I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 4

At Least it’s Warm Now.

Edited by: A friendly Taco

What… what happened?
The last thing I remember is seeing that woman.

Looking around, I’m not in the snow anymore.
It’s much warmer here.
It’s comfortable~

Wait a minute!
I’m not supposed to be warm!
It’s supposed to be cold!
Where… where am I?

A bit more panicked, I start to frantically look around.
It seems like I’m in some kind of cabin.
Glancing up at the ceiling, I see a straw roof.
…a straw roof…
Why does that give me a sense of discomfort?

Disregarding that, I continue to observe the place and notice a roaring fire in the stone fireplace nearby.
I guess that’s why it’s so much warmer in here than outside.
Still, isn’t that a bit dangerous?
What if the fire spreads?
Hm, I was most likely taken in by that woman, so someone should be here.
Then again, the fire does look like it’s fine… probably.

Disrupting my stray thoughts, I hear the sound of a door opening, and people entering.
Although I wish I could say I knew how many people there were, it’s not like I’m able to do that.
Regardless, I suppose I’ll wait until I can see whoever walked in.
Before I see anyone though, the people who entered start talking and I can confidently say that there are at least two people.
Well, I can only hear two different voices though.
Someone else could be there, but they’re keeping quiet.

How to say this though…
It seems I can’t understand what the two are saying…
What do I do now?

What’s that?
I could learn their language?
I wanted things to be a bit more convenient though…

Time to focus.
Well, except that as soon as I resolve myself, the two stop talking…
What a let-down…
At least the two finally appear in front of me.
I really need to get over this whole “not being able to move my head” thing.

Once again, it’s that woman I saw earlier.
However, there’s a new face.
A young girl?
I’d say she’s around twelve or so?
Well, let’s go with that at least.

Turning back to the woman, I see that she’s actually pretty young too.
I guess now that I can calmly look at her, I can see details rather than the vague silhouette from before.
She’s really pretty though…
Glancing at the girl beside her, I see that she’s just as pretty.
Huh, this is an impressive mother-daughter pair, or at least I assume they’re mother and daughter.

I wonder what I look like.
Couldn’t see a mirror when I was looking around though, so I have no way of knowing at the moment.
Either way, I doubt I look as good as these two…
I don’t need good looks!

While I’m thrashing about to protest this unfair world, the two start to talk quickly.
Hmph, rubbing it in?
I see how it is!
Well, realistically speaking that’s probably not the case, but I don’t care!
Concluding their conversation faster than I expected, the woman carefully picks me up and begins to rock me in her arms.
Fufu, you’re one hundred years too early if you think you can put me to sleep with just thi-

I don’t want to talk about it…
She was stronger than I thought.
We… we’ll leave it at that.

When I woke up, it was just me and the young girl.
Well, it was a bit unnerving to see her staring at me as soon as I woke up though.
Seeing my reaction, she laughed at me and said something to me.
Still can’t understand what she said though.

As we face each other, unflinching and undaunted, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.
Hmph, so that’s your plan then?
You don’t have the power to defeat me!

… or so I said.
It’s not like I can stop the girl from poking my feet though.
Although I’m laughing on the outside, I’m calm here.
I won’t be defeated!

… this is a bit much though.
I didn’t think I’d be so ticklish…

Of course, the assault continued and although I did try to defend myself, it’s not as if I had suddenly grown up.
Haa, although this is certainly better than freezing to death or something out there, this is still rough.
Perhaps if I still had the mindset of a baby, but I have knowledge I shouldn’t.

Flailing around, I do my best to communicate that I’m not happy, but from the fact that my feet are still being tickled I don’t think the message got across.
Alright, it’s time.
I didn’t want to have to do this to you, but you’ve left me no choice.

As I attempt to gather as much force as I can, I begin to feel even the world beneath me move.
It’s almost as if the world wants to support me as well.
Fufu, your demise is clear little one.
I’ll give it a few seconds.
I should properly charge up for something like this.

Once I decide that I’m properly prepared for the mayhem I’m about to unleash, and I make sure that the girl has no plans to stop, I … begin to cry.
I told you, I didn’t want to do this.
Mainly because it’s embarrassing for me.
However, not long after I start crying, the girl stops tickling me, so it all worked out in the end.
If only I could have done this without self-destructing.

Fufu, at least it’s peaceful again.
However, before I can truly let the freedom sink in, I’m picked up by the girl.
Now that I’m able to look at her, it seems this girl is quite scared.
Ahh, I just wanted her to stop tickling me!
Now I feel bad!

Of course, the first thing I did in this situation was stop crying.
I try to reassure her, but she was still panicking.
…and I thought being embarrassed was self-destructing.

Somebody save me from this situation!
Well, not that anybody would thou- You’ve got to be kidding me.

As if to answer my prayers, the older one walks in, or at least I think so.
I only heard the door open.
Not long later though, I’m shifted around into a different set of arms, and look up to see the woman worriedly looking down at me.

Although I try my best to show that I’m alright, the woman checks me over a few times before talking to the girl.
They talk for a little bit, but then the older one laughs and says something else, causing the younger one to put on a relieved expression.
I guess we’re all good then?
Can’t tell what they talked about, but at least the younger one isn’t scared anymore.

Ahh, now that this event is past us, I can have my peace back.
Or so I think anyway.
However, like getting stabbed in the back by your best friend, the angel, who I thought had come to resolve the situation, was really a demon in disguise and started playing with me!

You can’t do this to me!

I didn’t realize you guys actually never got this chapter.
It’s been on my site for nearly six months now…
I deeply apologize.

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7 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 4”

  1. We still don’t even know if the protagonist is a girl or a boy. The protagonist’s soul was damaged, so it seemed that they don’t remember who they were in their previous life. So even if it was a guy reincarnated as a girl, or a girl reincarnated as a guy… the protagonist doesn’t seem seem to care about what they are, or even if they are humanoid.

    So, was the protagonist just found by the girl and her mother/older sister? Or are they related?


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