I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 6

A New Friend!

It feels like I’ve been gone a while.

Thinking about it, it has been a while since I last took a look at that brat. I hope she’s had some fun while I was away, because now that I’m back, it’s about to get a lot less fun.

《Let fate restart》

It feels like I’ve been gone a while.

Actually, it feels as though something terrible has happened… how strange. However, I shrug and ignore the sensation. I don’t seem to be any different, so does it really matter?

I shake my head and continue my patrol through the house. I recently started walking inside like this to build necessary muscles faster. It really got to be a pain not being able to do anything except sit in that cage of a place, so I want to never have to deal with it again. Regardless, two years have past now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at this walking thing.

Pausing my walk, I joyfully lift my fists into the air as I laugh. I’m just so happy to be free again! …I’m only doing this because I know nobody else is home though. It’d be too embarrassing otherwise…

Suddenly thinking something was off, I quickly drop my hands and glance around to make sure I was really alone. Mom and Yuki said they’d be gone for a while, but sometimes they lie and hide in the house. They like to tease me because I do stuff like what I just did, so I really don’t know why I keep doing it…

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I depressedly resume my walking. Sometimes I really don’t like Mom and Sis. Then again~… it’s not like any harm is done because of the teasing. Mn, I don’t know!

I shake my head to clear my constantly wandering thoughts, as I make another lap around the house. Anyway, I’m mainly walking like this because I’m bored. I’m usually not allowed to go with them… wherever it is they go. It makes me feel a bit lonely, but they usually give me lots of attention after they return, so I’ll generously forgive them for now.

While I walk, I reflect on the past two years and think about what happened. I say that, but nothing happened. They took care of me, and while I was happily being cared for, I tried to learn the language and also learn how to walk again. Well, I’m halfway there at least.

Where was I again? Ah, yeah. So everyone’s names. First, Mom’s name is Aria. I don’t know if she has any other names as I’ve only ever heard her called Aria. I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, the second important point is that my sister’s name is Yuki. Now, since I’m sure you’re dying to know, I won’t hold back and say the most important point of all this is that my name is Rael.

…I don’t really know why my name is Rael, and it actually took me a while to figure out that’s what they were calling me. I kinda like it. I was thinking I’d be named something like Alice, but my expectations were pleasantly shattered.

Actually, can you even shatter something pleasantly? I stop to think about it. I don’t really think you can. How are you supposed to shatter something pleasantly? Do you gently break it into pieces? That’s still not pleasant for the thing being shattered though~.

As I continue to think about it, smoke starts coming out of my ears so I give up and continue walking. It’s not like it matters that much. Either way, I can say those names and a few other common words, but it’s a pain not being able to talk fluently. I actually even still have problems pronouncing the words I do know from time to time…

I had thought that I would easily master this new language, but unfortunately I’ve had lots of trouble. As far as I know, I’m learning at an average pace for a child… or maybe even faster, but I should be fluent at this point considering I already know a language!

Well… I have thought of what would happen if I did start talking to Mom and Sis fluently. It wouldn’t be good.

I’m shaken from my thoughts when I see a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye. I knew it… Mom and Sis were still here! I don’t know how I missed them the first time, but I got them this time!

I rush over behind the simple couch, but cast my eyes down in frustration when I don’t see anything there. However, I then feel something behind me, so I quickly turn around and catch whatever it was diving out of sight into a different room. Of course, I hastily rush after them. I’m determined to catch Mom and Sis!

I’m caught off-guard when I enter the room. Mom and Sis aren’t there waiting for me. Instead, I see a little person with wings on their back fluttering around. They’re so tiny… I wonder what they are… Hesitantly, I get closer to the unknown creature.

As I near it, the unknown creature suddenly turns around in surprise. I guess it noticed me… though I’m not exactly the “stealthiest” person out there. I barely have enough control over my legs to walk around the house a few times, let alone try to sneak.

I’m actually wondering how this little creature got inside the house. So far, nothing else has invaded this home, so it was a little strange to see something besides me here.

I take a good look at it while we’re both staring at each other. It seems to be a miniaturized human with attached wings. I quickly notice she’s not wearing any clothes, so I have to question the lifestyle of these creatures. Seems a bit strange to me, but overall, I guess she does look friendly enough, so I smile and slowly walk closer.

Seemingly a bit nervous, she seems cautiously keeps her distance, but eventually she giggles and flies up to my finger. Although she wouldn’t make it as a full-sized human… what with the lack of clothes and all… she is pretty cute like this.

While I’m happily looking at the strange being before me, I feel a tug on my finger. It seems this fairy wants me to go somewhere? I look in the direction she’s pulling and realize she’s trying to lead me out of the house. Well, she’s pointing to a window, but I’m pretty sure she meant to go outside. I think a door would be easier though~.

Although I’m a bit hesitant because I’ve never left the house before, the fairy keeps pulling my finger urgently wanting to lead me outside, so I think I might have to leave. I feel confident I can make it, but it could still be dangerous for me… However, my new little friend here really wants me to go outside, so I make my way to the door and by tip-toeing, I can just barely reach the handle to open it.

With the door opened, and my freedom secured, I walk outside, letting my new friend lead the way.

Author’s Note:

A little bit earlier than I had said I would publish chapters here, but close enough.

Anyway, I feel better about the formatting and paragraph structure of this chapter.
Of course, if you see any grammar or spelling issues, please let me know in the comments. I don’t have an editor for the moment, so I can easily see issues appearing.

I hope you enjoyed the new chapter.

We’re slowly restarting.
I look forward to writing with you guys.


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2 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 6”

  1. It might be a little late to mention this, but babies can get away with a little bit more brain damage than adults.

    Not that I’m sure what the “sanity” stat represents.


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