Schizophrenia – Chapter 25

Current plan is to just release at least once a month if I can. Seems no other translator is too interested in giving some life to the dead-crawl pace the release this series has with me, so 20 years is seeming pretty likely at this point. In fact it’s so slow I actually feel bad for people would be trying to keep up with this since they’ll probably have forgotten and need to re-read the old chapters every time a new one’s out. But, well, if you’re still reading then thanks, and I applaud your tenacity.




With Ray’s help, they somehow managed to finish all of the sandwiches. Reminding herself to let them know she was only ordering for one person tomorrow, Lilia looked at Ray. After finishing his meal and making some black tea for Lilia, he had opened up the books on the desk and was studying.

Incidentally the black tea was prepared from a table in a corner of the room. A small magic formation was drawn on it. Lilia hadn’t known what kind of formation it was, but according to Sakura it seemed to be for emitting heat. To say nothing of bringing a lunchbox, it seemed that Ray really didn’t intend to leave the room, and the library as a whole.
Lilia eyes went to Ray’s reference book. She posed a question.

—Sakura. It should be fine, not going to afternoon lessons right?

—Nn? Well your grades are good so there shouldn’t be any issues, what’s up?

Without responding to Sakura’s question, Lilia moved to Ray’s side. With his eyes down at his books Ray didn’t notice her until she leaned towards the study materials with a ‘Well then’.

“Eh? Wawah!”

Ignoring Ray who flung himself backwards, Lilia peered at the contents. After reading a bit of it, she turned to face Ray.

“So? Which parts are giving you trouble? …What’s wrong?”

Lilia raised her eyebrows in confusion, seeing that Ray’s face had turned beet red. When Lilia looked and faced him directly, he was producing nothing but vague ‘ah’ and ‘uu’ sounds as his eyes swam all over the place. Just what in the world is going on, wondered Lilia, tilting her head.

—Lilia. I’ll ask just in case, but was this intentional?

—Ha? Was what intentional?

—Uwah this girl’s a real airhead… Lilia, in the end you’re still a girl, so you shouldn’t just get so up close with a boy you know.

—What might you be implying by the ‘in the end’ part?

—Hiee! That part got a reaction! I’m sorry please forget it!

—Not happening. Let’s go eat some green peppers later.


Finally seeming to recover, Ray returned to Lilia’s side. However he seemed to wonder about something, as he examined Lilia’s expression. Lilia just shrugged her shoulders and tapped her finger on the books.

“There isn’t a problem even if I don’t show up to the afternoon lessons. In fact it’s so simple I’d only be bored there. That’s why I’ll just help with your studies here.”

“Eh… But, well… I’d be happy to have that but… Is it really alright?”

“I’m saying it’s fine so it’s fine. Come on, the clock’s ticking. Let’s get started.”

As Lilia tapped the books with her finger again, Ray’s body trembled with a start, but he soon started smiling.

—Well, I guess some recreation is also important. If there’s anything you’ve forgotten then just speak up yeah? I’ll give you a refresher.

—I don’t think there should be anything, but if it comes to that I’ll be counting on you.

Reading the page Ray had opened, Lilia nodded.

As the time neared the end of afternoon lessons, Lilia closed the materials with a ‘let’s stop here for now’. The exhausted looking Ray let out a sigh of relief, but Lilia decided to overlook it.

—A total Spartan. A demon. It’s Spartillia.

—Green peppers.

—I’m sorry!

It’s like a magic word, thought Lilia as she bantered with Sakura, laughing in her mind. However if she went too far Sakura would likely get angry for real so it was probably best to keep it in moderation. Right now, Sakura was one of the few people who could be counted as Lilia’s ally, though it’s unclear whether you could even count her as an actual ‘person’.

“Thank you very much, Miss Lilia. Your teaching was very easy to understand.”

Ray said so as he lowered his head. Lilia simply responded with ‘that’s good then’ and nodded.

“Ray. If you don’t want to it’s fine to refuse but…”

“What is it?”

“You’re always here studying right?”

Ray nodded reservedly as usual to Lilia’s question. Lilia continued.

“If it’s alright with you, that is… Should I start coming here in the afternoons? I can definitely help teach you whatever is within my range of knowledge.”

Ray’s eyes went wide, and Sakura was rendered speechless. The extent of the two’s surprise was clear as day, making Lilia avert her eyes with a slight hint of sullenness.

“If me being here is a bit suffocating, then I won’t force you. This is also just a diversion for myself, so I thought I might as well just throw the suggestion out there. Please forget I said anything.”

Ending with that, Lilia started preparing to depart. That said, all that was needed was tidying up her own rubbish and putting it into the basket. As she finished that and was heading to the door,

“Miss Lilia!”

She was stopped by Ray. When she turned around, Ray lightly cleared his throat.

“Are you… Really okay with, doing that for me?”

Being asked so timidly for such, Lilia gave a small wry smile, nodding ‘of course’. Seeing that a smile filled Ray’s entire face as he lowered his head.

“Please take good care of me!”

“Yes. Well then I will see you tomorrow, I’ll be coming at the same time as today.”

Leaving those words, Lilia exited the room.

Perhaps due to having returned somewhat early, the presence of students could barely be seen in the dorm. After checking if any acquaintances, particularly the prince, were around, Lilia passed through the entrance and headed straight to her room. Only after finally reaching her own quarters, did Lilia let out a breath of relief.

—We were able to get back safely today as well…

—It’s like you’re a soldier returning home from battle huh. Though it might actually be a battlefield to you. Even if you’re just constantly running away.

—Oh shut up…

When Lilia sat down on a chair, the bedroom door suddenly flew open. As Lilia’s eyes widened in surprise, Alisa was standing there all out of breath. Even with her face being slightly pale, she vigorously gave a bow.

“Apologies for my tardiness…! Welcome back, Mistress Lilia.”

“You don’t really…”

have to mind it so much, was what Lilia was about to say, when her face turned to a frown. As she moved her sight towards the dimly lit bedroom, Alisa seemed frantic as she quickly shut the door. Is she even aware that doing such a thing is basically declaring that you’re trying to hide something?
Lilia wordlessly stood, walked to where Alisa was, and without giving the girl any time to try and stop her she opened the door to the bedroom.





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  1. Yeah you are back :D
    I still haven’t managed to hunt you down, so unfortunately, I can’t expect quicker releases…

    Personally, I don’t worry about forgetting the story.
    I have a really good memory for stories.

    Thanks for the chapter :D
    If you manage to release this at least monthly, you might not end up chained in my basement.

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    1. I’ll do my best. Though if you ever do find me, my only request is to be fed with matcha desserts at least once a day. Then I probably wouldn’t mind the other small stuff like chains and whatnot.

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  2. It’s been a while!

    Sure, I’d love to be able to just keep reading, but any new chapter is a good thing. There are plenty of novels I follow that have a similar or slower rate of being translated, it’s actually kinda fun to re-read a story from the beginning, makes you remember why you liked it in the first place.

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    1. I’ve become scared to go reread my earlier chapters, since even when coming back to a half finished chapter I end up retranslating it seeing how bad/incorrect my work was… Well hopefully I’ll eventually learn to just get it right the first time or not work on it when I’m half awake ;)


  3. THAT IS SO CUTE. i ship ray and lilia but i saw the spoilers… so ya. looking forward to the character growth!!!!

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  5. I appreciate the chapter!
    Not like rereading is really an issue, anyways. This story is cute! If you feel it might be a problem, you can add notes to remind people at chapter end.

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    Thanks for the translation. Good quality translations are always the best, no matter how long it takes~

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    Take your time with the updates! This series is one of the ones on the top of my list, so rest assured I won’t give up on it just because of slow updates!

    I’m still 21, finishing at 41 seems like a good moment to me! \(^^)/

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  8. Thank you very much for the chapter. Yesterday something so horrible took place that I currently feel like breaking down and crying my eyes out. This feeling will stay with me for the rest of my life. So I went to check my reading lists for novelupdates and royalroadl for distractions if only a little. Again I thank you.

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    1. Sorry to hear that… It’s all the supportive readers like you that keep me coming back, so I really appreciate all of you who take the time to comment (and I’m sure the lurkers out there are also very nice people). Stay strong, friend!


  9. Ray is gonna fall hard for Spartillia isn’t he? Our girl has come so far from where she was in the first chapter…now if only something could be done about her denseness.

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  11. For some reason it feels like this is the beginning of another dating game, with that guy in the library being the protag. It would make for a good setting, the duke’s daughter who recently ‘broke up’ with the prince…


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