Schizophrenia – Chapter 38

I briefly introduced myself at the top of chapter 37, but in the interest of a more formal introduction, I am SemilunarLiri, the new translator for Haunted Duke’s Daughter, aka Schizophrenia. I’ve been a reader of OCY since 2015~2016 and have been learning Japanese since about that time, too. I really liked this series, so I ended up reading the raws and loved it even more.

My goal is to translate a chapter of this series a week, at least until I finish the first arc (which is around chapter 70). Sometimes I may do more, depending on free time, motivation, length of the chapter, etc. but I’m trying to release at least one chapter a week with Jaon TLCing it.

So, with that said, please enjoy the newest chapter of Haunted Duke’s Daughter!

Lilia had only been friends with her for a short time, but it was clear that Tina was a kind and honest girl. Even though Lilia had treated her so badly, Tina still wanted to be friends with her. Taking that into consideration, you can imagine just how much of a good-natured person she is. Some might call it a weakness, but Lilia couldn’t criticise her for it.

However, it wasn’t as if Tina was particularly strong-willed. Most likely, she was actually quite sensitive. She didn’t have any proof, but, it seemed that Tina was afraid of being hated by people. Because of that fear, even just the thoughtless words written on those scraps of paper were enough to drive her to the point of tears.

Lilia was angry at the people who wrote those things, but her anger was also directed toward the prince. What does he think he’s doing? If he was going to throw Lilia away like that, she wanted to see him treating Tina properly. Yet despite that, he’s not looking after her at all. He should have been able to fathom something like this would befall Tina. Or perhaps, he was more of an idiot than Lilia thought.

—This is truly…unforgivable…

Lilia heaved a heavy sigh.

—I’m the only one that’s allowed to bully that girl.

—Don’t taint everything you said before by saying that!

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head. Lilia knit her brows, hiding a small smile.

—Is there something wrong with what I said?

—Yes! Nevermind. Anyway, what are you planning on doing?

When Sakura asked that, Lilia closed her eyes in silence and thought for a bit. And then she spoke.

—First of all, I’m going to destroy that person.

—Scaaary…Well, that’s exactly what makes you Lilia, though.

Sakura laughed cheerfully. Inside her head, both Lilia and Sakura’s incredibly cheerful laughter echoed throughout.

The Next Day. Lilia spent her morning just as usual, and went to class just as usual. A group of students were talking casually amongst themselves. When they noticed Lilia, someone muttered something under their breath, and their stifled laughter reached her ears. It might have been about last night’s party, but Lilia decided it wasn’t worth worrying about.

Lilia looked around the classroom, but it didn’t seem that the person she was looking for was here. A little discouraged, she gave up and took her seat.

Lilia waited for a while, and her three followers entered the classroom. When they saw Lilia, they dropped their bags off at their seats and came to her side. She found the entire thing bothersome, but greeted the three girls nonetheless.

“Our deepest apologies for coming in late, Mistress Lilia!”

“It wasn’t like I was waiting for you, so don’t worry about it. More importantly, you…”

Lilia cast her gaze directly at the girl standing in the middle of the three girls. Seeing her face, Lilia was easily able to recall who she was. Sera Valdia. The daughter of an earl. Before she had come to the academy, the girl had absolutely nothing to do with Lilia. Even then, Lilia had merely met her at an evening party or some such ordeal.

Lilia placed the note that she took from Tina on top of her desk. The handwriting was meticulously crafted, but here and there, some telltale quirks remained. These were the same quirks Sera’s handwriting had. When Sera saw the note, she tilted her head in confusion.

“Umm…Mistress Lilianne, why do you have…”

It seemed she had no intention of hiding it. Even so, Lilia asked her, just to make sure.

“This note. You wrote it, did you not?”

“Yes. I wrote it, and snuck it into that girl’s bag. Could it be that she thought you were the one who wrote it, Mistress Lilianne? What an audacious girl, immediately accusing Mistress Lilianne…”

“Stop talking.”

Lilia unconsciously spoke in a harsher tone than she intended. Sera stopped talking completely, and her face went pale. In the time since, Lilia’s surroundings had also fallen into complete silence.

“It wasn’t as if she accused me of doing it. After what happened at the evening party, I went over to Miss Tina’s room to check if someone had done something foolish.”


Likely not expecting to hear that, Sera’s eyes hung open wide in surprise. Lilia could surmise why Sera was so surprised. The upper-class nobility stepping foot on the second floor was completely unheard of. All of the upper-class nobility looked down on the lower-class nobility, and so, they wouldn’t step foot into their sphere of life. Lilia had expressly gone to the second floor to visit Tina, and so that surprise was natural.

Lilia placed her finger on the table and tapped the note. It made only a small sound, but Sera was shaking in fear from it.

“I would have thought that where I go had nothing to do with you. Am I wrong?”

“No…it is exactly as you say. My deepest apologies.”

Sera meekly lowered her head. Lilia turned her nose up in derision, and tapped the note again.


“What, might I ask, is the meaning of this?”

In addition to the note Sera had written, there were also other, similar notes. You’re not worthy of being by His Highness’s side, remember your place, don’t abuse Mistress Lilianne’s kindness, etc. Lilia couldn’t help but be surprised when even her own name was mentioned when she was reading through the notes.

“It’s…It is exactly as the notes say.”

“Which is?”

“It’s unforgivable for that girl to be at His Highness’s side!”

Sera declared this with a loud shout. In response, Lilia raised her eyebrow. Go on, Lilia urged by tapping the note once more.

“Mistress Lilia should be the one at His Highness’s side! To have that stolen by that girl is unforgivable! The one who should stand at His Highness’s side is Mistress Lilianne!”

I see, Lilia nodded. It seems that, in Sera’s mind, she had done all of this for Lilia’s sake.

Lilia felt sick to her stomach.

Lilia desperately bit down on her anger, and slowly lifted her gaze upward. When she levelled a glare at Sera, she suddenly let out a short shriek.

“I understand what you’re trying to say.”

And then, Lilia’s lips curved into a smile. Seeing that, Sera breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled herself.

“As long as Mistress Lilianne understands, that is the most important thing. This was all for Mistress Lilianne’s…”

“Sera. Get out of my sight immediately.”

Sera’s expression froze over. Lilia sighed and stood up. She glared at all three girls in turn, and all of their faces turned pale. It wasn’t only these three — everyone in the classroom was shaking terribly. Even Kris, who was in the center of the room, wore a stiff expression.

—Lilia. You’re scary. Super scary. If someone said you were out for blood, I wouldn’t doubt them.


—Ahh, you’re hopeless! Totally hopeless! Well, just don’t overdo it, okay?

Lilia had also received Sakura’s permission. There was nothing holding her back now. Lilia glared at all three girls in turn, and fixed her gaze on Sera. Sera started shaking in fear, and, as if trying to say something, her mouth opened and closed without a sound passing through her lips. Lilia had no sympathy for her.

“Even as a joke, in the name of the house of Earl Valdia, which counts itself as one of the upper noble houses, you’ve done something truly foolish.”

“B-but….I was… for Mistress Lilia, I…”

“Nobody asked you to do this sort of thing.”


Expect Chapter 39 sometime around next weekend.



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20 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Chapter 38”

  1. Yeah! Rip them apart – verbally! Make the entire school aware, that Lilia won’t leave acts like these alone!

    Thanks for your work~ Best of endurance and lots of time for translations.


  2. Yep. Borrowing the name of a higher noble to excuse your own actions; the Earl’s daughter seems to have underestimated just how prideful the Duke’s daughter can be. Rest in peace, Sera. 🤷

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Is it wrong of me wanting to hear Lilia say the words, “Yes, Tina doesn’t belong with His Majesty. She’s MINE!”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. As poetic as it would be for Lilia to march out of The Academy with Tina over one shoulder and The Prince crying in the background, I feel that… Lilia has a certain vision of her future and… that isn’t it. Even if Lilia wants things to end up that way, she won’t realise it unless Sakura puts in a ludicrous amount of effort.


  4. wehhh … our main character is angry … yes I also don’t like people like that … so drop them Lilia … 👊👊 By the way, thank you very much for the Chapter


  5. Thank you very much for the chapters!
    It’s great to see that this story is going to be worked on a bit more consistently, so please keep up with the good work!


  6. Yes! Lilia is the only one with the right to bully Tina and she will guard that right more jealously than these brats can possibly imagine! Mwahahahahaha!!

    Ahem, excuse me. I just love seeing Lilia in villainess mode.

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  7. Bit hypocritical of Lilia. I don’t recall: has she at any point made some clear declaration to the studentpopulation that she’s not harassing Tina anymore?

    Sure, the harassment needs to be stopped, but if she hasn’t made her position clear yet she should accept some of the blame for her follower’s actions.

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  8. Still waiting for that chapter…

    Anyways thanks for picking up this story.
    Couldn’t blame the TL if they disappear for a year since it’s common for this story. :D


    1. Sorry. I’ll try not to make promises as to exact release dates in the future, but know that this series is being worked on consistently – with a focus on quality as much as quantity.

      However, if you weren’t aware, chapters 39/40 have since been released, and chapters 41-43 are all about halfway done.

      Also, there’s now a status updates page for Haunted Duke’s Daughter here:

      If I or Jaon aren’t able to work on the series for a while, or if we miss a week, we’ll communicate it there (as well as at the top of the newest chapter).

      Sometimes chapters will get delayed, but hopefully only by a week or two.


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