Schizophrenia – Chapter 43

So, it’s been a while… It turns out there were a few chapters that hadn’t been released yet, so I thought I’d release them over the next few days. But this series is still on hiatus, so after these chapters have been released, there won’t be any more chapters – at least for a while.

Lilia left Tina’s room and started heading back to her own room. She entered her bedroom and collapsed at her desk.

After that, Tina and Sera continued to sing Lilia’s praises. She really didn’t know if she’d actually done anything to warrant that level of praise. At first, she was embarrassed, but by the end, she could only be shocked.

In the end, Lilia didn’t end up saying much, and she excused herself from Tina’s room along with Sera. She felt like they wasted a lot of time there, but it was good that Sera had managed to make a good impression on Tina. She remained unconvinced whether that was due to the mysterious praise that they had piled on Lilia.

—On the way there, it wasn’t clear whether she had made any progress, but…it seems it’s fine like this, Sakura.

—Yup. It’s perfect. Good job this week, Lilia.

—Good work this week too, Sakura. Ahh, I’m really tired. Especially toward the end, a wave of tiredness swept over me all at once…

—Ahaha. Well, it’s certainly better than being hated. I think it’s fine if it continues like this.

She said that so easily, but Lilia wondered whether Sakura really knew the depths of her worries. Though even if she brought attention to it, there was nothing to be done about it, so she didn’t say anything.

—Now then, tomorrow marks start of your much-awaited weekend! The weekend’s for self-study! Let’s go out somewhere!

—Do you understand what the words ‘self-study’ mean?

While she was surprised, the fact is that Lilia did actually have plans to go out tomorrow, so she wasn’t saying that seriously. They’d already decided beforehand to go out. Because of the evening party last week, they didn’t have much of an opportunity to tour the south side of town. This time, Lilia had sought out Alisa’s assistance beforehand. She wasn’t particularly opposed to the idea, so agreed to assist Lilia.

After all, it’s not as if I would be welcome there, Lilia thought with a bitter smile and some resignation.

—Let’s take our time going around to all of the different stores. Also, Lilia, I want to eat some strawberry daifuku.

—I’m the one doing the eating, though…

While she was talking like that with Sakura, internally, Lilia’s excitement for tomorrow grew.

The Next Day. Lilia left her room with Alisa, and went to the same room where she had changed her clothes the last time. She changed quickly, and was seen out by Alisa as she headed out the front gate. In much the same way as last time, she was seen off with a smile and the words, “have a safe trip.”

—Let’s try going a little further today.

—I’m fine with that, but remember the route we take. I’ll be busy eating.

—You’re turning defiant, huh. But roger that! Leave the route to me, and eat delicious food in my place!

Like that, Sakura and Lilia began walking around the town. When she found something that looked tasty, she bought it and ate it. It wasn’t as if she had decided on a different route this time; she simply ate anything that caught her eye. By the time she’d visited the fifth store, Lilia had completely forgotten the way back. But she had left that up to Sakura, so it was probably fine.

—Haaa, the last one was gross, but this is delicious~ I’m so happy…

Lilia was starting to get a little, or rather, very worried, but it should be okay.

After that, Lilia went around to whatever shop took her fancy and ate as she walked. They decided to commit to memory all the shops that Sakura and Lilia both thought were delicious. There were many flavours and types of food that Lilia hadn’t even known about before, so the experience was very fresh.

Before she knew it, it was the afternoon. Thinking it about time to head back to the school, she changed direction, and—

—Lilia, stop!

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head. Frowning a little, Lilia quickly checked her immediate surroundings. Could someone that knows me be here, she thought, but the only person she knew that would come to this place would be Tina or her friends.

—Is there someone here?

—Yep. I was a little surprised.

That vague response had Lilia frowning, so just in case, she headed inside a nearby store. Watching the people that passed by the store, Lilia caught sight of somebody she knew. A boy surrounded by a throng of soldiers.

“Your Highness!”

She heard a surprised and delighted voice come from somewhere around her. The one person that Lilia was least happy to see was here. Her expression instinctively stiffened and she fled further into the store.

—Why has the Prince come here, of all places…

—I know, right? I was surprised too. He’s the person I least expected to come here… But, actually, it might be precisely because he’s the prince that he’s here.

—For what reason?

—As part of an inspection or something, maybe? I don’t really know that much about what the royal family does, so I can’t really draw a solid conclusion one way or the other.

I see, Lilia nodded. Certainly, Lilia had also heard of the prince making the rounds of various establishments as part of his inspections. She hadn’t been there to see it before, but she wouldn’t have thought he would be so heavily guarded.

—Yup. This is starting to get a bit too dangerous.

So Sakura seemed to be thinking the same thing as me, though she was speaking in a strange tone of voice.

Lilia continued to watch them for a while, and a soldier came running from somewhere. He reported something to the swarm of soldiers, the prince included. Hearing that, the group changed course. They walked into the store directly opposite the one Lilia was currently in. Breathing a sigh of relief, she bought one small baked sweet and went back outside.

—They seem to be searching for something, or someone, huh.

—And the prince himself came along to join the search? No matter how important it might be, that…

wouldn’t happen, Lilia wanted to say, but it was that prince they were talking about. If it was something important to him, it isn’t strange at all to consider him going to search for it himself. Lilia didn’t know what it was, but that piqued her interest just a little. But that was it. She didn’t want to get involved.

—Let’s forget about that and pick up where we left off!

—You’re right. Let’s go back to touring the town. Now, where should we…

“Miss Lilia?”

Lilia stopped moving in an instant. No way, Sakura said, at a complete loss for words. Lilia slowly turned to look over her shoulder, where the voice had come from.

Ray was standing there.

Author’s Note:

※※※Fanclub Meeting In Progress※※※

TinaTina: “Lilia! Our members have increased!”
Alisa_50x50Alisa: “Naturally, I too have become a member. Please treat me well.”
justLilia_50x50_facingrightLilia: “Just do your job.”
justSakura_50x50Sakura: (Aha, haha, hihi…! My stomach hurts…!)

The Fanclub meeting was peaceful today as well.

It took me by surprise how this series quietly climbed the daily rankings.

It made me really happy, so I scrambled to write as much as I could during my morning break.



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    1. The author finished writing the main series 4 years ago. The Side Stories are still ongoing, though. It’s a hiatus from my side.

      I do plan on getting back to translating Haunted, but I have no guarantee as to when or how often.

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      1. Well, I’ll express my hope that it’s going to happen! This is a great story, and your translation quality is good as well, so I really enjoy reading it :)
        I’d offer to edit future chapters, but I feel that that’s not where the problem lies right now ^^

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