone goblin by myself easily~.

Circling the goblin, I patiently wait for it to make a move. I remember Mom teaching me that a goblin is an incredibly impatient creature, and that the safest way to deal with it was to wait for it to move first and then counter attack.

As expected, I didn’t have to wait long, as the goblin stumbles forward and awkwardly swings the club it’s holding. The attack was so thoroughly projected that I had plenty of time to dodge, and I rake my claws down its back as it passes by. The blow downs the beast, but it isn’t enough to kill it. It attempts to struggle for a few more seconds, but a final bite to its neck finishes it off. I have heard that some people like to play with their prey before they kill them, but with a baby lying a few feet away, now isn’t the time for me to start.

Speaking of the baby, I turn around to look at it, but I’m caught completely off-guard. Its eyes are sparkling with intelligence. It’s almost as if the baby understands what’s going on. That should be impossible though… right?

“Ugyah!” the baby suddenly calls out.

I jump a bit as it feels like the baby is calling out to me. However, I calm down quickly enough and finally remember that I need to call for backup. After all, I don’t know what to do with a baby! ‘Mom, I hope you can hear this,’ I think to myself as I infuse my voice with magic and let out a howl.

“Awoooooo~” is the reply I get from a distance away. Mom had gotten my message.

‘Good,’ I think to myself in relief.

However, my relief is short lived because I soon hear the mutterings of many goblins gathered together. I knew it… this is bad. ‘I hope Mom gets here in time,’ I worriedly think to myself as I take a defensive position in front of the baby.

Before the goblins rush out to attack me, I feel the ground shake and can smell the one scent I’ve known my entire life. I smile internally because Mom has arrived. For some reason she is approaching from behind the baby though. ‘Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as she’s here,’ I conclude.

The “battle” is over in an instant. Before I could blink, Mom had already transformed into her human form and cast [Earth Burial], instantly swallowing the goblins threatening us. It’s a magic I can use as well, but it’s totally different when Mom uses it. One second the goblins are standing there, and the next, they’re gone. I even take a look at the ground after the spell, but I can’t see any visible change.

‘Amazing,’ I think to myself in awe. ‘I want to be just like Mom when I grow up.’

Meanwhile, Mom ignores me and looks at the baby… that I haven’t forgotten about. “Ah, it seems the excitement was too much for the little one. It’s fast asleep,” Mom says as she carefully picks the baby up and begins walking home.

Transforming out of my wolf form because Mom was here with me, I ask, “What are you going to do, Mom? Do you think one of the outsiders left that baby here?” It hadn’t happened here before, but Mom had told me stories of humans abandoning their children for various reasons.

Mom, still busy looking after the baby in her arms, replies, “Even if we take her to the villages outside this forest, I doubt anyone would take her in. Someone left her here, and it’s not likely that whoever it was will want this child back.”

“So that means…?” I trail off. Mom still hadn’t answered the question.

Stopping and glancing at me, Mom laughs, “Isn’t it obvious? We’ll just raise her ourselves.” With a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she adds, “Or would you rather we left this child out here in the cold?”

“Of course not!” I reply immediately, stomping my foot into the ground. “Really, Mom, I wouldn’t do that to a baby!”

My only reply is laughter as Mom and I near our cottage. ‘How frustrating,’ I think to myself. ‘Mom can be serious when she needs to be, but she likes teasing me too much!’

Entering our house, I can finally relax though. Now that I think about it, the dreadful feeling went away too. ‘How strange~’ I think while glancing at the baby in Mom’s arms.

Once inside, Mom sets the child down on a soft pillow and motions for me to follow her. I don’t want to disturb the sleeping baby, so I quietly follow after her. However, moments later she sighs and turns around, walking back towards where the baby is sleeping while saying, “The baby is awake already, so let’s go check up on it.”

“Okay,” I say as I also about-face and follow Mom back into the main room. “What are we going to do about the forest though?” I ask hesitantly.

Pausing for a moment, Mom says, “I’ll go out and investigate it in a moment. It’s certainly a bad sign for that many goblins to have gathered together. There’s likely a chief somewhere. If we’re lucky, there might even be a general” she laughs.

“What about the baby then?” I reply quickly. Knowing Mom, she could easily handle the trouble in the forest since she’s prepared for it, but she wouldn’t want to leave the baby here by itself.

“That’s easy,” Mom begins with a smirk. “I don’t have to worry about the child because you’re going to be here watching over it.”

“I don’t know how to take care of a baby, Mom!” I cry out in panic. “If it’s left to me, who knows what could go wrong!”

“Relax,” Mom soothingly says as she places a hand on her shoulder. “I’ll lull it to sleep. The child should stay that way while I’m gone. All you have to do is keep an eye on it.”

I depressedly nod as we both reach the baby. Once again, I can see intelligence in its eyes, but since Mom isn’t mentioning it, I guess it’s alright.

As promised though, Mom takes the baby into her arms and rocks it to sleep, humming a simple tune as a lullaby. It looks like the baby is trying to resist the urge to sleep, but eventually it closes its eyes.

Carefully, Mom places the child back down and then nods to me before placing a finger over her lips and winking. She tiptoes to the door and quietly slips out, leaving me alone with the sleeping thing before me.

Luckily, time passes pretty quickly and the baby is still asleep. However, it’s kinda boring while I wait for Mom, so I move closer to the baby and gaze at it. I’m still not sure whether it is a male or female, and it has a strange scent, but I have to admit… it is cute.

Suddenly though, the baby wakes up as if knowing I’m thinking about it, and jolts in surprise… likely because my face is so close. I laugh and tell the child, “That was a cute reaction!”

Of course, I don’t think the baby can really understand me, even if its eyes do appear intelligent, so my words are ignored and we end up staring at each other. However, that’s not any fun either, so I start to poke the baby’s tiny feet. The cloth wrapped around the baby had partially come undone at some point, and its feet were just barely peeking through. It was enough for me to attack unreservedly though.

While I’m enjoying listening to the baby’s laugh as I continue to tickle its feet, it suddenly starts crying. Instantly I’m back to panicking. Mom didn’t tell me what to do if the baby started crying, so I quickly pick it up and try to lull it back to sleep. It isn’t working though!

I’m panicking and don’t know what to do when the baby suddenly stops crying. I look at it and my panic intensifies because now I don’t know why it suddenly stopped crying! “Momma! I need you!” I cry out.

Just as soon as I say that, I feel a pair of arms come in and take the baby from my arms. Looking up, I see Mom standing there with an apologetic smile on her face. Before saying anything though, she checks to make sure the baby is alright. “What happened?” she finally asks, satisfied with the checkup.

“Well…” I start, “I was watching the baby like you said to, but then it woke up and I didn’t know what to do! I saw its feet and couldn’t help myself, so I started poking them. It laughed for a while, but then all of sudden it started crying, and I didn’t know what to do, and I got scared, and I’m sorry Mom!”

Mom lets out a gentle laugh before replying, “Ah, you just annoyed this little one. I’m guessing it’s not a fan of being tickled.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” I say in relief. “I was scared I had hurt it somehow.”

Mom smiles at me reassuringly before turning back to the baby, her smile turning into a mischievous one.

‘I’m sorry, little one,’ I think to myself right before Mom starts tickling the baby for herself. I knew this would happen after seeing that smile, but I was hoping she wouldn’t tease someone so young. I smile in resignation before also joining in and teasing the writhing child.

‘Don’t worry,’ I think to myself as I happily look at the baby in Mom’s arms. ‘I’ll make sure to protect you from all the monsters out there. You’re family now!’

Author’s Note:

I have returned!
I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging for nearly six months now.
The good news is that I’m going to try and have a chapter at least once a week for all of you though.

This chapter is a bit special in terms of timing, but normally I’ll be aiming for a Friday release. Likely around 9:30 pm (Central Standard Time).

Once again, I am sorry and I hope you continue to enjoy the story alongside me.


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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 4

At Least it’s Warm Now.

Edited by: A friendly Taco

What… what happened?
The last thing I remember is seeing that woman.

Looking around, I’m not in the snow anymore.
It’s much warmer here.
It’s comfortable~

Wait a minute!
I’m not supposed to be warm!
It’s supposed to be cold!
Where… where am I?

A bit more panicked, I start to frantically look around.
It seems like I’m in some kind of cabin.
Glancing up at the ceiling, I see a straw roof.
…a straw roof…
Why does that give me a sense of discomfort?

Disregarding that, I continue to observe the place and notice a roaring fire in the stone fireplace nearby.
I guess that’s why it’s so much warmer in here than outside.
Still, isn’t that a bit dangerous?
What if the fire spreads?
Hm, I was most likely taken in by that woman, so someone should be here.
Then again, the fire does look like it’s fine… probably.

Disrupting my stray thoughts, I hear the sound of a door opening, and people entering.
Although I wish I could say I knew how many people there were, it’s not like I’m able to do that.
Regardless, I suppose I’ll wait until I can see whoever walked in.
Before I see anyone though, the people who entered start talking and I can confidently say that there are at least two people.
Well, I can only hear two different voices though.
Someone else could be there, but they’re keeping quiet.

How to say this though…
It seems I can’t understand what the two are saying…
What do I do now?

What’s that?
I could learn their language?
I wanted things to be a bit more convenient though…

Time to focus.
Well, except that as soon as I resolve myself, the two stop talking…
What a let-down…
At least the two finally appear in front of me.
I really need to get over this whole “not being able to move my head” thing.

Once again, it’s that woman I saw earlier.
However, there’s a new face.
A young girl?
I’d say she’s around twelve or so?
Well, let’s go with that at least.

Turning back to the woman, I see that she’s actually pretty young too.
I guess now that I can calmly look at her, I can see details rather than the vague silhouette from before.
She’s really pretty though…
Glancing at the girl beside her, I see that she’s just as pretty.
Huh, this is an impressive mother-daughter pair, or at least I assume they’re mother and daughter.

I wonder what I look like.
Couldn’t see a mirror when I was looking around though, so I have no way of knowing at the moment.
Either way, I doubt I look as good as these two…
I don’t need good looks!

While I’m thrashing about to protest this unfair world, the two start to talk quickly.
Hmph, rubbing it in?
I see how it is!
Well, realistically speaking that’s probably not the case, but I don’t care!
Concluding their conversation faster than I expected, the woman carefully picks me up and begins to rock me in her arms.
Fufu, you’re one hundred years too early if you think you can put me to sleep with just thi-

I don’t want to talk about it…
She was stronger than I thought.
We… we’ll leave it at that.

When I woke up, it was just me and the young girl.
Well, it was a bit unnerving to see her staring at me as soon as I woke up though.
Seeing my reaction, she laughed at me and said something to me.
Still can’t understand what she said though.

As we face each other, unflinching and undaunted, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.
Hmph, so that’s your plan then?
You don’t have the power to defeat me!

… or so I said.
It’s not like I can stop the girl from poking my feet though.
Although I’m laughing on the outside, I’m calm here.
I won’t be defeated!

… this is a bit much though.
I didn’t think I’d be so ticklish…

Of course, the assault continued and although I did try to defend myself, it’s not as if I had suddenly grown up.
Haa, although this is certainly better than freezing to death or something out there, this is still rough.
Perhaps if I still had the mindset of a baby, but I have knowledge I shouldn’t.

Flailing around, I do my best to communicate that I’m not happy, but from the fact that my feet are still being tickled I don’t think the message got across.
Alright, it’s time.
I didn’t want to have to do this to you, but you’ve left me no choice.

As I attempt to gather as much force as I can, I begin to feel even the world beneath me move.
It’s almost as if the world wants to support me as well.
Fufu, your demise is clear little one.
I’ll give it a few seconds.
I should properly charge up for something like this.

Once I decide that I’m properly prepared for the mayhem I’m about to unleash, and I make sure that the girl has no plans to stop, I … begin to cry.
I told you, I didn’t want to do this.
Mainly because it’s embarrassing for me.
However, not long after I start crying, the girl stops tickling me, so it all worked out in the end.
If only I could have done this without self-destructing.

Fufu, at least it’s peaceful again.
However, before I can truly let the freedom sink in, I’m picked up by the girl.
Now that I’m able to look at her, it seems this girl is quite scared.
Ahh, I just wanted her to stop tickling me!
Now I feel bad!

Of course, the first thing I did in this situation was stop crying.
I try to reassure her, but she was still panicking.
…and I thought being embarrassed was self-destructing.

Somebody save me from this situation!
Well, not that anybody would thou- You’ve got to be kidding me.

As if to answer my prayers, the older one walks in, or at least I think so.
I only heard the door open.
Not long later though, I’m shifted around into a different set of arms, and look up to see the woman worriedly looking down at me.

Although I try my best to show that I’m alright, the woman checks me over a few times before talking to the girl.
They talk for a little bit, but then the older one laughs and says something else, causing the younger one to put on a relieved expression.
I guess we’re all good then?
Can’t tell what they talked about, but at least the younger one isn’t scared anymore.

Ahh, now that this event is past us, I can have my peace back.
Or so I think anyway.
However, like getting stabbed in the back by your best friend, the angel, who I thought had come to resolve the situation, was really a demon in disguise and started playing with me!

You can’t do this to me!

I didn’t realize you guys actually never got this chapter.
It’s been on my site for nearly six months now…
I deeply apologize.

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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 3

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire!


I’ll have you know I don’t intend to die so easily!

Well, I’m all bark and no bite though.
I’m still just a baby.
It’s not like I suddenly grew up and became strong enough to defeat this wolf.
Regardless, I still don’t want to die, so can you not kill me, Wolfie?
I’m trying to make myself seem as harmless as possible here.
(Not like that’s too difficult though)

Anyway, this wolf is really starting to make me nervous.
It’s just standing there… staring at me.

I guess it’s time to break out my ace in the hole then.
If I succeed, then I’ll be safe.
However, if I fail …
Just don’t fail then, me.

Resolving myself, I muster all of the strength in this powerless body of mine, and shout out towards the heavens.


In response to my warrior spirit, the wolf jumps a bit.
Hm, that’s not as good a reaction as I would have liked though.
At the very least, the wolf is starting to move around more now.
I wonder what it intends to do?
It’s pacing around, but it doesn’t seem to have any intention of attacking me.
Could it be thinking about something I wonder?

Hm, well, as long as it’s not going to attack me, I don’t need to worry about it.
I just wish someone would come along and pick me up.
I’m starting to get a little hungry.
It’s also starting to get a little cold.


Wolfie started to howl.
Could it be calling for backup?
This isn’t good.
I obviously saved myself with that shout earlier, but when its backup gets here, I’d be defenseless again.


Ah, a reply.
I suppose it was a bit much to think there would only be one wolf in this forest.
However, that reply isn’t the only thing that responds to this wolf’s howl.


Although the voices sounded distant, even Wolfie looked a bit nervous hearing all the rough noises.
They sound familiar, but I’m not too sure where I remember this sound.
I don’t end up waiting too long though, because as I’m trying my hardest to remember the sound, I hear all kinds of noise heading in our direction.
Even the ground was shaking a bit.
Not long after that, a horde of goblins break into the small clearing.

I hope you called in some powerful backup, Wolfie, because this situation is a bi~t dangerous.
Actually, if I think about it, based on how easily Wolfie dealt with Goblin A from earlier, it might be able to escape.
So … doesn’t that mean I’m the only one in any real danger here!?
Awawa, don’t leave me Wolfie!

However, contrary to my panicked thoughts, Wolfie only gets into a guard.
It’s as if this wolf intends to fight this horde…
I know I’m not particularly in a position to criticize here, Wolfie, but isn’t this horde too much to fight alone?
There’s at least twenty of them in this clearing, and if I focus I can almost make out the shape of more in the surrounding forest.

Wait a minute, why are there so many goblins here!?
Their response was a bit too quick for them to have gathered this many numbers.
Do they move in groups or something?
In that case, why was Goblin A all by itself?

Hm, for some reason my head hurts a little.
This shouldn’t have caused it though.
I feel like I’ve thought about things much harder than this, and yet never got any pain from it.
Huh, strange.
Well, since thinking hurts my head apparently, I won’t bother with it.
Goblin A was just there because he was, and this horde is here because they are, and Wolfie will fight both because of some reason.

Ah, I feel much better now.
It’s as if a weight has been lifted from my tiny body.
Now, go Wolfie!

As if it could read my thoughts, Wolfie begins to move.
It seems it’ll be taking the initiative this time.
With so many enemies, it’d be arrogant if you let them attack first, Wolfie.
Now, slowly, ever so slowly, single out the weakest one and then strike!

Ignoring the me who is shouting out from time to time, Wolfie continues to guard.
It seems as if Wolfie is intent on waiting for its backup.
Can’t you let me have my fun though?
Bah, no fun, Wolfie.

I really should stop thinking things like this though.
After all, it seems like every time I do, something happens.
For example, right now, the ground is shaking again, but this time it’s the goblins who look nervous.

I have to wonder what would cause a horde of this size to be so nervous.
Could these wolves be the bosses of the forest, and they’re all coming here to back up this one wolf!?
Uwah, impressive, Wolfie.
A new respect for you has blossomed within my chest.
I still won’t let you eat me though.

At this point, Wolfie has stopped being so on-guard, and is now looking in the direction of the noise.
Unfortunately, the noise is directly behind me, and I don’t have enough strength to tilt my neck in order to see what’s coming.

Suddenly, the ground shakes more violently than it has so far and I hear a ferocious growl.
It’s to the point where I don’t think a simple onomatopoeia would be enough to cover the intensity of this thing.
Regardless, it’s intense enough for the goblins, and they all run as far away from this clearing as they can.
Hehe, some of them are even tripping over themselves to get away.

In truth, I know that this is just me distracting myself from what is about to come, but at least it’s funny.
If I’m going to die, I want to go out with a smile on my face.
So now, although I don’t want to die, I’m prepared, so do your worst, wolves!
I’ve been alone for longer than I can remember, death is sweet compared to a hell like that!


What’s going on?
Plenty of time has gone by.
Why have I not felt the friendly hand of death?
Cautiously, I open one of my eyes a fraction.


However, at the scene in front of me, my eyes go wide and I can’t help but let out a word in shock.
After all, although Wolfie is still there in front of me, there’s also a rea~lly tall woman standing with it.
I also can’t feel anything behind me anymore, but whatever it was, it couldn’t have been this woman.
That growl was too powerful to come from a person.
W-what’s going on?

These are the last thoughts I have before my surroundings go dark.

Author’s Note: As always, sorry for the lateness, and thank you for sticking with this foolish me.

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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2



I don’t want to die.

That’s not something I was thinking about.
I decided to ignore the current situation for a second because there are a few strange points I needed to consider.
Why was I suddenly reborn in a new world as a baby?
Oh, and on top of that, why was I alone in the middle of a likely dangerous forest where Goblins could appear!?

Mn, well, those are all valid questions, me, but shouldn’t the main point of consideration be that void I was in?
A great mystery will likely be solved when I find the answer.
Then again, I suppose it could be a boring thing as well.

Ah, well, it’s not like thinking about it will help me escape from this situation though?
Going back to my current predicament, I know I said I’d overcome any obstacles you set out for me, System, but isn’t this a bit much?
I’m just a baby you know?
It’s not like I can do much.

While thinking of these pointless things, Goblin A has made progress towards me.
It seems it doesn’t know what I’m doing here either since it’s moving pretty slowly.
At this rate, I may die of boredom before it kills me.

Ah, but wait, perhaps the goblin is actually friendly and is merely concerned about my well-being and is being cautious in case this whole situation is a trap.
Yes, if I was in Goblin A’s position, I’d be wary of a random lone baby in the middle of a forest as well.
I guess this situation wasn’t as bad as I thought.
Still though, you got me good, System.
I was pretty scared there for a second, even if my mind seems calm.

No wait, now’s not the time to be delusional, me.
Sure, there are some cases where goblins end up being friendly, but those cases are rare, at least from what I remember.
Besides, the most important thing is that it’s drooling.
Hate to break it to you, Goblin A, but I’m not very delicious.

This goblin is disappointing though.
In the time it’s taken me to have multiple changes of heart about the intentions of this goblin, it has only gotten a bit closer.
It’s as if it wants me to figure out the purpose of existence.
Haa, I’m going to have to give you a rating of two out of ten, Goblin A.
Pretty underwhelming, but I suppose once you actually reach me, it could get dangerous.

The goblin continues to approach me, and I continue to look disinterestedly at it.
However, after a few moments of this, something shifts inside of me, and the goblin’s speed picks up quite a bit.
I wonder what that shift was.
Could it be my special ability?
System did say I had received some kind of fate.
Is that what caused the shift?

Now that it’s like this though, and the goblin is very quickly closing the distance between us, I’m actually feeling a bit scared.
I was just reborn after all, I don’t want to die so soon.
Would I just go back to that void place?
It was lonely there, and it was boring.
I don’t want to go back!
Somebody save me!
I don’t want to die!

I struggle as much as I can, and attempt to thrash about, but I’m just a baby.
I’m too weak to do anything.
How could I have been so calm before!?

As I watch the goblin get within arm’s reach of me, I lose all hope.
It was useless.
Although I thought that old man and System were my friends, I was wrong.
They set me up to die here.
Die alone, cold, and without being able to fight back.
Now, I suppose I can only watch as this goblin brings the stick he was carrying down onto my defenseless body.
Maybe if I somehow reincarnate again, I hope that one is a peaceful life.

In my final moments, I recognize that I’m strangely calm, but it doesn’t matter.
This short life will be over in a few short seconds anyway.
I close my eyes to at least spare myself from that.
Nobody should have to watch themselves die.
Right, it should be about now.
Goodbye, everyone.

I hear a noise.

Again, there’s a noise.
Is it my body being beaten by that stick?

This is strange.
I should be dead by now, but I don’t feel any different.
There’s still light resting on my eyelids, and I’m still slightly cold.
Tentatively, I carefully open one of my eyes before opening both of them wide in surprise.
A wolf!

Well, I think it’s a wolf anyway.
It could just be a large dog.
Either way, it’s currently circling around Goblin A.
Could it be!?
System answered my prayers!?
Mn, it could just be the wolf wanted to eat me instead, so is fighting the goblin over me.
At the very least, I haven’t died yet, and no matter the situation, that’s a good thing.
Now then, let’s watch my savior beat up this cruel villain!

Ignoring the me who’s cheering it on, the wolf continues to circle the goblin, waiting for its chance to strike.
Without the same patience as the wolf, the goblin lunges towards its enemy.
However, to say the wolf was expecting the attack would be an understatement.
Casually dodging the goblin’s sloppy lunge, the wolf quickly spins so that it faces the goblin’s defenseless back, and swipes it with its claws.
I was actually expecting the wolf to attack with its teeth, but judging from the amount of blood oozing out of the goblin’s fresh wound, this works too.
Actually, that’s really a lot of blood the goblin is losing…
I have a feeling I’m not supposed to be this calm about it though.

《[Mental Fortitude] has been acquired》

Hrm, that was convenient.
What exactly does [Mental Fortitude] do though?
I can guess since I don’t feel any nausea looking at the blood, but I should make sure.

《Mental Fortitude: Increases resistance to mental damage due to blood or gore. This is one of the most basic passive skills that every adventurer possesses.》

That works.
I wonder, so I just have to think about skills to get a definition of them?
Ah, but wait, if I’m able to see messages like this, then wouldn’t I also be able to see my own status?
Nn, I’ll think about it later, right now I need to make sure this wolf defeats Goblin A.

Of course, with that wound on its back, the victor of this battle is pretty much decided.
To think that wolf’s claws were that sharp.

Anyway, heavily wounded, the goblin is struggling to even lift its stick to attack the wolf.
Goblin A swings, but the wolf has long since left the strike area.
Still cautious however, Wolfie hangs back and continues to circle the goblin.
Then, when the wolf sees that its enemy is no longer able to keep up with its movements, it leaps in and bites down on the goblin’s neck.
A crunching sound can be heard, signaling the end of Goblin A’s life.
I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, Goblin A, but it wasn’t.

Now, time to see what this wolf’s intentions are.
I’ll have you know that I don’t intend to die so easily!

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I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 1



I woke to a blinding light and a numbing cold.

How long had I been out?
There’s no way to tell.
I lost all sense of time in that void.

More importantly though, where am I?
There was definitely nothing like this in that place.
Especially this cold.
Temperature wasn’t a concept there.
Everything just … was.

This is also strange.
It feels like I’m in pain, but that shouldn’t be possible.
Although I hate to admit it, I have long since acknowledged that I didn’t have a body to feel pain with anymore.

Wait …

I … I remember what pain is?
No, that’s not it.
I-I remember everything.
Actually, that’s not entirely true either.
I can’t remember anything about myself.
Why can I remember things like ice cream when I can’t remember anything about who I am?

Was I a man or a woman?
I can’t remember.
Even my name is gone.
Is this what that old man was talking about?
To think I had thought he was just a mere shape.
How depressing.

No, I need to focus.
I can’t dwell on the past.
I should just be happy with my current situation.
So what if I can’t remember anything about myself?
From what that system was saying, this place is likely different from the one in my memories.
In that case, it’s not like knowing who I was will do me any good.
In this place I’ll start over.
I’ll create new memories.

First thing’s first though.
I need to get a grasp on my surroundings.
I’m fairly cold, but I don’t think it isn’t manageable.
In addition to that, the blinding light that forced me to close my eyes has to be the sun reflecting off of something.
Because of the cold, I can only picture snow though.
If I think about it, it seems I’m outside in a place that may be going through a winter.
Before I had to close my eyes, I did manage to see some tree like things though.
Perhaps a forest of some kind?
I’ll have to let my eyes adjust before I can really make any judgments though.

Seeing as that’s the case, the priority now is confirming my own status.
To start with, I try moving, but this body hardly responds to me.
It also doesn’t seem to have very much strength.
A baby then?
If so, then besides the issue with my lack of mobility, it’s not an unfavorable situation.
I had wanted a fresh start anyway.

Anyway, I try investigating the rest of my body, but for some reason I can’t feel much of it.
Is this what it’s like to be a baby?
Fumu, it seems I’ll have to wait until I’m able to actually see my own body.
At the very least, I’m not in pain anymore.
I should be safe in assuming that my body isn’t injured.
How cruel would it be if I di…

《Status confirmed: Deceased》

《[Unknown] executing》
《Probability of success: 100%》
《Revival process initiated》
《Body restructure complete》
《Every basic ability has risen》
《[Cold Resistance Lv1] has been acquired》
《[Improved Vision Lv1] has been acquired》
《Completing revival process》

《Error: Unknown interference detected》
《Probability of failure: 90%》

《Error: Process failure detected》
《Loss of 10% sanity has been predicted》
《Warning: Due to interference an additional 4% sanity has been lost》
《Sanity: 86%》
《Warning: Sanity below 90% will cause unintended side-effects》
《Attempting to repair》

《Repairing failed》
《No new loss of sanity detected》
《Attempting to complete the revival process》

《Process complete》

..ed this early?

I feel like something ironic just happened.
Well, I suppose it’s fine.
This splitting headache isn’t doing me any good though.
How did such a painful thing suddenly appear without me noticing?

Haha, just kidding.
It’s not actually all that painful, you know?
Or wait … is it?
I-I don’t really know.
That’s weird.
Why does it feel like I no longer know myself?

Well, troubling things are troublesome so I won’t think about it anymore.
Still, I wonder what happened.
I was feeling a bit cold before this headache appeared, but now I don’t feel cold at all.
Ah, and now that I think about it, my eyes are open as well.
It hasn’t been long enough for my eyes to adjust though.
Is this also because of the headache?
Maa, haven’t I already decided not to worry about troublesome things?

Let’s see, now that I’m able to keep my eyes open, is there anything else that’s interesting around?
I move my head around to look, but only trees and snow are there to greet me.
At the very least, I can be happy that I was right about this being some kind of forest.
Still can’t say for sure if it’s winter or not though.
Could just be somewhere cold.

Right before I turned away I saw something different!
It wasn’t a tree, but I have no idea what it could have been.
It was blue though.
Could it have been a whale?
Eh~, probably not.
U-unless whales are land creatures in this world!?
Ah, I doubt it.
That would be kind-of dumb.
Regardless, how do I go about getting its attention?

Resolving myself, I try calling out to it.


As you can see though, that was the result…
I forgot.
I’m just a baby.
My only means of communication is baby talk.
Mou~, how am I supposed to communicate with people if I can’t even speak properly!

Ignoring the me who is having a crisis, something moves in the bushes nearby.
Eh, could it be?
Did the whale (temp) hear my cry?
Mn, this is good.
Even if the whale isn’t a whale it might still be something that can help me.
I don’t remember any dangerous blue things anyway.


I hear it’s voice before I see it.
It emerges a second later though.

Was I an evil person in my past life or something?

No, wait.
Isn’t this the typical first encounter?
Although I forgot this is another world, it’s true that it is one.
In that case, this kind of situation is the standard, right?
Mn, for sure.
Usually this kind of thing occurs after the main character has grown up though.

Ah, yes.
It wasn’t a whale.
Goblin A has made his first appearance!

… not that I understand why I’m so calm.

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I’m the Final Boss!? – Prologue

A New Start


There’s nothing here.
No matter the direction I look, there’s nothing to be seen.
Only a murky darkness.

I can’t even recall how long I’ve been here.
Better yet, I can’t even remember what I was doing before I ended up here.
Maybe … maybe I’ve always been here.

That’d be an interesting thought, but I do still have vague feelings that there’s something more than just nothing.
I may not be able to remember any of it, but I can still feel it.
Instinct … I think it was called.

Regardless, none of this helps me right now.
The important thing is trying to find some change in this void.
Change, even if it’s for the worse, is still something better than this boredom.
I can’t entertain myself with nothing.

As if in response to my complaints, a change occurs.

There was still someone here?”

Well, I say it was a change, but it’s not like there’s an actual voice.

To have reached the point where I’ve finally started hearing voices… looks like giving up is the only option I have left.
For my mind to have lasted this long though, I can only praise its efforts wholeheartedly.

“Oi, has anyone ever told you it’s rude to ignore people?”

Hm, this other voice I’ve invented seems to have a will of its own.
How strange.
Wouldn’t I normally be the one controlling both sides?
Isn’t that how this kind of role-play works?
Well, it’s not like there could actually be another existence here with me.

“You know, I was going to let your attitude slide because I was in a good mood, but now it’s starting to annoy me.”

Oh no, the voice is starting to get mad.
Haha, I’d probably be scared if this wasn’t all a figment of my imagination though.
Now, let me see what you’re going to do, voice.

Disregarding the me who has finally learned to entertain myself, the voice doesn’t respond.
Instead, as if responding to my provocations, the void begins to change.

I remember hearing once that even a snowflake can become an avalanche eventually.
It seems like that’s what I’m witnessing as all of these tiny pinpricks of light gather and merge.
Well, those lights aren’t actually snowflakes though.

Ah, now that I think about it, how do I know what snowflakes are?
Is it related to those lights?

Ignoring me, the lights endlessly gather and eventually there’s no longer nothing.
Now, there’s a shape before me.
My memory may have improved a little, but honestly, I can still only remember what snowflakes are.

Ah, now that I’m able to get a good look at you it seems you’re in a bit of a dangerous situation.”

Interrupting my thoughts, the shape insults me.
I’ll have you know that I’m perfectly fine!
Though … it’s not like I can actually say that out loud.

“Let’s see.
This should help for a while at least, but we really need to get you out of here quickly.”

This time, I wasn’t really paying attention to what it was saying, but the shape seemed to do something to me.
I feel another change, but this one feels like it’s coming from within myself.
It’s strange, but not unpleasant.

“Ah, much better.
However, I still need to get you somewhere a bit more stable.
《Begin System》”

《System in process of rebooting》
《Expected time of completion: Whenever really》

“Gah, I forgot you were like this.
Hurry up and reboot, this kid’s life is in danger.”

《Expected time of completion: A few seconds at worst》

“Mn, thanks.”

《System reboot complete》

“Alright kid, my job is finished.
I leave the rest of it up to you.”

Why are you pushing this all on me?
I don’t even know what’s going on!

《In a few moments you will be asked to choose your new fate》
《It is recommended to hurry as you don’t have much time left in this place》

What do you mean?
I’ve been here for a long time now, how can my time here be almost up?

《I suppose there is just enough time enough to answer your question》
《In the simplest of terms, your soul is in a poor state》
《Being completely honest, it’s amazing that you’ve managed to last this long》

Eh, my soul?
I wonder how it compares to a snowflake.
Doesn’t sound all that exciting though.
Not like snowflakes at least.

《Ahem, moving on》
《I will present you with a few options》
《Please select the one you prefer》

《 ? 》
《 ? 》
《 ? 》

《Ah, I forgot to mention that these choices are random》
《Fufu, my sincerest apologies》

Hm, I don’t really believe this other voice is that sincere, but I’m not entirely sure.
Regardless, if it’s random, then it all comes down to luck.
In that case, I’ll choose the middle one!

《Your choice has been confirmed》
《Congratulations, you have been granted [     ]》

Um, voice?
There’s nothing though?

《Oh my, really?》
《I suppose your gift will have to be a surprise then》
《Look forward to the day you’re able to discover it》

T-this voice isn’t very kind it seems.
Either way, it seems I’ll have to rely on myself for whatever will happen next.
I can’t count on whatever it was that I had been given.

《Now then, because I answered your question, we’re a bit short on time, and I am unable to offer you any other choices》
《Meaning, I have decided the settings for you》
《I do hope you enjoy your new life》

Oh, well thank you, System.
Actually, now that I think about it, maybe System isn’t so bad after all?

As if I would be deceived so easily.
System must have chosen the worst settings possible.
Well, I’ll show you, System.
I will survive your test, and then I’ll come back here to prove that I was able to beat your expectations.
Just you wait.

《Fufu, I look forward to that day》

While unable to fully read those few words, my world once again became darkness.
I wonder what will happen from now on…

So, I imagine quite a few of you have questions, but the important thing is the reason I’m rewriting this story.
While writing the original story, I did not actually have a decent plan down.
I was writing as I went, and as I went on I found out that such a style of writing is something I can’t do.
A plan was necessary so that I didn’t end up with needless chapters.
Hopefully this update will improve the story, and we’ll all enjoy it even more than the original.
Thank you for sticking with me this long.

– Pira

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