I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 8


《Let fate begin once more》

I can’t say for sure how long I was asleep. After nearly dying to those monsters, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been out for an entire week! Though, considering the little bit of sky I can see through the window and beyond the trees is only slightly darker than earlier, it probably hasn’t been that long.

It’s only when I take a look around that I notice Sis dozed off next to me. I definitely get it, Sis, this bed is pretty comfy. Not a surprise that you have fallen to its temptations, really. However, sleep well! I shall keep a vigilant lookout while you rest! Nodding to confirm my resolve, I stand up and waddle a short distance to stand protectively over her.

However, something is certainly off about this situation. After all, it is strange for it to just be me and Yuki here alone… especially after whatever that was earlier. Hrm, but what could it be? Already forgetting that I was going to keep a lookout, I raise my hand to my chin in thought.

C’mon now, me. What is different about this situation? It isn’t that Sis is sleeping. Could she have changed outfits? I glance at her in order to confirm that no, that’s not it either. Well, I give u- wait…

Fukuku, I see. Of course. How could I be so blind? It is obvious what the issue is.

That’s right, this isn’t my room at all! Hmph, who had the bright idea to put me in a bed I’m not familiar with? Don’t they know it takes a few nights to adjust to a new bed? No wonder I woke up pretty quickly! Plus, if I factor in the fact that someone is asleep on the same bed, a further conclusion can be made!

The killer was System in the dining room with a knife! Umu, I believe that’s the game, ladies and gentlemen. Simple fact is, you were overwhelmingly outclassed. I’m the best at… this?

… A-anyway, obviously I mean to say that Mom is missing. Not sure what that was just now, but regardless, I’m not too blind not to notice that a certain teasing demon isn’t around. I have to wonder where she went. On the other hand, me, if Momma was here right now, don’t you think she’d be lecturing us about how it’s a bad idea to follow tiny naked winged women?

I- wow, that really does sound like a stupid idea. Why did I think that would be anything but a bad idea? Am-Am I some kind of pervert!? I collapse to the bed in depressed realization. It can’t be though! It was pure curiosity! Yeah, that’s it! I’m not some kind of pervert! Plus, now that I think about it, aren’t I too young for that anyway? It’s not like knowing a bunch of useless information like I do would even have an effect on my development. I know what hormones are, but I’m not under their influence! Haha, I’m still pure! Take that, you weird naked demons!

A massive tremor shakes me from all the diverging thoughts. Luckily, I had already fallen to the bed in despair, so I did not have to embarrass myself further. Have to wonder what kind of monster is rampaging outside though. Whoever they are, based on that tremor, they’re probably really mad at something.

Once again, I find myself calm in a situation that it would be normal for me to be panicking in. I wonder if this is part of that 《[Mental Fortitude]》 skill that I gained a while back. Hm, but I remember being calm in situations like this even before I got it. Ah well, it’s troublesome to think about.

Besides, Sis isn’t too heavy a sleeper to pass through the tremor unphased, so she’s waking up now. I’ve got no time to spend on troublesome things! Instead, I crawl back over to her and start repeatedly slapping her on the shoulder. I’m not so cruel as to target her face, so be thankful, Sis!

I hear her grumble something under her breath, but with my limited vocabulary I have no idea what. Still though, she seems like she wants to keep sleeping, so I throw in an extra powerful smack to her shoulder at the end in order to wake her up. I’m not talking a slightly more powerful slap either. I’m talking about the smack to end all smacks. Just… with the strength of a child. If I was grown up though, I could have destroyed the world with that blow. Of course, I backed strategically retreated after that blow. After all, I don’t want any retaliation. Regardless, who’d have thought Sis would be one of those who have trouble getting up in the morning?

Finally, due to that impressive smack I gave her, Yuki manages to wake up and actually keep her eyes open this time. Sitting up, she rubs the last traces of sleep from her eyes before quietly looking around the room. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t immediately focused on me since I’m right next to her though. Fumu. Regardless, I am a magnanimous little sister, so I will allow her this. Continue for as long as my limited attention span can hold out!

“Eh? Rael?” I hear Sis say now that she’s finally noticed me. Good thing too, if she had gone any longer, I would have snapped.

Although I once more begin to move closer to her, I do not respond to the question. It’s more dramatic this way, you see. From the way her body tenses in response, I can tell that I’m getting to her. I can’t help but laugh internally at that. Foolish sister, by allowing me to get this close, your defeat is guaranteed!

“___ ____!” is what I hear before Sis suddenly goes on the counterattack and scoops me up into her arms. This… this is not what I wanted at all! It-It is nice though… Agh, no! Traitorous thoughts are bad!

“Nyoo!” I cry out with a slight lisp. In this situation, even though I struggle with all my might, I can not escape the hugging. Uu, I didn’t want this.

Luckily, the “torture Rael (with unlimited hugs)” session is interrupted by Momma, who finally decides to make an appearance. Hmph. If you had shown up earlier, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess, Momma! Either way, Yuki stops to look at the newcomer and a silent conversation seems to pass between them. At least, I hope that’s what happened because that’d be cool. I’m too busy trying to escape this gentle but iron grip that Sis has me in.

Of course, being distracted by the act of trying to free myself, I am taken by surprise when both Sis and I are lifted into Momma’s arms. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. I shouldn’t have expected anything less of her though. This is the teasing demon after all. Haa… I can only sigh in acceptance. Once I’m in Momma’s arms, there is no escape. It’s just so- so comfortable.

Comfortable in my family’s arms, I can’t help but wonder what that tremor was earlier. I never did get an answer out of Sis about it. I didn’t even get to ask her about it! Ah well. Whatever it was, it’s probably not important if Mom and Sis aren’t worried about it.

Troublesome things are troublesome after all.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the forest than the happy trio, a creature laid half-dead on the cold, hard ground. Although it was still alive, the wounds it had suffered were grievous. There was no guarantee that it would be able to survive the injuries.

More importantly however, the creature was trying to comprehend the reason for the destruction that had occurred. All around it, the bodies of its dead friends and family suffocated the air with the stench of blood. The scene was a nightmare. The reasoning for it could not be understood.

The day had started off much as any other. It wasn’t unique.

The faerie had heard rumors about a few brave ones going off to the place that should not be touched, but that wasn’t really a cause for concern. Much like the other times it was attempted, the creature expected those fools would come running back immediately. After all, that place reeked with the scent of a power they couldn’t mess with. The only problem was that they didn’t return.

No, it was something much worse. Instead of its fellow kind, it had been death itself that came for them. The lord of the forest. The one existence that could not be touched, and someone had obviously touched it.

Everything died. It was just as simple as that, or at least it was supposed to be.

However, unknown to the killer, it could be said that a miracle occurred. Perhaps it was not a miracle from the perspective of the one who survived. Still, it managed to survive when all others had died. It would not be strange for such a miracle to be rewarded. In this case, a destiny was acquired.

Revenge was the only thing the survivor had left. The desire for it filled its small heart and corrupted the creature completely. It made the creature stronger, more dangerous. Yet even then, it knew that it still wouldn’t be enough. Their race wasn’t built for war in the first place. No, it would have to find strength through other means.

Until that time, it would allow its desire to fester and grow. Perhaps it would be consumed by its hatred, but if that was the price to pay then it would gladly do so.

It had been ignored, and that was a mistake.

Author’s Note:

Well, it’s been quite some time. I don’t have any excuses to make regarding how long it’s been either. Just want to let you know that I’m going to at least try to keep at it. Obviously some updates will take longer than others, but hopefully you won’t have to deal with a gap this large again.

Anyway, on to more important things. When I read the previous chapters in order to familiarize myself with the story, I honestly did not like what I read. I’m not going to be making a rewrite of the rewrite or anything, so don’t worry about anything like that. Instead, what I plan to do is edit the chapters when I have time so that the style is the same across all of them and there are no continuity errors. This will be done slowly over time, but I’ll try to make an announcement once all the edits are complete.

Thanks for sticking around. Hopefully I can turn this story into something that you guys enjoy and one that I’m proud of.


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