I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 1



I woke to a blinding light and a numbing cold.

How long had I been out?
There’s no way to tell.
I lost all sense of time in that void.

More importantly though, where am I?
There was definitely nothing like this in that place.
Especially this cold.
Temperature wasn’t a concept there.
Everything just … was.

This is also strange.
It feels like I’m in pain, but that shouldn’t be possible.
Although I hate to admit it, I have long since acknowledged that I didn’t have a body to feel pain with anymore.

Wait …

I … I remember what pain is?
No, that’s not it.
I-I remember everything.
Actually, that’s not entirely true either.
I can’t remember anything about myself.
Why can I remember things like ice cream when I can’t remember anything about who I am?

Was I a man or a woman?
I can’t remember.
Even my name is gone.
Is this what that old man was talking about?
To think I had thought he was just a mere shape.
How depressing.

No, I need to focus.
I can’t dwell on the past.
I should just be happy with my current situation.
So what if I can’t remember anything about myself?
From what that system was saying, this place is likely different from the one in my memories.
In that case, it’s not like knowing who I was will do me any good.
In this place I’ll start over.
I’ll create new memories.

First thing’s first though.
I need to get a grasp on my surroundings.
I’m fairly cold, but I don’t think it isn’t manageable.
In addition to that, the blinding light that forced me to close my eyes has to be the sun reflecting off of something.
Because of the cold, I can only picture snow though.
If I think about it, it seems I’m outside in a place that may be going through a winter.
Before I had to close my eyes, I did manage to see some tree like things though.
Perhaps a forest of some kind?
I’ll have to let my eyes adjust before I can really make any judgments though.

Seeing as that’s the case, the priority now is confirming my own status.
To start with, I try moving, but this body hardly responds to me.
It also doesn’t seem to have very much strength.
A baby then?
If so, then besides the issue with my lack of mobility, it’s not an unfavorable situation.
I had wanted a fresh start anyway.

Anyway, I try investigating the rest of my body, but for some reason I can’t feel much of it.
Is this what it’s like to be a baby?
Fumu, it seems I’ll have to wait until I’m able to actually see my own body.
At the very least, I’m not in pain anymore.
I should be safe in assuming that my body isn’t injured.
How cruel would it be if I di…

《Status confirmed: Deceased》

《[Unknown] executing》
《Probability of success: 100%》
《Revival process initiated》
《Body restructure complete》
《Every basic ability has risen》
《[Cold Resistance Lv1] has been acquired》
《[Improved Vision Lv1] has been acquired》
《Completing revival process》

《Error: Unknown interference detected》
《Probability of failure: 90%》

《Error: Process failure detected》
《Loss of 10% sanity has been predicted》
《Warning: Due to interference an additional 4% sanity has been lost》
《Sanity: 86%》
《Warning: Sanity below 90% will cause unintended side-effects》
《Attempting to repair》

《Repairing failed》
《No new loss of sanity detected》
《Attempting to complete the revival process》

《Process complete》

..ed this early?

I feel like something ironic just happened.
Well, I suppose it’s fine.
This splitting headache isn’t doing me any good though.
How did such a painful thing suddenly appear without me noticing?

Haha, just kidding.
It’s not actually all that painful, you know?
Or wait … is it?
I-I don’t really know.
That’s weird.
Why does it feel like I no longer know myself?

Well, troubling things are troublesome so I won’t think about it anymore.
Still, I wonder what happened.
I was feeling a bit cold before this headache appeared, but now I don’t feel cold at all.
Ah, and now that I think about it, my eyes are open as well.
It hasn’t been long enough for my eyes to adjust though.
Is this also because of the headache?
Maa, haven’t I already decided not to worry about troublesome things?

Let’s see, now that I’m able to keep my eyes open, is there anything else that’s interesting around?
I move my head around to look, but only trees and snow are there to greet me.
At the very least, I can be happy that I was right about this being some kind of forest.
Still can’t say for sure if it’s winter or not though.
Could just be somewhere cold.

Right before I turned away I saw something different!
It wasn’t a tree, but I have no idea what it could have been.
It was blue though.
Could it have been a whale?
Eh~, probably not.
U-unless whales are land creatures in this world!?
Ah, I doubt it.
That would be kind-of dumb.
Regardless, how do I go about getting its attention?

Resolving myself, I try calling out to it.


As you can see though, that was the result…
I forgot.
I’m just a baby.
My only means of communication is baby talk.
Mou~, how am I supposed to communicate with people if I can’t even speak properly!

Ignoring the me who is having a crisis, something moves in the bushes nearby.
Eh, could it be?
Did the whale (temp) hear my cry?
Mn, this is good.
Even if the whale isn’t a whale it might still be something that can help me.
I don’t remember any dangerous blue things anyway.


I hear it’s voice before I see it.
It emerges a second later though.

Was I an evil person in my past life or something?

No, wait.
Isn’t this the typical first encounter?
Although I forgot this is another world, it’s true that it is one.
In that case, this kind of situation is the standard, right?
Mn, for sure.
Usually this kind of thing occurs after the main character has grown up though.

Ah, yes.
It wasn’t a whale.
Goblin A has made his first appearance!

… not that I understand why I’m so calm.

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8 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 1”

  1. Oh wow, they guessed the truth so easily?!

    I guess….I’m a baby and I’m surrounded by snow, not that I looked or anything!

    I like this rewrite much better tbh


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