Schizophrenia – Chapter 24

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For some reason, Sakura was quiet for a while. Just as she was about to give up on the idea, thinking that it would be bad to go by herself after all, Sakura’s voice came.

—By ‘that’ cafeteria… You mean the one you went to last night, right…?

—What other one is there?

—Ah, yep. Umm… No problem, I think. Yup. Might not be a bad idea.

It seemed that Sakura wasn’t against it. Lilia sighed in relief and got up. She headed for the cafeteria by herself.

—What’s with this change of attitude?

—It’s not like… It’s just because the food yesterday was tasty, is that not enough?

—It’s enough of a reason. Rather I think it’s a good thing. Alright let’s go quickly let’s go!

Just as she was wondering if this was really that unexpected of a thing, it really was, when she thought about it. Lilia herself, if not for yesterday, would probably never set foot in such a place. It’s just that she really couldn’t forget the flavour of the cooking from yesterday. She wanted to at least completely finish a meal there.

—Ah, green peppers are no good! Make sure to ask for sans green peppers alright!

—I know I know. I’ll ask them about it.

Lilia held no small amount of anticipation, as she headed for the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was very crowded. You could tell that even just from looking inside while passing by the front. And that was enough to have Lilia give up.

—Lilia. What about lunch?

—Isn’t it way too crowded… I’m good for today…

—Dinner is free for students to decide, but everyone has to eat lunch at the same time after all. Of course it’d be like this. But, what now?

Lilia thought for a bit, and then she went into the room for nobles. There were already familiar faces of students who’d taken a seat, elegantly drinking black tea or whatnot. It was worlds apart from the room beside it. Lilia was also until just the other day coming here to have lunch, so she wasn’t about to say anything to the ones eating here.
Though, she just couldn’t bring up the will to eat here.

—Then it’s take out time!

—Teik aut?

—Mu, so this doesn’t get through huh… How about, you ask the person at the counter if it’s fine to eat outside? They can probably make something like sandwiches right? Since they can make such good food.

‘I see’, Lilia nodded. She quickly headed to the counter in the back and called out to the person standing there. When she asked if it was possible to have them prepare sandwiches, the person, while completely surprised with widened eyes, immediately nodded with ‘yes of course’.
When she sat down in a nearby seat while she waited, she saw the three followers from before. It seemed that they hadn’t noticed Lilia yet, as they quietly continued to eat their meal. As she wondered if they weren’t going to talk at all as they ate, she remembered that when they were eating together with her, they also wouldn’t break the silence unless Lilia started a conversation.

“Thank you for waiting.”

Lilia looked up upon hearing the voice from behind the counter. A middle aged man who looked like a chef was looking at Lilia with a smile. In his hand was a small basket. When she received it, she could feel a bit of the warmth from inside.

“I’ve worked here for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve gotten an order for a sandwich from this side.”

The man’s face looked quite happy as he said that. Though thinking it a bit strange, Lilia said her thanks and left the cafeteria. Even just holding it in her hands, a pleasant smell tickled her nose.

—Lilia! Let’s hurry and eat!


She glanced around. The entrance also had a great number of students. Though it wasn’t impossible, it would be hard to have a peaceful meal here. Thinking a bit, Lilia decided to move someplace else.

“I’m coming in.”

As Lilia said so and entered,

“Bufu! Geho…!”

Perhaps from the shock, Ray choked at the same time. He stared fixedly at Lilia in a dumbfounded state. In front of him was a small wooden lunchbox.

“You surprised me… Miss Lilia, what’s the matter?” he tilted his head as he inquired.

Without answering, Lilia put the basket in her hand onto the table. She headed for the stack of chairs to retrieve one for herself.

“Here you are.”

Before she knew it, Ray had taken a chair and placed it for her. Such quick movements, thought Lilia as she thanked him and sat down in that chair.

“I don’t really have any particular business. I was just looking for a place where I can eat my lunch peacefully, and came here. Since we’re both here, shall we have lunch together?”

“With myself? Yes, with pleasure.”

Ray seemed overjoyed as he showed a full faced smile. Seeing his carefree smile, the corners of Lilia’s mouth also naturally lifted up.

After Lilia took out the white cloth from the basket, she put it to the side. Looking inside, it was packed pull of sandwiches. Uu, Lilia unintentionally let out a groan and knit her eyebrows. Did they think that she was ordering for multiple people?

Lilia offered a simple prayer, then brought a sandwich to her mouth. Carefully tasting it,

—Ohh, delicious… What is this, Lilia eat more hurry hurry!


It seemed that Sakura had really taken to the sandwiches, as she urged Lilia to keep eating.

Grinning wryly as she continued her meal, when Sakura started to hum out a tune in her cheer, a smile spilled out from Lilia. And then when she looked up, her eyes met with Ray who was staring at her with a blank expression.


When Lilia asked, Ray flusteredly shook his head.

“No, well… I was just thinking how you really seemed to be enjoying your meal…”

“Sorry for being a bother,” said Ray as he went to lower his head.

When Lilia took a sandwich from the pile and offered it to him, Ray tilted his head, so Lilia said, “For you.”

“Eh, umm… Is it really alright…?”

“I wouldn’t be able to finish all this just by myself. No need to hold back, so eat up.”

“Well then,” said as he Ray took it, and quickly brought it to his mouth. He opened his eyes wide, and a mutter of ‘it’s delicious’ leaked out.

“There’s plenty more where that came from, so please eat as you wish.”

Saying so, Lilia moved the basket to the center of the table. Ray also seemed to have stopped restraining himself and immediately reached out for his second one. Seeing Ray’s smile as he continued to eat, it was somehow quite calming.

—Wow this kid’s so calming, but more importantly these sandwiches are awesome! Lilia more!

—Yes yes… Then this one with the green peppers…

—Eh… I-if Lilia wants to eat it, I’ll, bear, with, it…?

—I’m joking. Don’t seriously cry alright…

As soon as she mentioned eating green peppers, Sakura’s voice started trembling. Like with what happened yesterday, why did she hate them so much? She started becoming curious about Sakura’s past from this really unusual point.





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  1. I wish the three villianous Ojou-sama’s would meet namely Lilia, Rieka and Iris (you can add more if you like) even if its just a fanfic.


          1. Maybe we’re working with different definitions of “airhead” here. Because really, she doesn’t fit in with what I think of as an “airhead”


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