I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2



I don’t want to die.

That’s not something I was thinking about.
I decided to ignore the current situation for a second because there are a few strange points I needed to consider.
Why was I suddenly reborn in a new world as a baby?
Oh, and on top of that, why was I alone in the middle of a likely dangerous forest where Goblins could appear!?

Mn, well, those are all valid questions, me, but shouldn’t the main point of consideration be that void I was in?
A great mystery will likely be solved when I find the answer.
Then again, I suppose it could be a boring thing as well.

Ah, well, it’s not like thinking about it will help me escape from this situation though?
Going back to my current predicament, I know I said I’d overcome any obstacles you set out for me, System, but isn’t this a bit much?
I’m just a baby you know?
It’s not like I can do much.

While thinking of these pointless things, Goblin A has made progress towards me.
It seems it doesn’t know what I’m doing here either since it’s moving pretty slowly.
At this rate, I may die of boredom before it kills me.

Ah, but wait, perhaps the goblin is actually friendly and is merely concerned about my well-being and is being cautious in case this whole situation is a trap.
Yes, if I was in Goblin A’s position, I’d be wary of a random lone baby in the middle of a forest as well.
I guess this situation wasn’t as bad as I thought.
Still though, you got me good, System.
I was pretty scared there for a second, even if my mind seems calm.

No wait, now’s not the time to be delusional, me.
Sure, there are some cases where goblins end up being friendly, but those cases are rare, at least from what I remember.
Besides, the most important thing is that it’s drooling.
Hate to break it to you, Goblin A, but I’m not very delicious.

This goblin is disappointing though.
In the time it’s taken me to have multiple changes of heart about the intentions of this goblin, it has only gotten a bit closer.
It’s as if it wants me to figure out the purpose of existence.
Haa, I’m going to have to give you a rating of two out of ten, Goblin A.
Pretty underwhelming, but I suppose once you actually reach me, it could get dangerous.

The goblin continues to approach me, and I continue to look disinterestedly at it.
However, after a few moments of this, something shifts inside of me, and the goblin’s speed picks up quite a bit.
I wonder what that shift was.
Could it be my special ability?
System did say I had received some kind of fate.
Is that what caused the shift?

Now that it’s like this though, and the goblin is very quickly closing the distance between us, I’m actually feeling a bit scared.
I was just reborn after all, I don’t want to die so soon.
Would I just go back to that void place?
It was lonely there, and it was boring.
I don’t want to go back!
Somebody save me!
I don’t want to die!

I struggle as much as I can, and attempt to thrash about, but I’m just a baby.
I’m too weak to do anything.
How could I have been so calm before!?

As I watch the goblin get within arm’s reach of me, I lose all hope.
It was useless.
Although I thought that old man and System were my friends, I was wrong.
They set me up to die here.
Die alone, cold, and without being able to fight back.
Now, I suppose I can only watch as this goblin brings the stick he was carrying down onto my defenseless body.
Maybe if I somehow reincarnate again, I hope that one is a peaceful life.

In my final moments, I recognize that I’m strangely calm, but it doesn’t matter.
This short life will be over in a few short seconds anyway.
I close my eyes to at least spare myself from that.
Nobody should have to watch themselves die.
Right, it should be about now.
Goodbye, everyone.

I hear a noise.

Again, there’s a noise.
Is it my body being beaten by that stick?

This is strange.
I should be dead by now, but I don’t feel any different.
There’s still light resting on my eyelids, and I’m still slightly cold.
Tentatively, I carefully open one of my eyes before opening both of them wide in surprise.
A wolf!

Well, I think it’s a wolf anyway.
It could just be a large dog.
Either way, it’s currently circling around Goblin A.
Could it be!?
System answered my prayers!?
Mn, it could just be the wolf wanted to eat me instead, so is fighting the goblin over me.
At the very least, I haven’t died yet, and no matter the situation, that’s a good thing.
Now then, let’s watch my savior beat up this cruel villain!

Ignoring the me who’s cheering it on, the wolf continues to circle the goblin, waiting for its chance to strike.
Without the same patience as the wolf, the goblin lunges towards its enemy.
However, to say the wolf was expecting the attack would be an understatement.
Casually dodging the goblin’s sloppy lunge, the wolf quickly spins so that it faces the goblin’s defenseless back, and swipes it with its claws.
I was actually expecting the wolf to attack with its teeth, but judging from the amount of blood oozing out of the goblin’s fresh wound, this works too.
Actually, that’s really a lot of blood the goblin is losing…
I have a feeling I’m not supposed to be this calm about it though.

《[Mental Fortitude] has been acquired》

Hrm, that was convenient.
What exactly does [Mental Fortitude] do though?
I can guess since I don’t feel any nausea looking at the blood, but I should make sure.

《Mental Fortitude: Increases resistance to mental damage due to blood or gore. This is one of the most basic passive skills that every adventurer possesses.》

That works.
I wonder, so I just have to think about skills to get a definition of them?
Ah, but wait, if I’m able to see messages like this, then wouldn’t I also be able to see my own status?
Nn, I’ll think about it later, right now I need to make sure this wolf defeats Goblin A.

Of course, with that wound on its back, the victor of this battle is pretty much decided.
To think that wolf’s claws were that sharp.

Anyway, heavily wounded, the goblin is struggling to even lift its stick to attack the wolf.
Goblin A swings, but the wolf has long since left the strike area.
Still cautious however, Wolfie hangs back and continues to circle the goblin.
Then, when the wolf sees that its enemy is no longer able to keep up with its movements, it leaps in and bites down on the goblin’s neck.
A crunching sound can be heard, signaling the end of Goblin A’s life.
I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, Goblin A, but it wasn’t.

Now, time to see what this wolf’s intentions are.
I’ll have you know that I don’t intend to die so easily!

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5 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2”

  1. Oh there was an update to the Rewrite?! Again I hope you manage to keep it going I remember what you pulled with the last version… T_T

    Well that aside good luck and glad to see it continuing :)


    1. School started up again, and I’ve been fairly busy. However, I’m expecting to release a new chapter either tomorrow or the day after.


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