Schizophrenia – Chapter 37

It’s been a while, but Schizoprhenia aka Haunted Duke’s Daughter is back!

Chapter 38 is also about halfway done. This series has gained a new translator (+1). I’m working with Jaon to try to release a chapter of this series a week.

Even having said that, Lilia understood what Sakura was getting at. Not long ago, it would be easy to imagine Lilia writing a similar note. But now, Lilia could freely admit that her past actions were deplorable.

—If you can think like that, you’re okay, Lilia.

—I’m glad if that’s the case.

For the moment, Lilia decided to read through the notes. But when she saw the last one, Lilia froze.

“Lilia? What’s wrong?”

Seeing Tina innocently tilting her head, Lilia responded with a vague smile. She took only the last note, and returned the others to where she found them.

“Tina, don’t throw these away. I realise keeping them around is unpleasant, though.”

“Huh? Um, sure. That’s fine…”

Tina seemed reluctant, but these might be useful later. Lilia couldn’t afford to throw them away.

“You’re taking that, Lilia?”

“Yes…I’m just borrowing it for a while. I might not return it, though. Is that okay?”

“I don’t mind…but what are you going to do with it?”

Tina asked that question nervously. Right now, Lilia and Tina were able to have a normal conversation. However, in the past, Lilia had done some frightening things. And that same Lilia was about to take that note, teeming with malicious intent, with her. Lilia’s actions were full of nothing but bad implications. And Lilia had no intention of hiding it.

“I recognise the handwriting, so I’m going to pay a visit to the person who wrote it.”

Those words seemed to confirm Tina’s suspicions, and her face clouded over into a complex expression. Tina didn’t seem to be sure whether she should be happy that Lilia was taking action for her sake, or whether she should be scared about what she was going to do.

“Um, Lilia. You don’t have to worry so much about me…so, don’t do anything cruel, okay?”

“I understand. I’ll respect your will. I’m only going to give them a warning.”

Lilia looked straight at Tina, and said that with a smile. Tina breathed a sigh of relief, and thanked her with her own weak smile.

“I’ll be going, then. Oh yes, about the clothes…is it okay if I borrow them for a while longer?”

“Sure. Ah, right. If you’re happy with those clothes, you can have them. My father told me to tell you that.”

Lilia wondered when she could have met with her father. She was a bit surprised, but decided to happily accept Tina’s good will. Tina aside, her father might be hiding some other intentions behind those words. But not even having met him before, she decided not to worry about it too much. If something did come of it, however, she wouldn’t be holding back.

—You’ve got no mercy, huh…

Pushing Sakura’s strained laughter out of her mind, Lilia gently waved goodbye to Tina, and left the room.

As soon as she closed the door,

“Miss Lilia.”

Someone called out to her, so she stopped. When she turned around, she saw Aira and Kayten.

“How…how is Tina doing?…”

Hearing that, Lilia frowned a little. Why don’t you check yourself, she wanted to say, but for the moment, she answered honestly.

“She’s fine. She was the same as usual.”

“I-Is that right? That’s a relief…”

“Of course, she’s clearly pushing herself.”

When she added that, Aira and Kayten’s happy expressions froze over. They became rather disheartened.

“What can we do?…We don’t have the power to do anything…”

“If our noble titles were just a little higher…maybe we would be able to support her…”

“Despite your concern, you didn’t even set foot into her room, huh.”

Were these two really that useless, Lilia thought to herself. When Lilia rebuked them with some disappointment, Aira scowled at her.

“I spoke with Tina countless times today. But from what I could see, she didn’t seem any different. Somehow, though, I knew she was pushing herself…”

It seemed like Aira was trying to be useful to Tina. Lilia felt somewhat relieved. If that was her intention, then all was well. Lilia nodded in affirmation. When she looked Kayten’s way, she was staring right back at her.

“Isn’t there something you can do, Mistress Lilia?”

“Well, now…”

She averted her gaze from those two, and looked toward the door of Tina’s room. She couldn’t hear a thing through the door. Tina…what are you thinking right now?

“I have a favour to ask of you two.”

When they heard that, both of their eyes opened wide. Their surprise that Lilia would request something of them irritated her just a little, but there was no point in getting into an argument over it, so she didn’t say anything. She looked at both of them sternly and spoke.

“From now on, when Tina goes out, please go with her. Even just doing that will make all the difference.”

“Huh…? Just by doing that?”

“Yes. It’s a lot easier to harass somebody when they’re on their own.”

—You are the expert, Lilia.

—Quiet, you.

“Also, take this.”

Lilia brought out a large piece of paper with a complicated magical formation drawn on it. She folded it twice and held it out to Aira. She looked clearly confused, but took it and looked back to Lilia for an explanation.

“By borrowing the power of the wind spirits, this magic formation will carry your voice to anybody. The target of this spell is me, so if there’s ever any trouble, contact me anytime.”

“I-Is that really alright?”

“Yes. However, your message will only be delivered to me. I won’t be able to respond. So don’t waste it on something trite.”

Lilia warned them, just in case. If Aira used it outside of emergencies, it would be a real problem. Aira and Kayten nodded firmly in understanding.

“It’s about time I got going. Oh yes, before I forget, Miss Aira, thank you for the map. I’ll be counting on you again in the future.”

“Ah, I’m glad it came in handy. If you’re fine with those stores, feel free to ask me more anytime.”

Lilia nodded, and started heading back.

After getting back, Lilia headed into her bedroom. She sunk into her chair and started planning her next move.

—As I thought, you’re not settling for just a warning, are you?

—Obviously. Not after seeing her face.

Tina was admirably putting on a facade of calmness. In fact, back then it seemed like she’d already calmed down. However, Lilia saw it. Her eyes were swollen red. Tina had been crying her eyes out. Just the thought of it had Lilia simmering with rage.


Author’s Note:
Lilia’s villainess switch has been flipped on.



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  1. Thanks for chapter.

    Lilia : “Don’t worry I just make a warning, it just warning that make themselves think regretting born in same world as us”

    It been long time since last update, I almost forgotten about this novel.


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Don’t do anything cruel?
    *disappointedly put back the super deluxe torturer set into the bag*


  3. When did she have time to make messenger spellscrolls? Rather, how much magic has she been doing while being in math hell?


  4. Yay! It’s back! Thank you for picking this back up!

    And looks like Lillia is going to go villainess mode on some fools. Lovely! Hopefully, Tina won’t find out what she’s about to do, poor girl is too nice for her own good.


  5. Oh! It’s back! Yay, thank you translators~ Hrmm, I wonder what Lilia will do? She really has come a long way hasn’t she? …but is somehow still a villainess at heart XD I wonder what warning she will give.


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