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Schizophrenia – Chapter 44

“That is you, Miss Lilia…right?”

—Sakura! What should I do?! He’s trying to confirm my identity, so I should run away, right?!

—Alright. When you start panicking, the first thing you need to do is calm down, right? So, umm, Lilia. If you make a run for it, he’s only going to think that he’s right.

—So what should I do then?!

Lilia was completely overtaken by panic. If it came out that a Duke’s Daughter was shopping around here, she could only imagine how much trouble it would cause her family. She wasn’t concerned about what total strangers would think of her shopping exploits, but she was a little worried about how her family might react.

—Lilia, calm down. Okay, now take a deep breath.

Just as Sakura said, Lilia took a deep breath. Ray was looking on with some confusion, but Lilia put that out of her mind.

—Calm down, Lilia. Ray still thinks that you’re just “Miss Lilia”, not the Duke’s Daughter, Lilianne Aldis. So, don’t start panicking just yet.

Oh right, Lilia thought to herself when Sakura reminded her of that fact. She had her doubts as to whether that really was the case, but right now, it seemed all Ray really knew was that Lilia was a part of the upper nobility. Lilia felt palpable relief when she realised the situation was still salvageable, and having calmed down somewhat, asked Sakura what she should do next.

—Instead of awkwardly trying to trick him, how about trying to win him over? Ray is sharp, so I think he knew it was you just by seeing how you were dressed.

—Alright… Got it.

Lilia turned to face Ray, and cleared her throat to try to calm herself down. As if in response, Ray straightened his back. Lilia wondered why he was reacting like that, but decided not to dwell on it and responded to his question.

“You have sharp eyes, Ray.”

“Ah-ha! Just as I thought, it was you, Miss Lilia! I didn’t expect to see you around here, so you caught me off-guard!”

A giant smile began to take shape on Ray’s face. It seemed he was happy to see Lilia, and those genuine feelings were clearly showing on his face. To think that up until a moment ago, she was considering whether she should deceive Ray… Lilia felt a small sense of guilt for thinking such thoughts.

“Still, I really was surprised to see you here. You’re an upper noble, right, Miss Lilia? So I assumed I wouldn’t see you visiting these sorts of places.”

Likely overhearing the words ‘upper noble’, the people in her immediate vicinity bristled in surprise and turned toward Ray. And of course, they also looked to the person he was talking to, Lilia. As her expression stiffened, Sakura’s next instruction arrived.

Get both of yourselves out of here right now, she said.

Lilia nodded immediately, walked over to where Ray was, and took his hand. She ignored his surprised expression, and walked out at a brisk pace.

And like that, they had left the store, and walked into a dark, narrow alley. And then, Lilia sighed.


Ray’s voice brought her back to her senses. Come to think of it, she had just grabbed his hand without saying a word and dragged him over here… When she turned around to apologise, Ray was the one hanging his head apologetically.

“I’m sorry…you were trying to hide your status, weren’t you…”

His words surprised her. He seemed to have completely grasped the reason for Lilia’s actions. It seemed he really was quite perceptive. At the very least, if Ray had done to Lilia what she had just done to him, she probably wouldn’t be able to remain calm or hold back her displeasure.

—Actually, I think it’s rude to Ray to compare yourself to him.

—Though I think what you just said was blatantly rude to me.

—You’re imagining things.

Sakura laughed cheerfully, while Lilia could only sigh. She brought her attention back to Ray. He stared nervously back at Lilia.

“You’d do well to be more careful from now on.”

Lilia’s words came out somewhat harsher than she intended, but she caught Ray muttering that was close in relief, and he smiled again.

“What did you come here to do, Mistress Lilia?”

Ray’s question left Lilia unable to respond. Ray was tilting his head in curiosity, and while he didn’t seem to have any ill intentions in asking her that, Lilia was still hesitant as to whether she should give him an honest answer.

—It should be okay to answer truthfully. This boy is someone you should be able to trust, probably.

Heeding Sakura’s advice, Lilia began to answer Ray’s question.

“A little while ago, I received some sweets from an acquaintance. They were called ‘Doriyaki’…have you heard of them?”

“I have! They’re delicious, aren’t they? I like them too.”

For some reason, Ray’s smile was practically gleaming. So gleaming, in fact, Lilia couldn’t look him in the eyes, and ended up turning away.

—Such a pure and honest smile, with not a shred of malice… it’s simply too much for our tainted hearts to bear to look at, isn’t it?

–I don’t want to call my heart ’tainted’…

Although having said that, Lilia couldn’t deny it, either.

“Ah, now it makes sense! You came here to buy some more yourself. Because you wanted to eat more of them. I wouldn’t have thought you would have such a big appetite, Mistress…”

Something suddenly welled up inside of Lilia, and she grabbed hold of Ray’s head tightly with her right hand. Ray was completely frozen. With a frightening smile on her face, Lilia spoke to Ray.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. What was it you were trying to say?”

“Um, I mean… i-it’s something you’d want to taste again, right! I understand that feeling well!”

Ahaha, Ray laughed with a stiff expression. Ohoho, Lilia laughed with a hollow smile.

—You’re scary, you know that?

—Quiet, you. Who’s fault do you think this is? If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one with the ‘big appetite’, are you not?

—Uguu… I can’t deny that…

Lilia was satisfied with Sakura’s silence, and then she released Ray’s head from her grip. Now free to move, Ray took two, then three steps back, and stared fixedly at Lilia cautiously. He even looked like he was tearing up a little.
Maybe I went a bit too far…

“I’m sorry about that. But Ray, you would do well to remember that there are things you should and should not say to a woman.”

—That might be true, but I think you’re the only one who would get this angry, Lilia…

—You don’t seem to be reflecting on your actions at all…

—Hii! I’m sorry!

Lilia furrowed her brows without thinking, and Ray quickly lowered his head, likely thinking it was directed at him. And while Lilia was still surprised, he said this.

“I’m sorry! It’s just as you said, those weren’t words I should have said to a woman. I’ll be more careful next time!”

“Y-Yes… As long as you understand. Mm…”

—I feel sorry for Ray. This is going to become a traumatic memory for him, you know.


—I’m sorry.

Author’s Note:

W-wow, the page views have really shot up.

And the number of bookmarks, too.

What is this why is this how did all of this happen!

This makes me really happy, but to be honest, I’m also scared. *trembling in fear*

I’ll work harder so I don’t betray all of your expectations.



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 43

So, it’s been a while… It turns out there were a few chapters that hadn’t been released yet, so I thought I’d release them over the next few days. But this series is still on hiatus, so after these chapters have been released, there won’t be any more chapters – at least for a while.

Lilia left Tina’s room and started heading back to her own room. She entered her bedroom and collapsed at her desk.

After that, Tina and Sera continued to sing Lilia’s praises. She really didn’t know if she’d actually done anything to warrant that level of praise. At first, she was embarrassed, but by the end, she could only be shocked.

In the end, Lilia didn’t end up saying much, and she excused herself from Tina’s room along with Sera. She felt like they wasted a lot of time there, but it was good that Sera had managed to make a good impression on Tina. She remained unconvinced whether that was due to the mysterious praise that they had piled on Lilia.

—On the way there, it wasn’t clear whether she had made any progress, but…it seems it’s fine like this, Sakura.

—Yup. It’s perfect. Good job this week, Lilia.

—Good work this week too, Sakura. Ahh, I’m really tired. Especially toward the end, a wave of tiredness swept over me all at once…

—Ahaha. Well, it’s certainly better than being hated. I think it’s fine if it continues like this.

She said that so easily, but Lilia wondered whether Sakura really knew the depths of her worries. Though even if she brought attention to it, there was nothing to be done about it, so she didn’t say anything.

—Now then, tomorrow marks start of your much-awaited weekend! The weekend’s for self-study! Let’s go out somewhere!

—Do you understand what the words ‘self-study’ mean?

While she was surprised, the fact is that Lilia did actually have plans to go out tomorrow, so she wasn’t saying that seriously. They’d already decided beforehand to go out. Because of the evening party last week, they didn’t have much of an opportunity to tour the south side of town. This time, Lilia had sought out Alisa’s assistance beforehand. She wasn’t particularly opposed to the idea, so agreed to assist Lilia.

After all, it’s not as if I would be welcome there, Lilia thought with a bitter smile and some resignation.

—Let’s take our time going around to all of the different stores. Also, Lilia, I want to eat some strawberry daifuku.

—I’m the one doing the eating, though…

While she was talking like that with Sakura, internally, Lilia’s excitement for tomorrow grew.

The Next Day. Lilia left her room with Alisa, and went to the same room where she had changed her clothes the last time. She changed quickly, and was seen out by Alisa as she headed out the front gate. In much the same way as last time, she was seen off with a smile and the words, “have a safe trip.”

—Let’s try going a little further today.

—I’m fine with that, but remember the route we take. I’ll be busy eating.

—You’re turning defiant, huh. But roger that! Leave the route to me, and eat delicious food in my place!

Like that, Sakura and Lilia began walking around the town. When she found something that looked tasty, she bought it and ate it. It wasn’t as if she had decided on a different route this time; she simply ate anything that caught her eye. By the time she’d visited the fifth store, Lilia had completely forgotten the way back. But she had left that up to Sakura, so it was probably fine.

—Haaa, the last one was gross, but this is delicious~ I’m so happy…

Lilia was starting to get a little, or rather, very worried, but it should be okay.

After that, Lilia went around to whatever shop took her fancy and ate as she walked. They decided to commit to memory all the shops that Sakura and Lilia both thought were delicious. There were many flavours and types of food that Lilia hadn’t even known about before, so the experience was very fresh.

Before she knew it, it was the afternoon. Thinking it about time to head back to the school, she changed direction, and—

—Lilia, stop!

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head. Frowning a little, Lilia quickly checked her immediate surroundings. Could someone that knows me be here, she thought, but the only person she knew that would come to this place would be Tina or her friends.

—Is there someone here?

—Yep. I was a little surprised.

That vague response had Lilia frowning, so just in case, she headed inside a nearby store. Watching the people that passed by the store, Lilia caught sight of somebody she knew. A boy surrounded by a throng of soldiers.

“Your Highness!”

She heard a surprised and delighted voice come from somewhere around her. The one person that Lilia was least happy to see was here. Her expression instinctively stiffened and she fled further into the store.

—Why has the Prince come here, of all places…

—I know, right? I was surprised too. He’s the person I least expected to come here… But, actually, it might be precisely because he’s the prince that he’s here.

—For what reason?

—As part of an inspection or something, maybe? I don’t really know that much about what the royal family does, so I can’t really draw a solid conclusion one way or the other.

I see, Lilia nodded. Certainly, Lilia had also heard of the prince making the rounds of various establishments as part of his inspections. She hadn’t been there to see it before, but she wouldn’t have thought he would be so heavily guarded.

—Yup. This is starting to get a bit too dangerous.

So Sakura seemed to be thinking the same thing as me, though she was speaking in a strange tone of voice.

Lilia continued to watch them for a while, and a soldier came running from somewhere. He reported something to the swarm of soldiers, the prince included. Hearing that, the group changed course. They walked into the store directly opposite the one Lilia was currently in. Breathing a sigh of relief, she bought one small baked sweet and went back outside.

—They seem to be searching for something, or someone, huh.

—And the prince himself came along to join the search? No matter how important it might be, that…

wouldn’t happen, Lilia wanted to say, but it was that prince they were talking about. If it was something important to him, it isn’t strange at all to consider him going to search for it himself. Lilia didn’t know what it was, but that piqued her interest just a little. But that was it. She didn’t want to get involved.

—Let’s forget about that and pick up where we left off!

—You’re right. Let’s go back to touring the town. Now, where should we…

“Miss Lilia?”

Lilia stopped moving in an instant. No way, Sakura said, at a complete loss for words. Lilia slowly turned to look over her shoulder, where the voice had come from.

Ray was standing there.

Author’s Note:

※※※Fanclub Meeting In Progress※※※

TinaTina: “Lilia! Our members have increased!”
Alisa_50x50Alisa: “Naturally, I too have become a member. Please treat me well.”
justLilia_50x50_facingrightLilia: “Just do your job.”
justSakura_50x50Sakura: (Aha, haha, hihi…! My stomach hurts…!)

The Fanclub meeting was peaceful today as well.

It took me by surprise how this series quietly climbed the daily rankings.

It made me really happy, so I scrambled to write as much as I could during my morning break.



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 42

This is probably going to be the last chapter of Haunted Duke’s Daughter until August sometime. The reason being that we’re both going to Japan for roughly the same period of time. There are a few chapters that are about 80% complete, so hopefully we’ll be able to push them out a bit faster when we get back. But for now, this is chapter 42.

After they finished their tea, Alisa came to collect their cups. Lilia stood from her seat, getting Sera’s attention.

“Now then, Sera. Before anything else, there are some things I must have you do.”

Sera was a little surprised, but nodded firmly. The slightly frightened expression on her face bothered Lilia, but she reluctantly ignored it.

“Go and apologise to Tina.”

When Lilia said that, Sera was lost for words, and her face immediately paled. For a noble—especially a high-ranking noble—her reaction was easy to understand. Why should I have to lower my head to my inferior? She was probably thinking something of that nature. Lowering your head to lower-ranking nobles and commoners was thought of as nothing short of humiliation.

“Sera. I’ll say this right now.”


“If I’m going to be responsible for you from now on, stop looking down on lower-ranking nobles, commoners, and the like.”

Likely not expecting those words, Sera gulped and nodded gravely.

—Try your best too, Lilia.

—I know that…

Lilia didn’t realise she’d been looking down on her surroundings that much, but it seemed that those around her saw her differently. It was something she still needed to work on, she supposed.

“Now then, let’s go. I won’t allow you to refuse.”

When Lilia said as much, Sera rose from her chair in resignation.

As usual, the moment Lilia stepped foot on the second floor, the students around her fell completely silent. However, seemingly starting to get used to her presence, they soon went back to their own conversations. This time, Sera was with her, but perhaps because her presence wasn’t as startling as Lilia coming down here, nobody took any further notice of them.

“You just entered the room, Mistress Lilia, and yet nobody has greeted you…!”

“Sera, stop it.”

“Ah…I didn’t…please excuse me.”

Sera meekly lowered her head. Lilia sighed and crossed over the second floor entrance. She could feel a few gazes lingering on her, but that was it.

When they arrived in front of Tina’s room, Lilia immediately knocked on the door.

“M-Mistress Lilianne…!”

“What? It’s not as if you need to prepare yourself. Just acknowledge your mistake and apologise for it.”

“That…might be so, but…”

Sera was chewing the inside of her cheeks, looking as if she wanted to say something, but Lilia took no notice of it. Eventually, the door opened, and Tina came out. When she saw Lilia, Tina smiled, and when she noticed Sera, her expression turned to confusion.

“Lilia, what brings you here? Who is this…?”

“Sera Valdia. She’s from the Earl Valdia family. She’s one of the people who sent you those inane letters.”

When she heard that, Tina’s eyes opened wide, and she fixed her gaze on Sera. Sera awkwardly looked away, so Lilia glared at her slightly. Sera immediately rectified her attitude.

“Um…Miss Tina…”


Tina yelped her reply and straightened her back. Sera aside, Lilia wondered what Tina was so nervous about. Incidentally, Sakura was trying to hold back her laughter inside Lilia’s mind. Was there really something all that amusing happening here?

“A few days ago, I did something very disrespectful. Please accept my deepest apologies.”

Sera lowered her head, and Tina visibly hesitated, wondering how she should respond. Lilia lending a hand to Tina—is something she didn’t do, and she instead quietly watched over the interaction between the two.

“Um… You don’t need to worry about me, so it’s alright…”

“Thank you very much.”

Hearing Tina somehow force those words out, Sera answered her as such with her head lowered. After that, there was an awkward silence that stretched on for some time. Tina looked to Lilia for help, but Lilia pretended not to notice.


Tina thought for a little while, and spoke.

“If you like…please come in.”

The two of them were invited into Tina’s room.

As expected, Tina didn’t have three chairs in her room, so she asked Sera to sit on the bed and Lilia to sit at her study desk. This was probably Tina’s way of being considerate of Lilia, but she ignored her and sat next to Sera. This time, Sera was the one out of sorts, but Lilia paid it no mind.

However, likely feeling sorry for Sera, Tina said this with a wry smile.

“Lilia. I feel sorry for Miss Sera, so sit over here.”

“I suppose it can’t be helped…”

Lilia sat in the chair, and Sera breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that, Tina smiled.

“I’m surprised, though. I can’t believe you suddenly brought her over here…”

“This is the sort of thing you should apologise personally for, right? I’ll bring along the other five people too, at some point.”

“No, it’s fine. In fact, please don’t. That’s way too much pressure…”

Is that how it is, Lilia thought to herself, finding her reaction strange. But it couldn’t be helped, so Lilia acquiesced.

“Still, you didn’t need to go this far for me, Lilia.”

“I simply did as I wished to do. It’s not something you need to worry about, Tina.”

“Geez… Lilia, despite everything you’re saying, you really are nice.”

When Tina said that with a wry smile, Sera, who was sitting next to her, raised her head. Probably because she looked up so vigorously, Tina was surprised. Sera looked directly at Tina and said,

“Miss Tina… You, you understand…”

“E-Eh? What do I understand?”

“Mistress Lilianne’s kindness!”

Sera stood up and shouted this. Lilia was dumbfounded, but Tina’s lips curled into a smile.

“Yeah! Lilia is kind, isn’t she? I wonder why other people don’t seem to understand that?”

“It’s exactly as you say! They must all be blind. I misunderstood you, Miss Tina. You see the real Mistress Lilianne. We must talk more!”

“Right you are! Yes, yes! Let’s talk much, much more!”

I wonder why. They started getting overly excited when the topic of Lilia came up. In front of the person herself, no less. Lilia wanted them to think about her feelings a little. At first, Sakura was dumbfounded along with Lilia, but now she was roaring with laughter.

—Hey, Sakura. Hasn’t this become a hassle? Why are these two putting me on a pedestal?

—Ahaha! I think it’s fine! You’re kind, Lilia, so you should overlook these things!

—With just Tina before, it was already a hassle…but now there’s another one…

—Rather, since they’ve begun meshing so well it’s making the situation even worse! The chemical reaction it’s caused will raise the hassle by at least threefold!

It seemed Sakura was really enjoying the current situation. Lilia heaved a heavy sigh, and looked to the heavens.

—Sakura. Do something.

—The fact that you’re loved is a good thing. Hang in there, Lilia. Ah, but if they end up making a fan club, I’m not giving the #1 spot away. That’s mine.

—It’s starting to feel like you stopped joking a while ago…

Feeling a headache coming on, Lilia pressed her finger to her forehead and sighed deeply.

Author’s Note:

Membership Applications For Mistress Lilianne’s Fanclub:

Membership Requirements:

1.You must love and respect Mistress Lilianne Aldis.

2. When we assemble, disregard your social positions. Everyone is equal.

3. Don’t cause Mistress Lilianne any trouble.

If you’d like to join, ask the President, Tina Breya, or otherwise, Vice President Sera Valdia.

Tina: “What do you think about this, Lilia?”

Lilia: “Stop.”

Sakura: (Ahahahaha!)

This peaceful time might continue.

Yep. I had always wanted to write about this fanclub.



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 40

A reminder that statuses for upcoming chapters are updated here every week.

“Before I came here, I overheard several people talking about it. There was talk of His Highness The Prince breaking off his engagement before, but now it seems to be confirmed.”

“S-So it would seem…”

—Lilia, calm down! Yer voice ish trembling!

—You’re the one talking strangely. So what, did this boy actually know who I am?

—I-I don’t think so. No, I don’t think he does. He was probably just bringing up something to talk about, I think.

Lilia peered at Ray’s expression indiscreetly. He was glaring at the textbook at front of him, and then he let out a moan.

“Ray, why…why are you bringing up this Lilianne person all of a sudden?”

“Huh? No real reason. For her to be able to get into a quarrel with the prince, I was simply wondering just what kind of person she was. Come to think of it, you’re also part of the upper-class nobility, aren’t you, Mistress Lilia? Have you met Mistress Lilianne before?”

—Sakura. Which one is it? Has he realised who I am? Or has he not?

—Nn…He probably…hasn’t realised.

—Alright. I’ll trust your judgement, Sakura.

Lilia took a deep breath, and reciprocated Ray’s gaze. Ray’s smile was carefree as always. Seeing that, Lilia couldn’t believe that he was deceiving her.

“I do know of her. However, I haven’t talked with her personally.”

—Yup. That’s not a lie.

“Ah, that makes sense. Just based off the fact that she was quarrelling with His Highness The Prince, she sure seems like quite the self-important person, huh?”

“Y-You could be right there…”

Lilia’s expression stiffened. Knowing nothing about her, it would be easy to see her that way. As Lilia was thinking to herself, perhaps I should think more carefully about the way I conduct myself, Sakura said:

—Umm, Lilia. People who do know you well also think you’re self-important.

—That’s… I’ll take more care from now on…

“I’m sure I’ll have the chance to talk to her eventually.”

Before she could say something tactless or unnecessary, Lilia tried to bring the topic to a close. Whether he realised what she was doing or not, Ray said,

“Oh, really? I’ll look forward to it.”

He said so with a smile. Lilia returned a vague smile of her own, and brought her gaze back to her book.


After that, Lilia’s normal everyday life continued for some time. From the next day onward, Sera no longer followed Lilia around. However, it wasn’t as if she’d stopped coming to class altogether. She simply remained at her own desk quietly.

Of course, when Lilia entered the room, at first Sera tried to start a conversation with her. However, when Lilia ignored her, she gave up and returned to her own seat. After that, every time someone she knew came in, Sera tried to talk to them, too—but nobody wanted to speak with her.

Even so, the fact that Sera didn’t attempt to flee from the classroom was something Lilia could honestly praise her for. Lilia didn’t know whether that was because Sera had reflected on her actions or not, but for the moment, it seemed she wasn’t going to make a move.

By way of a rumour, Lilia had heard that Sera was summoned by the prince after school had ended. The prince likely pushed her relentlessly for answers. Lilia hoped Sera and the prince would both take something away from the incident, but Sakura thought that would be expecting too much.

Incidentally, Tina was quite troubled when she heard about this. However, in front of Lilia, she simply gave her a strained smile and thanked her.

By the weekend, nothing had changed. Sera sat at her own seat, and cast her gaze down in silence.

—Hey, Lllia.

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head, and Lilia turned her thoughts to that.

—Is it okay to leave those five people aside from Sera alone?

Sakura was referring to the remaining five people who had sent those notes to Tina. From her agents’ investigation, Lilia knew who the culprits were. Yet, Lilia had not laid a hand on any of those five people.

—There’s no need. By making an example of Sera, I don’t think there’s anyone left stupid enough to pester Tina any further. Well, it’ll likely only serve as a temporary measure, though.

—Hmmm…that’s fine, then.

At that moment in their conversation, the teacher, followed by the prince, entered the classroom. Just as usual, the teacher sat at his desk, the prince at his, and class began. And of course, Lilia…

—Today’s lesson isーscience!

—Yes, yes.

In order to listen to Sakura’s lecture, Lilia tuned everything else out.


The morning classes were over, as was lunch, and so Lilia spent the afternoon at the library. After this completely ordinary day came to an end, Lilia didn’t head back to her room, but rather, headed towards the classroom.

Just as class ended, the teacher came out of the classroom. When he saw Lilia, his eyes opened wide.

“Sir, aren’t you being a bit disrespectful?”

“A-ahh…Sorry about that. I didn’t think you’d be coming back… But, Aldis–and I realise I’m being a bit rude–but I don’t want to be told that by someone who doesn’t even pay attention in class.”

“Oh my, so you did realise. My deepest apologies.”

“It’s obvious you have no intention of changing your attitude. Well, while your grades are still good, I won’t say anything more.”

The teacher ended the conversation there, and without saying anything else, disappeared down the hallway. Lilia watched him until he was out of sight, and a slight sense of admiration showed on her face.

—That teacher, he realised, huh. That you weren’t paying any attention to his class.

—I didn’t think that he’d realised…surprisingly, he saw straight through me. I need to be more careful.

If that class was at least a little more meaningful, Lilia started thinking, but comparing it to Sakura’s lectures was perhaps too harsh. Lilia sighed slightly, and then opened the door to the classroom.

The classroom was full of students making idle chatter, but as soon as Lilia stepped in, the room fell quiet. They really didn’t need to be so mindful of me, thought Lilia as she looked from one end of the classroom to the other. Nobody would meet her eyes.

Though she felt that something was off, Lilia started looking for the person she’d come here to see; Sera. And she found her instantly.

Sera was still sat in her own seat. Because she was looking down, Lilia couldn’t see the expression on her face. And surrounding Sera were Kris and her entourage. Lilia could also see her other two followers hanging around the same place. Just by seeing that, Lilia could imagine what these girls were up to.

—Just what is that Idiot Prince doing?

—He’s nowhere around, huh. Well, he’s an unpredictable guy that can disappear at any moment, so I guess it can’t be helped.

—Well, he is still a prince, even if he doesn’t act like it. It’s possible he has been summoned to the castle. More importantly…

When Lilia looked at Kris and everyone standing around her, they all averted their eyes. My, my, Lilia thought as she started walking over to them.

—Lilia. Help her out, okay?

—I know.

Lilia kept her reply short, and moved to stand in front of Kris and her entourage.


Author’s Note:
Mr. Teacher is surprisingly perceptive.



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 39

Here’s Chapter 39…a little later than anticipated. I said that my goal was to release a chapter of this series a week, but sometimes IRL stuff is going to get in the way of that goal…like getting a cold.

So, while chapter 39 was in progress, we weren’t able to communicate that without actually posting the newest chapter and announcing it at the top, which, by that point, doesn’t have much of a point.

To remedy that, there is now a project status updates page for Haunted Duke’s Daughter here. The main page for Haunted Duke’s Daughter has also been updated with this link.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Lilia could only sigh. Whatever she said, it would fall on deaf ears. They were utterly convinced that they were the ones in the right. Lilia’s irritation only grew. It was as if her past self were standing right in front of her. Under her breath, Lilia whispered, it’s about that time, and moved her gaze alone toward the classroom door.

At the same time, the door opened, and the teacher came in. The Prince followed soon after. It was plain to see that they were both bewildered by the bizarre atmosphere that had fallen over the classroom.

Lilia shifted her gaze back to Sera.

“This is a good opportunity, so I’ll declare this plainly.”

Lilia raised her voice so that the Prince could hear her clearly as well. The Prince and the teacher looked over to Lilia. In the corner of her eye, she could see them both frown as if to say, what are you doing this time?

“I…have lost all interest in that foolish prince.”

Not even trying to hide it, Sera’s eyes opened wide in surprise. The Prince was also at a loss for words, but his face quickly started turning red.

“To be honest, I don’t even want to imagine being by that idiot’s side.”

The Prince’s eyes were still as he started moving over to where Lilia was. Taking note of that, Lilia brandished a smile at Sera.


Sera froze in her seat, and the Prince’s footsteps came to a stop. Lilia looked down on Sera and uttered a quiet declaration.

“As for you, I no longer need you by my side.”

Lilia withdrew her gaze from Sera, and fixed her eyes on the Prince. The Prince glared back in response.

“Why you, running your mouth like that all you want…”

“Oh my, aren’t you suffering under some misunderstanding here?”

Cutting through the Prince’s words, Lilia posed that question cheerfully. Before the Prince could say anything further, Lilia took the scrap of paper on her desk, holding it out to him.

“What’s this?”

He took it in confusion, reading the words written on the note. In that instant, the Prince’s expression was dyed in one of rage.

“What the hell is this?!”

The prince shouted and scrutinised his surroundings. Everybody averted their eyes from his gaze. In the same moment, Lilia cheerfully filled him in.

“Your Highness. This note was written by Sera Valdia, who is sitting right here. I borrowed the note from Tina.”

“What did you just say…?”

When the Prince glared at Sera, she sent a pleading glance to those around her, looking as if she might cry. But nobody dared meet her eyes. They’ve already realised that there’s nothing they can do for her now.

“I’ll leave this one’s punishment up to you, Your Highness.”

Lilia’s voice echoed throughout the now utterly silent classroom. The Prince quickly came back to his senses and levelled another glare at Lilia.

“That’s right, you…what you said just before was too…”

“I have no intention of retracting my words.”

Dumbfounded, the Prince couldn’t speak, so Lilia continued where she left off, saying after all,

“It’s your responsibility to protect Tina. It’s none of my business who you fall in love with, but your show of favour toward her will also attract hostility from your surroundings. Do try to understand that.”

“That shouldn’t…”

The Prince’s words stopped there. Without saying anything more, his gaze fell to the scrap of paper in his hand. Lilia didn’t hide her sigh.

“Your Highness. You cast me away and chose Tina. After going that far, if you aren’t even going to protect that girl… what are you trying to accomplish?”

The Prince raised his head. He looked as if he were about to say something, but in the end, he couldn’t seem to put it into words. Lilia averted her eyes from the Prince and spoke,

“Looking at you up close, you really are nothing but a foolish prince.”

Leaving the Prince with those icy words, Lilia left the classroom at a slow, deliberate pace.

—You’ve suddenly got some free time, huh?

—So it seems.

After she left the classroom, Lilia wandered around the school building aimlessly. As she walked, she replayed the scene in the classroom in her mind over and over again. I’ve sure gone and done it again, lamented Lilia as she wallowed in regret. Sakura laughed and told her it would be fine, but no matter how you look at it, her actions would do nothing to improve her public image. Even Lilia could understand that now.

—I wonder what’s going to happen to that girl.

—If you’re talking about Sera, she likely won’t be able to remain at this academy. She probably won’t be driven out, but after making His Highness an enemy, I doubt there’s anyone willing to lend her a hand.

Talk of what happened today will spread quickly. And then, everyone will refuse to acknowledge her presence. They’ll treat her as if she wasn’t even there. Without anyone to talk to, Sera’s life at the academy will become a lonely one. What she does after that is up to her. However, given Sera’s personality, it’s likely she’ll flee from the academy.

—Hey, Lilia. So this is just an idea, but…


—That girl; Sera, was it? Take her under your wing.

Lilia’s feet came to a halt, and she dubiously raised her eyebrow. When she asked Sakura why, she said:

—It’s just a feeling, I guess. I mean, in the first place, she did all of those things for your sake. If you teach her how to behave properly around her surroundings, I’m sure she’ll become a good person.

—Even though I’m the one that backed her into a corner?

—-Well, that’s…yeah. After all that’s happened, I think you really did go too far… But I think it might actually be alright. If you try talking to her this weekend, I’m sure she’ll cling to you desperately.

Lilia had misgivings about the way Sakura wanted to go about it, but decided to believe in her and follow her plan. Lilia had known all three of those girls since she enrolled in the academy. Though Sera is reaping what she sowed, it would be a lie to say that Lilia had no thoughts of finishing her off. By the same token, she couldn’t say she didn’t feel some small desire – truly, only the smallest inclination – to help Sera.

—Yup. I have to say, it’s hard to tell how you really feel. I mean, your feelings toward Sera are so weak…

—To be perfectly honest, I don’t care one way or the other.

—And that’s exactly what makes you Lilia, damn it.

Confusingly, Sakura muttered, We’ve got a long road ahead of us, huh… With no destination in mind, Lilia started heading toward the library.

Lilia entered the usual library room with Ray’s permission, and listened to Sakura’s lecture as usual. And then, Ray said:

“I heard that Mistress Lilianne and His Highness The Prince got into a quarrel at last night’s party.”

Lilia couldn’t help but freeze after hearing the words Ray uttered. But Lilia immediately pretended nothing was wrong, and lowered her gaze to the book in front of her, pretending to read. Lilia tried to put on an air of calmness, but her stiff expression betrayed her. Ray didn’t seem to notice her expression, fortunately, as he was busy reading through the textbook in front of him.


Author’s Note:
Now is the time, Prince! It’s time to wake up to reality! …Or not!



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Schizophrenia – Chapter 38

I briefly introduced myself at the top of chapter 37, but in the interest of a more formal introduction, I am SemilunarLiri, the new translator for Haunted Duke’s Daughter, aka Schizophrenia. I’ve been a reader of OCY since 2015~2016 and have been learning Japanese since about that time, too. I really liked this series, so I ended up reading the raws and loved it even more.

My goal is to translate a chapter of this series a week, at least until I finish the first arc (which is around chapter 70). Sometimes I may do more, depending on free time, motivation, length of the chapter, etc. but I’m trying to release at least one chapter a week with Jaon TLCing it.

So, with that said, please enjoy the newest chapter of Haunted Duke’s Daughter!

Lilia had only been friends with her for a short time, but it was clear that Tina was a kind and honest girl. Even though Lilia had treated her so badly, Tina still wanted to be friends with her. Taking that into consideration, you can imagine just how much of a good-natured person she is. Some might call it a weakness, but Lilia couldn’t criticise her for it.

However, it wasn’t as if Tina was particularly strong-willed. Most likely, she was actually quite sensitive. She didn’t have any proof, but, it seemed that Tina was afraid of being hated by people. Because of that fear, even just the thoughtless words written on those scraps of paper were enough to drive her to the point of tears.

Lilia was angry at the people who wrote those things, but her anger was also directed toward the prince. What does he think he’s doing? If he was going to throw Lilia away like that, she wanted to see him treating Tina properly. Yet despite that, he’s not looking after her at all. He should have been able to fathom something like this would befall Tina. Or perhaps, he was more of an idiot than Lilia thought.

—This is truly…unforgivable…

Lilia heaved a heavy sigh.

—I’m the only one that’s allowed to bully that girl.

—Don’t taint everything you said before by saying that!

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head. Lilia knit her brows, hiding a small smile.

—Is there something wrong with what I said?

—Yes! Nevermind. Anyway, what are you planning on doing?

When Sakura asked that, Lilia closed her eyes in silence and thought for a bit. And then she spoke.

—First of all, I’m going to destroy that person.

—Scaaary…Well, that’s exactly what makes you Lilia, though.

Sakura laughed cheerfully. Inside her head, both Lilia and Sakura’s incredibly cheerful laughter echoed throughout.

The Next Day. Lilia spent her morning just as usual, and went to class just as usual. A group of students were talking casually amongst themselves. When they noticed Lilia, someone muttered something under their breath, and their stifled laughter reached her ears. It might have been about last night’s party, but Lilia decided it wasn’t worth worrying about.

Lilia looked around the classroom, but it didn’t seem that the person she was looking for was here. A little discouraged, she gave up and took her seat.

Lilia waited for a while, and her three followers entered the classroom. When they saw Lilia, they dropped their bags off at their seats and came to her side. She found the entire thing bothersome, but greeted the three girls nonetheless.

“Our deepest apologies for coming in late, Mistress Lilia!”

“It wasn’t like I was waiting for you, so don’t worry about it. More importantly, you…”

Lilia cast her gaze directly at the girl standing in the middle of the three girls. Seeing her face, Lilia was easily able to recall who she was. Sera Valdia. The daughter of an earl. Before she had come to the academy, the girl had absolutely nothing to do with Lilia. Even then, Lilia had merely met her at an evening party or some such ordeal.

Lilia placed the note that she took from Tina on top of her desk. The handwriting was meticulously crafted, but here and there, some telltale quirks remained. These were the same quirks Sera’s handwriting had. When Sera saw the note, she tilted her head in confusion.

“Umm…Mistress Lilianne, why do you have…”

It seemed she had no intention of hiding it. Even so, Lilia asked her, just to make sure.

“This note. You wrote it, did you not?”

“Yes. I wrote it, and snuck it into that girl’s bag. Could it be that she thought you were the one who wrote it, Mistress Lilianne? What an audacious girl, immediately accusing Mistress Lilianne…”

“Stop talking.”

Lilia unconsciously spoke in a harsher tone than she intended. Sera stopped talking completely, and her face went pale. In the time since, Lilia’s surroundings had also fallen into complete silence.

“It wasn’t as if she accused me of doing it. After what happened at the evening party, I went over to Miss Tina’s room to check if someone had done something foolish.”


Likely not expecting to hear that, Sera’s eyes hung open wide in surprise. Lilia could surmise why Sera was so surprised. The upper-class nobility stepping foot on the second floor was completely unheard of. All of the upper-class nobility looked down on the lower-class nobility, and so, they wouldn’t step foot into their sphere of life. Lilia had expressly gone to the second floor to visit Tina, and so that surprise was natural.

Lilia placed her finger on the table and tapped the note. It made only a small sound, but Sera was shaking in fear from it.

“I would have thought that where I go had nothing to do with you. Am I wrong?”

“No…it is exactly as you say. My deepest apologies.”

Sera meekly lowered her head. Lilia turned her nose up in derision, and tapped the note again.


“What, might I ask, is the meaning of this?”

In addition to the note Sera had written, there were also other, similar notes. You’re not worthy of being by His Highness’s side, remember your place, don’t abuse Mistress Lilianne’s kindness, etc. Lilia couldn’t help but be surprised when even her own name was mentioned when she was reading through the notes.

“It’s…It is exactly as the notes say.”

“Which is?”

“It’s unforgivable for that girl to be at His Highness’s side!”

Sera declared this with a loud shout. In response, Lilia raised her eyebrow. Go on, Lilia urged by tapping the note once more.

“Mistress Lilia should be the one at His Highness’s side! To have that stolen by that girl is unforgivable! The one who should stand at His Highness’s side is Mistress Lilianne!”

I see, Lilia nodded. It seems that, in Sera’s mind, she had done all of this for Lilia’s sake.

Lilia felt sick to her stomach.

Lilia desperately bit down on her anger, and slowly lifted her gaze upward. When she levelled a glare at Sera, she suddenly let out a short shriek.

“I understand what you’re trying to say.”

And then, Lilia’s lips curved into a smile. Seeing that, Sera breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled herself.

“As long as Mistress Lilianne understands, that is the most important thing. This was all for Mistress Lilianne’s…”

“Sera. Get out of my sight immediately.”

Sera’s expression froze over. Lilia sighed and stood up. She glared at all three girls in turn, and all of their faces turned pale. It wasn’t only these three — everyone in the classroom was shaking terribly. Even Kris, who was in the center of the room, wore a stiff expression.

—Lilia. You’re scary. Super scary. If someone said you were out for blood, I wouldn’t doubt them.


—Ahh, you’re hopeless! Totally hopeless! Well, just don’t overdo it, okay?

Lilia had also received Sakura’s permission. There was nothing holding her back now. Lilia glared at all three girls in turn, and fixed her gaze on Sera. Sera started shaking in fear, and, as if trying to say something, her mouth opened and closed without a sound passing through her lips. Lilia had no sympathy for her.

“Even as a joke, in the name of the house of Earl Valdia, which counts itself as one of the upper noble houses, you’ve done something truly foolish.”

“B-but….I was… for Mistress Lilia, I…”

“Nobody asked you to do this sort of thing.”


Expect Chapter 39 sometime around next weekend.



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Schizophrenia – Alisa2

Chapter 38 is translated and now in TLC/editing.

Author’s Note: This is the direct continuation of Alisa’s first POV chapter.

After Mistress Lilianne had shut herself inside her room, I learned that His Highness had broken off his engagement with her.

Everybody in the estate, not just me, was shocked by the news. In front of His Highness, Mistress Lilianne had put on a show of being sweet and gentle. It seemed that she was trying to win his favour. By no means did it seem that His Highness bared any ill will toward Mistress Lilianne. So, to suddenly break off their engagement…

I was worried about what would happen next, but in the week after that incident, Mistress Lilianne did not set foot outside her room. Even still, I didn’t know when she might come out or when she might call for me, so I remained on constant standby outside her door.

I also harboured a genuine concern for the Mistress’s wellbeing. For Mistress Lilianne, who always behaved with such reckless abandon, to have shut herself in her room for such a long time…

Today, I also waited outside without expecting to be called on, but then the door suddenly opened.


“You, standing around outside of someone’s room like that, what might I ask are you doing…?”

Mistress Lilianne, who had left her room for the first time in a week, looked to be in quite a bad mood. Hearing her icy voice filled me with both a sense of relief that my Mistress had returned, and an inevitable anxiety about the sharp reprimands sure to follow. Not being able to look at her directly, my eyes wandered, and Mistress Lilianne sighed deeply.

Being yelled at was a common occurrence, but I could count on one hand the number of times I’d been sighed at. When I heard it, my mind went blank. I started wondering whether I had disappointed her in some way, and…

“Umm… I am terribly sorry, Mistress.”

…I offered that and awaited Mistress Lilianne’s words. Would I be met with scorn? Or would she yell at me? Or, perhaps…

“Don’t mind it. I just got a little worked up. Sorry about that.”

Those were…words of forgiveness. There was no mistaking it—my actions had been forgiven. Unable to believe what I’d heard, I quickly brought my face up to look her in the eyes. Mistress Lilianne, on the receiving end of my gaze, took a step back.

She walks and talks like Mistress Lilianne, but…


“Wha, what is it?”

“Are you feeling unwell?! Did you eat something strange?! Please wait here, rest assured I’ll go and bring the doctor immediately! So, please, let us quickly return to your room!”

This absolutely won’t do. I must put Mistress Lilianne back to bed and retrieve the doctor at once! The worry must have driven her mad! Don’t worry, Mistress Lilianne, I’ll return with the doctor immediately!

“Hold up. What are you talking about?”

I tried to get Mistress Lilianne to somehow agree to go back to bed, but she repeatedly insisted that she was fine. In the end, I was overruled. My worry did not disappear, but I yielded to my Mistress’s will. As long as I was watching over her, I could quickly rush to her side if something happened.

After that, Mistress Lilianne tried to take off somewhere, but I couldn’t overlook it anymore, so I called out to stop her. The reason was simple. She…stunk a little bit. Of course, it couldn’t be helped. She hadn’t come out of her room for a week.

And so, I awaited Mistress Lilianne’s response.

“If you knew all along then tell me sooner!”

I was suddenly yelled at. Perhaps I should have said something sooner. I lowered my head and apologised for making her angry. Having failed her again, I started shaking in fear imagining what Mistress Lilianne would do to me. However, Mistress Lilianne’s words went against my expectations.

“That’s not it. Those words weren’t actually directed at you. So, don’t be so scared, okay…”

Those were such kind words. I was the only other person in sight. I think, seeing me shaking in fear, she must have been trying to calm me down.

After that, my Mistress asked me whether she smelled. It was difficult to respond honestly to such a direct question… Saying, yes, you stink would be far too disrespectful. However, lying also wasn’t an option. It would not do to have her face the inevitable humiliation were she to face others like this. Resigning myself, I nodded.

“Sorry, but could you prepare the bath for me?”

Again, I was caught off-guard my Mistress Lilianne’s words. My Mistress was actually making a request to a maid like myself. Normally, without a doubt, she would have commanded me to.

And then, Mistress Lilianne asked me what my name was. It was unfortunate, but it seemed she had forgotten about me. After I responded, she then asked me about my age as well. Just to be clear, I had already answered both of these questions during our first meeting.

“I shall make you into my personal maid. Alright?”

I was so surprised, I ended up not saying anything. Right now, I was already working as Mistress Lilianne’s personal maid. I was sad that she had forgotten me entirely, but at the same time, happy that Mistress Lilianne herself wanted to establish me as her personal maid. That happiness overpowered the sadness I felt at being forgotten, and being so overwhelmed by that emotion, I couldn’t say a word.

Like that, Mistress Lilianne went for a bath while I remained dumbfounded.

After she had finished her bath, Mistress Lilianne declared that she was going to the garden. Honestly, the way Mistress Lilianne had been acting lately was very strange. Whether she’s changing for the better or not, it was still incredibly strange. Leaving her alone like this wasn’t a good idea, so I requested that I go along with her.

It seems that Mistress Lilia has taken an interest in the maid’s flowerbeds. On our way there, one thing was constantly on my mind. That is, my flowerbed wasn’t something that I could show her.

My job involves catering to all of Mistress Lilia’s needs. This means that if I make even a small mistake, a merciless reprimanding will quickly follow. Because of that, I must take a great deal of care in everything I do. And so, I’m slower at getting my work done than the other maids. The senior maids know why I work slowly, and so they told me not to worry. However, that doesn’t excuse me for being slower.

And so, my primary duties end up taking so much time that I have no time left to take care of my flowerbed. In the end, I never touched the flowerbed, but my seniors have been taking care of it in my place, making sure that weeds don’t sprout. Hence, there were no blooming flowers in my flowerbed. You wouldn’t know what to say when you saw it.

“Alisa. Where is your flowerbed?”

“My flowerbed, you say? It’s much too boring. It’s better if you don’t…”

“Never mind that, just take me there already.”

“Uuu…As you wish…”

My desperate plea was quickly overturned. In resignation, I led Mistress Lilianne to my empty flowerbed. When she saw it, she was dumbfounded. Her eyes narrowed and she looked at me in displeasure. That gaze inspired a great deal of fear within me, so I quickly averted my eyes.

And then, the Mistress asked for an explanation as to why my flowerbed was in this state. I answered her without a single lie. Of course, I didn’t straight out say that, because of my job looking after Mistress Lilianne, I had no time left over for anything else.

“Well then, do you have any intention of planting something?”

“No…I can’t say that I do…”

“Is that so.”

Mistress Lilianne sunk into silence, seemingly turning something over in her mind. The wave of silence brought along with it a great sense of unease, but I couldn’t say anything, so I simply awaited her next words.


Author’s Note: It seems like it won’t end after all…
For the moment, Alisa’s POV chapters are planned to finish when Lilia heads back to school. How long that will take, I can’t say.

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Schizophrenia – Chapter 37

It’s been a while, but Schizoprhenia aka Haunted Duke’s Daughter is back!

Chapter 38 is also about halfway done. This series has gained a new translator (+1). I’m working with Jaon to try to release a chapter of this series a week.

Even having said that, Lilia understood what Sakura was getting at. Not long ago, it would be easy to imagine Lilia writing a similar note. But now, Lilia could freely admit that her past actions were deplorable.

—If you can think like that, you’re okay, Lilia.

—I’m glad if that’s the case.

For the moment, Lilia decided to read through the notes. But when she saw the last one, Lilia froze.

“Lilia? What’s wrong?”

Seeing Tina innocently tilting her head, Lilia responded with a vague smile. She took only the last note, and returned the others to where she found them.

“Tina, don’t throw these away. I realise keeping them around is unpleasant, though.”

“Huh? Um, sure. That’s fine…”

Tina seemed reluctant, but these might be useful later. Lilia couldn’t afford to throw them away.

“You’re taking that, Lilia?”

“Yes…I’m just borrowing it for a while. I might not return it, though. Is that okay?”

“I don’t mind…but what are you going to do with it?”

Tina asked that question nervously. Right now, Lilia and Tina were able to have a normal conversation. However, in the past, Lilia had done some frightening things. And that same Lilia was about to take that note, teeming with malicious intent, with her. Lilia’s actions were full of nothing but bad implications. And Lilia had no intention of hiding it.

“I recognise the handwriting, so I’m going to pay a visit to the person who wrote it.”

Those words seemed to confirm Tina’s suspicions, and her face clouded over into a complex expression. Tina didn’t seem to be sure whether she should be happy that Lilia was taking action for her sake, or whether she should be scared about what she was going to do.

“Um, Lilia. You don’t have to worry so much about me…so, don’t do anything cruel, okay?”

“I understand. I’ll respect your will. I’m only going to give them a warning.”

Lilia looked straight at Tina, and said that with a smile. Tina breathed a sigh of relief, and thanked her with her own weak smile.

“I’ll be going, then. Oh yes, about the clothes…is it okay if I borrow them for a while longer?”

“Sure. Ah, right. If you’re happy with those clothes, you can have them. My father told me to tell you that.”

Lilia wondered when she could have met with her father. She was a bit surprised, but decided to happily accept Tina’s good will. Tina aside, her father might be hiding some other intentions behind those words. But not even having met him before, she decided not to worry about it too much. If something did come of it, however, she wouldn’t be holding back.

—You’ve got no mercy, huh…

Pushing Sakura’s strained laughter out of her mind, Lilia gently waved goodbye to Tina, and left the room.

As soon as she closed the door,

“Miss Lilia.”

Someone called out to her, so she stopped. When she turned around, she saw Aira and Kayten.

“How…how is Tina doing?…”

Hearing that, Lilia frowned a little. Why don’t you check yourself, she wanted to say, but for the moment, she answered honestly.

“She’s fine. She was the same as usual.”

“I-Is that right? That’s a relief…”

“Of course, she’s clearly pushing herself.”

When she added that, Aira and Kayten’s happy expressions froze over. They became rather disheartened.

“What can we do?…We don’t have the power to do anything…”

“If our noble titles were just a little higher…maybe we would be able to support her…”

“Despite your concern, you didn’t even set foot into her room, huh.”

Were these two really that useless, Lilia thought to herself. When Lilia rebuked them with some disappointment, Aira scowled at her.

“I spoke with Tina countless times today. But from what I could see, she didn’t seem any different. Somehow, though, I knew she was pushing herself…”

It seemed like Aira was trying to be useful to Tina. Lilia felt somewhat relieved. If that was her intention, then all was well. Lilia nodded in affirmation. When she looked Kayten’s way, she was staring right back at her.

“Isn’t there something you can do, Mistress Lilia?”

“Well, now…”

She averted her gaze from those two, and looked toward the door of Tina’s room. She couldn’t hear a thing through the door. Tina…what are you thinking right now?

“I have a favour to ask of you two.”

When they heard that, both of their eyes opened wide. Their surprise that Lilia would request something of them irritated her just a little, but there was no point in getting into an argument over it, so she didn’t say anything. She looked at both of them sternly and spoke.

“From now on, when Tina goes out, please go with her. Even just doing that will make all the difference.”

“Huh…? Just by doing that?”

“Yes. It’s a lot easier to harass somebody when they’re on their own.”

—You are the expert, Lilia.

—Quiet, you.

“Also, take this.”

Lilia brought out a large piece of paper with a complicated magical formation drawn on it. She folded it twice and held it out to Aira. She looked clearly confused, but took it and looked back to Lilia for an explanation.

“By borrowing the power of the wind spirits, this magic formation will carry your voice to anybody. The target of this spell is me, so if there’s ever any trouble, contact me anytime.”

“I-Is that really alright?”

“Yes. However, your message will only be delivered to me. I won’t be able to respond. So don’t waste it on something trite.”

Lilia warned them, just in case. If Aira used it outside of emergencies, it would be a real problem. Aira and Kayten nodded firmly in understanding.

“It’s about time I got going. Oh yes, before I forget, Miss Aira, thank you for the map. I’ll be counting on you again in the future.”

“Ah, I’m glad it came in handy. If you’re fine with those stores, feel free to ask me more anytime.”

Lilia nodded, and started heading back.

After getting back, Lilia headed into her bedroom. She sunk into her chair and started planning her next move.

—As I thought, you’re not settling for just a warning, are you?

—Obviously. Not after seeing her face.

Tina was admirably putting on a facade of calmness. In fact, back then it seemed like she’d already calmed down. However, Lilia saw it. Her eyes were swollen red. Tina had been crying her eyes out. Just the thought of it had Lilia simmering with rage.


Author’s Note:
Lilia’s villainess switch has been flipped on.



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